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Invitation letter



I would like to invite you to our daughter’s birthday party at 6p.m on June 6 th,2015
at Hoa Su Restaurant. We will have a barbecue followed by fireworks. Dress code
is casual, and you welcome to bring your children.

Our daughter ,Tram Anh would really love if you and your family could attend.

Please let us know by the first of June if you will be there.

Your sincerely

2. Formal


I am organizing a birthday party on June 6th. I would like to take this opportunity
to invite you to the birthday party of my daughter, Tram Anh. On this joyous
occasion, we wish to share the day with our closest friends and family members.

All programs will be starting by 6p.m and the dress code selected is pink although
any formal costume will be okay .I will deeply appreciate your participation to
grace occasion with your presence

We look forward to see you there, to enjoy this special day with friends and family

Your sincerely