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NO1/04 oP 2 Sey, Boge eme uv hed held i vel ef an June 27, 2003 ff Heit uf ple sa mwne a Pt e lg MeeCiang «CTO: ~—-Personnel File pipe , du As Fis Oe eh Frederick F Felding From: Tracy Shycoff Jamie S. Gorelick Deputy for Administration and Sade Gorton Thru: Philip Zelikow P2- ‘ mp i wie which ft John Ftehaan Executive Director Timothy). Roemer Re: Dana Lesemann James R Thompson June 25, 2003 t ‘five Director and the Security Officer of the Commission Tearned of a possitfe security violation by this employee. After a preliminary Pailip D.Zelkow investigation he employee was placed on paid administrative leave, effective EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR + ediately’1On June 26, upon the authority of the Chair of the Commission, the cmployed ineacket-te-rebmither resignation, whichwithbe-effective at the end of the period of administrative leave. [ Wag cw ok. P- 301 7 Street SW, Room 5125 Washington, DC 20407 1 202.331.4060 ¥ 202.296.5545 ‘www 9-1