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(s i c , te n y, en er , ar d h)
P /IS 217 - T E RO EL L S O L
P.S. / I.S. 217 Principal: Mandana Beckman
The Roosevelt Island School

Pre-K through 8th Grade

Assistant Principal: Jennifer Allen
School demographics for
2016-2017 year:
The PS/IS 217 Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was incorporated in 1985 to provide support
to PS/IS 217. The PTA operates pursuant to the Regulation Number A-660 of the Chancellor of
the NYC Department of Education. In recent years after the DOE budget cuts, the 217 PTA has
significantly increased its fundraising activities and budget to enhance and enrich the lives of
every student at the school.

President – Tracey DeBenedictis and Irena Durkovic

Vice-President – Eirik Davey-Gislason

Vice President of Membership - Heart Ashley and Chenda Bao

Vice President of Events – Taryn Merkl and Janet Griffin

Co-Secretaries – Karen Weingarten and Sadaf Anees

Treasurer- Ben Torrance

​PS/IS 217 PTA Mission:

● Provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of
the children of PS/IS 217
● Develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff of our school
● Develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement and participation
in the school
● Provide opportunities for parents to participate in school governance and
● Promote a positive relationship between the school and the surrounding community

● Hosting Events
● Fundraising
● Applying for grants
● Managing Roosevelt Island Farmers Market
● Amazon and A+ Rewards Programs
In 2017-18, the PTA sponsored in-school enrichment programs and residencies costing
approximately $92,500 including: Ballroom Dance, Hip Hop Dance, African Dance, Theater Games,
Opera/ Musical Theater, Music Together, Yoga/ Interpretive Movement, Studio in a School, Salvadori
Center Urban Architecture and RazKids literacy program licenses for all K-3 students. The PTA also
spent more than $51,000 on supplies, equipment and school improvements, including
approximately: $15,000 for musical instruments and music program expenses; $4,000 on school
beautification; and $9,700 on books and furniture for the library.

The PTA spent approximately $15,000 for musical instruments and

music program expenses; 3rd graders learn to play recorders, and 4-8
grades learn to play musical instruments;
African Dance Residency
3rd Grade EN H T

Musical Theater Residency
Pre K, K and 1st grade
5th Grade

Hip Hop
2nd Grade
The 217 PTA requests funding to support two enrichment residencies for students at PS/IS 217:

- the Salvadori Center's Building Green residency for 6th, 7th and 8th graders;
- Music & Play Station's Music Together “Sing and Dance” residency for Pre-K and Kindergarten

These residencies are designed to enhance the school's STEAM curriculum, and to provide hands-on
learning opportunities that connect the students to their RI community and beyond. Both
residencies are designed to engage students beyond the traditional curriculum. And the programs
will run for the entire school year, so students will benefit from consistent programming, in-depth
exploration of concepts, and cumulative learning over the course of the residencies.
The Salvadori Building Green residency will run for the entire year, with weekly 45 minute sessions
with each class of 6th, 7th and 8th graders (a minimum of 1,725 student impact hours).

Roosevelt Island Music Together/The Music & Play Station will provide the Music Together program
“Sing and Dance” weekly throughout the entire school year, in 30 minute sessions with each class (2
Pre-K classes and 4 Kindergarten classes). The program will take place in the classroom and will
engage all 36 Pre-K students and all 100 Kindergarten students.
Creating PBIS poster, 2nd grade Neighborhood walk,
1st grade

Library Research, 4th grade

Cornell Field Trip,

3rd grade
Class of 2018 graduates!

7th graders: "We are making a movie as a school project.

We don't have a title yet, but it's a HORROR movie!"
Let’s Code
Roosevelt Island!

8th grade take measurements

for their Science lab

Mr.Buttermilch and middle schoolers interviewed

Ms.Crystal for their Social Studies project
ELA State Test Results
Math State Test Results Students scoring 3 and 4
Students scoring 3 and 4