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MHSW is NOT a program for protecting the en-


MHSW is a PLOY that ensures money and em-

ployment for GREEDY and AVARICIOUS En-
viro–Maniac–Government–Officials who have
guaranteed themselves SAFE, SECURE, GUAR-
JOBS at the expense of the Green Space In-

Environmental–Terror will NEVER End !

The Province of Ontario is currently under a
Liberal government headed by Premier Dalton
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment is the
McGuinty. The present Ontario government,
Enviro–Maniac–Basterd Ministry RESPONSIBLE
first elected in 2003, was re–elected on Octo-
for the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste
ber 10th, 2007.
Program Plan ( MHSW ).
It is affectionately called the McGuinty–Onta-
Stewardship Ontario ( SO ) is the ADMINIS-
rio–Environmental–Terror–Regime, which is
TRATOR for MHSW. Stewardship Ontario is a
the POLITICAL SHIELD for the Environmental–
Basterd–Agency infested with Enviro–Maniacs !
Terror–Movement, functioning as its LEGISLA-
The Coercive–Enviro–Maniacs at Stewardship
against pest control products. The actions of
Ontario who IMPOSED the Special Waste Pro-
this government are viewed as a form of TER-
gram Plan ( MHSW ) are SCAMMING the public
ROR against the Green Space Industry.
regarding the Fertilizer Industry, with FEAR–
The McGuinty–Enviro–Terror–Regime passed
legislation implementing a « cosmetic pesti-
cides ban » that took effect April 22nd, 2009.
The requirements of the prohibition are de-
Stewardship Ontario CONCOCTED the story
tailed in Ontario Regulation 63/09 and the Pes-
that VAST QUANTITIES of fertilizer are being
ticides Act, which was amended by the Cos-
thrown away in landfill sites every year.
metic Pesticides Ban Act.
Here is the Basterd Stewardship Ontario de-
The RAPE, ASSAULT, and TERROR against the
scription of its DESTRUCTIVE FEES by using
Green Space Industry by the McGuinty–Enviro–
WEASEL−WORDS like « Eco–Fees » ―
Terror–Regime DID NOT stop with pest control
<< That’s where the environmental fee ―
sometimes referred to an « Eco–Fee » ―
In 2010, the government implemented a DE-
comes in. In many cases, the costs of recy-
STRUCTIVE program of FEES and TAXES for
cling products that are covered under Orange
ALL types of fertilizers ― Municipal Hazardous
Drop have already been absorbed into the
or Special Waste Program Plan ( MHSW ) and
sticker price. In others, stewards pass the fee
Harmonized Sales Tax ( HST ).
onto retailers who may make the cost trans-
parent by itemizing it on your cash register re-
ceipt. You may already have noticed a sepa-
CIOUS policies of MHSW program, the Fertilizer
rate « environmental » or « eco » fee added to
Industry was COERCED into paying the entire
the price of things like solvents, antifreeze,
cost of so–called FERTILIZER WASTE. This
fluorescent bulbs or fertilizer at checkout.
cost would then be PASSED ON to the end–
When you pay this fee, you’re helping ensure
users in the Green Space Industry. Conse-
that these products are collected, recycled
quently, the Green Space Industry is being
or reused or, when that’s not possible, dis-
forced to spend even more of its limited finan-
posed of in the most environmentally friendly
cial resources on Enviro–Maniac programs.
way. >>
John Gerretsen is the Min- MHSW IMPOSES DESTRUCTIVE FEES on prod-
ister responsible for the ucts such as ...
● Aerosols
Gerretsen is the Master–
Basterd–Enviro–Maniac–Mi- ● Anti–Freeze
nister who IMPOSED the ● Batteries
TROL PRODUCTS in the Pro- ● Corrosives
vince of Ontario.
● Domestic Class Pesticides
This was achieved with strategies of CON- ● Fertilizers
CONCEPTIONS, TERROR, FRAUDULENT LIES, ● Flammables or Toxic Materials

● Paints
The same concocted strategies were subse-
quently used AGAINST the Fertilizer Industry. ● Solvents.

There are serious issues with Gerretsen, who MHSW IMPOSES DESTRUCTIVE FEES on ALL
has been INDISCREET with his close public ties PACKAGED FERTILIZER PRODUCTS ( including
with Enviro–Maniac–Activists, raising the ques- manure/compost ), in 30–kilogram–packages
tion about the radical interests of the Enviro– and under, that make a PLANT NUTRIENT
Lobby taking precedence in the community. CLAIM, whether federally–registered or not.

In January 2010, the Green Space Industry MHSW program costs are funded by those in-
outlined the LIST OF CHARGES against the dustries that produce and use the materials.
McGuinty–Ontario–Enviro–Terror–Regime and
the Ministry of the Environment. Additionally, The BLOATED budget of the Municipal Hazard-
individual Enviro–Maniac members of Environ- ous or Special Waste Program Plan ( MHSW ) is
mental–Terror–Organizations are also facing 1.7–MILLION–DOLLARS PER YEAR, which will
FRAUD CHARGES under the Canadian Criminal be covered by an increase in the cost of fertil-
Code. The legal challenge is being organized izer paid by the end–users.
by Jeffrey Lowes and M–REP Communications.
The DESTRUCTIVE MHSW FEE increases the
Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste Program cost of fertilizer by at least FIFTY–EIGHT
Plan ( MHSW ) specifically targets small busi- CENTS PER 25–KILOGRAM–BAG.
nesses, as well as home–owners. MHSW is an
extension of the consumer blue box/municipal This DESTRUCTIVE FEE WILL BE INCREASED
hazardous waste collection programs. More over time ― Stewardship Ontario intends to
importantly, MHSW imposes DESTRUCTIVE « adjust » ( i.e. increase ) the DESTRUCTIVE
FEES. MHSW FEE at a later date.
Moreover, Stewardship Ontario wanted to SPE-
CIFICALLY ENSURE that the HATED Golf Indus- ● MHSW Exception granted for bulk fertili-
try is NOT excepted from this program. zer ―

Since the prohibition of pest control products in  Agriculture ― Exception

Ontario, Enviro–Maniac–Government–Officials
have understood full well that THERE IS NO  Forestry ― Exception
UNITY within the Green Space Industry.
● No MHSW Exception ―
When the prohibition of « cosmetic pesticides »
was imposed in Ontario, the leadership of the ⌧ Exception Do–It–Yourself Homeown-
Golf Industry, because of its attitude of denial ers
and protectionism, and mock–dismay at ANY
form of suggestion or criticism, REFUSED TO ● No MHSW Exception other than for bulk fer-
UNITE with the Professional Lawn Care Indus- tilizer ―
try to LITIGATE against the Vermin of Envi-
ronmental–Terror. ⌧ Golf Courses ― No MHSW Exception

With prohibition in Ontario, Enviro–Maniac– ⌧ Greenhouse Production ― No MHSW

Government–Officials soon tasted victory with Exception
the ANNIHILATION of the Professional Lawn
Care Industry. This validated their HATRED of ⌧ Lawn Bowling ― No MHSW Exception
the Golf Industry, which is now specifically tar-
geted in the next round of attacks. ⌧ Nursery Production ― No MHSW
As a consequence of the INACTION of the Golf
Industry, Enviro–Maniac–Government–Officials ⌧ Professional Lawn Care ― No MHSW
are ABSOLUTELY NOT intimidated by the Exception
try. ⌧ Sod Growers ― No MHSW Exception

The Golf Industry has now begun to LOSE its ⌧ Sports Fields ― No MHSW Exception
The Golf Industry is now totally alone, and de- STATUS will be ENTIRELY REVOKED within two
void of ANY allies to help defend itself. to four years ― this will include pest control
Additionally, the McGuinty–Environmental–Ter-
ror–Regime has UNFAIRLY DISCRIMINATED Environmental–Terror will NEVER End !
Businesses to BURY the Cost of their
DESTRUCTIVE Eco–Fees in their Sticker Prices

J u l y 14 t h , 2 01 0

A n to ne l l a A r t u so
( Queen’s Park B ureau Chi ef )

T o r o nt o S un

O n ta r i o businesses will not allow themselves to be turned into SCAPEGOATS for a

poorly executed [ th e de s t ru c t i v e ] E co –F e e program, says Sa t in de r C he r a of
the C a n ad i an Fe de r a t io n of Ind ep en de nt B u s in e s s .

According to C h e r a ―

<< Governments are great at passing la ws and when things go right

they’re the first to t ake credi t for it. B ut, whenever there is back-
lash, they’re the first to run for the door. And on this particular
one, they’re trying to ha ng businesses out to dry ― and I don’ t
think it’s goin g to work. > >

The arrival of the 1 3 p e r c e n t H a r m o n i z e d Sa l e s T a x and a new E co – Fe e

forced up the price of thousands of consumer goods on J u l y 1 [ 2 01 0 ] . It has
left businesses and consumers scrambling to understand the complicated new
rules, said C h e r a .

An e–alert from S t e w a r d sh i p On ta r i o encouraging businesses TO BURY THE COST

of the E c o– F ee s IN THEIR STICKER PRICES is N O T going over well, Ch e r a said.

Businesses want transparency and accountability around [ t h e d es t r u c t i ve ]

E c o– F ee s , and that means letting customers know at the cash register that the
government and S te w a r d sh i p On t a r io are responsible for the added costs, he
According to S a t in de r C he r a ―

<< They’re [ Ste wardship Ontar io ] t ryi ng to cover their own butts
on this one. This is a fee that obviously businesses have to either
eat themselves or obviously pass on to their customers. A nd at a
time when businesses are being hit with so many different costs,
the money’s got to come from somewhere. >>

E n v i r on m e nt Mi n i s t e r [ a nd En v i r o– Ma n i a c ] J oh n Ge r r e t s en said the goal of

the program is to divert hazardous household waste from landfill and water
supplies, and the fees charged by S t e w ar d s h i p O n ta r i o are needed to finance
the effort.

However, some retailers are passing on inflated E c o– F ee s to consumers, some-

thing the minister wants stopped right now.

According to [ En v i r o – Ma n i a c ] Jo hn G e rr e t s en ―

<< My main concern is that the consumer doesn’t get overcharged.

We’ve all learned from this experience, obviously, and I want to see
improvements in it ... If it can’t be resolved, then we may have to
take the ultimate act ion and not allow Eco–Fees to be charged at all
at the consumer level. >>

C h e r a said that while a few companies are likely taking advantage of the con-
fusion to overcharge some customers on E c o – Fe es , most businesses are hon-
estly trying to meet the uncertain demands of the H S T and the E co – Fe e s , he

C h e r a said businesses are still struggling to get straight answers on the HS T ,

let alone the new Eco–Fees.

According to S a t in de r C he r a ―

<< I t’s little wonder tha t I think businesses are feeling a bit under
siege right now because so there’s so much that’s hitting them all
at once. >>
Ontario getting easy ride on HST
compared to British Columbia

J u ne 18 t h , 2 01 0

L ee G r ee nb e rg

O t t a wa C i t i ze n

S e l e ct ed an d ad ap te d e x ce r p t s

Despite championing a WILDLY UNPOPULAR NEW TAX , On ta r i o ’s government re-

mains relatively popular among voters, according to results of the latest POLL
for C a n w e st N e w s Se r v i c e .

Roughly t h r e e – q u a r t e r s of the population is AGAINST THE TAX , according to nu-

merous polls.

In B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a , the introduction of [ t h e d e st r u c t i ve ] H a r m o n i ze d S a le s
T a x ( H S T ) has caused a 2 0 – p o i n t d r o p in support for P r e m i e r G o r d o n Ca m p -
b e l l , who now sits at 2 6 p e r c e n t support.

Opposition to the HS T is so strong in [ B r i t i s h C o l u m b ia ] that C a mp be l l was

deserted by his energy minister, B la i r L ek s t r o m , who resigned from caucus to
protest the move.

Observers say O n ta r i a n s , by temperament, are more likely to TOLERATE political

initiatives they do not necessarily like. O n ta r i o P r e m i e r Da l t on Mc G u i nt y was
re–elected after b r e a k i n g a 2 0 0 3 campaign pledge not to raise taxes.

Last month, Mc G u i n t y admitted the [ des t r u c t i v e ] H S T amounted to a TAX IN-

CREASE for families.

Mc G u i n t y has earned a reputation as T he E a s i l y Fo r g i ve n Tef l on P r e m i e r .

Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax ⌧ Greenhouse Production ― Exception

⌧ Homeowners ― No Exception since

In addition to the destructive MHSW fee im- they always paid both taxes
posed by the municipal hazardous or Special
Waste Program, the McGuinty–Ontario–Enviro– ⌧ Lawn Bowling ― Exception Revoked
Terror regime has also targeted the Green
Space Industry with its Harmonized Sales Tax ⌧ Nursery Production ― Exception Re-
( HST ). voked

Previously, a Professional Lawn Care company ⌧ Professional Lawn Care ― No Excep-

or golf course would pay 8 per cent Provincial tion
Sales Tax ( PST ) on fertilizer.
⌧ Sod Growers ― Exception Maintained
However, there was NO federal goods and ser-
vices tax ( GST ) of 5 per cent on bags 25– ⌧ Sports Fields ― No Exception
kilograms or larger, if over 500 kg was pur-
chased. The Golf Industry does NOT get an EXCEPTION
STATUS for the HST.
This essentially provided an exception to most
Green Space end–users. Again, the Enviro–Maniac–Government–Offici-
als specifically ensured that the HATED Golf
Now, with Harmonized Sales Tax ( HST ), pro- Industry was not excepted from this program.
fessional end–users will be paying five per cent
more for their fertilizer. Since the prohibition of pest control products,
A 25–kilogram–bag of fertilizer now costs an understand full well that there is no unity
extra ONE–DOLLAR–AND–TWENTY–FIVE CENTS within the Green Space Industry.
... all because of the McGuinty–Enviro–Terror–
Regime’s Harmonized Sales Tax ( HST ). Soon after the taste of victory with the ANNI-
HILATION the Professional Lawn Care Industry,
the HATED Golf Industry was specifically tar-
Exceptions to HST geted in the next round of attacks.

Now, the Golf Industry is totally alone, and de-

void of ANY allies to help defend itself.
Several professional end–users that originally
benefitted from an exception status on tax will When the prohibition of « cosmetic pesticides »
face additional hardships. was imposed in Ontario, the leadership of the
Golf Industry, because of its attitude of denial
The exception status will be revoked from sev- and protectionism and mock–dismay at ANY
eral groups, in particular the Golf Industry. form of criticism, refused to join forces with
the Professional Lawn Care Industry, and liti-
Just like it did with the prohibition of pest con- gate against the forces of Environmental–
trol products, the Government of Ontario and Terror.
the McGuinty–Enviro–Terror–Regime have UN-
FAIRLY DISCRIMINATED by providing Harmo- Enviro–Maniac–Government–Officials are NOT
nized Sales Tax ( HST ) exceptions to certain intimidated by the obviously weak, impotent,
end–user groups ― and slovenly Golf Industry, which has now lost
 Agriculture ― Exception Maintained
 PREDICTION ― The Golf Industry EXCEP-
 Forestry ― Exception Maintained TION STATUS will be ENTIRELY REVOKED
within two to four years. It will lose its modern
⌧ Golf Courses ― Exception Revoked pest control products.

Another Failure for The Enviro–Maniac–Government–Officials trea-

ted the Fertilizer Industry with the same DIS-
DAIN that they used with the Green Space In-
dustry during the debacle concerning the pro-
vincial prohibition of pest control products.
We are now living in The 9/11 Era of Environ-
Report Card for
The PROHIBITION CONSPIRACY against PEST End–User–Trade–Associations
CONTROL PRODUCTS has now attained na-
tional proportions.

The provinces are toppling like dominoes. The Trade–Associations, comprised of mem-
bers who are Fertilizer–End–Users, have clearly
The Professional Lawn Care Industry is being demonstrated an inability, or unwillingness, to
systematically annihilated across Canada. competently manage and confront the issues of
the DESTRUCTIVE program of FEES and TAXES
And now ... FERTILIZERS are being targeted for ALL types of fertilizers imposed by the Gov-
by Enviro–Maniac–Government–Officials in the ernment of Ontario and the McGuinty–Ontario–
Province of Ontario and elsewhere. Environmental–Terror–Regime.

These Enviro–Maniac–Government–Officials are Here are examples of the weak, impotent, and
spreading FEAR–MONGERING, FRAUDULENT slovenly Fertilizer–End–User–Trade–Associati-
LIES, MISCONCEPTIONS, TERROR, COERCION, ons that have yet again FAILED their members
THREATS, DECEPTIONS, and PARANOID CON- in the Green Space Industry ...
SPIRACIES regarding the Fertilizer Industry.
⌧ Canadian Golf Superintendents Asso-
These maniacs have concocted the story that ciation ( CGSA ) ― Failure
vast quantities of fertilizer are thrown into On-
tario landfill sites every year. ⌧ Golf Canada ⁄ Royal Canadian Golf As-
sociation ( RCGA ) ― Failure
While the Enviro–Maniac–Government–Officials
and the McGuinty–Ontario–Environmental–Ter- ⌧ International Society of Arboriculture
ror–Regime were crafting their CONSPIRACY of ( ISA ) ― Failure
FERTILIZER–TERROR, the weak, impotent, and
slovenly End–User–Trade–Associations in the ⌧ LandsCAPE Ontario ( LO ) ― Failure
Green Space Industry were conspicuously ab-
sent, as usual. ⌧ Ontario Golf Superintendents Associa-
tion ( OGSA ) ― Failure
Who defended the interests of the Trade Asso-
ciations ? ― The Fertilizer Industry, and its ⌧ Ontario Parks Association ( OPA ) ―
partners, with lobbying and scripted letters, Failure
and with participation in all the stakeholder
meetings and work groups. ⌧ National Golf Course Owners Associa-
tion Canada ( NGCOA ) ― Failure

Observers are particularly disappointed with Warning and Prediction

Canadian Golf Superintendents Association
( CGSA ). This trade association has yet again
failed its members.
Now that Enviro–Maniac–Government–Officials
Instead of confronting the issues of the DE- have been successful in imposing the DE-
STRUCTIVE program of FEES and TAXES, it STRUCTIVE program of FEES and TAXES for
preferred to Wag The Dog by generating point- ALL types of fertilizers used by the Green
less policy papers, and by addressing irrelevant Space Industry ...
issues such as « saving » quintozene.
... other North American jurisdictions will real-
The official CGSA reaction to HST is this ― ize that they can easily inflict Environmental–
Terror on the Green Space Industry with little
<< HST is now in effect !!! Pay your mem- or no resistance. They will proceed to RAPE,
bership dues prior to receiving your second no- ASSAULT, and TERRORIZE the industry on a
tice. Second notices will be mailed out by Au- larger scale. Environmental–Terror will NEVER
gust 15th, 2010 ! >> End !

Furthermore, the leadership of Canadian Golf

Superintendents Association ( CGSA ) endorses Summary of the repercussions
Prohibition and Environmental Terror. of MHSW and HST
This disgusting and unacceptable decision was
never ratified by the 1,500 professional mem-
bers of CGSA. The Ontario Municipal Hazardous and Special
Waste Program Fee ( MHSW ) INCREASES the
Observers are also disappointed with Land- cost of fertilizer by at least FIFTY–EIGHT
sCAPE Ontario ( LO ). This trade association CENTS PER 25–KILOGRAM–BAG.
has also failed its members.
The Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax ( HST ) IN-
Instead, it prefers to organize pointless confer- CREASES the cost of fertilizer by at least ONE–
ences on Integrated Pest Management, and to DOLLAR–AND–TWENTY–FIVE–CENTS PER BAG
support the policies of the Environmental– WEIGHING 25–KILOGRAMS.
Fertilizer sold in Ontario to the Green Space
The official LO reaction to HST is this ― Industry is subjected to an INCREASE of at
<< As we continue to live with the new regu-
lations, we have new challenges on the hori- In the Golf Industry, an 18–hole–golf course
zon. These include the HST, Stewardship On- requiring 30 metric tons per year will need to
tario and fertilizer bans. Landscape Ontario increase its fertilizer budget by over TWO–
and the sector group are working to create THOUSAND DOLLARS.
seminars and meetings to find out more infor-
mation on these topics. >> ― February 5th, Enviro–Terror NEVER Ends ― and it has EVEN
2010 SPREAD to fertilizers.






Force Of Nature presents THE WHOLE TRUTH FROM AN INDEPENDENT PERSPECTIVE from National Organi-
zation Responding Against Huje that seek to harm the Green Space Industry (NORAHG). It is a series of
Reports destined for the Green Space Industry, the Environmental Terror Movement, Governments, and the
Media, nationwide across Canada, the United States, and overseas. The information presented in Force Of
Nature has been developed for the education and entertainment of the reader by providing a sequence of
historical events WITH COMMENTARY. The neutrality of these Reports might be disputed.

Huje is a term used to describe Enviro Maniac Activists that routinely concoct FEAR MONGERING, FRAUDU-
CIES that are DESIGNED to SCAM and DECEIVE the public into believing that families are in some NON–
EXISTENT danger with conventional pest control products. Huje also SCAM and DECEIVE Government Offi-

All information, excerpts, and pictures contained in this Report were found somewhere on the Internet, and
may be considered in the public domain, serving one of the following purposes ― archive, education, pro-
motion, publicity, or press release. The events, characters, companies, and organizations, depicted in this
Report are not always fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, may not be coincidental.
Force Of Nature is TOTALLY INDEPENDENT of any trade association or business operating within the Green
Space Industry. Don’t thank us. It’s a public service. And we are glad to do it.

Force Of Nature, and its various incarnations, is the brainchild of William H. Gathercole and his entourage.
Mr. Gathercole is a principal FOUNDER of the Modern Professional Lawn Care Industry in BOTH Ontario and
Quebec. He holds a degree in Horticulture from the UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH, and another pure and applied
science degree from McGILL UNIVERSITY. He has worked in virtually all aspects of the Green Space Indus-
try, including GOLF, PROFESSIONAL LAWN CARE, and CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, and has served in public af-
fairs, workplace safety, and environmental compliance. Mr. Gathercole has supervised, consulted, pro-
grammed, and/or overseen the successful and safe execution of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pest control
applications in the urban landscape. He has trained, instructed, and consulted with THOUSANDS of turf
managers and technicians. Mr. Gathercole has also been an agricultural agronomist. For many years, Mr.
Gathercole was a contributing columnist for TURF & Recreation Magazine, Canada’s Turf and Grounds Main-
tenance Authority. Mr. Gathercole is now retired from Force Of Nature, although his name continues to ap-
pear as the FOUNDER. Mr. Gathercole is personally credited for crafting the Golf Industry Exception Status,
that endures to this day. He is also the creator of the signs that are now used for posting after application.
His vast knowledge of our long journey with Environmental Issues is UNDENIABLE ― hopefully ! For FIF-
TEEN YEARS, the strategies designed and implemented by Mr. Gathercole and his colleagues guaranteed the
control of Environmental Terror for the entire Modern Green Space Industry across Canada. Mr. Gather-
cole’s involvement in Environmental Issues reached a fevered pitch in the 1990s, when he orchestrated,
with his colleagues, legal action against the Forces of Environmental Evil in the Town of Hudson, Quebec.
Mr. Gathercole is the ONLY TRUE RELIABLE WITNESS of the Hudson Affair.

Mr. Gathercole and his entourage have followed the evolution of ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM for over a
quarter century. Through Force Of Nature, Enviro Maniac Activist Huje are identified on the basis of their
statements, activities, affiliations, and whereabouts. Even though each Enviro Maniac Culprit is a misguided
adversary, each still deserves our respect. The use of the terms Maniac, Culprit, Terrorist, or Basterd are
not accusations of any legal wrong doing. Force Of Nature is simply holding Enviro Maniac Activists account-
able for conspiring to change public policies that TERRORIZE, HARM, and THREATEN the Green Space Indus-
try. Their pretentious prohibitionist rants have created LOSS OF REVENUES, BUSINESS FAILURES, BANK-
RUPTCY, and UNEMPLOYMENT, inflicting DESPAIR and DESTITUTION for THOUSANDS of hapless victims
throughout the Green Space Industry. The DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE of Maniac Culprit Terrorist Basterd
Huje is viewed as a form of TERROR, HARM, and THREAT against the Green Space Industry.

The following Force Of Nature Reports are currently available ― ● A Look At ● Alberta Conspiracy ● Brit-
ish Columbia Conspiracy ● Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment ● Canadian Cancer So-
ciety ● Canadian Environmental Law Association ● Carnage ● Consequences ● Culprit ● David Suzuki
Foundation ● Dating Services for Enviro Maniacs ● DDT and Politicized Science ● Death and the Envi-
ronmental Terror Movement ● Enviro Profit ● Environmental Terrorists Unmasked ● Famous Quotations
● Fertilizer Terror ● Hero ● June Irwin, the Clown of Junk Science ● Kazimiera Jean Cottam ● Land-
scape Trades Capitulate ● Lying Sac of Enviro–Maniac Cwap ● Myth–Busting ● Needless Hysteria ● New
Brunswick Conspiracy ● Newfoundland Conspiracy ● Nova Scotia Conspiracy ● Ontario Conspiracy ●
Organic Fertilizers ● Paranoid Theories ● Pesticide Free BC ● Pets and Lawn Care Chemicals ● Positive
Waves ● Prince Edward Island Conspiracy ● Quebec Conspiracy ● Rachel Carson, the Queen of Junk Sci-
ence ● Reining a Terrorist Reaction ● Salmon Arm BC Conspiracy ● Satire ● Terror NEVER Ends ● Ter-
ror Talk ● The 9/11 Era of the Green Space Industry ● The Bin Laden of Enviro Terror, Paul Tukey ● The
Failure of Integrated Pest Management ● The Looming Golf Industry Shipwreck ● The Industry Strikes
Back ● The Misconceptions About Cancer ● The National Annihilation of the Modern Green Space Industry
● The Wisdom of Bill Bell ● The Wisdom of Drysdale ● The Wisdom of Health Canada ● The Wisdom of
Holland ● The Wisdom of Lowes ● The Wisdom of Mains ● The Wisdom of the Solomons ● The Wisdom
of Whelan ● Update ● Warning ●