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NATANAUANV. TOLENTINO ‘AC #4208 | OCT TOBER 11,2016 Petition: Motion fr dsbarment of Ay. Tolentino Petitioner: DOLORES NATANAUAN Respondent: ATTY. ROBERTO P. TOLENTINO DOCTRINE ‘The right te practice la is @privlege accorded only to those worthy of acs January 03,1978 -Dolores alleged that she isa co-owner ofa parcel of land wih an area of about 50,000 square meters locatedin Tagaylay Chy-2 On January 3.1978, they sold this land to Alo Tolentino (Alejo) for P500, 000.00. ‘August 09, 1979 - Despite several quests from Dolores, ta, Ajo, however, fled to sate fhe remaining obligation, May 16, 1991 - Dolores, ea. lod a case against Algjo and his wile Filomena fr the recovery af possession of movable propery, Aedtaaion of nulty of te dood of sale, and damages, June 1983 - Dolores iscovered thatthe TCT No. 107508 under Alajo's name was issued not onthe basis of he January 3, 1978 ‘contract buton a Deed of Sale dated August 3, 1979, purprtedly executed by the father Jose Natanavan. She turer Gscovered SJoinatigavit datos August 6, 1878, purpotedy execatod by Jose, eta atlosing tothe absence oftonantsolessovs in th propody 0 land anor Deod of Sale dated Maren 9, 1878, exaculod belwoen Dolores, ea as verdors and Aly. Tolontng as wendee Covering purportedly the same property. Dolores claims thatthe documents were forged and falsified as th father cio in Batangas on June 12,1977 almost 2 years belore the documents were alogeay signed by him. The documents wore also not duly rolanzed by a commissioned Notary PuBicin Mania June 1, 1954 - Dolores fle the present cisbarment complaint agains! Aly. Tolentino and Perect for ther alleged acts of flsication inher complaint, Dolores ataches an Alfidavi dates Dacember 2.1960, where Aljo and Filomena atest tat te subecl property never belongod io themin ath on fac, the tue and absolute onner ofthe samo beng Al's brother, Ay. Tolentino Aty, Tolentino denied al allegations, 18? Ruling -IBP Commissioner Edmund T. Espina (Commissioner Espina) found thal Ay. Tolentino vilated the Lawyer's Oath as well {25 Canon 1, Rule 1.01 of he Code of Professional Responsiily ashe was found to hav flsiied the mentoned documents Commissioner Espina thus recommended that Aly. Tolentino be suspended rom the practice of law fora poriod of six (months, SSUES 1. WIN thro was aviation of Aly. Tolentino’ constutonal ght to ue process 2. WINAty: Tolentino commited decel, melprachae and gross misconduct Uough the aforementioned fasiicatons in olaon of the Code of Professional Resgonsbilty andthe Lawyers Oath which would merit his disbarment and emoval from tho egal professon| ‘PROVISIONS ‘+ Canon 1A lawyer shall upholé the Constitution, obey the laws ofthe land and promote respect orlaw and legal processes. © Ganon 7 — A tawyor shall at all tmas uphold the niogriy and digny of he legal profession and support the aches of the Integrates Bar. ‘+ Canan 10~Alawyer owes candor, faimess, end good fith tothe cour SULINGSRATIO 1. NO 1 ity. Tolentino was nat denied due proces or deprived of an oppocuniy tobe hear. The records show that his then counsel ‘ty. Fuontes fod a Commenton nis boha He ako fied a Moon for Reconsideration of the May 13,2071 Resekution ofthe TP Board, and a Supplomental Moton for Reconsieraton. His pariefaton tough pleadings and matons cured whatever defect tat may have atanded the issuance of nates regarding ine procescings ald before the BP, 2. yes 2 The totaly of evidence (consisting of the falsified documents, Dolores testimony dealing the transactions surouncing the land, and the investigation conducted by thie Court leaves no doubt as fo Ay. Tolentino's involvement in, Fat he very least tenet ram ths aco falsiation muted againat him, ‘DISPOSITION WHEREFORE, premises considered, the Court finds respondent Atty. Roberto P. Tolentino GUILTY of lating the Lauyer’s Oath, and Canons 1,7, and 10. ofthe Code of Professional Responsibly. Accordingly, is hereby SUSPENDED trom the practice of law or THREE (3) YEARS EFFECTIVE FROM NOTICE, witha STERN WARNING thal any sinlarnrachon i the future wil be cal wi) more severly