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carter burden network leading the way in aging services November 15, 2018 Board of Directors Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation 591 Main Street Roosevelt Island, NY 10044 Dear Board of Directors: ‘On behalf of the Carter Burden Network (CBN), thank you for the Roosevelt Island. Operating Corporation's (RIOC’s) ongoing support of the Island’s community organizations. Your annual Public Purpose Funds do so much to help nonprofits better serve the residents of Roosevelt Island, As you all know, seniors comprise 25% of the Roosevelt Island community. With limited incomes, deteriorating health, receding social networks, and challenges in ‘adapting to rapidly changing environments, seniors are amongst the most vulnerable of the Island’s residents. Since taking sponsorship of the Roosevelt Island Senior Center (RISC) in July 2016, CBN has been committed to better helping seniors navigate ‘these challenges. Through professional instructor-led classes in the arts, fitness, health management, financial education, technology, and so much more, we equip seniors with the social, emotional, and practical skills to remain independent and active, ‘The success of the center is demonstrated by its increase in active membership, which consisted of 254 members prior to CBN’s sponsorship, and is up to 495 active members today. Programming has also increased under CBN, with 1,435 program ‘opportunities offered in FY 2018. CBN moves beyond idleness reduction activities for seniors and encourages personal growth, skill development, and improved wellness, employing professionals in their fields to lead our programs. ‘While we are grateful to have been considered for an award through RIOC Public Purpose Funding, we respectfully request that the Board reconsider the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council's recommendation to allocate only $3,250 towards the vital programming we offer to seniors. It has been noted that (CBN has a larger budget than other island organizations and an ability to source external funding to support this programming. However, it should also be noted that the Center is severely underfunded for its instructor budget, for which we requested Public Purpose Funding. Less than 5% of its instructor budget of $50,120 is currently being funded by the New York City Department for the Aging. Requesting $20,000 from RIOC towards this vital need, CBN committed to continue assuming responsibilty for the majority of this budget, for which it would solicit and allocate general operating. and arts programming support from external funders. As we have demonstrated through the opening of RISC’s sewing center, as well as obtaining funding for deployment of the AdvantAge survey Island-wide, CBN has successfully brought outside resources to the Island. However, we feel its unfair to be penalized based on this success, We hope that the quality and scope of our services can be considered in tthe final funding decision, recognizing the impact made by our programming, CBN has so enjoyed our two years on Roosevelt Island, working with a diverse group of seniors and amazing community partners. We are thrilled to continue this work and grow to better meet the needs of Roosevelt Island seniors. Towards this endeavor, we ask that the RIOC Board of Directors reconsiders our award amount, ensuring that the nearly 3,000 seniors on Roosevelt island have access to programs and services tailored to their unique needs. We thank you for your reconsideration of our request and welcome you to visit our Center when you can to see firsthand the impact of our work. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at (212) 879-7400 or by email at, Most Sincerely, baci ttetnn witlam J. Dionne Executive Director wi cc: Ms. Susan G. Rosenthal