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Marco Island Police


To: Ofc. Tige Thompson
From: ChiefAlfred Schettino
Date: July 5, 2016
Re: MIPD I.A Case#14-004 TigeThompson- Mem ~ - elations

Dear Ofc. Thompson,

This memo serves as a fonnal recommendation and closure of the Marco Island Police
Department's Internal Affairs Investigation Case #14-004.


I have reviewed Internal Affairs Investigation 14-004, which was opened on May 21, 2014 by
then Investigator Lieutenant Linda Guerrero and then assigned to Detective Richard
Stoltenborg on June 15, 2015, against Officer Tige Thompson alleging the violation of
General Order 103, more specifically 103.2.4 Integrity, 103.2.5 Truthfulness and 103.3.1 Non-
Compliance with Directives (see attached investigative report). After careful review, I concur
and sustain violations of one count of Integrity 103.2.4, one count of Truthfulness 103.2.5 and
one count ofNon-Compliance with Directives 103.3.1.

Recommended Actions:

The Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers Rights, 112.532, Florida State Statutes states
that law enforcement agencies must provide written notice to the law enforcement officer of its
intent to proceed with disciplinary action, along with a proposal of specific action sought,
including the length of suspension, if applicable. Notice to the officer must be provided within
180 days after the date the agency received notice of the alleged misconduct.

Although this investigation proved that you did violate Marco Island Police Department's
Policies (the Agency initially received notice of your alleged misconduct on May 5,2011), it
would be a violation of Florida State Statute 112.532 (6) (a), "Law Enforcement and
Correctio~ Officers Rights" to impose discipline.