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By Regd Post with Ack-due


Sri.K.Venkata Reddy, B.L
Door No:-2/476 Nagarajupet,
Kadapa city post and District.

Smt.Subbi Reddy Gari Pushpalata
D/o Narayana Reddy
Pocham reddipalle Village
Busireddi Palle Post
Veerapu Nayuni Palle mandal
Kadapa District.

Sub:- Legal notice for Divorce – Rg.

Under the instructions and on behalf of my client Sri.Subbi reddy gari
Sreekanta Reddy son of Raja Gopal Reddy, Residing at Gandi Kovvuru
Village, Chakrayipeta post and mandal, Kadapa District, I hereby issue this
legal notice to you with the following facts.

1.My client filed D.O.P No:- 20/2016 in ADDL SENIOR CIVIL JUDGE
COURT at Kadapa against you for divorce on the ground of cruelty and
mental torture which led to mental disorder of my client. You also engaged
your advocate and filed your counter in that case. My client was examined
as P.W -1 and marked E.X :- P-1 to P-7 and also examined PW-2 on behalf of
my client. At that stage the parties compromised the case with some
conditions. The Honourable court was pleased to pass compromise decree
in D.O.P No:- 20/2016.

2.Your came to the house of my client on 13-11-2017 along the son of

my client. You did not live peaceful in the house of my client. My client
submits that you used to quarrel with my client and also with his parents
and that you refused to do household works. You used to torment my client
like anything and treated my client with severe cruelty during night times.
Again you made my clients to suffer from mental disorder due to you
physical and mental torture and cruelty committed on my client from 13-11-
2017 to 28-11-2017. My client went psychiatric doctor named Dr.V.V
Seshamma Ashram mind clinic being mental Hospital at Tirupati on 20-11-
2017, 19-01-2018 and 20-01-2018 for medical treatment for his mental
disorder caused by your cruelty on my client and that my client says that
you want to get Acs 10-00 of land of my client by putting end to the life of
my client as early as possible. Ashram mind clinic Dr.V.V Seshamma situated
near Saptagiri scan center, Sairam street, Bahvani Nagar, Tirupati city gave a
medical certificate on 20-01-2018 by stating that my client is suffering from
psychiatric indication.

3.You left the house of my client on 28-11-2017 by 05:30 PM to your

parent house without the permission of my client and his parents by saying
that you do not want to live with my client and that you want look after
your parent since they have no sons and that you are the last daughter
interested to work for the welfare of your parents.

4.My client came to your parents house on 29-11-2017 in order to

bring you to his house. Then you went to Veerapu Nayuni palli Police station
and got police of that police station to your parents house for sending out
my client from your parent house. Then the police of Veerapu Nayuni palli
demanded my client to leave your parents house. My client hapless came to
his house since you refused on 29-11-2017 to came to the house of my
client for leading happy married life. You said that you want Acs 10-00 of
land of my client and that you do not want to live with my client. Your
violated the terms of compromise decree passed in D.O.P No:- 20/2016.

5.Therefore please take this legal notice and that my client sent this
legal notice to you for divorce as interested and desired by you for
facilitating you to serve you parent in the house of your parents for their
welfare by taking divorce from my client.