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Without insight into the political and social state of the

world it is impossible to evaluate the import and

consequences of the endeavors by the Government of the
Principality of Sealand realistically.

The document presented here summarises splendidly all

one should know to be discriminating concerning one’s
own affairs as well as those of today’s world.
We recommend the thorough study of this document to
all present and future members of the Sealand Business
For the Government of the Principality of Sealand
Johannes W. F. Seiger
February 2004
«If you do not use your eyes to see,
you will need them to cry.»
Jean Paul
(Johann Paul Friedrich Richter)
German Poet (1763-1825)
New Community of Philosophers

The Clandestine Plan of World

Staging an Ultimate Crisis
With the United Nations
towards World Domination!

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The GREAT DOLLAR HYPE......................................19
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The DILEMMAS of the WASP-LOBBY: Their own
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INFLUENCE of JUDAISM ........................................50
The NESARA PROJECT...........................................52
The MURDER of JOHN F. KENNEDY JUNIOR ..............57
WHOM DO The BUSH PEOPLE SERVE? .....................58
Through The U.N..................................................61
The U.S. As An INSTRUMENT Of JUDAISM ............61
The DOLLAR HYPE IS about to be BUSTED! .............87
INFORMATION about GOLD....................................90
PRELIMINARY SUMMARY .......................................95
OR: The MIGHTY U.S. as OXEN before the CART of
JEWISH INTERESTS...........................................95

SOLUTION of the PROBLEM of JUDAISM ..................98
The AMERICANS MUST BE HELPED ....................... 109
REFORMATION of CHRISTIANITY .......................... 113
The TURNABOUT IS NIGH!................................... 116


The Möllemann and Hohmann affairs (two outspoken German

politicians who following certain remarks made by them had
to resign, Möllemann soon after died in a suspicious
parachuting accident) are but two of the many examples of
suppression of the freedom of opinion and the dictatorship of
attitude prevalent in Germany which patriotic circles have for
quite some time tried to bring to our attention. Through
these two event the public at large has now become aware:
The truth may not be spoken in Germany!
Fact: Both texts that were considered objectionable – the one
by Möllemann as well as that by Hohmann – do not contain
any anti-Semitic remarks, neither direct nor ambiguous, and
in both cases incontestable truths were stated that no
reputable expert would doubt and with which most people in
Germany who read the complete texts can identify. The
unbearable part of those two affairs is the pitiable and foul
hypocrisy of the German system politicians and the party-
spanning hurrying obedience towards the Jewish oppressors.
Very few people know that in Germany since the beginning of
the 1990s more than 100,000 people of a patriotic disposition
have been brought to court for differences of opinion and
some have been convicted with prison sentences of up to
eight years. In this context we see that the scope within
which one may speak or write is continuously getting smaller,
for the Jewish-controlled opinion inquisition of «political
correctness» – to which many German politicians willfully
subject themselves – mercilessly hits where even the
slightest criticism of Judaism arises.
We, the members of the New Community of Philosophers,
wanted to know the reason for this terrible hypocrisy and the

terrorized opinions in the world – primarily in Germany – and
started a research. This led to our realization that the western
system of rule and governance established practically world-
wide and dominated by the U.S. based its might since the
early 20th Century on large-scale deceit and massive lies,
what forces officialdom into hypocrisy to maintain power.
We found that the present global mega-society ruled by the
materialistic Judeo-Anglo-American spirit (“western
community of values») – characteristic of which it is to
consider of import only the external aspects of reality and to
repress the inner (feminine) qualities of consciousness –
inevitably gave rise – and had to give rise – to a spiritually
very restricted view of existence and reality, but also to
illusionary and virtual realities (pseudo-worlds) from which
developed over time an immense web of lies that like a
matrix determines the general perception and ideology.
This matrix of a thousand lies (lies of Holocaust-gassing,
moon landings, Christianity, war debt, Pearl Harbor, HIV,
vaccination, chemotherapy, CO2, Al Quaida, September 11,
and many others) decisively moulds the cultural
understanding of self and reality as well as the general
orientation of values of the people influenced by western
culture and thus keeps them imprisoned in a kind of hypnotic
state in the pseudo-worlds fashioned by the system – in the
To maintain the comatose state of today’s human beings the
lies have to be administered to the people daily in small but
regular doses via the media (news, soap operas, etc.). To
keep the web of lies from foundering, the politicians and the
media have to keep up their hypocrisy to maintain their
The New Community of Philosophers is a group of
independent philosophers, historians, scientists and
futurologists who made it their task to search without
ideological prejudice, without conditions and in all conscience
for truth in several fields that are important for a free
formation of consciousness and opinion. In this we know no
taboos, and we aim to unmask constructively and step by

step the ubiquitous hypocrisy that keeps a large section of
humanity powerless in aberration and decadence.
In our REICHSBRIEFE (Letters from the Empire) we uncover
diverse and very explosive and tabooed contexts,
backgrounds and truths that due to the prevalent dictatorship
of opinion cannot be – or are forbidden to be – presented in
other writings in such an explicit way. In this – also in what
concerns Judaism and its influence on politics – we do not
mince words and call a spade a spade. We cannot consider
the hypocritical apostles of concern any longer, the situation
is far too serious, much more serious than many can even
Since we have to reckon that the dissemination of our
realizations will lead to prosecution and some of us might
even have to fear for their lives, we are forced at the moment
to work clandestinely.
Concurrent to our research we noticed that the Jewish
establishment year by year reacted more hysterically to
criticism and tried to stifle any attempt at finding the truth
about the essence and history of Judaism. Thorough research
showed that this comportment is based on the fact that the
power Jews are terrified of the truth because the position of
power of Judaism in the world is based completely on lies,
hypocrisy and deceit as well as on corruption and the most
heinous crimes of unimaginable proportions, so that a
consequent truth-finding process would spell the end of
Therefore the established money system, the mock-
democratic party system, the principle of national debt, the
established chemo-medicine, the reparation payments for the
First and Second World Wars, the Holocaust as well as the
events of September 11 may not be questioned or
scrutinized. In this, the Holocaust – that has risen to a virtual
civil religion only by which the Jews attained their special
position in the world today – is the absolute greatest taboo
the notoriousness of which has to be believed unquestioned
and may never be challenged! Who merely poses
uncomfortable questions about it must expect punishment. If
you don’t just believe but research freely, you will find the

immense dimension of the lie in today’s world and discover
what to most people is simply unbelievable.
Our assessment shows that the present world crisis that
became discernible to the public for the first time through the
events of September 11, will come to a head in the short
term, then will derail and result in a huge global
conflagration. Humanity is at the outset of a highly explosive
phase of a change of the times which will bring a basic
paradigm shift (a change to fundamentally different modes of
thought and world-views, values, forms of organization etc.)
in all social areas and in the course of it an inevitable crash of
the mega-system established world-wide with all its power
structures and apparatuses.
In view of the coming development and in the context of our
educational work it is our wish to contribute with respective
information and hints that in Germany and Europe as many
people as possible may survive this crisis and master it with
their ability to act as intact as possible.
Thus we do not see our task in addressing the contrived
problems of day-to-day politics, because this is meant to
distract from the really important problems and correlations
as well as the primal principles that we need to recognize. We
rather concentrate our forces on the success of a fundamental
spiritual-cultural, political and economic recommencement
after the inevitable and long overdue collapse of the existing
system. To this end we conduct a consequent activity in
fundamentals and information and try on as wide a scale as
possible to broaden the perception horizon in order to enable
when the time has come a sufficient number of people to
recognize the fundamental interrelations and truths as well as
the real problems and necessities.
With this, the sixth of the REICHSBRIEFE, we want to offer
our readers, based on our previous writings, further insights
into the complex relationships and secret background
concepts of world politics. It is our aim to show as clearly and
logically comprehensible where the present development in
world politics is leading and what great cataclysms humanity
may expect shortly.

As it is a prerequisite for a truly in-depth comprehension of
events and developments in world politics also to understand
the superordinate philosophical-spiritual context within which
the overall development occurs, we recommend a thorough
study of the ground-breaking document Zeitenwende im
Christentum (Paradigm Shift in Christianity) that we
disseminate since the Millennium. In the chapter «Remarks
about a peaceful solution of the Jewish problem» in this
REICHSBRIEF the limited space allows us only sketchily to
delineate the philosophical-spiritual context.
After the main theme we will at the end of this REICHSBRIEF
add some information we consider important and address
some subjects that are left unclear. But now to the actual
subject at hand:




Since the Bush administration reigns in Washington, we
notice a world-wide increase in criticism of the U.S., of
«globalization» and the «New World Order» (whatever people
may understand these to be). More and more people suspect
that on the high levels of world politics some conspiracy of
lobbying forces exists against the sovereignty and freedom of
the peoples, yet most don’t know what concretely is
happening behind the scenes. So they see diffusely terms like
«USA», «globalization», «western community of values»,
«EU», «East Coast», «New World Order», «CIA», «financial
establishment», «Zionism», «UN», «Israel», «Mossad»,
«Judaism», «Secret Societies», «Secret World Government»

and «International Freemasonry» etc. without being able to
substantiate their hunches in a logically traceable way, for the
tangle of information is simply too great and too chaotic.
That a large-scale conspiracy against humanity exists is
undeniable to any person with any ability for clear thinking,
but there are many differing, often abstruse and chaotic
views of how precisely it looks; these are exactly those so-
called conspiracy theories that often contradict each other, vie
with each other and last but not least arise from well-aimed
Whatever the plans the financial power circles have for
humanity as they are controlling the strings from behind the
scenes, for most of us their plan, their conceptual approach
and the sources of the greatest dangers for humanity are in
the realm of wild speculation or even the unfathomable.
Hardly anyone today surmises where the world-political
development of the present system of «western community of
values» leads. The adept however understands: The world-
political development of this global mega-system is certainly
not determined by chance, but is planned in detail and in
advance by its initiators – and this has been so for a long
On August 15, 1871, Albert Pike (1748–1830) – Grand Master
of Freemasonry in the U.S. and founder of the Ku Klux Klan, a
memorial to whom had been erected in Washington D.C. –
told the Italian Freemason and revolutionary leader of the
«Bavarian Illuminati», Giuseppe Mazzini, in a letter the
explicit plan of the future historical development including the
staging of three world wars in order to gain world domination.
(Note: The «Bavarian Illuminati», founded in 1776 at the
behest of Mayer Amschel Rothschild by Adam Weishaupt in
Ingolstadt, Germany, at the time were the most important
henchmen of the mighty Jewish banker families, the leading
heads of which call themselves «Illuminati».)
In that letter Pike describes how the Jewish financial
establishment – that claims for itself the uninhibited power
over all humanity – at the end of the third world war would
provoke the biggest social revolution the world had ever
seen: «We will unchain the nihilists and the atheists, and we

will provoke a prodigious social revolution that with its terrors
will show the nations very clearly what are the results of
absolute atheism: the root of barbarianism and the bloodiest
uprisings. Then citizens everywhere will be forced to defend
themselves against the minority of the revolutionaries, and
they will eradicate these destroyers of civilization, and the
majority – disappointed by Christianity whose divine spirit
from that moment on will no longer offer any orientation,
afraid and searching for ideals, but without knowing to whom
to offer (divine) reverence, will receive the true light from the
universal revelation of the pure teachings of Lucifer that is
finally revealed to open viewing, a manifestation that follows
the destruction of Christianity and of atheism which will be
conquered and expunged at the same time.» (Notes by Albert
Pike in a letter that is catalogued at the British Museum
Library, London.)
In this letter is further described how the world dominance
shall be reached by three great world wars. A first world war
was to be prepared to destroy Tsarist Russia in order to bring
it under control and build it up as a world-wide adversary. A
second world war should then be prepared, by manipulation
between the German nationalists and the political Zionists,
with the result of an extension of the Russian sphere of
influence and the founding of a State of Israel in Palestine. A
third world war should then be prepared between the newly-
founded State of Israel and the Arabs, with the aim of
reaching world domination. This just as a lead-in to the
subject at hand.
About the «conspiracy» subject there existed so far only
largely diffuse and unrealistic theories. But what exactly the
actual conspiracy – that is the secret concept planned over a
long time by the lobbyist background powers in order to
dominate the world – would be like and how much of it has
already been instigated, is unknown, for until today there is
no comprehensive realistic description, even in well-informed
circles, that would have a chance to be accepted and
disseminated on a wide front. There is still great
disorientation that renders people and peoples powerless
towards the conspirators!

Yet truth-finding is in this context not even tall that difficult,
given certain background knowledge, the necessary vigilance
and some capacity for logical thinking! For the aims of the
actual conspiracy can be gauged from the political
developments that take place before our eyes and can be
logically foreseen from the slant of the prevalent world-view
as well as from the existing structures and patterns of
thinking and organization. And the secret world-political aims
are more than adequately witnessed by the clearly defined
declarations of intent, innumerable books and writings by
many high-ranking personalities and influential circles in
world politics. Most critical people however lack the trust and
the ability to assemble the different items of information to a
conclusive and cohesive overall picture, so the really essential
things that happens in world politics remain concealed from
Who takes up the task to assemble and logically organize the
relevant information will quickly see that for the superrich
financial powers there are not some differing aims in the back
of world politics, but definitely just one power-political one,
namely to gain uninhibited global power and complete control
over humanity as they consequently follow a very concrete,
almost perfect concept.
To distract from the very real concept of enslaving humanity
the establishment has itself taken up different conspiracy
theories, using the lodges and the secret services, pushed it
to the abstruse by using disinformation and disseminated it in
some esoteric and patriotic circles, thus making the muddle
even more inscrutable. Today’s many differing conspiracy
theories are unreflectedly repeated and disseminated by
many groups which boosts disorientation and separation
between people where world-views are concerned even more.
In view of the general powerlessness towards the great power
elites and the apparently unchangeable world events it is of
the utmost importance that as many people as possible get
an insight into the actual background concepts of today’s
world politics, in order first of all to recognize the fatally
wrong direction of the present social development and thus
the real dangers that threaten humanity. To know the enemy

and his plans of attack, to know from which direction danger
might strike, is a fundamental advantage for those who try to
get out of the danger zone and to find an optimal solution!
We think it absolutely essential to present as completely and
openly as possible – in a logically comprehensible way and
with reference to the actual world events – the skillfully
camouflaged concept for the leveling and enslavement of all
of humanity, which is at the core of the secret background
concepts respectively the present conspiracy against the
independence and freedom of the peoples.
The more people understand the background and the
interconnections of this nasty game that unfolds behind the
scenes of world politics and that threatens to lead humanity
into slavery, the more they will recognize their responsibility
towards life, will rise against the oppressors and take the
initiative to create a just world worth living in, in which the
peoples may live in peace, freedom and cultural self-
Only when people recognize the state of reality and thus also
the factual and at the moment most acutely threatening
situation, can they realize the need and the quality of a really
sensible concept encompassing all important points for the
solution of humanity’s problems and discern it from the
numerous and often unrealistic attempts by different political
and ideological factions.
To gain insight into the complex interconnections and secret
background conceptions of world politics we have first to
recognize a few basic facts about the U.S. and Zionism.



In view of the military aggressions and threats issuing from

the United States against unruly states against the backdrop
of the «New World Order» proclaimed by them, the U.S.

appear in the eyes of many observers of the world-political
situation as the power that terrorizes and threatens all
humanity. But this is only so at first view, for the real enemy
of humanity hides behind the U.S. of A and uses the latter for
its obscure interests of world domination. The clandestine
background power that completely dominates the U.S. is
Zionism in all its facets together with international
Freemasonry controlled by it!
The many scandalous disclosures of recent years about the
disastrous U.S. national debt, about the background of 9/11
and the hypocritical war strategies show that the United
States of America are economically and politically, but also
morally and spiritually at the end of their tether. It is known
in well-informed circles that also militarily the U.S. are by no
means as mighty as the world is led to believe, a fact to
which the U.S. military expert Professor Dr Robert Hickson in
an address given to the 10th Congress «Courage for Ethics»,
August 30 to September 1, 2002, at Feldkirch/Austria, as well
as the renowned German author and journalist Peter Scholl-
Latour have drawn our attention. The latter had prior to the
last War on Iraq in a four-part TV series revealed that the
U.S. can never win the «War against Terrorism» the had
proclaimed all over the world.
It is well-known that Judaism has always exerted great
influence in the United States. But at the latest since 9/11 it
became fully obvious that U.S. politics are in important areas
no longer determined by the Americans that faithfully adhere
to the basic values of the American Constitution, but that the
Zionists have fully usurped the power in the U.S. and rule
America in all important fields from behind the scenes. A few
• The American Federal Reserve Bank (FED) is like all
other Reserve Banks of the «western community of
values» privately owned by Jewish bankers! More
details follow further down. The stock exchange
system is a creation of the Jewish finance
establishment. The world-wide catastrophe in finance,
speculation and indebtedness that brought the U.S.
and the world to the brink of an abyss has been

purposefully staged by circles of Jewish high finance
(will be explained further on). The expansive
imperialistic foreign policies of the U.S. are essentially
founded on the Jewish monetary system that
underlies the economies of the U.S. and other states
of the «western community of values» and functions
along the principle of a permanent increase of the
money supply.
• Almost all of the opinion-forming media industry in
the U.S. is Jewish-owned and is controlled by Jews.
The Jewish finance elites can via their media
apparatus steer public opinion and thus also the
readiness in the U.S. to enter war, just as they like!
In this way it was possible to alienate the people in
the U.S. from reality, to keep them in the dark and
keep them in a state of delusion. Thus for quite some
time do the Americans fail to recognize what really
happens in their own country, let alone in the world.
• All of Freemasonry and all secret and semi-secret
societies and think tanks that exert such huge
influence in the U.S. (the Freemason construct U.S. of
A) are controlled by the Zionist establishment. Jews
or representatives of Jewish- or Zionist-controlled
Freemasonry are placed at all important intersections
in the corridors of power in the U.S. (and its vassal
• From the beginning of the 20th Century most
presidents of the U.S. act as agents of a foreign,
transnational power for the (to most people) opaque
interests of Judaism. The Jews know all too well how
they may manipulate «the world’s only super-power».
In the Clinton era – as is generally known – the
administration was almost exclusively Jewish. In the
Bush administration into which, as had been
previously announced, no Jews were to be selected,
ice cold neo-conservative Jewish henchmen (the
Falcons) are pulling the strings and determine the
strategy and the approach of U.S. politics – that, too,
is no secret anymore. Irrespective of which party

governs in the U.S., the Zionists via their secret
societies again and again succeeded – with very few
exceptions – to use the U.S. presidents for their own
ends and to determine U.S. politics.
• Through the great influence of the Protestant English
puritans – that fully orient themselves after the Old
Testament and are to be understood almost as a
Jewish sect – a pseudo-Christian Redeemer faith has
gained a foothold since the beginning of the U.S. that
has nothing in common any more with Christianity but
rather disseminates the faith patterns of Mosaism-
Jehovaism. By now there exist in the U.S. around one
hundred evangelical denominations with more than 50
million Protestants that represent a messianic,
increasingly apocalyptic and politically aimed theology
and call themselves proudly «Christian
Fundamentalists» or «Christian Zionists». The
fundamentalist American «Christians» see in the state
of Israel the manifestation of Divine Will – the land
promised and given the Jews by God – and take a
stand for the unconditional support of Israel. Many of
them long for the Battle of Armageddon in which they
see the final battle between «Good and Evil». They
believe in a physical return of Jesus Christ and plan to
induce the Jews to accept Him at long last as their
The Jews in turn understand very well how to make strategic
use of the Christian-Protestant fundamentalism. In the U.S.
today the Protestant groups form the strongest direction-
giving force in politics, and many of the organizations and
institutes important to Judaism are today collaborating with
these Christian Zionists. When one considers the points made
here one understands what leading Jews mean when they
candidly avow that they control America: «Let me make one
thing very clear. You do not have to worry about American
pressure. We, the Jews, control America, and the Americans
know it.» (Ariel Sharon to his Foreign Minister Peres, Israel
radio Kol Israel, cited in the Washington Report on Middle
East Affairs, WRMEA, October 11, 2001). It is undeniable that
the U.S. are ruled by a Jewish oligarchy! It is easy to see how

the Jews, who make up less than 3% of the American
population, have the United States of America fully under
their control and in their dependency.
The erstwhile dream of a free America is more and more
unveiled as a fallacious illusion! The more one perceives the
background of the history of the U.S. and her politics, the
clearer it becomes that there never was a free America, for
from the outset Jewish Freemasonry has pulled the strings in
this country from behind the scenes and steered the
development of the U.S. in a well-defined direction. For the
Americans their spiritual imprisonment in the pseudo-
Christian ideas of faith of Christian-Protestant
fundamentalism respectively «Christian Zionism» is most
fatal, for by this the Americans cannot only be spiritually
controlled and steered by the Jewry, the U.S. are thus also
fatally linked to Israel.
Before Americanism makes too many waves in Europe and
the world, we should realize that the Jews – like all other
peoples – also have the Americans by the leading-string. It
would be most superficial and not commensurate with the
situation in world politics to name the Americans as
instigators of the coming catastrophe looming over humanity.
Anti-American ambitions do not help the world, this is
absolutely the wrong approach, for the American masses are
in a most deplorable and helpless situation.
Real basic research should dig deeper and aim at uncovering
the actual interdependencies in world political events, in
power structures as well as in spiritual thought and
perception patterns and thus in the behind-the-scenes
motivation. Most probably the U.S. – that meanwhile have
developed into a police state – are after Germany the country
that of all the countries of the world has been mislead and
forcefully controlled by the Zionists the most. We will show
that the role of the U.S. in world politics is in these days to a
large degree abused by the Jewish background strategists in
the most despicable way to support goals with which in
excess of ninety percent of the Americans would in no way

The actual development in world politics seems full of
contradictions and inconsistencies and can no longer be
fathomed by most people. The decisions by politicians often
seem to be contradictory or illogical, sometimes one thinks
that in politics one is faced by lunatics – but in world politics
nothing is left to chance, everything is well calculated!
Under scrutiny immense power struggles behind the scenes of
world politics can be discerned. To see through their purpose
it is first of all important to know about the two differing
Zionist concepts.



When talking about «Zionism» one must consider that within

Judaism there are differing Zionist ideas about the importance
and the size of the State of Israel. Its is a prerequisite for a
deeper understanding of the development of world politics to
distinguish between the «minor-Zionist» and the «Greater-
Zionist» ideas – like everywhere there is polarity also in
The «minor Zionists» around Ariel Sharon and Co. are working
towards a Great Israel (Erez Israel) that would encompass
the Sinai Peninsula, Syria, Jordan, Mesopotamia (Iraq) and
large section of Saudi-Arabia as well as some further areas
and would reach from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Jews
would then control the largest part of the Arabic oil reserves
and would have the Arabs like people of a lower caste work
for them. An Erez Israel however would just be one Jewish
national state among many other states that would have to
face many problems and hostilities even when it subdues
Islam. The sharp strategist among the Jewry are to be found
among the «Greater Zionists» who proceed with extra
patience and far-sightedness, but all the more deviousness.
The «Greater Zionists» work toward the realization of an old
Zionist dream of a Jewish world empire with Jerusalem as the

world capital for a «One-World Government» respectively a
«New World Order». They plan a world with a single mixed
race (except for the Jews who are forbidden to mix), a world
currency, a hotchpotch single pseudo-esoteric world religion,
that will find itself at the Zionists› feet. The driving force
behind the Great Zionist idea are the ultra-rich clans of Jewish
high finance, the «Illuminati», that hide behind the U.N. and
have usurped all the latter’s sub-organizations for their ends.
Also part of the «Greater Zionists» are the Jews devoted to
the Thora who seem so harmless and anti-Zionist, the
majority of whom live at the East Coast of the U.S.
«The time has come for the high finance to dictate its laws for
the world openly, the way it has done hitherto clandestinely.
High finance is appointed to succeed the empires and
kingdoms with an authority that not only dominates one
nation but the entire globe.» (Declaration at the founding of
the International Bank Alliance 1913 in Paris)
Those knowledgeable about the backgrounds and the history
of Judaism surely suspect now that the two Zionist goals do
not necessarily lead to strife between the two Jewish factions,
but are to be seen rather as parts in a very cleverly planned
concept aimed at facilitating world dominance over all other
peoples. In this context the goals of the «minor Zionists» to
which Ariel Sharon and consorts seem to aspire are more or
less nothing but deception exercises.


To get an idea of the financial might of the Jewish banking

establishment one only has to realize that not only most and
the largest of the world’s private banks, but also the U.S.
Federal Reserve Bank (FED) are privately owned by the
richest Jewish Banking families. The mightiest partners in the
FED are the banks N. M. Rothschild (London and Paris),
Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan, Goldman Sachs (New York),
Lazard Brothers (Paris), Israel Moses Seif (Italy), Warburg

(Hamburg, Amsterdam), Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (New York),
Lehmann (New York).
But that is not all, for all the other central banks (issuing
banks) in the states of the so-called western community of
values (Banque de la France, Bank of England, Deutsche
Bundesbank, Europäische Zentralbank etc.) are also
controlled by them in a perfect way. All these central banks
that most people erroneously think are state property and
controlled by the respective states are practically also
privately owned by the Jewish high finance, for they are
closely linked to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank via the Bank
für internationalen Zahlungsausgleich (BIZ, Bank for
International Settlements) in Basel in Switzerland, which of
course again is a civil-law society belonging to the above-
mentioned banking families.
Interest payments to the issuing banks generate for the
Jewish bankers yearly profits in trillions. In the year 2000 the
FED in the U.S. made over a trillion dollars alone in interests.
The Jews in finance however to not stop there! With the U.S.
dollar as their instrument – that is today understood but by
very few – they have developed further possibilities to get
access to the real capital of the peoples. We now proceed
succinctly to unveil the essential interrelations and diffuse
backgrounds of the dollar hype:
In July 1944 the Jewish finance establishment succeeded at a
finance conference of the later core countries of the United
Nations at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire/US, at which the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank had
also been founded, to make the dollar the key currency of the
world. After the Second World War the Bretton Woods
agreement allowed the Jewish bankers to establish
internationally as the reserve currency and as the means of
exchange for all world-wide oil transactions (petro-dollar). In
this way all the states that wanted to trade with the U.S. were
forced to build up high dollar reserves that were completely
out of proportion with the percentage of world production of
the U.S. economy.
The FED printed thousand of trillions of dollars and even
today produces further dollar amounts that since the Second

World War are used by the many national states on the world
market for trade and above all for buying oil from the oil-
producing countries. At the time of the Millennium about four
fifths of the world-wide currency transactions and half of the
world’s exports were accounted in dollars, and the U.S.
currency making up two thirds of the world’s currency
At the beginning of the Bretton Woods system the U.S. put
for every printed dollar 0.7 grams of gold into Fort Knox –
thus the dollar was backed by precious metal. That means:
From 1945 onwards all currencies had a fixed rate with the
U.S. dollar whose convertibility in gold was guaranteed.
But when in 1970 too many people and too many states
called this U.S. promise to exchange the dollar bills at any
time for gold, an inventory at Fort Know (allegedly) showed
that the gold reserves were in no way sufficient to cover all
the dollar bills put in circulation by the Federal Reserve Bank.
At that time the U.S. was faced with demands for 70 trillion
U.S. dollars, the vaults of the FED however (allegedly) only
held gold reserves amounting to 11 trillion dollars.
In answer to this the Nixon administration in 1971 decided to
set the dollar free from the gold standard and to lift the free
exchange rates – which was only possible through the military
power of the US! This was necessary because the U.S. would
have been unable to pay if only one country with sizeable
dollar reserves had wanted to exchange these dollars. (Note:
To make the dollar the key currency of the world it was
necessary to remove gold as reference for the value of a
currency. Therefore the Jewish bankers – after having
removed the gold backing of the dollar – had concurrently
started to de-monetize gold in the minds of the people by
establishing the idea that in today’s world it was absolutely
unqualified to serve as a means of exchange or of value
preservation, more details in the chapter Information
Concerning Gold».)
In fact this decision by the Nixon administration meant the
end of the post-war world currency system, for since then the
international monetary system was disconnected from the
material-physical reality and the world economy no longer

possessed any universally accepted value standard. The dollar
was thus reduced to a purely paper currency, no longer
backed by anything. (Note: In financial circles such a
currency is called «fiat money» – from the Latin fiat = let
there be – a currency that is created by a central authority
«from nothing».) The dollar sank to less than half its previous
value – and dollar holders especially abroad were duped. Yet
astonishingly not one nation complained!
In the U.S. we find since 1971 creation of value from nothing,
that is it depends on the FED steering committee –
respectively anonymous Jewish financial sharks – allocating
credit. In the following years the U.S. dollar has devalued
several times and sank below half of its value, from 1973
onwards currencies were «floated», which spelt the end of the
Bretton Woods era and robbed the IMF of its original task.
Since 1971 the Federal Reserve Bank had printed several
trillion U.S. dollars, and with these overrated dollar bills
(paper and a bit of printing ink) produced by the wagon loads
the U.S. have busily went shopping on the world market.
From the viewpoint of currency systems the U.S. have in this
way for years lived on borrowed means – they have acquired
manpower as well as resources of the peoples (including oil)
without any form of trade-off. That is why in the U.S. many
foreign products can be bought quite cheaply although below
the line the U.S. are totally bankrupt.
This dollar hype made rich first of all the Jewish
entrepreneurs and the banks, especially however the private
Jewish bankers who are the owners of the FED after all. With
this paper money – «fiat money» – without backing they were
able to amass unimaginable riches and properties all over the
world. Using middle men and bogus companies abroad they
bought well-performing companies, resources including
oilfields, gold and diamond mines and the respective mining
rights, TV stations and cable networks etc. at bargain prices.
Over the last years one noticed in the media how Jewish-
Anglo-American companies bought up on the «company
market» one prime object after another – Mannesmann, the
cable network of Telekom (Germany), Kirch Media, the TV

stations SAT 1 and PRO 7 are just a few examples for such
raids. With the «dollar» instrument the Jewish financial
establishment was able over decades to lay their hands on
most of the world-wide economic intrinsic values, including
most of all the gold ever mined on this Earth. In the
meantime these people also possess most of the largest
corporate groups and insurance companies that they are able
to steer at their whims via well-remunerate members of the
board (nothing more than puppets on strings). The economies
of many nations have been literally plundered by the Jewish
bankers, for they now sit on mountains of dollars that in
realty have no economic value.
The oil-exporting states are believed to have stacked in
excess of 1,000 trillion U.S. dollars in their vaults, and Japan
– strong in exports – even more than 2,000 trillion. The paper
currencies that the U.S. is throwing on the market in huge
amounts is of no value to the creditor countries, because with
it they cannot buy any wares in the U.S. or elsewhere on the
world market, for the countries with balance of payment
surpluses are forced by international treaties to stockpile
huge amounts of U.S. dollars.
Theoretically Japan would only need to cash about 1.000
trillion dollars in dollar-quoted values on the world market to
resolve its finance and debt problems. But should Japan throw
only half that amount in dollar reserves onto the market, an
avalanche would start for these dollars are not backed by
American economic power, that means the dollar rate would
immediately crash while the Yen would rise very strongly.
That would spell disaster for the U.S. economy, for it would
cause an incredible inflation in America which would mean for
the happy American shoppers – who import so far about 60%
of the goods from abroad – that they can no longer afford
foreign products. In addition all of foreign investments
(dollar-quoted shares and securities) would turn from the
dollar, and there would be a run on the banks as in the
The Japanese economy, too, would suffer highly negative
consequences from the rising Yen (especially in view of the
bad economic state of today), because the export chances of

export-dependent Japan would suffer greatly, many
bankruptcies would ensue and thus inevitably many layoffs.
Other exporting nations would similarly be drawn into this
maelstrom, especially those in the «western community of
Independent of this the U.S. government always put it very
clearly to the nations with the biggest dollar reserves that the
option to put the stockpiled dollars onto the market was not
open to them, as the recently retired U.S. treasury Secretary
O’Neill in 2002 gave the Japanese to understand. There is
enough money there, the Japanese are only forbidden to
spend it! – and a few other countries experience the same.
In 1972 the director of the Belgian National Bank, René
Ewalekno, before the Belgian-Dutch Society in Brussels, drew
the attention to how this dollar financial architecture was
constructed: «The Washington Treaty of December 18, 1971,
brought no solution for the dollar crisis, the Central Banks are
under obligation to support the dollar and to stockpile
sizeable sums of this currency, that means the dollar still
plays a major role, but is no longer convertible, and as long
as the American balance of payment deficit continues, it has
to be financed by countries with balance of payment
surpluses. But these countries have absolutely no influence
on the political and economic decisions by the United States,
a situation that in the long run is untenable.» (Quoted from
Das Ostpreußenblatt, January 24, 1998, highlighting by the
In practically all product areas the U.S. is dependent of
imports (oil, cars, machine tools, computers, etc,), but they
are equally dependent on capital imports, as they finance
their balance of trade deficit that in the last year surpassed
the astronomical sum of 500 trillion U.S. dollars per year,
with capital imports (foreign «investments», especially in
stocks). As the added value of the American economy, that is
the U.S. production, is steadily decreasing due to sinking
productivity when compared with European an Far-East
countries, the U.S. are daily losing ground against these
countries in the world-wide trade. In 2003 the U.S. balance of
trade deficit will probably rise to almost 700 trillion U.S.

dollars – that means the U.S. are buying more goods and
other services amounting to that sum from abroad than they
themselves export. In order to survive financially, the U.S.
have to ensure that today (2003) almost two billion dollars in
foreign capital must enter the American market every day.
The U.S. or rather the Jewish financial strategists of the FED
are very much interested that the dollars put into circulation
by them are not cashed on the world market. That is why
they obligated all economically important states that trade
with the U.S. with internal treaties to invest their free dollar
reserves in the U.S., thus creating for the U.S. economy a
surplus in capital movements.
This way a large part of the petro-dollars from the OPEC
states is channeled back into the U.S. by the acquisition of
dollar-quoted treasury bills or other values like U.S. stock or
U.S. real estate geared to the dollar. Only under such
conditions do the U.S. tolerate the OPEC cartel at all!
The high in-flow of capital since the mid-Eighties brought
ever-rising stock quotations which in turn attracted new
capital and sent the share prices even higher. A continuous
self-amplifying cycle, clearly illustrated by the Dow Jones
index curves. As the world’s largest importer the U.S. hardly
exports wares, but they are world leaders in the export of
shares! In 1991 they sold shares for 35 trillion overseas, in
2001 the shares exports already exceeded 500 trillion US$!
The Jewish bankers really set this system up right! The
infinite amounts of dollars that the Fed are pumping into the
world market to a large extent flow back into the U.S. share
market where in stock market crashes they are most
elegantly disposed of – or rather diverted into the ownership
of the Jewish financial establishment. In this way an
excessive inflation of prices for goods is largely avoided, as
otherwise they would shoot up due to the volumes of money
artificially brought into circulation. So only the share prices on
the U.S. stock exchanges inflate, they often surpass the
economic real values more than a hundredfold.
And when another stock market crash happens it is absolutely
no accident: When after 9/11 the stock exchange rates rose,

it was because the FED to «look after the market» directly
intervened at the U.S. stock exchanges by buying up large
volumes of shares with huge amounts of paper money printed
on their presses – the share buyers have to be coddled. In
this way the Jewish financial oligarchy managed a few days
after 9/11 and again after July 2002 to raise share prices,
although the real situation of the U.S. economy has not
improved in any way.
Since then the share market is being built up again, for as
long as the last idiot among the private share holders has
exchanged his money for shares, so that in the next
inevitable crash these volumes of money can again change
ownership, by which also the amounts pumped into the stock
market for the rate manipulation will be brought back.
Does this now clarify what the term «western community of
values» means? The great exporting nations are allowed to
send their economic values to America, or sign over whole
companies to Jewish addresses, for which they receive large
sums in dollars (worthless paper money) with most of which
they will be stranded as urged by the U.S. respectively by the
Jewish financial strategists of the FED, at best they are
allowed to «invest» in dollar-quoted shares, bonds etc.
Now we understand what Zbigniew Brzezinski meant when
during his Europe trip in 1999 he spoke in front of Germans
and Austrians quite blatantly of vassals obliged to pay tribute.
In reality the U.S. is the most indebted nation on earth and
has long since been unbelievable bankrupt. But as they
control the world by their money-creating mechanism they
can live off the unpaid imports from abroad.
The strength of the dollar does not, as generally assumed, lie
in the productivity of the US-American economy, but is since
1945 in truth based upon the privilege to be used
internationally as reserve currency and world-wide as the
means of exchange for the oil trade (as petro-dollar).
But this privilege that the U.S., respectively the Jewish
financial strategists of the FED, want to preserve at all cost
was seriously endangered by the decision by Iraq as the first
of the oil-exporting countries to change over to the Euro and

when at the same time several other OPEC countries were
about to follow Iraq’s lead. Saddam Hussein, who in
November 2000 had decided to take Euros instead of dollars
for Iraqi oil, got to bear the brunt of U.S. resolve. And then
he surpassed himself by exchanging Iraq’s 10-billion dollar
reserves – from the program «Oil for Food» – at the U.N. for
Euros, which immediately led to renewed bomb attacks on
Iraq by the Anglo-Americans.
With the Euro the dollar monopoly is threatened and thus the
end of capital imports into the U.S. is nigh. Recently the
change-over of monetary reserves of several foreign
governments from dollar to Euro are becoming a major
problem – states like China, Venezuela, Iran and some other
OPEC countries as well as Russia have for some time already
been in the process of clandestinely exchanging their US-
dollar reserves for Euros and gold. In December 2002 North
Korea officially decided to change from the dollar to the Euro
as trade currency. The World Gold Council announced that the
Asian Central Banks have recently bought up a lot of gold. In
the months before the last War on Iraq all these measures
forced the exchange rate of the dollar down considerably.
With the last War on Iraq the U.S. succeeded to ensure
control over a large part of the world’s oil reserves. But it was
not a question of oil only, because for strategic reasons the
Jewish financial establishment needed first of all to retain the
privilege of the dollar as the world-wide key currency, which
requires that oil be paid for in dollars. The War on Iraq was
therefore a clear warning to all other oil-exporting states
owning dollar reserves to stay clear of changing over to the
This warning was especially aimed at Iran whose Central Bank
had exchanged in 2002 already the major part of its currency
reserves to Euros, a clear indication for a change-over to the
Euro as the petro-currency. The Iran is not depicted without
reason as one of the worst rogue nations of the «Axis of Evil»
and seen as the next target of the «War on Terror». At the
moment several more oil-exporting states are toying with the
idea to sell their oil for Euros. Among others the OPEC state
Venezuela could follow Iraq’s lead and change to the Euro.

They had already started barter deals with the neighboring
countries, in which oil is exchanged for urgently needed goods
and the dollar is totally superfluous as a means of payment.
With the «de-nationalization» of the Iraqi oil reserves the
high Jewish financial circles have ensure that these will not be
dealt on the basis of the Euro. They will now try to break the
OPEC cartel by massively raising oil production in Iraq
because only this way can a change-over of the oil business
from the dollar to the Euro be avoided. But when just the
OPEC states change to the Euro as the oil currency and their
Central banks would go along and change their currency
reserves to Euros, the dollar would instantly lose 50% of its
Such a currency crash would bring an immense inflation to
the U.S. and start a flight of all foreign investors from the
dollar. A run on the banks would follow, the foreign trade
deficit could not be maintained and the U.S. would be
bankrupt in a very short time. It can therefore be surmised
that the U.S. will fight any attempt by the OPEC states to
leave the dollar and sell their oil for Euros with war or at least
with very effective clandestine secret service operations (the
overthrow of governments or similar).
The leading politicians of the «western» nations as well as of
Russia and China have long been in the know about the
financial situation of the U.S. Russia has for some time now
anticipated the demise of the present world currency system.
In May 2001, some months before the WTC attacks, the
Russians had staged a congress about the «time after the
dollar» as the key currency. At the moment the development
of the world economy and world politics are so teetering on a
knife edge that the politicians of all western nations out of
fear of a threatening panic and of the radical upheavals in
their own countries rather shut up and continue with their
politics as before –behind the scenes of day-to-day politics
however there is immense tension!
The whole story could begin to move when the war politics
and the parasitic money politics with the U.S. dollar was
uncovered, the U.S. was unmasked as the greatest rogue
nation and the Jewish financiers as the worst miscreants –

that is why education about this is so important! The financial
collapse of the U.S. cannot be put off for much longer, for
more and more people see through the foul games with the
dollar and know about the truth behind 9/11.
The issuing banks of many nations have only refrained from a
redeployment of their dollar reserves in Euros and gold for
the time because they were subjected to massive extortionate
pressure by the U.S. (that is by the FED). The tacit reduction
of dollars and dollar-quoted treasury bonds in the months
before the Iraq war probably were the true reason why the
dollar lost massively until just shortly before the war.
The collapse of the dollar can probably be delayed for a
certain time, but in view of the gigantic extension of oil
production in Iraq planned by the U.S. who by this tries to
beat down the oil price the OPEC states will not stand by idly
and watch the U.S. destroy the OPEC cartel.
The dollar hype supporting the U.S., or rather the Jewish
private bankers, can not succeed for much longer, for faced
with pressing economic problems the first states will be forced
to throw their steadily devalued dollar reserves onto the
market. In the near future one state will start, and all the
other states will automatically follow like dominoes so that
within a few weeks the dollar will plummet abysmally.
With the deterioration of the dollar the gigantic and not
repayable debts of the U.S. would disappear or rather be off-
loaded to the rest of the world that instead of real capital is
lumbered with worthless dollars, but the peoples world-wide
would see through the dollar hype and the cleverly planned
monetary system of steadily growing uncovered dollar
amounts connected with it and would recognize the Zionist
financiers behind the FED as the perpetrators of the world’s
grievances with all the wars, the exploitation and the hunger
misery. The Zionist financiers will therefore beware of being
publicly unveiled as evildoers – they will do everything in their
might that this will never happen!
We have gathered the information and data concerning the
dollar and the economic situation in the U.S. in this as well as
the next chapter and in the chapter about gold from different

sources. One document that proved very seminal in this
research of this subject was the German book Wir werden
schamlos irregeführt! (We are shamelessly mislead!) by
Gerhoch Reisegger, ISBN 3891800681, Verlag Hohenrain,
that we recommend. But we have to point out that the thesis
presented in the book about the collapse of the WTC towers is
quite harebrained and totally false.
«Since 1981 every year between 15 and 20 million people die
because the governments of the Third World must curtail
their programs for drinking water and health care in order to
serve their debt payments. Every year the international
financial system kills more people than World War II. But at
least Hitler was mad you know.» Ken Livingstone, Mayor of



Most people have an idealized stereotype image of the United

States of America – anyway, that was the case until a few
years ago. When one talked about the U.S., one at the same
time thought of the huge and mighty country of freedom and
of endless opportunities. But looking closely today one notes
that not much is left of the formerly mighty country and the
erstwhile American dream. A few points as food for thought:
• In the USA there is growing social injustice, more
than 30 million people live below the poverty level,
and many more Americans have to eke out a living by
doing several low-paying jobs every day. Many
Americans hardly have any time left to spend with
their families or for recreation. Furthermore hunger is
mentioned ever more often in this so-called
progressive country.
• In the U.S. we find a huge and steadily growing
number of violent crimes as well as a record amount

of prison inmates. In the last year more than 2,1
million Americans were behind bars. The completely
overcrowded death rows now, at the end of 2003,
more than 3000 people are awaiting their execution.
• The infrastructure of the whole U.S., the public water
and sewage systems, roads and bridges as well as the
power supply, are mostly ailing, so that over the next
few years trillions of dollars will have to be invested,
which the U.S. simply do not have (about ten years
ago German papers already reported the catastrophic
state of the U.S. infrastructures). The cause for the
large-scale power outage in August 2003 in the East
of the U.S. could probably be found in the deplorable
state of the relevant infrastructure. (Note: The fact
that in the following three months there were power
cuts of similar dimensions also in several European
states throws suspicion in a completely different
direction. Probably there had been clandestine
technical adaptations by which in times of crises large
regions and even whole states can centrally be
disconnected by a mouse click from the power
• The U.S. education system as well as the U.S. social
systems (health and unemployment insurance and
pension funds) are on the level of a developing
country. The number of illiterates as well as that of
people who can hardly read, write or calculate is
extremely high in the U.S. As many Americans do not
trust their own state, more than 50% have tried to
safeguard their pensions by buying shares, but were
terrible ripped off in the last crash so that in the
future the U.S. will face mass poverty.
• The economic statistics in the U.S. have been
brazenly manipulated for the last two decades. The
so-called «New Economy» boom of the 1990s was
simply staged, based upon a gigantic debt pyramid,
an ever-faster growing trade deficit and the
systematic deconstruction of infrastructure as well as
a speculative stock bubble. The growth figures of the

U.S. economy of October/November 2003 are
artificially produced by renewed indebtedness, simply
to keep investors happy for a further few months. By
the increasing tampering with trade figures the U.S.
have more and more become an only virtual empire,
the talk about the U.S. being an economic driving
force is just pure fiction. This is evident from the
unemployment figures. Under Reagan already the
methods of assessing them had been changed «for
reasons of cost» and now we have instead of
statistical censuses only computer-generated
estimates that are endlessly manipulated. The
reference point for the unemployment quote in the
U.S. is no longer the number of those employed as it
is with us, but of those employable including many
self-employed and entrepreneurs (with a wider base
you get lower percentages). Many full-time jobs have
been split into two or three part-time jobs, and
anyone working there even for just one hour a week
is counted as employed. In the resulting 137 million
almost 50 million of employable age are not included
because they have given up any hope for work. The
2,1 million inmates, mostly blacks, also improve the
estimated unemployment figures, etc.
• Economically the U.S. have for some time been in a
situation of increasing weakness, but officially this
remains veiled. In the last decades the U.S.
businesses have gone the way of least resistance and
simply out-sourced a large part of their production to
Third World countries, where in so-called special
economic zones they let produce under slave
conditions. In this way the prices are lowered, but
they have also lost the edge in technical development
they had in many areas since the Second World War.
Even though in all their history up to now the U.S.
had been economically self-sufficient, they are today
dependent on imports in almost all areas (oil, cars,
machine tools, computers, etc.) as well as of capital
imports. Cars and machine tools come from Germany,
robots from Japan, computers from Taiwan etc. In

this way the trade deficit has grown to over 500
million U.S. dollars per annum. Because of the lack in
productivity due to high unit labor costs U.S. products
are hardly competitive on the world market. Only
Microsoft can hold its ground in the market for
operating systems and office software, but even there
competition threatens with Linux and others.
Otherwise the U.S. fight for benefices of times long
past, for copyrights and patents. They had tried to
defend their superiority in the high-tech sector by
secrecy, export restrictions and industrial espionage,
but to no avail.
• And now – with the Euro becoming ever stronger –
the loss of the dollar monopoly threatens and thus the
end of the apparently unlimited capital imports, which
would have a catastrophic impact on the U.S.
economy. Ever more experts perceive the dollar
column to be on the brink of collapse, as it had been
after the Vietnam War, only this time the effects will
be much more drastic. One must fear that the
possibilities the FED strategists have left to back the
dollar are all but gone.
• In the last years the U.S. accrued more and more
debts abroad in order to finance the rising
consumption in the country. This pushes share prices
further up and gives the impression of an actual
growth in the U.S., which in turn attracts further
share «investments» from abroad, but with it the
danger grows that the foreign capital will be quickly
withdrawn when the share prices drop. That would be
the end of financing of the foreign trade deficit, which
would lead to drastically lowered imports and the
Americans would have to curtail their consumption
(and especially in Germany and Japan the export
market would crash). This would quickly set off a
depression and a world-wide stock-market crash.
• In total the U.S. have amassed until today (end of
2003) a national debt in excess of 34 trillion dollar,
and it is rapidly growing and can never be repaid. The

self-dissolution of the American world finance system
has long been recognized by experts. The U.S.
Congress has clandestinely empowered the FED as
late as November 2002 to buy up devalued treasury
bonds with up to ten trillion dollars of new Federal-
Reserve bills. This criminal economic act in which
paper is bought with paper shows how unbelievably
bankrupt is the alleged world power number 1! The
only possibility the U.S. could think of – or rather that
had been suggested to the U.S. by the Jewish
background strategists – for a solution of heir
economic and financial problems is an «uninterrupted
war for the creation of eternal peace» that is going to
be justified with the artificially created threat scenario
of «international terrorism».
• More and more great lies respectively crimes by the
U.S. are uncovered, like the lie of the moon landings,
the Pearl Harbor lie, the lie about the murders on
John F. Kennedy and his son JFK jr., the 9/11 lie, the
countless war lies and crimes by the U.S. military and
secret services, the genocide of more than 15 million
North-American Indians, as well as the guilt for the
death of at least as many black slaves who died
horribly during the inhuman transports from Africa to
the U.S. The African World Reparations and
Repatriation Truth Commission has repeatedly
demanded the U.S. pay 777 trillion dollar in
reparation payments for the crimes perpetrated upon
the African peoples by slavery. The myth U.S. of A is
getting under fire from all sides and is teetering.
• The world public has by now clearly recognized that
the American foreign policy is not guided by any
commitment to any form of ethics as George W. Bush
keeps pretending, and that the U.S. military is widely
unmasked as the world’s greatest killing machine.
And increasingly people who retained their thinking
faculties recognize that this Moloch murders
exclusively for the interests of Zionism.

• The «New World Order» that the U.S. proclaim and
for which they assume leadership has long been
recognized as an instrument of suppression and
exploitation. The U.S. have no political or economic
and even less a positive spiritual vision they as the
apparent leading power could hand to the world,
therefore the hegemonic U.S. politics will always meet
strong resistance. But even the real military might of
the U.S. in no way suffices for a world-wide
imperialism. Many of the enemies of the U.S. (Russia,
China etc.) are busily rearming and simply wait for
the U.S. military to get into a war of attrition. The
situation in Iraq shows clearly that the U.S. are
politically and militarily overtaxed with the control of
a country of 20 million inhabitants. In reality the U.S.
have no global strategy with which to establish a
sustained U.S. supremacy; all the create – wherever
they can – is disorder and chaos. Wherever they leave
a battlefield we find discord and corruption, crisis and
anarchy, so there is always a reason to send U.N.
soldiers to ever more countries who then proceed to
hold the fort (in the interest of the long-term greater-
Zionist goals) for the Jewish-American system of
• There was all over the world public criticism of
American politics in connection with the wars in
Afghanistan and the Iraq, but not in the U.S. In the
purportedly freest country of the world all criticism
has been halted! The Jewish background powers have
finally succeeded there – since September 11, 2001 –
to level all the media from the smallest village
newspaper to the New York Times completely, and
this includes the Hollywood movie industry –
«Hollywood fulfils its patriotic duties as it did at the
times of the First and Second World Wars» (source:
Deutschlandfunk, November 19, 2001, 9.50 am).
Since 9/11 the Jewish-Masonic background force has
with the aid of the artificially created, self-staged
threat scenario of «international terrorism» succeeded
to abolish in a very short period the civil liberties and

rights that western culture had achieved in more than
a thousand years and to turn the U.S. into a police
state – the spiritual-cultural substance of the
Americans had not been sufficient to prevent it.
• The sanctimonious prayer-mill invocation of a
«transatlantic friendship» and the «western
community of values» by many U.S. politician cannot
belie the abyss between the martial stance of the U.S.
on the world stage and its true strength. The
supremacy of the U.S. is founded on very unsteady
columns, for today they are only dependent on the
privilege that the dollar is still internationally accepted
as the reserve currency and world-wide as the means
of exchange in the oil trade. The decline of the dollar
that a single country like Japan or the OPEC states by
mutual agreement could cause would dethrone the
U.S. immediately!
• The uncovering of the true background of the attacks
of 9/11 are much further advanced in the world than
the Bush administration – but also Zionist high
finance – would like. All the reasons given for the War
on Afghanistan and Iraq were lies, only the most
ignorant in the world do not know this. The exposure
of all that happened since 9/11 more an more
embarrass the U.S. Government. Since mid-2002
some vassal states refuse to follow in the usual blind
way and world-wide criticism of the anti-terror politics
is increasing, which leads to the U.S. finding
themselves in the so far greatest foreign-political
isolation. The present situation in Iraq and the cost
for the occupation linked to it, but also the low morale
among the U.S. troops make it clear that the U.S.
have come to an end with their wisdom and their
means. Census results show that the Bush sympathy
values among Americans have strongly declined – it
won’t be long and Bush is there in the nude! The
decline of the world power America is blatantly
evident! Only terrorist attacks on a large scale in the
western world and/or a further war can distract from
it for a short time.

• Hundreds of further items could be added that
describe the political, economic-financial and moral
«America? That is the development from barbarianism to
decadence without touching culture!»
Georges Clemenceau (1841–1929), French Politician



There are several secret and semi-secret organizations by

which the Jewish high finance exerts its influence over the
U.S. and world politics. In the network of the different
Freemason organizations that since the foundation of the
«Bavarian Illuminati» have all been infiltrated by the Jewry,
the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) as a semi-secret
organization plays a leading role. This body in which powerful
personalities from the world of finance, economy and politics
meet, is the main driving force behind the scenes of the U.S.
and of world politics. Its aims are to abolish national states
and to force the U.S. as well as all other states of the world
under the control of a one-world government.
The CFR was founded in 1921 by the Marxist Edward Mandell
House, the main adviser of Woodrow Wilson, at the behest of
David Rockefeller and since then is said to be the most
influential organization in the U.S. The CFR is a semi-secret
organization based in New York with about 3000 members
that forms the centre of the East Coast establishment. It is a
shadow cabinet that tells the U.S. Government what to do –
the CFR is also called «the invisible government», «the
Establishment» or «the Rockefeller Ministry», as it is
controlled by the Rockefeller syndicate.
From the start the CFR worked towards the realization of a
socialist one-world system (one-world government) within the
framework of the «New World Order». «We will come to a

world government, whether they want it or not – by
subjugation or by accord!» (CFR member James Warburg
before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, February 17,
1950). Already in 1922 the CFR magazine Foreign Affairs had
demanded a one-world government and that the U.S. would
have to surrender its sovereignty for it.
The CFR has infiltrated the different U.S. administrations with
its members who in elevated positions have significantly
shaped U.S. politics for more than 80 years. Since its
foundation the CFR has always aimed at having the four key
positions in the U.S. Government occupied by CFR members:
Foreign, Defense, Finance and Security. In the past 50 years
every U.S. Secretary of State, whether serving in a
Democratic or a Republican administration, and every U.S.
President – with the exception of Ronald Reagan – had been a
member of the CFR.
Its members have repeatedly denied that the CFR was
determining U.S. politics. It is pretended that the CFR as just
a debating society, open to all ideologies, but that is totally
absurd – the CFR is the mightiest organization in the US! The
actual subjects of CFR meetings are strictly secret. The
regulations of the CFR make it an «specific condition of
membership» that the members refrain from unveiling what
happens at the council meetings.
Most CFR members that work towards a one-world
government (a socialist world dictatorship) as advocated
already by Karl Marx and the CFR founders are simply career
people interested exclusively in their own re-election, their
advancement and their social recognition.
The overpowering predominance of the CFR is totally
unknown to the average U.S. citizen because this organization
controls all the important mass media in the U.S., and thus
these very rarely report on it. About 200 influential media
persons in the U.S. are members of the CFR, CFR members
are heads of the main TV networks and also of the most
important print media. The innermost circle of the CFR is the
Order of Skull & Bones in which the Bush clan plays a
predominant role. But in the end the Order of Skull & Bones,
too, is secretly controlled by the financial Zionists. George

Bush sen. as well as his father Prescott Bush and President
George W. Bush are Skull & Bones men. In 1977 George Bush
sen. was even president of the CFR! Exactly 11 years before
September 11, 2001, George Bush sen. had proclaimed the
«New World Order» in New York – on September 11, 1990!!!
A subsection of the CFR is the Trilateral Commission that in
1972 had been founded by David Rockefeller who was for
many years director of the CFR. This commission – a group
uniting as permanent members over 200 influential leaders of
industry and economy – is a sister organization to the
Bilderbergers, but even much more powerful than the latter.
Here again the goal is to instigate a one-world government
under the auspices of a few elect persons. The members
come from North America, Europe and Japan (hence
trilateral). At the time Zbigniew Brzezinski, political scientist
and «presidential aide» – was appointed director of the
Trilateral Commission, who up to this day continues to play
an important role behind the scenes of U.S. politics. In 1970
already Brzezinski, a known admirer of Marxism, in Between
two Ages termed the U.S. superfluous and agitated for the
instigation of a one-world government. In 1991 Otto Graf von
Lambsdorff became chairman of the Trilateral Commission for
Europe in which he is active in the spirit of «humanism».
In the Bush administration there are more than two dozens
Neo-Conservatives (Neo-Cons) occupying key positions just
as they do in the U.S. Think Tanks. The Neo-Con founding
fathers are Jewish intellectuals, mostly from New York, that in
the political spectrum once were at the extreme «left», people
that in the 1930s already left Stalin for Trotsky, but then
started to drift more and more to the «right». For some
decades the modern Neo-Cons are working towards a no-
holds-barred instigation of a hegemonic U.S. politics and
without exception are extremely pro-Israel. For many years
the views of the Neo-Cons had not been taken seriously, they
seemed to be just another unimportant group with a right-
wing program, but today they determine U.S. politics. The so-
called Neo-Cons do not hide their imperialistic big-power

purpose, they quite openly advocate the suppression of
Israel’s enemies and a new order in the Near and Middle East.
«Its mental world (of the Washington Neo-Cons) consists of a
mixture of ideological fervor and crass material interests, an
exaggerated American patriotism and right-wing Zionism.
That is a dangerous mixture. There is in it something of the
spirit of Ariel Sharon, a man who has always had grandiose
plans for changing the region, consisting of a mixture creative
imagination, unbridled chauvinism and a primitive faith in
brute force.» Uri Avnery (Israeli writer and journalist, April 9,
2003, National Journal)
Since September 11 the neo-conservative Jews exert an ever-
increasing influence in the U.S. mass media, where they have
placed their own people in all important positions. Charles
Krauthammer of the Washington Post as well as the columnist
William Safire of the New York Times, a fanatic partisan of
Ariel Sharon, among them, also Robert Bartley, editor of the
Wall Street Journal and friend of Richard Perle. The TV station
Fox News owned by the ultra-right-wing Rupert Murdoch is
under Neo-Con control, also Murdoch’s The Weekly Standard,
whose editor-in-chief is William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol,
who at the time was co-founder of the Neo-Con movement.
Only nine days after 9/11 William Kristol published in his
paper an open letter to President Bush that was signed by 41
leading Neo-Conservatives including Richard Perle. In this
letter they clearly stated that the shattering of Osama Bin
Laden’s network was not all that was necessary, but that it
was imperative to «remove Saddam Hussein from power» and
«to retaliate upon Syria and Iran for their support of the
Hisbollah». The open letter by Kristol that was received by the
Bush administration with great enthusiasm is seen in insider
circles as the actual beginning of the War on Iraq.
Here are some very telling excerpts from a speech by the
former presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche of the utmost
lucidity that explains the present situation of U.S. politics.
LaRouche – who in the U.S. counts as an American patriot in
the best sense of the word – gave this address during the
semi-yearly conference at the American Schiller Institute in
Reston, Virginia:

«So, we have, in a sense, a fascist movement, in the United
States, which is concentrated in certain sections of the
military, which has a policy. The policy comes from a source,
which is really fascist; a source which is racist: the so-called
Nashville Agrarians. So constituted in 1928, around a group
of grandchildren of the founders of the Ku Klux Klan. The
leader of this was William Yandell Elliott – the leader of this
group. William Yandell Elliott was a British agent, by
profession, who taught government at Harvard. At Harvard,
William Yandell Elliott created, literally out of mud, creatures
such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Samuel P.
Huntington – and a whole array of other people. You have
foundations such as the H. Smith Richardson Foundation, the
Mont Pelerin Society, the Heritage Foundation, the American
Enterprise Institute, the Olin Foundation, and on and on.
These powerful foundations, tied to powerful financier
interests in the United States; tied to powerful law firms; tied
to powerful accounting firms – which actually run the United
States, or at least a good deal of it. And these people are the
backing for the policies, which were consolidated under the
succession of Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski, as
successive National Security Advisers to the Presidents of the
United States.
«Their policy is, what? Take the case of a close associate of
Henry Kissinger: Michael Ledeen. Michael Ledeen, while
studying in Switzerland, wrote a doctoral dissertation, under
the subject of ‹universal fascism’. Ledeen is an associate of
Kissinger’s. The policy of Brzezinski, the policy of Kissinger,
has been consistently that identified by Ledeen, as ‹universal
fascism’. (Author’s note: Michael Ledeen is next to Richard
Perle Chief Strategist at the influential neo-conservative think
tank American Enterprise Institute). Universal fascism means,
instead of thinking as Hitler did, himself – or Mussolini – that
fascism was for fascism in one nation, these fellows said: No.
That’s not good enough. We’re going to eliminate all nation-
states, and a have one-world empire, based on universal
fascism; ruled by a military force, in imitation of the Roman
legions; in imitation of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grande Armée;
and, in fact, in explicit imitation of the Waffen-SS, under the
Hitler regime.› They didn't say ‹Waffen-SS’, because that

was not considered ‹good taste’; but that's exactly—if you
read the books; if you study the policies; if you see the
deployments; if you see the current policies, coming out of
circles like Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, or John McCain (the
so-called ‹Manchurian Candidate’), or Joe Lieberman: Here
you’re looking at the image of universal fascism.»
«Now, this operation, that happened on September 11th,
what was it? Well, what was its purpose? When you see a
military operation, or a quasi-military operation, you say,
‹What is the mission? Where is it going?› Well, it’s obvious:
the fight is on the streets, right now. The question is: Is the
United States going to get a legion from the United States
and other countries, recruited to invade Iraq, to invade
Somalia, to invade Iran, to invade Korea, perhaps to invade
China? Well, that’s the policy of Wolfowitz! This is the policy
of Brzezinski and others: the policy of ‹Clash of Civilizations’.
«So came September 11. Why did it occur? Well, it occurred,
obviously, because the system (Author’s note: the Jewish
world financial system) was disintegrating. Take the case of
what happened to poor President George W. Bush. George W.
Bush was down in Florida, when Sept. 11th struck. He,
obviously, and others, were targeted for potential death – not
just people in New York City and the Pentagon, but
elsewhere, were targeted for death – by a military coup,
operated by a faction, inside the United States, of the utopian
«So Bush went along with the policy – he was scared stiff. His
advisers obviously pushed him into this Afghan war, which
never should have been started!
«So, the President was talked into that. But, then, his
advisers had the cute idea: Since the United States has not
got the ability to fight one and a half wars, they get all tied up
in bombing Afghanistan.
«So, that postponed what the people behind September 11th
wanted. What was the continued motion that came out,
immediately? The United States must join, with the IDF and
Sharon of Israel, to launch a global religious war! How were
they going to launch the war? Very clear: from before Sharon

became Prime Minister. This time, Sharon authorized an
attack on the third holiest place of Islam – al-Haram al-Sharif.
Now, if you start desecrating one of the sacred places of one
of the major religions of the world, at the same time that
you're killing Palestinian Arabs, en masse, in butchery, and
launching attacks on other people, saying that Islam is the
menace; if you conduct that kind of idiocy – which Europe has
seen before, in the Middle Ages and earlier, and saw between
1511 and 1648 – if you start that kind of fascist horror, again,
you’re going to have a global religious war. Now, religious war
has the peculiarity, that it never really stops. When you start
religious war, you’re setting fire to civilization!
«There is the coup, the military operation, which is the
detonator; there is the bomb, which is the Clash of
Civilizations war, which was being pushed from then, to the
present time; third, there’s the crucial role of a fascist
dictatorship in Israel, nominally headed by Sharon, which
Israelis are now revolting against—in Israel; a fascist coup, in
«And these three things are all coming together: Why’d they
come together? Because of the urgency of the economic and
financial crisis. The present monetary and financial system is
doomed. Back in 1995–96, I did something, which I'll refer to
shortly. I made a forecast: that we’re entering a new phase of
collapse of the post-1991 phase of the international monetary
system. We’re now heading to a chain-reaction collapse – not
tomorrow morning, but as a continuing process.»
«I don’t think that in the western world the governments
really do govern. I believe they serve as henchmen for great
financial and industrial powers.»
George Wald, American Nobel prize laureate for biology
Here are some exemplary quotes by leading Jews chosen
from a great number of documented statements that show
what are the real goals of Zionism and that the Neo-Cons in
the present Bush administration are in no way an exceptional
occurrence, rather that their dire political activities are part
and parcel of a long-term scheming concept aiming at the
seizure of power over all humanity by Zionism.

N a h u m G o l d m a n , the later president of the Zionist
World Congress, in 1915, in the middle of the First World
War, revealed with surprising candor the program for the
destruction and subjugation of Europe, the program for the
total dissolution of all traditions, morals, customs,
attachments and barriers. The object: total anarchy and
instability shall arise so that a «new, pyramidal, hierarchical
system» – i.e. that of the absolute Jahveh priesthood – may
be set up. Quote: «The meaning and the historical mission of
our time can be summed up thus: it is their task to organize
afresh the cultural humanity, to replace the current social
system by a new one … All rearrangement means two things:
the destruction of the old order and the construction of the
new one. Firstly all boundary-posts, barriers and labels of the
previous system have to be removed and all elements of the
system that are to be realigned have to be separated out as
equivalent. Only then may the second step, that of
reorganizing those elements, be begun. Thus the first task of
our time is that of destruction: all social levels and formations
that the old system had created must be destroyed, the
individuals have to be torn from their ancestral environment;
no tradition may be sacred; age is only a sign of illness; the
rallying cry is: what was must be removed. The powers that
undertake this negative task in our time are: on the
economic-social level capitalism, on the political-spiritual level
democracy. We all know how much they have already
achieved, but we also know that their work is not yet
complete. Capitalism is still fighting the forms of the old
traditional economy, democracy is still opposing all powers of
reaction. The work will be completed by the military spirit. Its
principle of universalizing will complete the negative task of
the times: only when all members of our cultural circle are
uniformed as soldiers of our cultural system will this one
problem be solved. But then the following, larger and more
difficult challenge arises: the construction of the new order.
The members that now have been torn from their roots and
levels and lie around disorderly, archaically, must be brought
to new formations and categories … a new pyramidal,
hierarchical system must be erected.» (From: Nahum
Goldmann, Der Geist des Militarismus, [The Spirit of

Militarism] Stuttgart/Berlin, Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, 1915,
pp. 37f).
«The world revolution that we experience will be exclusively
our work … this revolution will cement the predominance of
the Jewish race over all others.» (The Jewish paper Le peuple
juif, February 8, 1919, quoted after Ulrich Fleischhauer, Die
echten Protokolle der Weisen von Zion [The real Protocols by
the Elders of Zion], expert opinion, ordered by the Richteramt
V in Bern, Erfurt 1935, pp. 109f.)
«Every great nation has another as slave; France has Corsica,
England has Oreland, Greater Serbia has Montenegro, and, to
cut it short, Israel all of humanity as slave … The League of
Nations will bring: unity of language, unity of currency, of
measures, of law, of religion … its capital shall be Zion, the
city of peace.» (Simon Tov Yacoel, Israel, Reflexions sur la
grande guerre et l’avenir des peuples [Israel, Reflections
about the Great War and the future of the peoples], Saloniki
1921, quoted after Ulrich Fleischhauer as above, p. 105)
«Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement
that mainly came from the eastern-European Jews
(Ashkenazim) who for centuries had been the driving force
behind communism/socialism. The final goal of the Zionists is
a one-world government under the control of the Zionists and
the Zionistic Jewish international bankers.» (Jack Bernstein,
Das Leben eines amerikanischen Juden im rassistischen,
marxistischen Israel [Life of an American Jew in racist,
Marxist Israel], Steinkirchen 1985, pp. 17f)
Further equally explicit and telling quotes can be found in the
German-language publication ZEITENWENDE IM
CHRISTENTUM [A New Paradigm in Christianity] in the
chapter «Aussagen von führenden Juden» [Statements by
Leading Jews] that Chyren published for the Millennium.


The question arises whether the Americans even have the

opportunity to free themselves from the powerful influence of
the Jewry and re-take control over their politics and their
country. Next to nothing on this may be gleaned from the
western media, but in the U.S. there is wide protest against
Jewish influence upon state and politics. The main resistance
against the Jews in the U.S. is carried by the WASP, the white
money aristocracy, (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, a name
for the Americans of Anglo-Saxon Protestant descent with an
elitist leaning who have put their stamp upon the U.S. since
its foundation and who today make up the informal leading
class), which by tradition is anti-Jewish. In the Reichsbrief No.
5 we had already pointed to the importance of the WASP in
American politics, but it has to be seen in an even more
differentiated way that we did then and there.
Today there are different factions within WASP, but for a few
years now there is again a considerable number of influential
people who feel obligated to the spiritual tradition and the
idealism of the Founding Fathers. Since the Reagan
presidency we observe in the U.S. a return to the ideas of the
Founding Fathers, to the values of Benjamin Franklin and
George Washington who really had the liberty of the
Americans close to their hearts and who at the time resolutely
warned of the destructive influence of Judaism and even
wanted to deny the Jews the immigration to America. It
seems as if today one had again become aware of the Zionist
threat to America and one sees a newly growing American
self-confidence that is ready to confront Zionism.
Although the Founding Fathers and many presidents of the
U.S. have repeatedly pointed out the Zionist threat to the

U.S., the influence of the Jewry upon the development and
the politics of the U.S. was largely underestimated and
accepted as a cumbersome but bearable trouble. Thus the
Jews via the Freemason lodges could again and again steer
U.S. politics in terms of Jewish interests, even if the
presidents were coming from WASP circles.
The Jewish influence upon the whole American disposition
was fostered by the fact that from the start «Christianity» in
the U.S. is heavily influenced by the Puritan-Calvinist spirit
which had etched the secular materialist world-view of
Judaism deeply into the American collective soul. Until today
the American patriots were not able to grasp the importance
that Judaism, the Mosaic religion, has within the American
idea (the American dream, the sense of liberty, the world-
view and the American way of life)!
A pseudo-religious manifestation widely encountered in the
U.S. is the sense of mission based on the Old Testament and
motivated by «Christian»-Protestant ideas that preaches a
Christian Zionism and is increasingly finding its way into
influential circles in the U.S. These people who call
themselves «Christian fundamentalists» succeeded to a
greater extent even than the Catholic church to misrepresent
the Christian core statements. The pseudo-“Christian»
religious views they disseminate represent (as in Judaism)
the environment as hostile and frightening and declares the
people to be poor sinners whose salvation shall solely be
dependent on the mercy of an extraterrestrial god (Jesus
never claimed to be such!). Redemption shall only be possible
through a commitment to Jesus Christ, who shall soon
physically return for the final battle of Armageddon – in which
it is said the good will fight the evil – in order to save those
who really believe in him. Most of the over 50 million
«Christian fundamentalists» belong to the core electors of the
Republicans who represent the interests of the patriotic WASP
on the political scene.
The dilemma of the American patriot of a Christian orientation
is that what these Protestants – among whom we find George
W. Bush – sell under the label Christianity has nothing at all
to do with the real holistic teachings of wisdom and life that is

founded in Christianity, but is a «Judaism for the most
stupid» thrown together from Paulinist phantasms and blatant
ambitions. What the televangelists stage in the U.S. really
seems like a sell-out of religion. The proceeds of course
mostly go to Israel, for many of these Protestant «Christian»
Zionists – who are very anti-Catholic – support Israel’s
foreign policy on theological grounds with all their influence.
The religious aberrations of these self-proclaimed Christian
fundamentalists who thrive on the spiritual-cultural soil of
Anglo-Saxon-Calvinist thought and who over the last few
years in the U.S. have degenerated into a collective delusion
accommodate the Neo-Con Jews very nicely and are
unscrupulously strategically exploited by them.
The Neo-Cons are very skilled at using the pseudo-religious
bedazzlement of the Protestant-Christian Zionists – the so-
called Christian fundamentalists – in the U.S. Thus an unholy
alliance of Christian fundamentalists and Jewish Neo-Cons has
formed which the Zionist strategist Martin Kilian in Die
Weltwoche (a Swiss weekly) of March 24, 2003, characterized
as follows: «The coalition of the ubiquitous and educated
Neo-Conservatives with the fundamentalists mostly in the
Southern States is based on a cynical swindle: God had to be
brought in, although eminent Neo-Cons too were convinced of
his death – according to Leo Strauss one of those ‹not quit
harmless truths’, which the philosophers better hush up. ‹If
God does not exist and religion is an illusion without which
the majority of humanity cannot live, people should be
allowed to believe in the lie of religion’, Kristol had written in
an essay about Freud.»
In 1978 the Hebrew University published a book by the
Jewish scholar Yona Malachy entitled American
Fundamentalism and Israel: The Relation of Fundamentalist
Churches to Zionism and the State of Israel, a strategic
religious-cultural book which describes in detail how Israel
could make strategic use of Christian-Protestant
Fundamentalism in the U.S. The scales will fall from the eyes
of those reading this book.
The influence of Judaism upon U.S. politics has for a long
time been very much underestimated by WASP

representatives and other American politicians because the
American idea has been stealthily usurped by the Jewish
spirit. Here especially the Jewish-Paulinian image of God and
the resulting religious fervor, the egocentric notion of
freedom, the secularistic-materialistic-hedonistic value
orientation etc. have to be mentioned – all influences of
Jewish intellectuality. Further with time the WASPs have by
their adaptation of Old-Testament belief patterns – rather
without reflection – made the imperialist interests of the
Zionists (their claim to world power) their own and thus
influenced the (imperial) character of the U.S. in a significant
way. The latent influence by the Jewish-Anglo-Saxon
Freemasonry in which the WASP lobby has been fatefully
entangled since the founding of the U.S. is of the utmost
significance for the politics, the fortunes and the spiritual-
cultural essence of the United States of America.
Hardly any WASP representative knows today just how much
the personal religious-cultural mentality as well as the
American way of life almost exclusively geared towards
material and external aspects of life is riddled with moral
concepts and patterns of thought from Judaism. The
«American Way of Life» is in its value orientation Jewish-
Anglo-Saxon, or rather the Jewish-Calvinist way of life
culminates in the American Way of Life.
In this context we would point to the fact that the British
Empire – which is nothing less than the Diaspora empire (a
Jewish world empire on a smaller scale) ruled by the
Rothschild clan – never actually perished, but just stealthily
withdrew from the limelight of world politics. England is still
the capital of the world-spanning predator capitalism. The
head of the beast sits in London, for the decisive strings that
make the political puppets of the «value community» dance
continue to be pulled from there. The fact that Alan
Greenspan, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank, has not
long ago been knighted by the British queen is a further
indicator to where the strings converge – in the «City» of
London (a private Rothschild state of about 1.5 square
kilometers) where all the world’s states including the U.S. are
regarded as colonies that are to be used and bled at will.

If one disregards for a moment any political thought matrices
it emerges that the British-Rothschild Empire is together with
the U.S. about to realize the greatest extension of its sphere
of control and that it used the U.S. in this on-going process of
expansion merely as an intermediary step and springboard to
realize as the new world order its concept of a «One-World
government» hatched so long ago.
Since the September 11 affair it becomes more and more
obvious that the Americans can no longer fight off by
themselves the mighty influence of Zionism that is organized
via the secret structures of international Freemasonry, since
the organizational structures of the U.S. are themselves too
much interwoven with Freemasonry and since the inner
essence of the U.S., the American intellect (the orientation of
values, the ideas and the religious sensations of many US-
Americans) is too much dominated by the materialistic and
pseudo-religious values of Judaism – and in this the view the
Americans have of the concept of Christianity plays a very
decisive, even fatal role!



One thing becomes very evident now: U.S. politics are

presently dominated as directly and immediately as never
before by Jewish high finance! Critical observers ask
themselves what may be expected in resistance by the true
American patriots?
There are different signs that before September 11, 2001,
President George W. Bush and the WASP were determined –
just like Putin in Russia – the end the Jewish spook. Due to
the deeply-rooted connections of the Bush family with the
CFR and the Skull & Bones one should however refrain from
judging the activities of the Bush circle only by ostensible

One basically has to consider that the power of the Jewish
establishment in the U.S. is so great that the WASPs only
have very little room to maneuver opposite the Zionists
respectively the Israel lobby in order to get any leverage
against the superordinate Jewish interests. That is why the
decisions made in U.S. politics often seem contradictory,
undecided or even chaotic.
The WASP lobby knows that Zionism will only suffer a decisive
breakdown in its political and economic influence in the U.S.
when the Federal Reserve Bank (the FED) – which since 1913
is privately owned by the mightiest Jewish banking families
and which with profits massively exceeding one trillion dollars
per year forms the backbone of Jewish power in the U.S. – is
taken away from Jewish high finance.
When in the summer of 1992, half a year before the
elections, the WASP lobby coerced their man, George Bush
sen., as incumbent president of the U.S., to demand that the
FED be again put under the control of the American
government, they had gone one step too far, for with this
they threatened to deprive the U.S. Jewry of their main
means of existence, and this finally cost Bush’s re-election!
By the time of the election of 2000 the WASP lobby had learnt
its lesson and with a 40-million-dollar deal brought George W.
Bush to presidency. Thus they taught the Israel lobby (the
minor Zionists) backing the Democrats – who felt overly
secure and had invested large sums in Al Gore – a thorough
lesson and beat them with their own weapons (Note: as will
be clarified later this was entirely in the interests of the
Greater Zionists). Yet in their endeavors to disengage from
Zionism the WASP people are walking a narrow path the
Jewish background powers have posted their agents in all
government bodies causing an internal power struggle of
which the public is kept largely ignorant.
US political circles are rife with the fear of Jewish terror, for
they know that they cannot fool with the Jewish lobby and its
Mossad. In American history, many prominent politicians and
freedom fighters have been murdered at the behest of the
Jewish background forces: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther
King and John F. Kennedy are only the tip of the iceberg.

John F. Kennedy, despite being a Democrat, as president was
truly faithful to the Constitution, threw away his chances with
the power Zionists. He not only wanted to defuse the East-
West conflict so lucrative for the Jewish finance
establishment, to pull back all troops from Vietnam by 1965,
dissolve the CIA and deny the Israeli access to nuclear
weapons, he further wanted to touch the holy cow of the
Jewish establishment: He actually dared to attempt to bring
the American central bank back under the control of the
American government! Well-informed circles in the U.S.
generally know that Kennedy had then been assassinated by
the Mossad.
In the WASP establishment, but also in different high circles
of U.S. politics, within the secret services and the military
there are an increasing number of indications that resistance
against the New World Order is forming. More and more
established or «illuminated» people do not want to continue
playing this dirty game. Even among the upper echelons of
the U.N. explosive background information is increasingly
passed around behind the scenes.
Not just within WASP but far beyond all better-informed
American patriots faithful to the Constitution are conscious of
the fact that all endeavors to curb the Jewish influence in the
U.S. are but blind actionism and entirely futile unless they
succeed in bringing the bank of issue back under government
control. And it seems that the American patriots have by no
means given up their plan to divest the Zionists of their
mightiest weapon, the FED.


In the resistance fight against the influence of Zionism upon

U.S. politics a US-internal project concerning the financial
system is of utmost importance. Starting in the early 90s a
very revolutionary development concerning the monetary
system is under way behind the scenes, without the masses
being aware of it. Patriots truthful to the Constitution reaching

into high government circles have begun a far-reaching
project that had been in preparation for a long time with
which they plan to disempower the neo-conservative Jewish
lobby and all sympathizing factions that for many years have
usurped the power over U.S. politics, to bring the bank of
issue (the FED) back under control by the American people
and to stop the «New World Order» scheme.
This project called NESARA (National Economic Security And
Reformation Act) could – should it be realized – alter U.S.
politics profoundly and positively, which would concern not
only the curtailment of freedom rights within the U.S. as well
as foreign policy ambitions including U.S. war plans.
The NESARA story starts with an accusation by American
farmers against the government and several banks, because
increasingly farmers had been driven to ruin by the
deliberately detrimental actions and arrogant power-hungry
behavior of some banks when allocating loans. During the
court proceedings the misconduct by the banks towards the
farmers was exposed and the complete monetary system was
challenged. Finally the case was taken to the Supreme Court
where it was officially stated that the dollar was not issued by
the government but by the FED, itself a conglomerate of the
largest Jewish private banks, that then puts the currency at
the government’s disposal charging interest and that has thus
driven the whole country to indebtedness. By the assessment
of different American constitutional lawyers the taxes that
U.S. is levying are largely unconstitutional, because the larger
part of the revenue goes not to the state, but to the FED and
hence to the private bankers. The Supreme Court also
decided that the banks had acted deceitfully and against the
interests of the American people.
Together with high government politicians upholding the
Constitution the NESARA law was fashioned and announced,
which led to several U.S. banks having to close, a fact
reported by the mass media, but to the public these closures
were presented as due to insolvency. The Supreme Court
however worked towards the introduction of a new financial
system backed by precious metals and would disempower the

The Supreme Court judges cited the values and virtues of the
Founding Fathers and decided to do away with the
background powers that saw in the U.S. their private cash
cow. The proclamation of NESARA apparently was secretly
passed by Congress on September 3, 2000 and was signed
into law by the incumbent president Clinton on October 10,
2000. Some points of the NESARA project are:
• A U.S. treasury banking system shall be installed that
disempowers the private FED and the Jewish banking
lobby behind it and incorporates the present U.S.
issuing bank. The corruption in banking shall thus be
ended once and for all.
• A new treasury currency shall be issued that is backed
by precious metals. The new bank notes are said to
be already printed in huge amounts. The change-over
shall be 1 to 1 and happen within 30 days.
• As reparation for the bank fraud debt forgiveness for
credit cards and mortgages are planned.
• All amendments to the Constitution that slowly but
surely annulled it shall be reversed and the
Constitution of the United States of America shall be
completely reinstituted.
• Politicians who had been siding with the secret
background government shall be apprehended, the
President and the Vice President shall be replaced by
constitutionally acceptable personalities who will
govern until new elections can be held.
• The President designate shall proclaim peace and end
all aggressive U.S. military actions.
• Several taxes shall no longer be levied. This will be
possible because a large part of the present taxes
only went to the FED anyway in the form of interest
As Zionist high finance had posted its agents on all levels of
government in key positions, an immense internal power
struggle has been waged for years and has so far prevented
the NESARA law from being announced. The «dark forces»

that for two centuries were able to build and reinforce their
power within the U.S. are not disempowered very easily.
The Neocons in the Bush administration have unscrupulously
abused the general insecurity in the U.S. following 9/11 to
demand Congress to assent to laws allowing the President
exceptional might and power of decision which threw the
implementation of the NESARA project back in a big way.
The biggest problem is that the public at large hardly learns
anything of the endeavors by the NESARA activists because
the mass media in the U.S. are all but completely in Jewish
hands, and if something filters through it is invariably only
distorted singular aspects of this power struggle that the
average citizen can never pigeonhole within the whole
But in the mass media we regularly find pointers to this
power struggle behind the scenes. There is fermentation even
within the richest Jewish families of the world – in these
circles, too, there are people with a conscience that do not
always agree with their birthright destiny to exploit humanity!
So Amschel Rothschild, designated successor to the post of
chief executive officer of the N. M. Rothschild business bank,
was on July 8, 1996, found hanged in a posh Paris hotel at
forty-one, which can be seen as a clear refusal to participate
in the satanic game as was asked of him. Apparently there
are heirs to the largest capital assets who are ready to
rethink and use their funds for the betterment of the state of
this world.
As via the ownership of the mighty military-industrial complex
Jewish high finance also exerts great influence upon the U.S.
armed forces, the supreme judges of the U.S. are said to
have established contacts to the military. Navy seals and
delta forces that count among the hardiest fighting troops of
this world have apparently been informed about NESARA and
are ready and willing to fight for the reintroduction of the
constitutional rights in the U.S.
Within NATO there was a known case of resistance. One
example is General Jackson who in 1999 in Kosovo refused

the command to attack Russian soldiers with the words: «I
will not start the Third World War because of you!»
There are reports that in the World Trade Center people were
working on the logistics for the change-over of the American
currency from the private FED dollars to the state-owned
treasury dollars, and further that computer activities of the
NESARA project were converging there. So it is probable that
the September 11 attacks can also be seen as a coup by the
Jewish financial establishment against the successful
implementation of the NESARA project.
These 9/11 attacks were a devilish plan of genius if it is true
that besides reinforcing the power of the greater-Zionist
establishment they were also a decisive blow to the NESARA
activities. But these attacks were it seems but a passing set-
back for the NESARA project. It is now important that the
knowledge of the NESARA project be disseminated all over
the world to gain support on a wide front. When the
endeavors of the NESARA movement are spread widely, the
warmongers in the U.S. government will soon be quite
With massive disinformation campaigns the Jewish-
Freemason respectively greater-Zionist establishment tries at
this time to suppress true information about the NESARA
project and hinder an effective dissemination. Therefore we
would like to point out that all information concerning
NESARA – also the websites about the NESARA project – are
to be read with caution, and that information about them
should only be published with reservations!
In this project it is all or nothing for the Jewish bankers, that
is why they try everything to stop it! True information about it
are purposefully interwoven with disinformation (including
UFO and extraterrestrial nonsense and such) by the secret
services to ridicule them and make them seem pure
craziness. The true NESARA site is – all
others (.com, .net etc.) are disinformation sites! Do not
simply believe NESARA information, research it yourself!


The murder of John F. Kennedy junior (JFK’s son) who on July

16, 1999 together with his pregnant wife was killed in the
crash of his private plane in New York state has to be viewed
in connection with the resistance fight against the influence of
the Jewry upon U.S. politics. The fact that the crash was
deliberately caused has been carefully kept from public
recognition. Why it was important for the crash to happen
becomes clear when reviewing his plans at the time.
After JFK jr. mysterious death one could learn from the
Kennedy entourage that he planned to announce on August 1,
1999, to stand as presidential candidate for the 2000 election,
either as a traditional Democrat or as an independent
candidate of a third party. George W. Bush would surely have
scant chance against a Kennedy untouched by scandal, and a
new President Kennedy would not at all have been
appreciated by greater-Zionist interests.
John F. Kennedy jr. also had announced the upcoming
publication of his mother Jacqueline Kennedy’s memoirs,
which would have brought him enormous advantages against
the other presidential candidates. There is also talk that he
planned, should he become President, to bring the clique
behind his father’s assassination to the gallows and would to
this end form a special court.
Certain circles feared or knew that JFK jr. – concerning the
currency system respectively the FED – would step into his
father’s footsteps and with his candidacy would seriously raise
the chances for success of the NESARA project. Further would
some rather unpleasant issues be again brought to light, for a
large part of the American public is well aware that John F.
Kennedy sr. and his brother Robert Kennedy – at the time
Attorney General – were not killed by lone gunmen but by the
secret services on behalf of the Jewish establishment – and
the need for enlightenment is overwhelming.

Certain political circles and organizations definitely did not
want a new Kennedy President – even as presidential
candidate John F. Kennedy jr. was to hot for them to handle –
therefore he had to disappear. Now we have three Kennedys
already that had been removed at the behest of the Jewish-
Freemason respectively greater-Zionist financial oligarchy.



Hardly anyone today doubts that the Bush cronies are corrupt
racketeers with plenty skeletons in their closets, but whom
they finally serve and what their political goals are remains
unclear to most. Did the Greater Zionists present
accomplished facts to President Bush and his people, or had
the latter been briefed all along?
The protesting by the WASPs and other American patriots
faithful to the Constitution against the Jewish influence on
American politics and against the «New World Order» seems
genuine. We estimate that a part of the WASP lobby with the
Bush clan leading has gone its own way and entered the
game with the self-staged 9/11 attacks planned by the
Greater Zionist financial establishment because they saw no
better solution for themselves and the implementation of their
Everything points to the fact that the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld
clique within the WASP has become independent, playing
their own false game with which the majority of Americans –
and of the WASP too – is duped and their patriotic feelings
quite deliberately abused.
George W. Bush made believe that he really tried to keep the
Jews out of his administration, which was and is in the
interest of the WASP ( the anti-Israel or anti-Jewish remarks,
the withdrawal from near-Eastern politics as well as Bush’s
announcement of a tax redemption of 1,6 trillion dollar – from

the FED’s coffers! – at the beginning of his tenure, all this
made a good impression on the American patriots faithful to
the Constitution), but the lack of power in the Bush
administration to repel the Jewish influence on American
politics soon became apparent.
Since the Bush people demonstrably have been involved with
the CFR and the Skull & Bones and for many decades acted as
henchmen for the Rockefeller empire, never had learnt
anything besides corruption and large-scale treachery and in
all areas opportunistically and egotistically sought their own
advantages, one does not trust them to have the strength of
character necessary to earnestly oppose Zionism and to side
with independence and freedom in the spirit of the American
Today we know that people around Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,
Rice and Co did know of the September 11 attacks in the
forefront, as demonstrated by certain remarks made
especially by Rumsfeld. In his book 9/11 – Angriff auf den
Globus (9/11 – Attack on the Globe) Gerhard Wisnewski
proves that with Operation Northwoods (stopped by Kennedy
at the last moment) the U.S. government had had a similar
plan of attack in the drawers since the Cuban Crises in the
60s. But only a small circle of the corrupt leadership of the
WASP lobby can have been at best in part let in on this, most
members of the WASP were as totally surprised by the 9/11
attacks perpetrated by Israel’s secret service Mossad as the
behest of the Greater Zionists as was the rest of the world.
Next to all the motives unveiled so far the Greater Zionists
(Illuminati) had wanted to shoot across the bow of the WASP
for trying to free itself of this Jewish influence. These attacks
are thus also a demonstration of might by the Zionists,
showing the whole WASP that there is but one way for the
U.S., namely at the side of Israel. The step taken by U.S. to
fight at Israel’s side against the world of Islam (the main
enemy of the Zionism) should thus be eased, or rather no
other choice should be available to the Americans.
An important reason why the Greater Zionists have selected
Bush to the Presidency lies in the greater readiness of the
Republicans for war and the well-calculated evaluation that

the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld people would rather play along in
the game planned with the self-staged attacks of 9/11 and
the hypocritical «War on Terrorism» than the Democrats
would have with Al Gore as President (more on this further
The readiness for war of the Bushies and the reason that they
went along with this game with the self-staged attacks of
9/11 and the hypocritical «War on Terrorism» is founded on
the fact that the U.S. is threatened by an economic collapse,
for economically and financially they had no other choice. This
also results from the advanced moral corrosion in the U.S.,
which again stems from the American system itself, in which
only people with money and the readiness for corruption can
attain power. It would be foolhardy to see the Bushes as an
accidental and exceptional occurrence in American politics,
They are the exemplary expression of the American character
and the hypocritical system of values underlying the U.S. that
now (in its last throes) shows it true face.
That since the 90s a large part of the U.S. political elite has
been enraptured by the mad idea of a «New World Order» –
to mould the world according to their ideas under the
leadership of the U.S. and to impose on all other countries the
U.S.-American system – is mainly due to the fear of the
looming collapse of the U.S. and the powerlessness facing the
upcoming problems. Due to their American thought processes
(based in Judaism) they lack for cultural reasons the spiritual
power to find a way leading out of this devilish vicious circle
of bone-crushing problems purposefully caused by the
Greater-Zionist financial establishment.
Due to their egotistic self-righteous and – because it is
focused solely on economic, financial and military power
categories – rather limited world view, the Bush-Cheney-
Rumsfeld clique especially believed in this «New World Order
under the leadership of the U.S.» without realizing that thus
they let the U.S. walk straight into the trap to become the
vicarious agent of the darkest Zionist intentions.
They are so much entangled in lies, corruption and crime and
thus have made the Jewish thought and value patterns their
own to such an extent that they have become an integrated

part of the Greater-Zionist idea of world dominance. In all this
they fail to notice that they have become the prize specimen
among all the «useful idiots».
Through their actions and the form of pseudo-patriotism they
propagate in the U.S. they have reversed the values and
goals of the Founding Fathers and totally betrayed the
American idea. At this time the U.S. are in a desperate
situation and it looks as if in a short time they will founder
due to their inner disruption and pathological opportunism.
It looks as if the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld people are abused by
the Greater-Zionist financial establishment in a well-
calculated way to keep down resistance within the WASP and
the American populace against Judaism and the actually
planned «New World Order» respectively the «New World




U.S. politics and economy today have become rather
unfathomable because practically all factions are somehow
caught up within the perplexing mesh of Freemasonry which
is ultimately controlled by the Greater-Zionist heads of
international Jewish high finance. Thus it is almost impossible
to estimate how many clans of the WASP establishment
underwrite the Greater-Zionist goals as does the Bush clan,
and how many still follow purely American ideals.
Therefore most people can no longer discern – least of all the
Americans – what interests the Bush administration
represents and what aims it really serves. The Bush clique

and the «Falcons» or Neo-Cons lead the Americans to believe
that what is generally understood by the expression «New
World Order» was an American project, sprang from the ideas
of pro-American politicians, was controlled by U.S. politics
and was for the greater good of America. Only few suspect
that behind what the Bush people proclaim as the «New
World Order» there are quite different interests than those of
the U.S.
In recent years the media often mentioned PNAC – Project for
a New American Century. This project had been initiated in
1997 by people who today belong to George W. Bush’s inner
circle. Among the founding members are Richard Perle, Dick
Cheney (today Vice President), Donald Rumsfeld (Defense
Secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Assistant Defense Secretary),
William Jennett (Education Secretary under Reagan), Lewis
Libby (Cheney’s Chief of Staff) and Zalmay Khalizad (Bush’s
Ambassador to Afghanistan).
This «project», an ultra-right think tank, follows a political
concept that apparently aims at preserving and fostering an
«American peace», in reality is meant to ensure America’s
control of the whole world. In their Statement of Principles
they openly declare: «We aim to make the case and rally
support for American global leadership. America faces a
chance and a challenge … to shape a new century favorable to
American principles and interests.»
In September 2000, a year before the 9/11 attacks, the PNAC
people wrote a strategic paper Rebuilding America's
Defenses: Strategy, Force and Resources for a New Century
that at first was kept secret, but recently as if by chance
appeared in public. In it the threat for the safety of all nations
of the earth emanating from the U.S. becomes evident. The
most important goals of today’s American politics are
formulated. It also states that «the reshaping necessary for
the attainment of our goals will take some time, unless a
catastrophic and development-accelerating event similar to
Pearl Harbor occurs.» (

Only few have recognized the PNAC as the purely Jewish idea
it is that aims to distract from the true world-political goals of
Zionism and put the suspicion of the intention for world
dominance and warmongering squarely on the U.S. To
implement PNAC as quickly as possible Israel’s Mossad
promptly delivered with their staging of the 9/11 attacks the
requested Pearl Harbor – so don’t say the Jews are not
It was suggested to the U.S. that even prior to the 9/11
attacks had been completely bankrupt (or rather had been
bankrupted by the Jewish central bank policies) to see
September 11 as the chance for the implementation of a
«new American Century» and by entering a world-wide «War
on Terror» secure control of basic resources. Below the line
the Jews have thus succeeded to set the U.S. like a patsy
before the cart of Zionist interests to defeat Israel’s enemies.
And at the same time the U.S. are used for the enforcement
of very specific Greater-Zionist interests for world domination
as we will see presently.
There is no room here for details of the development of U.S.
foreign policy after 9/11, in any case the Bush regime has
since managed to take up key positions in or at least near all
countries with sizeable oil reserves, also in Central Asia, that
are also strategically very important. In countless countries
around the world the U.S. have since September 2001
stationed soldiers in order to have a military presence in
every region of the earth and to be able to hold military
maneuvers there. Recently we learnt that U.S. maneuvers
have been held in Argentina in which private houses of
Argentineans had been destroyed, following which it became
known that the U.S. had signed secret contracts with several
states allowing U.S. troops to hold maneuvers without having
to pay for any damage caused.
Since things in Afghanistan and Iraq are heating up for U.S.
troops, military of other states (U.N. or NATO troops) shall
safeguard the territory forcefully seized by the U.S. against all
international laws to free the U.S. military for the new wars
that the Jewish background strategists within the U.S.
government will try to instigate. With every additional war the

U.S. fights where later U.N. troops are brought in, the might
and influence of the (Greater-Zionist) U.N. grows – even if at
the moment it still leads but a shadowy existence.
While the background power struggle reaches its hot stage,
few in the U.S. and the world suspect what the game actually
is. In view of the explosive state of the world the question
arises in which direction the Greater-Zionist background
powers will try and steer world politics in the near future.
Since the 9/11 attacks one cannot be but astonished at the
ineptness of the lies the Bush administration disseminates
that increasingly are unmasked even by the established
media in Europe – or rather are meant to be unmasked in the
interest of the Greater Zionists. The many unmasked lies
around the 9/11 attacks and the war in Afghanistan, the self-
staged Anthrax attacks of Autumn 2001, Tony Blair’s «Iraq
Dossier» and Jack Straw’s inept lie that Afghanistan was
developing the atom bomb are only a few examples of many
that give rise to the suspicion that the Bush administration no
longer has the full backing by the Jewish-controlled media
apparatus, but are increasingly presented by the Greater
Zionists as the bogeyman.
The Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld clique is practically on display by
the Jewish-Greater-Zionist establishment, as witnessed by the
statements by the Assistant defense secretary and Jewish
Neocon Paul Wolfowitz on the subject of «The Weapons of
Mass Destruction of Iraq». For while President George W.
Bush after the last War in Iraq had to fight off falling
sympathy ratings, Wolfowitz casually told the world press that
this was but a pretended reason and that the real goal for
that war was quite different. At Whitsuntide 2003 the German
weekly DIE ZEIT published a lengthy report on this subject
entitled «The Falcons› Great Bluff».
Wolfowitz who was not even reprimanded for this not only
attacked Bush from behind, he even presented him as an
unimportant fool. And as was reported on ZDF German
television in Frontal 21, even members of the CIA accused the
U.S. Government in an open letter to have manipulated and
cheated: «Iraq was under strict control and was not even able
to threaten its neighbors, let alone the U.S., the mightiest

nation of the world.» (Note: U.S. Governments had
manipulated and cheated nearly at all times, only this was
naturally hushed up by the secret services.)
It would be more than naive to believe now that the concept
of the implementation by military means of the so-called
«New World Order» under the leadership of the U.S. as
presented in world politics at this time and proclaimed by the
Bush administration would have any chance at success. It is
conceivable that the U.S. will now bring war or the threat of
war to one country after the next, Iran, Syria and finally also
China and Russia, but it is totally absurd and unrealistic to
think that the U.S. could strengthen its supremacy in the
world this way! There is more rotten in the present
development of world politics than most would surmise! – The
whole world is shamelessly mislead and messed about!
The military escapades of the U.S. sold as divine mandate,
the martial appearance and all the brazen, presumptuous
endeavors of Bush politics to implement the «New World
Order» with disregard of international law can easily be seen
through and are all too obviously identifiable as a primitive
plan for the world conquest by the U.S., so any seasoned
observer of world political developments and their background
must notice that a false game is played!
Since the foundation of the U.S. Masonic obscurantists of the
Jewish financial establishment (globalists, one-worlders,
Greater Zionists) have managed increasingly to shape U.S.
politics from behind the scenes after their own interests, with
very few exceptions. Today there is no doubt that the
warmongering against Afghanistan, Iraq and other enemy
states of Israel is of Jewish origin. It comes from Jews like
Wolfowitz, Perle, Brzezinski and Kissinger who hold very
important background positions in the U.S. government
apparatus. (Note: … or held until recently, as Richard Perle, a
confidant of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, had laid down his
office as consultant on March 27, 2003, also White House
Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, also a Jew, left office in July
2003 – are these signs that the rats are beginning to leave
the sinking ship U.S.?)

One may assume that the Greater Zionists via the influence of
the Neocons will continue the U.S. warmongering policies
against different Islamic states (Saudi Arabia, Iran, for some
time to stifle the most important enemies of Israel militarily,
economically and also culturally (see the destruction of the
Islamic library and the pilfering if Iraqi cultural goods) and to
keep control of the oil states. Due to in-fighting within the
U.S. political system and also between the U.S. and Israel
there will be a certain amount of tension – albeit not overly so
– the Greater Zionists will with the help of the Neocons
(within the Bush administration these are the so-called
«Falcons») retain their control over the U.S.
The «War on Terror» that President George W. Bush had
proclaimed in Autumn 2001 was a trap into which the Greater
Zionists had lured the U.S. to begin the final sprint towards
the attainment of their superior goals that remain
unfathomable to most people. The Jewish background
strategists knew from the start that the U.S. will never be
able to win this war, but will inevitably rather wear out their
military potential and themselves. The Greater Zionist
globalizes had planned from the outset to light the fuse of the
Near East and Middle East powder keg with the self-staged
9/11 attacks and the ensuing «justified» wars to pave the
way for World War III which is a prerequisite as the last
intermediary step to the fulfillment of the Jahveh-Mosaic
vision of world supremacy.
Actually we are already in World War III. Since the
proclamation of the «War on Terror« by George W. Bush, only
this time it starts stealthily so that most people do not
perceive the present state of the world as the beginnings of a
World War – but any World War starts differently and is
fought differently!
The idea of the «Pax Americana» or rather of the «New World
Order» under the leadership of the U.S. that was hitherto
(and will for some time yet be) presented to the peoples as
an apparently inescapable vision of the future instilling fear
into many nations is for the power Jews but an instrument of
deception and as deterrent or threat to establish the Greater-
Zionist idea of a «One World Government» under the

leadership of the U. N. steered by the Jewish financial
establishment (the world Jewry) for which they really strive.
After World War III the United States of America as a nation
or a nation state will no longer be needed to this end. They
are superfluous and even a hindrance, for such a mighty state
would be in the way of the Greater Zionists and the
realization of their true goals (see the statements by leading
Jews in the chapter about the Neocons).
Even the books The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of
World Order by the Harvard professor Samuel Huntington and
The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its
Geostrategic Imperatives by Zbigniew Brzezinski are basically
just to be seen as manipulation of consciousness, agitation
and clever deception (certainly of the Americans themselves).
These books were written to distract from the true Greater
Zionist strategy by the Jewish financial establishment to
attain world domination by the establishment of a «One World
Government» (U.N. Government) and to lead U.S. politics
onto thin ice, or rather let them run in the thought templates
prepared by the Zionists!
The so-called «Project for a New American Century» or the
«New World Order» under the leadership of the U.S. is a fatal
direction in American politics, thought up and constructed by
Jewish one-worlders, that will herald the end of the U.S., it is
not a chance for a free America! This is a concept sprung
purely from Jewish brains, and Jewish strategists have always
perfectly understood to plant their own ideas in the heads of
American politicians.
Unfortunately most American politicians have so much
internalized Jewish thinking and have so much distanced
themselves from the original ideals of the Founding Fathers
that they can no longer able to perceive that what they
themselves think and strive for as a vision of the future of the
U.S. is entirely following the Jewish pattern. We German
patriots can hardly imagine the superficiality, ignorance and
flippancy with which politics is made in the U.S. The only ones
thinking deeper (but only in the same strategic direction) and
following their program with the utmost consequence are the
Jews – they never lose sight of their goal!

At first glance the «Project for a New American Century»
could be seen like an attempt at emancipation or of
disengagement by the U.S. from Jewish influence. Looking
deeper however a cleverly disguised withdrawal attempt by
the Jewry from the area of world-political responsibility within
U.S. politics (they now let Bush and the WASP do what they
urged them to do and carry the can for doing it), by which the
financial elite and the Jewry want to get out of the self-made
tight spot so later they won’t be pilloried together with the
Bush administration.
It is easy to recognize that the attempt to establish a «New
World Order» under the leadership of the U.S. by declaring
states to be «rogue nations» and bringing them to war has
automatically caused resistance in large areas of the world
and gained the U.S. many enemies and problems no end,
because the attempt is quite easily seen as an unreasonable
and illegal U.S.-American idea of world supremacy born from
excessive national self-aggrandizement and national-patriotic
It is also very obvious that the Bush administration in which
neoconservative Jews determine politics from behind the
scenes has permanently taxed the content of the terms
«Christianity» and «Patriotism» and in the most infamous
way to present them to the world public in an unfavorable
Through the influence of the neoconservative Jews the
development of Christianity in the U.S. has for a long time
been steered in the direction of Zionism and was
instrumentalized to foster war sentiments and to justify the
war that the U.S. wages against «international terrorism»
respectively against the enemies of Israel. What Christianity
still possesses of true and positive aspects shall be discredited
to bring about the conditions for changing it soon in the
interest of the globalist supremacists in a specific ideological
direction (precisely the wrong one!) and then incorporate it
into a pseudo-world religion that has been under preparation
for quite some time.
In a similar fashion the Neocons in the U.S. played their game
with the term «Patriotism». Real patriotism is defined by the

love for one’s country and the faithfulness to the principles of
one’s own people or nation and its culture.
Real patriotism treasures and respects such patriotic,
respectively public-spirited values and virtues of all other
countries or peoples or cultures, it always implies a self-
preservation aspect, yet is never threatening or even
imperialistic. But the self-righteous national sentimentalism,
the presumptuous geocultural-proselytizing phantasms and
the hypocritical self-adulation as well as the blind obedience
to government decisions that has been brewing in the U.S. for
many years has nothing at all to do with true patriotism.
Under the Bush administration – through fomentation of
existential fears and feelings of hatred through self-induced
scenarios of threat – an artificially induced national psychotic
delusion which blinds Americans to the real dangers and
which shamelessly abuses the term «patriotism» has been
making big waves ever since 9/11.
This decadent pseudo-patriotism by which the Americans end
up with the whole world their enemies is not for the
protection of their own country, its people and the
constitutional values, but for the exact opposite! It is used to
endanger peace and thus public safety in the U.S., to curtail
citizen and freedom rights, gradually to dissolve and then
destroy the Constitution and to incite the world against the
The defacement of the term «patriotism» is done in a coolly
calculated way in the interest of the Jewry to revile any form
of real and noble patriotism – that is patriotic ideals of
cultural self-determination, public spirit, state and military
sovereignty and peaceful cooperation of all peoples in mutual
appreciation – so that in the future any patriotically
meaningful and promising endeavors may be stifled more
easily. As anyone can understand, the concept of a «One-
World Government» is not compatible with true patriot ideals!
When in the interest of the world Jewry the U.S. will now
attack further Islamic states (i.e. do the dirty work for the
Zionists) the mood of the world public will swing against the
U.S. much more strongly. And the highest authority wishes

this to be so in terms of the greater-Zionist idea! For the
Zionist background strategists intend by the utmost
destabilization of as many state as possible to advance the
American war policies and the chaos in the world to such a
degree that people all over the globe will take to the streets
against the state of the world and against the U.S.
The self-righteous, arrogant and warlike manner of the Bush-
Cheney-Rumsfeld people as well as their primitive,
presumptuous war policy so easily seen through are – very
much in the sense of the Greater-Zionist goals – desired! For
this behavior demanded or provoked by the Jewish
background strategists shall be used to have the Republican
Bush administration and with it the whole WASP which is
innately anti-Jewish and patriotic, run aground before the
eyes of the world public.
The «Illuminati» – the heads of the mightiest Jewish high
finance clans – have planned, together with their Masonic
background strategists, the let the actual crisis in the Near
and Middle East to come to a head and then purposefully
have it escalate into an «ultimate crisis». For their decisions
the Greater Zionists keep all options open, yet they even
allow for the deployment of nuclear weapons within the
framework of a «controlled escalation». They assume that
after a short but intensive phase of the Third World War – in
which chaos is highest and nuclear missiles are deployed to
strike the great enemies Russia and China – the desperate
human masses of the world tired of war will only ask for
peace and quiet, security and order and demand a strong
authority – the U.N. – to get the chaos in the world under
control and put the U.S. in its place.
«We are at the beginning of a global revolution. All we need is
a huge world-wide crisis before the nations accept the New
World Order.» David Rockefeller
The responsibility for terrorism getting out of hand and for
the world-political chaos that was mainly caused by the
influence of the Neocons on U.S. policies – and towards which
the Jewish henchmen have been working for quite some time,
not only since September 11 – shall largely be placed upon
the Republican Bush government and the WASP (the latest

and last scapegoats the Jewish-controlled system will need).
By this the Greater Zionists hope finally to unhinge the strong
patriotic movements in the U.S. and to break any attempt at
national sovereignty – which otherwise would be impossible!
In this way any form of patriotism in the U.S. and the world
shall categorically be defamed as negative, for in the Jewish
interest there may and shall only be an uniform «global One-
World way of thinking».
Fanned on by the media the people all over the world shall
shout: «Never again shall a single nation have that much
power in its hands!» – In the world’s capitals hundreds of
millions will call for the U.N. And precisely towards this
moment have the darkest obscurantists – the Greater-Zionist
«Illuminati» – been working for more than a hundred years,
for they and the concentrated might of the Jewry are really
behind the U.N.! They actually plan to put also the people in
freedom movements and most of the politically critical groups
before the cart of the Greater-Zionist world domination plan –
the world domination of Zionism over all other peoples! The
dress rehearsal for this took place in March 2003 when
millions of peace-movement people took to the streets in
most capitals of the world against the U.S. policy.
The Jewish bankers (Greater Zionists) as the actual
manipulators of the world-wide crises will then toast with
expensive champagne and will instigate what is necessary to
transfer the exposed position that hitherto was occupied by
the U.S. as the «only world power» and the world police force
to the U.N.
For more than twenty years different leading politicians – in
Europe more than in the U.S. – building upon the negative
view of the world of the established (materialistic and
worldly-humanistic) philosophy try to depict in public the
existence of independent states or nations and their
sovereignty as basically negative and as not desirable in the
future – although this was not stated in so many words, but
was cleverly paraphrased.
There is only one goal for the high-finance Jewish background
strategists, and it is not the so-called «New World Order»
under the leadership of the U.S., but the dissolution and

merger of all nation states to a single global World State
under the leadership of the «One-World Government» – this
is the new order of the world these people are actually
striving for! The Greater Zionists who had let the Republican
and leading WASP man George W. Bush come to power with
the help of a large-scale bribery operation (after the count in
Florida) now cleverly work towards having the Bush or rather
the (“patriotic») WASP policies appear in a bad light and
running aground controlled by them so that after Bush junior
the internationalist Democrats doing the Zionists› bidding will
get the opportunity to take power as savior and peace angels
later to dissolve the national state U.S. and merge it with the
U.N. world state.
As the Democratic Party in the U.S. plays a pivotal role in this
world-political game of strategy, it was in the utmost interest
of Greater Zionism that in the last U.S. elections not the
Democrats with Al Gore, but rather the Republicans with the
Bush people would move into the White House. This was
because firstly the conservative Republicans are more easily
to be enthused for a war (at least if there are any «American
interests»), secondly because the U.S. are economically and
finance-politically on the brink of bankruptcy and the Jews –
who as a rule make up the larger part of the democratic
members of government – did not want to appear as the
instigators of the economic and finance-political catastrophe,
but rather wanted to be seen as saviors, and thirdly because
– after the series of wars started by the Republican Bush
administration – the Democrats who traditionally represent
pro-Jewish interests may then appear as peace angels.
The anti-American and anti-national mood should then be
used with the help of the Democrats to dissolve the U.S. and
enable the merger of its constituent states with the long-
planned one-world state. The Jewish globalist have long since
written the script for the toppling of the world power United
States and its dissolution. The Greater Zionists assume that
the Americans will submit to their fate as the Russians had
done when the Soviet Union foundered. They made sure the
Americans would really do so, for like the Soviet Union at that
time the U.S. is now on the brink of collapse, so the
Americans have no other choice, as is evidenced in the

chapters «The Great Dollar Hype» and «The United States of
America – a Candid Perspective». The Greater Zionists have
only one problem in this: to hide before the Americans and
the world public the fact that they – the Zionists – have
themselves staged all the chaos and the misery.
«ORDO AB CHAO» is written above the entrance of the
headquarter of Jewish-controlled World Freemasonry in
Geneva, Switzerland. The Jewish high finance wants to create
a «One-World Government» as the new order of the world out
of the global chaos, towards which end it has been working
for more than two-hundred years! To the public the U.N.
presents itself as a desolate blue helmet troop to feign
weakness, yet the U.N. organization is in reality the «beast
from the sea of peoples» – the antichrist – who holds the
sphere that is the Earth in his claws. If everything will
continue to go as well as hitherto for the Greater Zionists,
they plan to unscrupulously make use of the favorable time at
the end of World War III by bringing a global concept of order
already finalized in all detail for the installation of the «One-
World Government» onto the table that encompasses all
areas of social life and spans all states and which they will
then have quickly ratified by their vassal politicians. The
whole matter would run as smoothly as the one with the
Maastricht treaties, the E.U. and the Euro – only it would
happen much faster. And here too all basic decisions are
irreversible and valid forever, just as was stated at the
ratification of the Maastricht and Amsterdam treaties and
When the U.S. will have fulfilled their function as military
muscleman for the divestiture of the enemies of Israel and as
instigator for World Wars and are no longer needed, the
Greater Zionists plan for the U.N. to take over the hitherto
exposed position of the U.S. as the single world power and
the world police! All important military bases and installations
of the U.S. in the world will continue to exist, only they will be
under the central power of the U.N. world government – as
will all other military installations world-wide which the Jewish
establishment will need to keep the peoples of the world in

For the realization of the concept of the «One-World
Government» the supreme status of the U.S. shall then be
sacrificed in the context of a world-wide «legalization» and
«bio-regionalization» (that will be sold to the people as
«decentralization»!) in order to redraw the world map to a
much greater degree than after World War One and divide the
earth into three large administrative zones that will then be
merged in a huge patchwork-tapestry world state with a
central puppet world government.
«Slavery can be significantly increased by giving it the
appearance of freedom.»

Ernst Jünger
In this centrally governed world state envisaged for the near
future with Jerusalem as its capital there shall be a single
world-wide education system, the same holidays everywhere,
only one world currency system controlled by the Jewish
bankers (perhaps with a «shekel dollar» or similar) and of
course a single world-wide economic system (“global trade»)
that akin to an economic religion will not condone contrariety
and also no alternative approaches. This economic system
would mean «total globalization», due to which all production
would be in the hands of great combines, gene technology
and cloning of human embryos would be the order of the day
and biological (natural, homeopathic and other) remedies
would have disappeared from the market, and even free trade
with human organs would be allowed. Of course there would
also be just one world army – controlled by the U.N. or rather
by the central one-world government – with which the world
could be repacified if necessary. Then areas with
insurrectionists that do not act in a «politically correct»
manner could be bombed by pressing a button without any
serious military resistance ensuing.
Also in a world of this «New World Order» there will be in the
future – apart from the Jews – only one mixed race (and
there isn’t even a Jewish race!) as well as a unified world
religion that will be cobbled together from a bit of Judaism
and Pauline «Christianity» with a sprinkling of cheap
Buddhism and some Islam and touch of UFO belief and eso-

bla-bla. In different pseudo-esoteric circles dependent on the
U.N. one has already achieved to soften the brains to such an
extent that the people there will welcome and accept such a
moronic religion. As the highest world prayer the «Great
Invocation» has been disseminated for several years.
Who now believes this to be nothing but a conspiracy theory
is utterly wrong, for the development described here can be
substantiated to the smallest detail with countless quotes and
documents. And everyone with the eyes open can discern
today the on-going process towards a «One-World
Government» in the political everyday dealings of the vassals
on all levels. There are enough books and writings in which
this concept and the abolishment of all sovereign states as
well as the appointment of a U.N. government is advertised
without any inhibition.
One example is the book The Birth of a Global Civilization by
the former U.N. Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller
(the proverbial high-degree Freemason) in which he glorifies
the spiritual-cultural forcing into line of humanity with flowery
words and slimy-soft-esoteric waffle. The dissemination of the
globalist or rather Greater-Zionist body of thought the
Freemasons founded the «University for Peace» in Costa Rica
and many affiliated organizations (“World Good Will»; «Club of
Rome», «New World Alliance», «Familie des Guten Willens»;
«Lucis Trust», «Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose»,
«World Council of Wise Persons», etc.) that carry this
hypocritical nonsense into the world. These organizations
control a large section of the so-called New Age movement.
But that’s not all! A further text elucidating the Greater-
Zionist strategy is the book Maitreya’s Mission by Benjamin
Creme. In this and several other books Benjamin Creme (a
Skull & Bones mason) an the world-wide Masonic organization
«Share International» to present its Messiah to the world. It
is hard to believe but a person to function in that role is being
trained by the Skull & Bones order since more than twenty
years and is waiting in London for the great appearance. This
poor person who calls himself Maitreya and is «sold» to the
public as the reincarnation of both Buddha and Jesus shall
proclaim the Greater-Zionist concept of world dominance of

socialism-communism in a pseudo-esoteric cloak as spiritual
liberation teachings.
(Note: The supreme dictum of Maitreya is: «World peace –
only by sharing!» – from which one may deduce that the
world rulers want to subject humanity also in the future to
their artificially induced deprivation, as they had already done
with the extortionist Jewish monetary system with the
constantly rising money supply in the West and the of
necessity unproductive centrally planned economy in the
East. There is no «antichrist» as the pseudo-Christians and
the esotericists would have it – such claims stem from a
primitive dualistic mode of thinking with a priggishness that
wants to shunt its spiritual responsibility. But if there is
someone who could symbolize this notion it would be this
The manipulators of the actual endeavors for world
dominance do not mean to dirty their fingers for the sighted
goal of a «One-World Government», they do not fight for it
with tanks and rockets (they leave that to the U.S. or the
WASP), they rather try to reach their goals quite «peacefully»
with «democratic» legitimation via the diffuse network of
international Freemasonry with disinformation and corruption,
manipulation of public opinion and mind control, even with
brainwashing whole populations, also with intrigues organized
with the utmost refinement and with impudent hypocrisy –
the Satanist lobby on Earth aims to have world dominance
assigned to them quite «legally»!
«The world is governed by quite different people than those
believe whose gaze does not reach behind the scenes.»
Benjamin Disraeli, English Prime Minister 1874–1880
All international associations affiliated with or subordinate to
the U.N. as well as the complete international Freemasonry
with its countless secret societies, lodges, orders and sub-
organizations, WHO, WTO etc. the European Union, and
NATO, but also economic establishments and associations like
the World Bank, the IMF, NAFTA, the Club of Rome, are used
purposefully for the destruction of sovereign states and work
towards the dissolution of cultural diversity and the self-
determination of the peoples! – with the aim to establish a

hypocritical extreme world dictatorship of «political
correctness» compared to which the Stalinist system was a
relatively liberal event.
In addition there are multitudinous private organizations and
foundations (among them the Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation)
who innocently or hypocritically propagate the «One-World
Ideology». These present their ideas as a contrasting program
to the present political development and go on about peace,
global justice and an ecological future; they plead for social
equalization and international solutions within the framework
of the U.N. But in reality these hypocrites advance the
stealthy process of enslavement of the peoples and the
leveling of all cultures for the establishment of a «One-World
Government». Even the anti-American anti-globalization
movement ATTAC is ultimately working towards the goal of a
«One-World Government».
Since the end of the Cold War all leading European politicians
have one by one been brought in line with the One-World
course by the international Jewish-controlled Freemasonry.
Ever since these political vassals – be they social-democrats,
conservatives, liberals, socialists or greens – have been
aligned secular-pseudo-humanistically and work as a matter
of course towards the prescribed global final solution as
previously agreed, as if there was no alternative – only the
word «World Government» is still mostly omitted.
Here I would like to quote a few words by the Austrian
historian E.R. Carmin (Das Schwarze Reich [The Black
Empire]; Guru Hitler) that he had recognized and set down in
his book Fünf Minuten vor Orwell [Five Minutes Before Orwell]
already in 1979 regarding the secret establishment of a «New
World Order»:
«… as man does not change, so the thinkers deduced,
(Note: those of the Greater Zionist high finance) the
necessity logically arises to change the society
surrounding him in order to bring about the ideal
state of a world community.
To make this society function, however, the
disentanglement of the individual person from the

organic bonds and the gradual socialization of the
individual is prerequisite. Due to the step-by-step
destruction of the traditional spheres of life the dying
institutions have to be replaced by world-wide
planning and its implementation in order to avoid the
chaos that in the nuclear age is able to annihilate
humanity. Thus the prerequisite for this sort of world
unity is the accelerated abolishment of national
autonomy – if necessary through wars – and finally
the creation of synthetic and inherently controlled
state forms, the merger of religions and races, the
elimination of trade restrictions and other factors of
Today there are only very few heads of government
and party leaders, independent of their political color,
that are not part of this internationalist society and
contribute by their policies and work to the opening of
the societies surrounding them from the inside while
the organs of the new order dominated by these
forces, the U.N., the UNESCO, the IMF, the World
Bank, the World Council of Churches, the CIA and the
KGB wok on this opening from the outside by
destabilizing governments that still are independent.
How is it that the richest and mightiest men of the
capitalist world have always financed and actively
supported a movement with the declared aim to
divest of their assets and their power exactly people
like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Schiffs, the
Warburgs and actually to destroy them?
If one understands that from the outset socialism – as
it is understood based on Marxist theory – was not a
program for the distribution of wealth, but the
foremost method to control and consolidate assets
and further to gain control over all productive forces
and people while eliminating competition, then the
apparent paradox that exactly the super-rich support
socialism is solved. That is the insidious part of this
ideology which in reality is the so far the most
perfidious instrument for usurping and exerting power

thought up by man: Most people, especially the
adversaries of socialism, believe that socialism was a
program for the redistribution of wealth. But how
does it really work? It is said that in socialism
productive means were the property of the people. In
fact socialism is nothing else but the control by the
government of the basic means of production and the
distribution of goods and services. Communism or
socialism, whatever, is finally never a movement of
suppressed masses, but has always been a movement
by the elites of political economies. In the last
consequence communism as state capitalism is the
accomplishment and perfection of capitalism per se.
The fact that one controls the government of a non-
socialist state does not automatically imply that one
controls all the means of production, all consumption
and the complete working force. But when a society is
«socialized», then it is enough to control the
Therefore the U.S. (Note: the finance Jews who steer
U.S. politics from behind the scenes) time and again
support apparently communist enemies.»
The correlations shown in this quote should at long last be
understood by those who still see in socialism an alternative
to the extant hypocrisy and extortion system. If one really
sees through the socialist system structures one recognizes
that socialism is the most perfect form of slavery! Socialism =
Zionism. (Note: A really meaningful and social system
alternative corresponding to the level of development of
today’s humanity is the Triune Cosmonarchy, a communal
order derived from the fundamental principles of community,
the basics for which the New Community of Philosophers has
been developing for many years and which it soon will
present to the public.)
The U.S. Punch-and-Judy show will continue for some time
yet, but the supremacy of the U.S. has always been a
temporary project for the finance Jews. The Bush-Cheney-
Rumsfeld clique and all WASP lobbyists with their
megalomaniac idea of global U.S. supremacy are only used by

the Jewish finance establishment as «useful idiots» to assert
the superior Greater Zionist interests of achieving unlimited
global dominance. Therefore anti-Americanism and resistance
against the «New World Order» (under the leadership of the
U.S.) has at least to some extent been allowed since the
beginning of 2003 even in the established media.
The idea of the «New World Order» under the leadership of
the U.S. has been used only strategically, as a diversion and
purposeful deception. At no time did the Jewish high finance
ever doubt or qualify the Greater Zionist goal of the «New
World Order» in the form of a «One-World Government»
under the dominance of the Jewry – it never lost this goal
from sight and has consequently worked towards it at all
The U.S. were and are used only as psychological field of
experimentation (one has to test people somewhere to see
how far one can go with disinformation and stultifying) and as
instrument for the dirty work of military waging of war and
world-wide destruction of cultures by the «American way of
life» in order to disarm the greatest enemies and adversaries
of the Jewish idea of world supremacy (Germany, Islam,
Russia, China and Japan) before finally the true Zionist or
rather Greater-Zionist card of the «One-World Government»
may be played. When the nations of the Earth are finally
ready to merge into a global state, the Jews no longer need
the U.S., they, too, shall merge with the United Nation of the
For the third time the Greater-Zionist henchman have
succeeded in hiding behind the foreign policy of the U.S. and
to put the powerful America politically and militarily before
the cart of the Zionist idea of world domination, for since the
proclamation in Autumn 2001 of the «War on Terror» we are
in the Third World War, only most people do not recognize it
because they never realized that this Third World War is
fought with an entirely different strategy than its two
The Zionists deliberately let G. W. Bush play the strong man
in world politics, but they keep him on a short leash. And
since the establishment of the «War on Terror» for the Jewish

finance establishment and the interests of the Jewry
everything runs smoothly, the Greater Zionists plan with
diplomatic skill to downplay the role of the Jewry in official
world politics. They would rather stay in the background when
things really brake loose in the context of the forthcoming
political and military-martial development – they would not
like to be under the suspicion of being the wirepullers of the
nearing global conflagration.
It would be very naive to think that the super-powerful Jewish
finance establishment would be satisfied with the rather
modest idea of Erez Israel (the minor-Zionist idea), when the
possibility of a total global Jewish world dominance (a global
Israel) is now open to them in which the Jews see the
fulfillment of the promises made to them by Jahveh. One
thing is certain: These people do not take half-measures and
to not follow half-backed ideas!
The attitude of the U.N. critical of the policies of the national
state of Israel and the many U.N. resolutions against Israel in
the past were to give the impression that the U.N. treats the
state of Israel as stringently as all other states or people. One
mostly forgets that the Jews never have accepted even one of
the innumerable U.N. resolutions against Israel that were
As now the U.S. stand firmly behind the drastic course of
Israel and Sharon tries to inveigle the Near East into a spiral
of violence, the U.N. will – in order to pacify and win over the
world of Islam – soon claim to be the protecting force for the
Palestinians and will (sooner than one thinks) help to make a
sovereign state of Palestine a possibility.
In evaluating the U.N. criticism of Israel one should not forget
that the Greater-Zionist finance Jewry in the background of
the U.N. is finally not interested in maintaining the national
state of Israel, but wants to realize the world state as
described above, dominated by the Jewry with Jerusalem as
the capital, which necessitates the dissolution of the national
state of Israel. In view of this the planned foundation of an
independent state of Palestine is quite a realistic and tolerable
option for the Zionist background strategists, as they assume

that in the course of the planned One-World state it would
anyway lose its legal status.
One of the important misunderstandings extant today is the
equalization of the Israel lobby (minor Zionists) with the
Zionist lobby per se – for the minor-Zionist Israel lobby
(Sharon and Co.) plays a very subdued role in world politics,
which in the dialectic game of «divide et impera» (divide and
rule) more or less only serves for diversion and deception.
The most powerful and dangerous Judaic lobby is that of the
Greater Zionists behind which hide the interests of both the
Rothschild and the Rockefeller and of most other Jewish
finance clans. Among them also belong all the seemingly
harmless Jews of the world who are faithful to the Thora and
mainly live on the U.S. east coast, for they, too, work towards
a Jewish world empire with Jerusalem as its capital. Only they
want to attain this goal more elegantly, not with the brute
force of Sharon and Co., they’d rather have their Jahveh-
Mosaic (satanic) world empire more or less «democratically»
legitimized – as the decadent masses of Europe and especially
in Germany – brainwashed in the spirit of 1968 – will happily
help them come to power unless they are awakened
beforehand from their hypnotic stupor.
Before a «One-World Government» is installed, the Jewish
finance establishment plans massively to decimate the world
population in the final battles of the Third World War – China
is at the top of the hit list, also several disagreeable or
insubordinate populations like the Palestinians.
The Jewish background strategists and their vassal slaves do
actually believe that they do humanity a favor because from
their dualistic-mechanist materialistic-opportunist way of
thinking and world view they see the problem of
overpopulation as by far the greatest problem of humanity.
Therefore a reduction of the population by hunger, wars,
diseases etc. is desired. The largest number of people
however have been very profitably killed by chemotherapy
against cancer (several hundreds of millions since World War
Two!!! – unbelievable, but true). Some further millions have
been selectively killed by so-called AIDS medication (highly
poisonous AZT Retrovir and others)!

In 1971 the Club of Rome stated in its book The Limits to
Growth: «There are only two possibilities to regain balance.
Either the birth rate must be reduced to the lowered death
rate, or the death rate must be raised.»
In February 1987 Robert McNamara, former World Bank
president and Secretary to the United Nations, was quoted as
follows: «To restrict the demographic explosion drastic
measures must be taken, even against the will of the peoples.
The reduction of the birth rate proved to be impossible or
inadequate. So the death rate has to be raised. And how? By
natural means: through hunger and disease.» (from J'ai tout
compris, Nr. 2, February 1987, Editions Machiavel, in:
Guylaine Lanctot, La mafia della sanita, Editioni Amrita)
In Clinicum 9/96 under the heading «Medical Police – the
Physician as Biopolitician» we read: «The regulation of
population growth is the significant mark of the modern
absolutist state. The medical profession saw in this context a
unique chance to assist the authorities and thus to eke out
The powerful Jewish clans pervade with their long-term
concept for the realization of the «One-World Government»
with Jerusalem as the seat of the world government and as
world capital, but their mode of action is in certain situations
rather flexible, as they have on their way to the Greater-
Zionist final goal always kept several short-term or medium-
term alternative options open and will continue to do so.
Depending on how the opposition camps react and how
resistance against the Greater-Zionist plans to establish the
«One-World Government» develops, they make in each case
the opportune decisions. How they arrive at these decisions
as well as the procedures and events in world politics steered
by them develop within the framework of dialectically
progressing processes.
Behind the conceptual idea of the Jewish financial
establishment to grab world domination hides the perfected
form of «divide et impera», a scheming dialectic mode of
action planning way ahead that finally, at the end of the

manipulated dialectic game, will leave only one single power –
the one hidden behind the U.N.!
The «European Constitution» that recently came to light with
the draft penned by the high-degree Freemason Giscard
d’Estaing completely fits the program of the Greater-Zionist
one-worlders and has been designed altogether in their
interest. Within the framework of the One-World concept the
idea of the «United States of Europe» will fulfill only a very
short-term function of a politically valid intermediate solution
– with it the ground shall be prepared. Through all the single
steps (EG, Maastricht, EU, offices, European Constitution etc.)
the vestiges of national consciousness and pride and thus all
endeavors towards state sovereignty and cultural self-
determination shall be squashed and dissolved. In this way
they try to give the sneaking but consequently applied
process of disempowerment and enslavement of the peoples
a somewhat «democratic» coating.
Bu in the whole they do not want anyone to interfere. There
is no participation of EU citizens. Luxemburg Premier Jean-
Claude Juncker confided to the magazine Der Spiegel that he
had «never seen such a lack of transparency, an event
eluding the democratic contest to such a degree». He was
«deeply disappointed» by the «mode of operation of this
convent», never had he seen «a darker darkroom». At the
beginning of 2004 the «European Constitution» should be
ready in all European languages, by the middle of the year it
should be signed and replace the national constitutions. Then
the «United States» of Europe the Zionist background
strategists strive for will end the sovereignty of the European
Just one example shall illustrate with what brazenness the
design of this constitution was made: In the draft for the
European Constitution the term «man» has been replaced
from the outset by the term «person»! According to this draft
constitution in the future United Europe not the dignity of
man shall be inviolable, shall be honored and defended, but
only the dignity of the «person». Likewise this constitution
shall not accord the social rights or the right to life and
physical integrity to all men, but only to «persons». This

means that in the future only those human beings that
correspond to the social status «person» defined in each case
shall enjoy the basic rights. The basic rights of a non-person
can be disallowed or qualified – this corresponds to the basic
principle of today’s bio-ethical mode of thinking! Here we see
where the ideas of the globalist human rights people and
Masonic philanthropists (as most perverse of the worst
criminals describe themselves) lead us.
Only by the vehement application of a few watchful
personalities could this deceitful change of definition be
reversed at the very last moment. Based on massive protests
the term «man» is again in place. The constitution also lacks
any reference to God, a fact to which the Pope, too, has taken
offence. The President of the Constitution Convent, Giscard
d'Estaing, says that «a reference to God is not indicated as
the Europeans live in a purely secular system in which religion
plays no role». (Note: the nihilistic materialists plan to
destroy the religious roots of Europe in order to facilitate the
later imprinting of a pseudo-religion.)
To the idea of the creation of the «United States of Europe»
we should add that some politicians – who with this want to
establish an antipole to the U.S. – take all this palaver of a
multipolar world really quite seriously. But they do not realize
that they, too, are abused by the financial Jews for the
establishment of a unipolar world, for once the U.S. disappear
as a national power factor, the Greater-Zionist background
strategists plan to fashion their «One-World Government»
after the concept of the EU, which means that the One-World
State that has been planned for a long time will basically be
nothing but a global extension of the «United States of
Europe». Equally the One-World monetary system will be built
on the Euro respectively be fashioned after the Euro principle.
After the final battles of the Third World War, when the
political chaos, the economic misery as well as the distress
and confusion of the people are severe enough, it is planned
to have the development from the EU to the World State
happen very quickly – the grey men will then put the concept
of the One-World Government that has been worked out to
the smallest detail on the table, without anyone being able to

have the least influence upon it. One has to consider that the
EU is but the test design for the One-World State.
And the «Citizens› Convent» that was established with much
ado and at huge expense is a construct of the Jewish-Masonic
globalists (Greater Zionists). These people feel the growing
mistrust of the German intelligentsia towards the system and
try now to divert those in one of the very active movements
for «more democracy», «direct democracy» etc. by becoming
active themselves.
First and foremost they want to unhinge the discussion about
a Constitution to replace the Basic Law of the Federal
Republic of Germany started within German patriotic circles.
To this end Masonic one-worlders propagate a reform of the
Basic Law respectively the formulation of a Constitution, this
to pre-empt the patriotic forces and have a finalized draft of a
constitution in hand, when the FRG house of cards finally
collapses. Even the magazine Der Spiegel (No. 20, May 12,
2003) wrote that the actual Basic Law for the Federal
Republic of Germany will not have many more birthdays as it
blocks the «reforms». Among the initiators of the Citizens›
Convent are the very influential high-degree Freemasons Kurt
Biedenkopf and Otto Graf von Lambsdorff. As far as we know
Eberhard von Kuenheim, Josef Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche
Bank, Hans-Olaf Henkel, former head of the BDI, Meinhard
Miegel, head of the Institute for Economy and Society, Gerd
Langguth, Professor of political sciences at the University
Bonn, and Federal President Johannes Rau are also part of
this hypocritical project «Citizens› Convent».
Now there are several citizens› convents. Their wirepullers try
to make these convents to seem outwardly very patriotic by
taking up some relevant ideas as an alibi and with mass-
psychologically refined rhetoric pretend to aim at realizing
German virtues in politics. Some of the points raised at first
glance seem sensible to many people. But what would result
for the Germans below the line is quite different, for with
these citizens› convents the globalists plan to fix the transfer
of important national competences to the EU and to
manipulate the thinking of the populace in such a way that
people will be put up with cuts in social services. These

citizens› convents are to b viewed with the utmost caution
and shall not be confounded with citizens› initiatives for more
democracy. The citizens› convents are highly hypocritical
events which show only too clearly how massively, yet how
cleverly the Masonic One-World Strategists advance.
«If you do not use your eyes to see, you will need them to
cry.» Jean Paul
It is of great advantage for the attainment of the goals of the
Greater-Zionist «Illuminati» that they succeed in keeping
themselves as well as their concept of world domination well
hidden from the general public and are able to channel all
resistance and all criticism to the U.S. respectively «their»
«New World Order». They continuously and adeptly work
towards strengthening the role of the U.N. step by step. And
with the increase of criticism of the U.S. they can count on
the whole thing running smoothly all by itself.

The DOLLAR HYPE IS about to be


A further reason why the Zionists will drop or rather will have
to drop the U.S. is the fact that the dollar hype with which the
Zionists have been economically plundering the states of the
world will shortly bust and threatens to uncover the financial
To avoid being at the centre of the world-wide outrage that is
to be expected and to save their own necks, the Jews know
that they cannot allow the dollar hype to blow, but that thy
have to stage something shortly before that will divert
attention and makes it possible to brush this matter that is
disagreeable for the Jewish financial establishment under the
carpet. For this diversion to succeed and to hide the dollar
hype from the world public successfully, the safest and
arguably only way is to have exactly that happen what the
Jews have had planned for a long time, namely: to have the

nation state U.S. merge into a new order of states, the U.N.
World State of the «One-World Government» with a
completely new world-wide currency and cost allocation
«I see in the near future a crisis develop … In times of peace
the money power preys on the nation and in times of war it
conspires against it. It is more despotic than a monarchy,
more brazen than an autocracy, more egoistic than a
bureaucracy. It denigrates all those as enemies of the people
who question their methods and through light upon their
crimes … A time of corruption in the highest places will follow,
and the money powers of the land will strive to prolong their
sway until the wealth is amassed in the hands of a few and
the Republic destroyed.» Abraham Lincoln in a talk on
November 21, 1864
To enable the dissolution or rather abolishment of the U.S.
without greater resistance by the Americans, the Zionists
need the aggressive-expansionist hegemonial and war policies
– the imperial program – of the U.S. under George W. Bush,
because this way the existence of sovereign national states
will be seen in the wrong light as a matter of principle while
the position of the U.N. will be strengthened. The Democratic
Party – that as is generally known represents the interests of
the Jewish lobby – will politically correctly see to the
dissolution of the national state U.S. and its merger with the
U.N. world state.
The WASP lobbyists (especially the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld
clique) will of course not give up very easily and will – to save
the dollar as world key currency and with it their own skins –
try everything possible to destabilize Europe and especially
Germany (here their interests are identical with those of the
Jewish financial establishment). They speculate on the failure
of the Euro which would restore the dollar hegemony. That is
why the U.S. press for an EU extension, for the assimilation of
increasing numbers of strangers as well as the EU
membership of Turkey and try to weaken the European and
especially German economies with all possible means
(industrial espionage, corruption, bribery, infiltration, court
cases, impudent legal regulations, direct or indirect meddling

in EU politics, EU boycott, defamation etc.) – most of which
they manage admirably.
As this causes such a mess in world politics practically no-one
still recognizes what really is the goal. One thing is certain:
«The Greater-Zionist concept by the mighty Jewish bankers
(“Illuminati») of establishing a «One-World domination» is
consequently applied! To achieve it, they keep all options
It would be erroneous to think that the Jewish financial
strategists of the FED were in any way connected to the U.S.,
let alone would ever feel compelled to preserve the state U.S.
In the case that there really will be a U.N. state with the
planned «One-World Government» with which the U.S. should
merge one has to consider that with the Euro they created
the powerful financial circles acting behind the FED have
established a second paper currency enabling them to leave
the dollar anytime and restart the game with the planned
U.N. state afresh and world-wide. Then they only have to
relabel the Euro as «Shekel-UNO», «Shekel-dollar» or
something similar.
One should also consider that the private Jewish financial
lobbies that so far dominate the U.S. economy and the U.S.
finance system will have the largest part (meaning even more
than today) of the real capital of the world (performing
companies, resources including oil wells, gold, silver and
diamond mines including mining rights, infrastructures
including cable, track and road networks, almost all banks
etc.) in their private possession and can have the people of all
nations work for them. Everything is looking bright for the
Jews in the new One-World state!
«With food one controls people, with oil nations, with money
the world.»
Henry Kissinger
The system of unsecured dollar paper money (fiat money)
that we have uncovered here is only one single aspect of the
monetary system of an endlessly growing money supply that
is so cleverly thought out and has underhandedly been foisted
on all states of the «western community of values». This

monetary system that is established almost world-wide has
other possibilities of exploitation with which the peoples of the
earth have been made financially dependent on the Jewish
bankers, have been economically bled and finally politically
and spiritually-culturally forced under the control of the Jewry
– more on this anon. The monetary system established today
is the prerequisite for the destruction of the sovereignty of all
states, for the abolishment of all self-determination and
freedom and thus the essential instrument for the realization
of the Greater-Zionist idea of «One-World domination». It is
high time that people get together and seriously consider
what we – Europe as well as the whole world – will have to
face after the collapse of the Jewish-Anglo-American mega-


For millennia gold has been the most dependable means of

payment and value preservation. In times of crises and
especially during a stock market crash, which today seems
ever more probable, gold will gain in importance and its value
will rapidly rise.
International high finance however has no interest at all that
this is recognized, for they aim to continue doing business
with the unsecured paper money, the «fiat money» with
which it is so easy to amass huge fortunes.
The unsecured paper money serves in the dispossession of
the people, gold hinders this process! Therefore gold is fought
tooth and nail by those who profit from «fiat money», and
therefore Jewish high finance had and has an interest even
today to manipulate the gold price downwards. A high price
for gold is the greatest enemy of the unsecured paper dollars!
To assert the U.S. dollar as the world key currency it was
necessary to deactivate gold as reference for the value of the
currency. Therefore the Jewish bankers, after having lifted
the gold backing of the dollar in the U.S. in 1971, have at the

same time started to de-monetize gold and silver in people’s
heads by establishing the idea that gold and silver would
today be absolutely inappropriate as a means of payment and
value preservation. But for about 100 years the U.S.
themselves have been the greatest gold hoarders of the
world, for many years they never sold a single gram of the
precious material!
In the last decades the FED had kept the gold price down by
several modes of manipulation within the monetary system,
by breaking the law and with conspiracies. For many years an
outright fight against gold and silver can be discerned. The
establishment saw to it that most news and information
broadcasts carrying stock market and economy data do no
longer mention the actual troy ounce price of gold. With the
corresponding cheap propaganda the Jewish bankers
succeeded in having the greatest owners of gold to reduce
their holdings massively, which again moved the gold price
With their huge influencing power (like with the pressure
from Jewish organizations, keyword: «looted gold») they also
achieved that Switzerland, the only country that had an at
least partial backing of its currency with gold (40%) written in
its Constitution to give up this backing. (Note: Since such a
alteration of the Constitution – abandonment of the gold
backing – would hardly have passed the obligatory plebiscite,
the Swiss people were made believe by their government that
the new codification of the Constitution did not contain
material changes, but was only to make the text of the valid
Constitution more concise and precise. With this the principle
of «fiat money» was spanning the whole world, with all the
dangers the U.S. experience right now.)
In view of the many gold sales by different state central
banks effected during the 90s the price of gold should actually
be even lower. This it is not because the Jewish bankers since
quite a while are secretly buying up the gold at these prices
artificially kept low.
There are thus two reasons the keep the gold price down,
they lie in the endeavors by the Jewish financial oligarchy to
maintain the system of unsecured (valueless) paper dollars

that can be multiplied at will (“fiat money»), and also in
making gold unattractive as a means of value preservation
and to buy up or rather bag step by step the gold reserves of
the individual states with this cheap money.
The Jewish bankers do not only secretly buy this gold, they
gained possession of the gold of many states by quite
different means, too.
Although very few are aware of it, it is officially known that
the U.S. store practically all gold reserves of the «western
community of values». The Jewish bankers have apparently
somehow succeeded in getting the leading politicians of their
vassal states to deposit their gold reserves in the vaults of the
Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. Why this is so we could not
find out, but it is definitely a fact.
Several German daily newspapers carried in June 1997 a
report with the title «German Gold is Stored in Manhattan».
In it we read that in a huge subterranean vault of the New
York Federal Reserve Bank – only about 100 meters from Wall
Street, 25 meters deep in the indigenous rock at the south
end of Manhattan, behind a revolving door weighing 90 tons –
currency gold from all over the world with a market value of
about 124 billion dollars is stored. The main strong room
covers an area of about half a football field, contains 122
individual safes and would only be endangered by a direct
nuclear hit. Peter Bakstansky, vice president and press chief
of the New York FED is quoted thus: «We have here 700,000
gold bullion, the currency reserves of 60 countries. Ever
bullion weighs about 13 kilograms and has a purity of at least
99.5%. Here is the largest gold treasure of the world.»
When Charles de Gaulle in 1968 wanted to take the gold of
the French issuing bank deposited in the FED vaults back to
France, he not only was rebuffed, he also got the 1968 «May
riots» by the students incited by the CIA and shortly
thereafter was retired.
In Der Spiegel No. 33 of August 11, 2003, there was a report
about the worry of the Swiss finance politicians about the
Swiss gold reserves deposited in U.S. vaults, and that they
know whether in the case of an emergency these gold

reserves could be quickly repatriated. The financial
commission in the Swiss administration wanted to know
whether the external gold was contractually protected from
third party access, as they feared that U.S. federal judges
could seize the gold that supposedly was stored at Fort Knox.
The then Minister of Finance Kaspar Villiger reacted arcanely
to a question in Parliament: «Unfortunately I cannot tell you
where these bullions are kept since I don’t know, I don’t have
know and I don’t want to know.»
In this context it is very suspicious that for more than 50
years the U.S. Treasury has not allowed any independent
audit of the gold reserves in its vaults. Therefore one can
assume that the Jewish bankers do not plan ever to release
this gold. For some years now the suspicion has been growing
that Fort Knox and all other gold vaults of the Federal
Reserve bank have long since been empty. The official
statement that the gold was there where no-one can go and
look is not sufficient.
We even have to assume that the gold is long gone, is neither
in Fort Knox nor in Manhattan, but has been appropriated by
the Jewish One-World strategists and deposited in their
private bunkers! For they have long know what kind of crisis
humanity will face shortly.
In case everything they have planned should fail, they
assume that by the ownership of immense amounts of gold
pilfered from the people (they have about 90 to 95% of all
the gold ever mined in their possession) they would in any
case regain power, for past experiences tell them: Who has
the gold has the power! Without the manipulation of the gold
price the decline of the dollar along with all the securities
quoted in dollars would have been much more dramatic. It
now seems that high finance despite its immense power is
reaching the end of its possibilities to keep the gold price low.
Due to the massive manipulation on the gold market a group
named GATA (Gold Anti Trust Association) has made it their
job to expose and fight the gold price manipulations. GATA
has filed actions against the FED, Alan Greenspan, Goldman
Sachs, Deutsche Bank, the Bank for International Settlement,

JP Morgan-Chase, the whole gang that keeps so strenuously
to their extortionist monetary system.
According to GATA the gold price will skyrocket when the
massive manipulations of the gold price will be made public.
And since the court action looks promising it looks like in the
near future many investors will change to gold, which the
establishment will try to prevent at all costs. Therefore one
has to reckon on private possession of gold soon being
prohibited, as it had been under President Roosevelt.
Since this is not very easily decreed from above, the
establishment has been conditioning the Americans for some
time to see gold as something evil by decrying it as the
financial means of international terrorism.
As more and more investors steer into the safe haven away
from the confusion of world economy gold has increased in
value over the last few years despite the massive
machinations. It is probable that the gold price will increase
further so that the ordinary people will more and more buy
gold bullion and gold coins to safeguard the family savings.
The gold price will increase strongly in the near future also
because the central banks of Asia have become important
gold buyers and they will increase their gold reserves
considerably. The Islamic world, too, will soon introduce a
gold-backed currency. An address by the former Prime
Minister of Malaysia, Mahatir, as host of a seminar entitled
«The Gold Dinar in International Commerce» at Kuala Lumpur
attended by high-ranking representatives of the Islamic
states showed just how far the considerations about the so-
called «gold dinar» have progressed. The introduction of a
gold dinar as a clearing currency for foreign trade between
Islamic states is seriously discussed at the moment.
Who wants to save the assets over the expected crisis should
see that he can invest everything that he can mobilize in gold
– at the moment the gold price is still relatively low (2003:
one ounce just under 400 dollars). If possible the gold should
be bought anonymously (this is possible up to 2,500 Euro)
and should absolutely not be deposited in a bank.

Basically we would like to add to the subject of gold that the
monetary system of the future that the New Community of
Philosophers will soon present to the world public shall
definitely not be founded on gold backing. But we can see
that gold will in future still have a high value and in the
upcoming crisis will serve as a safe means of exchange with
which many families will safeguard their existence. Gold will
also be used for many purposes – not just in technology and
for jewelry, but it will also be important and necessary in a
spiritual sense due to its high vibration. Therefore it is
important that at least a certain part of the gold reserves of
this Earth shall be withheld from the grasp of the Jewish
bankers, because it cannot be foreseen when the immense
gold holdings bunkered in secret places will come to light
again and be at humanity’s disposal. That is why we
recommend strongly and definitely the acquisition of gold.
To end this chapter we would recommend a book about gold.
Since we received it only shortly before the finalization of this
treatise, we were unable to read and evaluate the book, but it
is said to be absolutely tops where gold is concerned, as
reliable sources told us. It is written in German by the
seasoned Zurich banker Ferdinand Lips – he had worked for
many years for the Rothschilds and knows the manipulation
of the gold price and the background of this subject like no-
one else – and bears the title Die Goldverschwörung (The
Gold Conspiracy).


OR: The MIGHTY U.S. as

OXEN before the CART of JEWISH

The Rothschild Greater Zionists and their Masonic globalists
plan to have the idea of a «New World Order» under the
leadership of the U.S. go bust and to let the U.S. take the
rap, so they can then install the «One-World Government»
with the world capital Jerusalem as the real new order of the
world as planned by the Jewish background strategists. The
events of September 11, 2001, had been staged by the
Greater-Zionist warmongers and used to evoke a new long-
lasting conflict that cannot be won by the U.S. anyway. By
calling for a «War on Terror» the U.S. are to be sent to their
perdition! Since he beginning of 2003 the U.S. under George
W. Bush are presented to the world public as military
beefcake and as a pseudo-patriotic national state which aims
to dominate the world within the framework of U.S
hegemonial politics.
But this is just a Punch-and-Judy show, for behind the scenes
another concept is played out! In it the military stance of the
U.S. government under George W. Bush (the warmongering
staged by the Jewish background strategists) shall offer the
reason – after an acute phase of the Third World War
provoked by it – to maneuver all nations of the world to give
up their sovereignty and military power and to assign it to the
U.N. The aim is to install the long-planned «One-World
Government» once and for all under the control of the Jewry
– reminder: Behind the U.N. hides the concentrated force of
The war policies of the Bush administration aggressively
advanced in Jewish interests as well as many other largely
artificially fomented military conflicts in the world shall
desensitize and cow the peace-loving nations so that after the
Third World War (used to the military patterns of solution and
to the many sorties of U.N. troops) they will be willing and
ready to accept the U.N. world government (the «One-World
Government») as the seemingly smaller evil.
In this the Democratic Party in the U.S. enslaved to the
Zionists is assigned an important function for it shall in the
hypocritical role of the savior and peace angel end the
military escapades and the hapless policies of the Bush
administration, replace the Bush government after a series of

wars in order to enable the dissolution of the U.S. and their
merger with the planned U.N. world state with its central
«One-World Government».
The pseudo-patriotic mass movement artificially fomented in
the U.S. and the distortion of the term «Christianity» so
cleverly and strategically steered by the neo-conservative
Jews mislead patriotic and Christian-oriented people in the
most infamous way and misused as supporting force for the
U.S. hegemonial politics and the warmongering against the
enemies of Israel.
The movement of Protestant-“Christian» Zionists in the U.S.
is employed strategically by the influential Jewish
organizations to incite the Americans against the enemies of
Israel – but also to prepare the ground for the establishment
of the pseudo-esoteric world religion created by the Greater
Zionists. All those who still disseminate the featherbrained
UFO/extraterrestrial superstition serve the interests of the
black-magical Satanist world dominators as useful idiots.
Because the cover of the dollar hype and the monetary
system linked with it – which the financial Jews for decades
have used to plunder the peoples – will shortly be blown and
threatens to expose the financial Jewry, the Jewish financial
establishment – that privately owns the FED – is forced to
dissolve the national state U.S. as quickly as possible and
merge it with the U.N. world state. Following this the states
with large dollar reserves will no longer be able to make
claims against the U.S. respectively against the FED and the
complete dollar hype can be quietly brushed under the carpet
without the world public really seeing through the nasty game
of the merciless world-wide sharpers.
Now a few notes about the solution of the most important
global problem.

NOTES concerning the ONLY

The insights into the secret background concepts in world

politics presented in this REICHSBRIEF show where the
Zionist influence on the policies of humanity has led us
already and shortly will lead us. They confirm our historically,
politically, scientifically and philosophically well-founded
deliberations and show clearly that Zionism is by far the
biggest problem facing humanity!
This means: real lasting peace on Earth will only be possible
when the importance of the question of Judaism is really
recognized and resolved once and for all with the necessary
spiritual power and thoroughness. But before this biggest
problem facing humanity can be recognized as what it is, an
exhaustive education about the true character of Judaism on
a wide front is necessary, for in the public there is complete
Zionism is in its political and ideological orientation much
more discordant and divided than it outwardly appears, and
most people know that there are very differing ideological,
religious factions of interests as well as those determined by
their descent or involved in power politics, like the Greater-
Zionist and minor–Zionist ambitions mentioned above. In
Judaism there is also a diffuse mess of different camps with
different interests who invoke their descent, and partly this
stems from the splitting up of the Hebrew people into the
tribes Judea on the one hand and the ten Lost Tribes of Israel
on the other. The decisive question however is whether the
Jews are to be understood as a race.
Even today most people still do not know that in the purely
ethnological sense the Jews form neither a race nor a
biological entity nor a homogenous community of descent. All
argumentations that refer to descent or race of the Jews are
ignorant pretensions without any foundation. They are

reduced to absurdity by the fact that the largest part of
today’s Jews are of Hun/Turk lineage and descend from the
Turk people of the Khasars that – composed of nomadic clans
– at the end of the 6th century coming from Turkestan settled
in Southern Russia north-east of the Black Sea in the Volga
region and only adopted Judaism as state religion in the 9th
century. These Khasar Jews, aka as the Ashkenazim, have
nothing at all to do with the history of the Old Testament, the
ancestry as well as the cultural and historical past and the
folkish unity of the «Original Jews». The Jews of Hebrew
descent are of a darker type and are called Sephardim. After
their displacement from Palestine by the Romans the
Sephardic Jews mostly went to Spain and Portugal, from
where they were also evicted at the end of the 15th century
and spread all over Europe and later also America.
In the 1960 edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica we find the
following facts: In the year 1960 there existed on Earth a
mere 500,000 Jews of Hebrew descent. In the same year one
counted 11 million Khasar Jews. The national socialist race
theory, which defined a Jewish race, as well as their own
Jewish definition as a race are therefore scientifically wrong
and refutable. The only link among the Jews is their religion
respectively the culture based on it – to speak of a Jewish
race is ignorant and purposeful deception.
The people of Hebrew respectively Sephardic descent are in
contrast to be seen as a consistent race and an ethnic group.
But the Hebrews (Sephardim) today only make up about 5%
(about 800,000) of those that are officially counted among
the Jews (about 16 million). This is a fact of which the
Hebrews are fully aware, for those among them representing
the Jewish faith base their status and their identity in the
internal hierarchy within the Jewry on it and see themselves
as the original Jews. This means that about 95% of the Jews
are only Jews because they have taken on the Jewish faith
(i.e. the Mosaic primitive religion with the principle of a
separation of God and man), the world view that accompanies
it and the culture.
This also shows clearly that the term «anti-Semitism» is not
really applicable to the Jews, whereas practically all of the

Arab world is of Semitic descent. The real «anti-Semites» are
the modern Jews and above all the international Zionist
bankers and oil magnates themselves, who are mostly
Khasars, as they have tormented the Arab peoples (the real
Semites) most through wars and exploitation and themselves
have ignited anti-Semitic pogrom feelings for their own profit.
Basically the people of Hebrew descent can no more be
grouped flatly as Jews or pigeonholed with people of a Jewish
disposition than one can presume all Austrians to be
To be Jewish is in any case a merely philosophical question
and has absolutely nothing to do with folkish descent or race!
This holds even true for the Hebrews, for they, too, have the
option to emancipate in terms of world view and ethos from
the morbid fanatical religious ideology of Judaism (the Mosaic
Most people of the western or «Christian»-occidental world
could also be seen as Jews if judged by philosophical criteria,
for the have become Jews because they also have adopted as
their philosophical foundation the Jewish-materialistic world
view, the hedonistic orientation towards the here and now
and/or the idea of the separation of God and man respectively
the acceptance of the non-existence of God (a superelevation
or worldly formation of the Jewish perception principle).
Even within the Jewry there is great dissent about the
definition of «Jew». This identity chaos is however planned by
the leading Jews and especially by the Greater Zionists,
because most of them are not of Hebrew descent and do not
want the weapon of «accusation of anti-Semitism» taken out
of their hands. Therefore any research into the real essence
of Judaism and of being a Jew is being hushed up and its
publication prevented!
In the heads of people the erroneous and very fatal idea has
taken hold that the Hebrews (Sephardim) were Jews by their
ancestry, but this is false for Judaism is nothing but a
weltanschauung – and an insane and perverse ideology of
power that hypocritically tries to camouflage as a religion, but
in the end Judaism is but a world view! The Jews are no more

a race than are the Catholics, the Protestants or the Muslim –
there definitely is no Jewish race or ancestry!
As the question of Judaism is not a problem of race and
ancestry, but at its core a spiritual-cultural problem of an
acquired, that is pseudo-religiously and pseudo-ideologically
qualified mentality shaped by spiritual imbalance respectively
by a weakness of perception (left hemispheric, materialistic-
mammonistic etc.) and thus very limited – and many persons
of different peoples have been entranced by it. This mentality
is however not contingent upon a Hebrew ancestry, so it
cannot be resolved by force, and certainly not by the physical
elimination of a race, but only by spiritual means, via the path
of cognitive awareness.
To this end a deep-reaching, fundamentally solid, in a
religious sense truthful and scientifically-philosophically
founded approach is needed that takes into consideration not
only the origin and history of the Hebrew people and its
religion as well as the effects of the Jewish influence in world
politics, but also does justice to the role or task and the
relevance of the Jewry in the development of humanity.
One solution of the problem of Judaism corresponding to
these prerequisites that includes all important aspects and is
very wise and sensible has been formulated by the German
philosopher Chyren in the magazine ZEITENWENDE IM
CHRISTENTUM (Times of Change in Christianity) that was
published for the Millennium and since is disseminated in
Europe. This method of resolution that can only be sketched
here is enabled by the scientifically-philosophically founded
and universally valid triple understanding of beingness
(ontological understanding of the order of reality) by which it
becomes unquestionably obvious that all modes of
appearance and processes of development of Creation are
based on trinomial archetypical fundamental principles
respectively are transfused by the principle of the three
stages of [Hegel’s] dialectic. This ontological understanding of
the order of reality contains the exoteric as well as the
esoteric or spiritual dimensions of reality, therefore it is also
called «cosmoteric» understanding of the order of reality.

While the principle of the cosmic trinity has always been
widely recognized in different religions, similarly to the
principle of the three stages of dialectic in philosophy, nobody
has hitherto understood the regulated effectiveness of cosmic
basic principles within the smaller and greater cultural
development processes in humanity’s history. And the
relationship between the universally valid threefold basic
principles and the world-moving globally prevalent mega-
cultures respectively their spiritual-cultural paradigms has not
been considered at all.
(Note: Paradigm = superior fundamental spiritual-ideological
principle of thinking, perception and sensation; the paradigm-
carrying cultures are superior key cultures that for an epoch
spanning several thousands of years bring forth the important
spiritual-cultural paradigm and thus influence the
development of all humanity in a special – not consciously
perceived – superior way.)
The cosmic understanding of order presented in the magazine
comprehensible that the ages of great cultures often lasting
several thousands of years and following one another, the
epochs of the great paradigm-carrying cultures, follow the
principles of the three stages of dialectic. This means that in
the manifestations or the paradigms of the great cultures
universally valid archetypical fundamental principles are
Through this approach the totality of all cultures is seen as
one interconnected unity unfolding over different ages in
which different peoples and cultures not only develop for their
own sakes, but also in the interest of all humanity (the
From this holistic-philosophical viewpoint the archetypical
perceiving qualities of the human spectrum of consciousness
prevalent in the respective cultures are recognized as the
main characteristic and essential criteria of paradigm-carrying
In this way the mega-culture that today has the whole planet
in its grip and is decisively formed and dominated by the

materialistic and very secular Jewish mode of thinking and
perceiving (paradigm) (thence the Jewish-Anglo-American
mega-culture), can be identified conclusively as the cultural
manifestation of the patriarchal archetype (father-archetype;
Ahriman; male attributes of the psyche; left-hemispheric
quality of perception; Yang principle; will-power aspect;
exoteric quality of perception). This means: the mega-culture
globally prevalent today that in its mode of thinking and
perceiving is Jewish-stamped (manipulated) is spiritually lop-
sided (one-sided, polar), because in it the male quality of
consciousness geared to the outside (intellectual and focusing
consciousness) of the threefold cosmic fundamental principle
culminates, while the feminine part of consciousness (right-
hemispheric quality of perception) is almost totally absent
and suppressed in this culture.
By this solution approach the importance of Judaism in the
dialectic context of the spiritual-cultural development process
of humanity with other paradigm-carrying cultures – which by
their disposition express the other archetypal aspects of the
cosmic fundamental principles – is well depicted.
The dialectic antipole to the (patriarchal) Jewish-Anglo-
American mega-culture in the actual cohesive development
cycle of humanity is formed by the Vedic high culture in
present-day India that foundered about 4,500 years ago, to
which from a holistic-philosophic viewpoint has to be
attributed the matriarchal archetype (mother-archetype;
female attributes of the psyche; Yin principle; wisdom aspect;
right-hemispheric quality of perception; esoteric quality of
existence). In this dialectic context the spiritually balanced
but long-suppressed German culture that carries the
paradigm of the new age (cosmonarchal or Holy-Spirit
archetype) represents the third, synthetic respectively
holistic-androgynous archetype; love respectively coherence
The German culture is a highly developed spiritual-
androgynous culture (recognizable among others by the way
children are educated in Germany) that fundamentally
enables, even demands the balanced realization of the male
and female attributes of the psyche. Therefore the German

culture is down-to-earth and at the same time highly spiritual,
it unites in pronounced form the left- and right-hemispheric
quality of realization respectively the exoteric and esoteric
quality of existence per se. The equilibrium of subjective
(inner) and objective (outer) perception (i.e. the
unadulterated implementation of subjectively sensed inner
soul impulses in the outer world, the objective world, in
speech and action) so characteristic for the German nature
and German culture is the basis from which the German
culture has brought forth so many great characters and
mental achievements of genius in philosophy, the sciences,
music etc.
From a holistic-philosophical viewpoint it becomes clear – as
shown in the document mentioned above – that the spiritually
unbalanced, purely male principle of thought and perception
characteristic for Judaism expressing itself in the patriarchally
geared cultural circles stamped by the Jewish mode of
thought and perception in the most blatant way inevitably had
to lead to such a materialistic and exploitative, imperialistic
and martial, egocentric and opportunistic as well as
hypocritical and spiritless culture as today is prevalent all
over the world.
It is not the intention in this text to denigrate Judaism and
flatly to condemn it (that would be altogether too Jewish), but
rather to show that the Jewish mentality and the Jewish-
formed Anglo-Americanism in which it culminates had a very
definite function and a deeper sense in the spiritual context of
the spiritual-cultural development of humanity. This function
has hardly been understood until today, for only through this
Jewish cultural influence could humanity make the extreme
experience of the materialistic age and the formation of
certain (externally oriented) consciousness attributes
(patriarchal modes of perception and sensation, technocratic-
intellectual thinking, hedonism, singularization, domination
and striving for power etc.) connected with it as mankind
experienced them over the last centuries, which was so
important for humanity’s cultural and spiritual evolution. On
its way to completeness humanity also needed the extreme
experience of the patriarchal paradigm the carrier culture of
which was – and will remain for a short time – Judaism.

The writings mentioned above also state very clearly that the
image of the world, of God and of man shaped by the
patriarchal Jewish mode of thought and perception and the
value thinking resulting of necessity from it proves today to
be extremely fatal, now that they are recognized as pure
anachronism and that the redemption of the Jewish-
patriarchal paradigm through a spiritually balanced holistic
one is long overdue.
And as reality shows, and at the same time as the advent of
the Age of Aquarius, there is an increasingly discernable
paradigm change in the sciences (medical science,
mathematics, physics, biology etc.) as well as in philosophy
and in the religious area towards a synthetic-holistic paradigm
that incorporates the spiritual-mental dimensions of man and
the cosmic laws and thus is geared towards the recognition of
universal fundamental principles and thus to truth.
Who recognizes that the spiritual balance and the veracity
and freedom of the human existence conditioned by it is the
core essence of the cosmic Christ principle will also
understand that a true solution of the problem that is Zionism
can only be possible together with a long-overdue radical and
comprehensive holistic reform of Christianity which will
overcome the church system including the papacy and will
enable a truly meaningful holistic and cosmic understanding
of religion without superstition or hypocritical moralizing.
The paper ZEITENWENDE IM CHRISTENTUM that considers
the historical-cultural as well as the spiritual context of the
development of humanity shows unquestionably that the so-
called Christianity had its meaning and its contents and
spiritual direction completely distorted by the Jewish influence
of Saul/Paul and later the Roman church dignitaries which
altered the holistic spiritual teachings of the itinerant
philosopher Jesus into a patriarchal primitive religion similar
to Mosaism-Jahvehism that suited the interest of the Jewry
very well. Therefore the Pauline Christianity is also called
«Judaism for the stupid»!
The Jewish culture has by most people hitherto not been
recognized as the paradigm-carrying key culture because its
influence was mainly clandestine. By manipulation and

infiltration the Jews have from the outset palmed off to or
imposed upon the members of other peoples the Jewish world
view and mode of thought and perception as well as their
customs and traditions. In the same way as Judaism through
Paul has totally distorted and infiltrated Christianity and
abused it for the establishment of the primitive Jewish view of
the world. Of God and of man, the Jews have also world-wide
brought Freemasonry, the media industry, the science,
politics and banking apparatus in order to use them for their
interests and to establish globally the Jewish materialistic-
mammonistic mode of thought and perception.
What spiritual quality the Mosaic-Jahvehic religion and thus
Jewish culture possess the great itinerant philosopher Jesus
the Nazarene (Jeshua ben Joseph) known as Jesus Christ had
clearly stated in his time already.
«You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry
out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the
beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in
him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a
liar and the father of lies.» Jesus the Nazarene, (John 8,44)
One thing is clear in any case: As long as Zionist chorals are
sung in Christian churches, Judaism and the materialism
linked to it cannot be overcome! It must be made clear to all
people that true Christianity is not the continuation of
Judaism, but demands its overcoming!!!
The New Community of Philosophers would like to help the
Hebrews – who at this time still regard themselves as Jews –
to free themselves of the heinous and totally anachronistic
primitive religion of Mosaism (by which humanity has been
covered with so many wars, with lies, misery and horror) and
of the cultural values and customs associated with it and to
arrive at a peaceful, holistic and public-spirited world view.
This would not be very difficult for the Hebrews, for as was
extensively reasoned in the above writings, the Hebrews
originally come from the Himalaya region of today’s Kashmir,
from where they emigrated about 4.500 years ago towards
the west carrying old spiritual secret knowledge of the priest

kings as their intrinsic, essential and most sacred cultural
The spiritual secret knowledge of the Hebrews that is
diametrically opposed to the Mosaic teachings (which are
dominated by an extraterrestrial and extrahuman notion of
God) and would have reduced it to absurdity was at the time
forcefully suppressed by Moses and his followers. Instead the
Hebrews were administered the primitive Mosaic notion of
God, the world and man. The Hebrew secret knowledge
known as Cabbala could only be passed on clandestinely and
orally, until one began – after the expulsion of the Romans –
to set the Cabbalistic knowledge down in writing.
Even though the Cabbalistic texts have been distorted by
some Jewish rabbis, have been adapted to Mosaism and
entangled with black-magical fuss (so beware!), one can even
today verify that the philosophical essences of the Cabbala
(not what most understand today Cabbala to be) are of a high
spiritual quality and are compatible with both the German
idealist philosophy and the original teachings of Jesus and the
idea of Cosmic Christianity! The Chyren has shown this very
clearly in his text for the Millennium.
(Note concerning the Cabbala: What so-called Cabbalists
teach as Cabbalistic numbers and letters mysticism, also what
a certain Franz Bardon disseminated in Germany as
Cabbalistic secret knowledge is – apart from being abstruse
and wrong – practiced black magic and quite stupid to boot.
How sensible should it be for a person – even more a
spiritually evolved one – to try to influence reality with the
alignment of letter keys. It is a disgrace that such idiocies find
root also in German patriotic circles. In the Cabbala only the
threefold philosophy with its triune notion of God, man and
the world as well as the ontological knowledge about the soul
is of value, and of the greatest value at that!)
In the context of the solution to the problem of Judaism we
have proposed nothing more is demanded of the Hebrews
than that they distance themselves from the Mosaic primitive
religion and the delusion of being the chosen people that was
imposed on them and to reclaim their very own spiritual and
cultural quality of being! Here they have the unique chance of

salvation they so long had pined for, but which requires a
certain measure of insight, courage and proper initiative!
The method of resolution sketched here shows the spiritual
framework of a peaceful and lasting solution of the problem of
Judaism. This method enables the Hebrews (Sephardim) as
well as those involved by their descent and through the old
prophecies for the Hebrew people to regain their original
spiritual-cultural identity, a peaceful reintegration in the
community of peoples and will assign to their existence an
important role in humanity’s spiritual-cultural history of
How to proceed with the dissolution of Judaism and the
different secret societies will have to be decided individually in
agreements with the community of the peoples. The New
Community of Philosophers proposes to hand over to the
Hebrews after the inevitable dissolution of the states of Israel
and the U.S. a piece of land on the east coast of North
America as their own small state. There will be a new order of
states in North America anyway, including the foundation of
among others a large nation for the surviving native North
Americans and also a German-speaking nation.
The New Community of Philosophers is committed with all its
capabilities and its influence to stand for a wise, just and
peaceful solution of the problem of Judaism and do all in its
might to avoid any acts of revenge. Members of lodges and
party politicians that exit the vassal system by a certain date,
declare themselves to be true to the people and change to the
patriotic camp, put their cards on the table, offer their
services for the full clearing and dissolution of the powers that
be and the structures of suppression will be forgiven and will
not be under the threat of penalty.
The New Community of Philosophers asks all human beings
who want to participate in the fight for freedom in Europe and
the world to find out names and addresses of members of
Masonic lodges and other secret and semi-secret societies
(Lions Club, Rotarians etc.) in their region, to document them
carefully and to make them available either to us or to the
new and real people’s representatives. The day X is near, at
the latest when the hot phase of the present Third World War

begins. More on the subject Judaism and Freemasonry in the


Since the Bush administration is governing the U.S. the image

one had of the united States has change in a peculiar way.
Until then the role of the U.S. as world police had been
accepted more or less without criticism, but since the
declaration of the «War on Terror» the U.S. are increasingly
regarded by the world public as being a threat themselves –
since then in Europe and the world the anti-American
sentiment is increasing and the U.S. are seen as impertinent.
There is no doubt that after Israel the U.S. are the greatest
rogue nation on this planet, but following what has been
presented in this REICHSBRIEF about the power structures
behind the scenes of U.S. politics and the massive
heteronomy to which the Americans are subjected it seems
not very sensible to preach a disdainful anti-Americanism, as
Americanism is but a symptom (of an acquired culturally
conditioned imbecility), but not the cause.
The power with which holds the U.S. and the world in tits grip
should be at the centre of criticism, for the actual cause for all
the suppression, exploitation and corruption, the many lies
and the terrible hypocrisy is not America, but the Judaism
(Zionism) with the internationally organized Freemasonry that
by all possible means tries to establish all over the world its
Ahrimanic (Satanic, materialistic, hedonistic, opportunist,
mammonist, dishonest etc.) mentality (mode of thought and
perception) and primitive culture!
The explanations presented in this text prove that the U.S.
are politically, economically, financially and also spiritually-
culturally at their end and in future no longer a real power-
political threat to the world. Even though outwardly the U.S.
are always presented differently, they are in actuality a
hollow mock-up that is shamelessly used by the Jewish

financial elites and the whole Jewry as a tool, and
demonstrably so since September 11, 2001. Like the majority
of humanity the Americans themselves are even more
extremely dominated by the Jewish octopus through the
panem et circenses (bread and circuses) culture, by the
suppression of realization, stultification strategies and staged
lies as well as the dictatorship of «political correctness» – and
by the looks of it the Americans themselves will now be its
biggest victim.
In their self-importance and ignorance, however, most
Americans are unable to perceive the situation and the role of
their own country and naively still believe that the U.S. are a
mighty sovereign state that is needed by the world with its
armies to ensure law and order, defend peace and freedom
and bring democracy.
As the majority of the Americans for many decades have been
kept in hypnotic ignorance by the Jewish influence in their
country, one is tempted to argue defensively and
compassionately that in this way they are completely
immature and therefore innocent of the situation in U.S.
But it isn't that easy! From a karmic viewpoint it is evident
that in the end every American – depending on the individual
spiritual abilities – shares responsibility for the policies of the
U.S. to the extent with which he helped carry them, and thus
he or she will also have to bear the consequences of these
policies. For every American (as any other human being) has
fundamentally within the framework of his or her ability the
chance to rebel in some way against the prevalent political
machinations and structures in his or her own country in
order to help along positive change. In this light criticism of
the Americans is justified, but anti-Americanism is leading in
the wrong direction if the dark hypocritical power dominating
America is not recognized.
Over the last years it became more and more evident that the
Americans – based on the ubiquitous pseudo-Christian
(Mosaic-Pauline) faith lunacy as well as the stultification
strategies applied to the extreme and the massive

suppression of realization by the media and the state – are
unable to free themselves from the spiritual Jewish bondage.
Since the Masonic construct U.S. is anyway close to its exit
from the world stage, it is important to us to make people
aware of the fact that it would be totally nonsensical to waste
energies for the fight against the U.S., but that it is now of
the utmost importance to show the Americans that they are
abused by the Jewish Freemasonry to create in the interest of
the Greater Zionists the great chaos in the world that these
dark Satanic (Ahrimanic) background forces need to establish
the world dictatorship under the control of the Jewry they
envisage. Now the Americans have to be woken up, so they
can realize for themselves what evil game is played with them
and the whole world. The Americans first and foremost now
need spiritual-cultural help!
In order to really help the Americans– in view of over 50
million pseudo-Christians and at least twice as many people in
the U.S. similarly spiritually confused and misled by the
Mosaic-Pauline pseudo-faith – one first of all must support
them in freeing themselves from the collective religious
delusion resulting from Jewish belief patterns and from the
Judaic materialistic notions of values and cultural customs
(hedonism, opportunism, mammonism etc.), but also from
the quagmire of stultification and lies.
The religious understanding that the great churches hitherto
represented and still do represent had hardly anything to do
with the real idea of Christianity, it was rather a Trojan
construct by the Jewry that one could call Paulinism.
Additionally the «Illuminati» have made the churches ripe for
attack by a targeted infiltration so that the churches and thus
the old (Pauline) «Christianity» is today without any spiritual
substance and thus is close to its end – an ideal prerequisite
for the Jewish background strategists to impress upon people
with the need for spirituality another pseudo-religion that has
long been prepared in order to dominate them spiritually (as
In addition in the U.S. «Christianity» is in the interest of the
Greater Zionists purposefully distorted, disfigured and

fanaticized so that after the ultimate crisis that is now being
instigated it can be abolished or to merge into the planned
pseudo world religion.
«The majority of people, believing in God as they are, will –
after they were disappointed by Christianity and thus are
without orientation – anxiously look for a new ideal without
knowing whom or what they should worship.»
Albert Pike, Freemason and Satanist
All the manifold groupings that understand themselves as
being Christian move similarly to the great Churches only in
the realm of faith and try to force the anachronistic thought
and faith matrices of the Mosaic-Pauline image of God, man
and faith and to make them compliant by hypocritical
moralizing. The distortions and disfigurations that have been
perpetrated upon the term «Christianity» and today especially
in the U.S. or within the U.S.-based denominations must
finally end! The Mosaic-Pauline pseudo-faith camouflaged as
Christianity with its anachronistic image of God, man and the
world can no longer fulfill the need of today’s people for a
meaningful spirituality; today it still serves as a last straw to
some people who in their desperation search out spirituality,
but only because they have never developed any notion of
how a really meaningful spiritual life would look like. This faith
continues to serve the system for stultification and distraction
from the essential things of life and is used to bring about the
irreversible end of the Christian idea.
For the Americans to free themselves from their spiritual-
cultural misery it is of the utmost importance to fan among
the Christians in the U.S. and all over the world a
fundamental and encompassing discussion of values on a
wide front, that will help the Americans finally to overcome
their Old-Testament and materialistic thought and value
patterns that they have been inoculated with by the Jews
cultural influence.
The fruitful spiritual base for this is the new holistic religious
understanding of Cosmic Christianity that since the
Millennium finds world-wide dissemination by The New
Community of Philosophers in Germany and that guides the
realms of science, philosophy and religion to synthesis.


In Germany and Europe the patriarchal God of the Bible is

losing meaning for more and more people. The Pauline church
is increasingly recognized as an unworldly and anachronistic
primitive religion bereft of content and a hypocritical
precursor for the influence and the power extension of
Judaism. The New Community of Philosophers tries to explain
to the «Christians» that they have been taken in by the
greatest religious deception in the history of humanity, and it
relates an holistic-cosmic understanding of religion that in the
spirit of the itinerant philosopher Jesus the Nazarene (known
as Jesus Christ) and German idealist philosophy is aligned to
the recognition of universally valid cosmic fundamental
principles and the taking to heart of them in all life situations
– an understanding of religion that naturally incorporates
common sense and demands reflective independent thinking.
In their present form the churches as culture-carrying
organizations can no longer be accepted, neither in Germany
and Europe nor elsewhere in the world! The valediction from
the personal God in the Bible and a fundamental and
comprehensive reformation of the complete Christianity are
long overdue – the Mosaic-Pauline God image of a God with a
flowing beard is purely anachronistic and has no further use!
True Christianity – and Jesus in his teachings wanted it to be
understood thusly – fundamentally wants to be seen as a
cosmic religion, but never patriarchal one with personal
references. Thence every true Christian is called upon to help
to sweep out the Mosaic and Pauline refuse of the Old and the
New Testaments and to support the holistic respectively
cosmoteric reformation of Christendom emanating from
Germany – towards a really Cosmic Christianity (note:
cosmoteric = encompassing the outer world as well as the
deep esoteric regularities and universal fundamental

The important prerequisite by which this reformation towards
a true Cosmic Christianity – long overdue but now under way
– will finally be enabled is the discovery of a simple,
universally valid and logically comprehensible ontological
order (ontology is the study of being and existence as well as
the basic categories thereof), the German idealist philosopher
Chyren has published for the first time in the afore-mentioned
This ontological order that comprises the reality categories of
mind, body and soul is threefold and consists of nine
dimensions of consciousness – emanates from the spiritual
connecting axis between matter (“Earth») and spirit
(“Heaven») and thus clearly describes he principle that is
contained in all that exists as the common creative principle
(= the greatest common denominator of all manifestations;
the fundamental measure of reality). Through this ontological
order it is possible to bring out the true idea of Cosmic
Christianity in a scientific-philosophical way and to give it a
solid foundation.
Through the discovery of this nine-dimensional ontological
axis – that is nothing else but the world soul (world axis)
Irminsul respectively the world ash tree Yggdrasil of the old
Teutons that represents it in the scientific-philosophical
correct way – the Teutons regain their highest spiritual
sanctuary; also the secret of the Holy Grail– the greatest
European myth – is thus revealed in a logically
comprehensible way as the ontological order of the universal
soul principle based in the very nature of man. This simple
spiritual basic order is the foundation comprising all essential
aspect of beingness on which the merger of science,
philosophy and religion (= connecting back to cosmic law) can
be effected – whereby the sciences among others will receive
a very necessary ethical foundation.
On the basis of this fundamental superior ontological order of
the universal soul principle all sensible and truthful existing
approaches of different ideological, philosophical and
religious, also so-called heathen trends or groupings which
are aligned with the cognizance and the heeding of cosmic

laws and universal fundamental principles can be brought
together and merged.
With this spiritual order many people that have renounced the
great churches or have not had any ambitions in the
philosophical-religious area but pine for a truly meaningful
spirituality can be won over to Cosmic Christianity. The
brake-up of Christianity that has been looming up to now and
the Islamic threat to Europe and the world could thus be
averted at the last moment.
In order not to be misunderstood: It is neither the intent of
The New Community of Philosophers to establish a umpteenth
Christian community or church or sect, nor is it our goal to
reform any church, it is simply high time to instigate a
fundamental reformation of Christendom as a whole! Mosaism
and Paulinism have caused so much spiritual and secular
misery in our world that their time has run out! With the
holistic and scientifically-philosophically founded
understanding of religion of Cosmic Christianity – the
impulses of which circle the globe since the Millennium – the
dualism of the Mosaic-Pauline superstition and the materialist
world view can finally be overcome.
In the realm of German idealism a cosmoteric revolution of
Christianity in the spirit of freedom is taking place from after
close to two-thousand years of repression the holistic
understanding of religion of Cosmic Christianity will come
forth. The spiritual basis is the scientifically, philosophically
and religiously founded ontological knowledge of the divine
nature of man and of all Creation (the knowledge of the Holy
Grail), from which stems the understanding of freedom,
responsibility and truthfulness that Jesus the Nazarene as well
as the philosophers of German idealism had all tried to pass
on in their respective lifetimes. The idea of freedom in
German idealism is the mission statement of the new age!
Our approach might seem unusual to many people and they
will be irritated by our plan to reform Christianity, but all
necessary change in science, politics, philosophy and religion
can only be successful if we position the lever on the lowest
level, at the true core of the complex problem of the world
and instigate the breakthrough of a holistic, spiritually

balanced world view on a wide front that brakes the extant
Jewish-patriarchal or Mosaic-hedonistic paradigm (the basic
mode of thinking, of religious perception and sensation). If
really a change and a truthful resounding paradigm change
shall be brought forth in this world, there is no way to bypass
the reformation of Christianity!
More about the reformation of Christianity soon in
Once the spiritual impulses of the holistic reformation of
Christianity issuing from Germany are propagating on the
other side of the Atlantic, the unholy alliance between
pseudo-Christian-Protestant fundamentalists and Jewish Neo-
Cons will quickly and simply be dissolved and thus the
liberation from the yoke of Judaism will be started on the
north-American continent and in the world – it is long


We would like to come back again to the main theme and

present a comment from an authoritative source about the
role of the CFR as the key organization of the world-wide
conspiracy against humanity. James Perloff who knows the
scene well and had studied all that was published by this
organization since its foundation in 1921 presented in his
great book The Shadow of Power an exhaustive disclosure
story about the Council on Foreign Relations in which he
throws light on the responsibility of the CFR for the decay of
the U.S. James Perloff who basically reaches the same
conclusions as we do also makes the hopeful statement that
there are but a few CFR members who fully commit
themselves to the aims of the Satanic world dominance he
unveils with his book. He thinks that many CFR members –
and many others who follow the political guidance of its
leadership – would instantly revoke their support if a
widespread consciousness about the history and the
machinations of this mighty organization was created. This

again shows clearly how important is the dissemination of
background knowledge about the character of the real
conspiracy against humanity!!!
The chances that the Greater Zionists (“Illuminati») will reach
their goal of a «One-World Government» are still quite high.
With their financial and power-political facilities they have
brought into their possession the majority of the real values
of the peoples, including the gold reserves of most states, the
rights of ownership of gigantic areas and practically all
utilities. Their influence on the media is huge, they also
control almost all cultural, political and scientific institutions
with which they can manipulate and steer people at will. Thus
they practically own the resource «man», for nearly all human
beings, whether rich or poor, system-conformist, corrupt
official or political left or right radical, whether «realistic»
materialist or airy-fairy esotericist, they all are but extras in a
game whose rules they do not know and most would not even
The Greater-Zionist plan to reach absolute world dominance
via the U.N. organization after staging an ultimate crisis is
shortly before completion. Whether the realization of this
Greater-Zionist plan will succeed – and along with it for
Judaism the realization of the objectives set down in the
Mosaic writings and substantiated in the Protocols of the
Elders of Zion – namely the subjugation of all peoples for all
times, depends on whether a sufficient number of
responsible, intelligent people are finally waking up and are
as quickly as possible to rise up against the real suppressors
and slaughterers of humanity!
«If you continue to sleep, you will all be lost.» Alexander
Today we have the great privilege to look back on a vast
treasure of knowledge, on innumerable spiritual trends, world
views and cultural epochs as well as on the most differing
political experiments and experiences, so that now we have
the chance to draw sensible conclusions and come to the
proper realizations from the experiences of the past. But what
the responsible politicians do today is the exact opposite, for
the work for the worst possible solutions that one can imagine

for humanity, because for years they are about to set the
course for the irreversible destruction of cultural diversity
world-wide and to end all self-determination and freedom.
One thing becomes increasingly clear: the political One-World
concept that is meant to forced upon humanity by the Jewish
establishment and by the Freemasonry they control will be
adopted and pushed through by those political thinkers in
conformity with the system (apart from the extortionist
pressure by the establishment) because their ideas of the
reality of life are based on the pathetically negative image of
man and the world stamped by the Jewish mentality that the
Pauline churches and the materialism of the age of
Enlightenment have truncated and left behind.
Thus the people that today contend for a One-World
Government are blinded in their world view or mentally
castrated, for based on their ideological templates they are
unable to perceive the deeper spiritual levels of life or the
meaning of the universally valid fundamental principles and
cosmic laws underlying life. Through their one-sided
mechanistic-hedonistic-opportunistic mode of thought and
perception they have lost to see what is essential, and so
they are unable to understand the true meaning of human
beingness and of communal living.
There are today quite a number of awakened people who see
through the miserable theatre that is played out on this
planet. There are others who like us feel responsible and
called upon to show to their fellow man the incredible
nuisances in this world (including the extant conspiracy) and
to offer them resolution concepts. In Germany especially
plenty of initiatives have been started that offer more or less
well-devised solution concepts even up to blueprints for a
constitution for the future German Reich (German Empire).
An increasing number of people in Germany and around the
world long for the rebirth of the German Reich as they realize
that humanity is unable to free itself of the devilish vicious
circles in which Ahrimanic Judaism is holding them imprisoned
(Ahriman = the patriarchal power of consciousness in man
that is exclusively geared to the material) without the help of
a sovereign Germany and will also not be able to bring about

a sensible and lasting solution for the oppressing problems in
the world.
In German patriotic circles a wild discussion about the
constitution has erupted. Every few months on hears of a new
grouping that offers a proposition for a new imperial
constitution or order. At the moment several patriotic groups
and lone fighters each do their own thing and try to group as
many like-minded people behind themselves and their ideas
(Bohlinger, Mahler and others), but now it is time to bundle
these forces.
The present endeavors by German patriots – concerning the
formulation of an imperial constitution – seem more or less
actionistic and often only due to political dissatisfaction and
outrage. We would like to state here very clearly that the
constitution of the future German Reich shall never be a
political-ideological patchwork born of compromise that later
and very soon will prove to be unrealistic and forced upon the
German people: rather all-encompassing truthful realizations
are of need for the constitution at this unique junction in time
where history has reached a paradigmatic change-over point,
realizations that also include the inner contiguity and the
fundamental ideas that are the base of communal living and
really do correspond to the level of development of man
Most German patriots engaged in this so far have failed to
notice that before it makes sense to work out constitution for
the German Reich that shall be recognized in patriotic circles
all over a spiritual-cultural base must be found that
encompasses as many reality and existence aspects as
possible that can serve as its greatest common denominator
for the different patriotic movements and as a generally
accepted foundation for an ideological basis for an order of
Why? Because we no longer live in the year 1848 or 1871
where there were German patriots who formed a relatively
homogenous spiritual-cultural unity, for today even the
German patriots who are interested in the rebirth of the
German Reich are ideologically (in political, philosophical,

scientific, esoteric, heathen and religious concerns) are
divided to an unimaginable degree!
The spectrum of this division reaches both extremes – yet
many do not realize it, because they do not know enough
about all the innumerable ideological intentions and
movements in German patriotic circles, between which on
certain questions there seem to be insurmountable chasms.
The brainwashing together with the suppression of German
culture over the years certainly had fostered this division
among German patriots.
Before we get legally and politically active and set down legal
matters in an imperial constitution it is very urgent and truly
necessary for all really qualified German people’s
representatives to become aware about the fundamental
spiritual-cultural questions and ideological concerns –
especially about the true essence of Germanness and of being
This means that before all the many different patriotic camps
so different in their respective world-views and beliefs – the
Ludendorffer, Unitarians, Anthroposophists, patriotic
Christians, Cosmoterics, Grail people, Hegelians, Wagner
devotees, national socialists etc, are brought in a national
respectively people’s assembly to the table to compose an
imperial constitution, it is necessary – after the long period of
spiritual descent and suppression of our German culture – to
allow a certain time for self-reflection of the actual people’s
representatives about being German so that they become
conscious of the deeper sense, the meaning and the role of
Germanness, of German culture and of the German Reich in
the community of peoples and its history of development.
It is a matter of recognizing the scope of the requirements
necessary for an imperial constitution considering the
historical and spiritual background before which the
imminent re-emergence of the German Reich – the phoenix
from the ashes – will take place. All concerned should be
aware that it is not merely a question of designing a political
concept for some constitution, but of working out a perfect
and fundamental new communal order for a new spiritual era

of human development that will serve as a model for many
other peoples!
«If there is no unity about fundamental matters, it is
nonsensical to forge common plans!» Confucius
The basis of a universal and all-encompassing order of values
is necessary for an imperial constitution, that aptly
characterizes the essence of German intellectuality and at the
same time the holistic spiritual paradigm of the new age and
promises the best chance of general acceptance is now
available since the Millennium! It is the threefold ontological
order of dimensions of consciousness mentioned in the
previous chapter (the nine-dimensional ontological axis)
which represents nothing else but Irminsul – the world soul –
of the old Teutons in a scientifically-philosophically reworked
With the realizations gained from this order we now own a
comprehensive basis for an order of values with which a
consensus of values can be achieved about questions
concerning man, God and the world-view, about the meaning
of life and freedom, questions of German history, the
definition of Germanness, the meaning of the German Reich
and of German culture in the community of peoples, the
meaning of Christianity as well as the role of Judaism.
We intend on the basis of the holistic-spiritual order of
existence mentioned above to bring together those seemingly
incompatible world-view camps into which the German people
and the European peoples are split and bring them together
in their basic ideological alignment on the greatest common
denominator. This might not be all that easy, but there is no
other way when the threatening demise of European cultures
and the enslavement of Humanity by the Jewry shall be
diverted at the last moment!
With the knowledge of the ontological order of values that is
so captivating by its inner logic it has become possible to
oppose the decadent, hedonistic globalism and the Islam that
is quickly spreading in Europe with something effective,
namely a scientifically-philosophically founded holistic-

spiritual understanding of reality and religion that
corresponds to the true spiritual identity of Europe.
Further one can in the most simple way deduce from this
basic, logically comprehensible order of consciousness
dimensions – that decodes the secret of the human soul, the
Holy Grail, and represents the basic measure of creation
founded in the nature of man – the fundamental structural
parts and principles of structure in a communal order that
corresponds to the universal, cosmo-biological fundamental
It actually and necessarily follows that a meaningful, highly
developed state communal order corresponding to humanity’s
present level of development can only be created when it
derives from the new holistic (comprising mind, body and
soul) image off man of the new age and thus the new
paradigm. The different state-communal structures in which
people lived were as a rule always an expression of their
actual development of consciousness and mirrored the
prevalent image of the world respectively of man in their
culture – the key image behind the social structure was and
still is today man himself!
The basic concept of the future imperial constitution is come
from the inner contexts which this ontological understanding
of order reveals. The resulting knowledge leads to the
realization that without exception any order of dominance is
in its core based on three elementary systems through which
the state in question and the communal living of a people or
cultural community is determined in its character and its
possibilities for development. These three elementary
systems are:
1. The system of the order of values as the spiritual
(religious) key coordinate and scientific-philosophical
basis of order for spiritual and cultural life;
2. the system of state or legal order as the basis of
order for the political and legal systems; and
3. the monetary system as the basis of order for the key
system of performance for the economy.

These three elementary systems are basically the three
spiritual foundations of any community organized as a state,
they have only so far not been recognized by the
«dominated» in their true meaning and therefore could not be
properly attributed. In the Jewish-Anglo-American mega
system the Jewish high finance rules to complete «western
community of values» and thus the largest part of today’s
1. by the pseudo-humanistic and hedonistic-
mammonistic order system of values;
2. by the pseudo-democratic highly corrupt and
hypocritical parliamentarian state system of political
parties; and
3. by the extremely exploitive money system that
enslaves all of humanity.
These three elementary state systems that the Jewish
financial establishment was able to install through its mighty
influence in all states of the «western community of values»
must in the interest of any people or cultural community be
abolished and replaced by systemic bases for order of the
community that really support the self-regulation and welfare
of the peoples.
These three elementary state systems, which individually
have to be fashioned according to universal cosmo-biological
principles of order, form in the constitution of the German
Reich – which in the new age will have a model function for
many other constitutions – the essential part and actual core
of the future Imperial Order.
The Chyren will – probably still in 2004 – publish the first part
of his essential state–philosophical work concerning the bases
of the threefold Cosmonarchy which contains a universally
valid pattern of order illustrating the inner communal-
systemic and structural correlations of the social organism in
all simplicity.
(Note: The «Cosmonarchy» is a spiritual threefold societal
order which enables each individual the maximum possible
personal freedom, while maintaining social unity. The

threefold Cosmonarchy unites the basic ideas of all that we
can imagine under the terms of the Germanic popular
government, grassroots democracy, monarchy and the three-
partite state – Rudolf Steiner – as well as the idea of a
elected emperor-philosopher.)
A premature release of this knowledge would not make sense
because – as we had to note – the many patriotic activists
with their differing approaches have first to sow their wild
oats among each other so they will experience which
requirements the future Imperial Order actually has to meet.
In the meantime we are making the best use of our time to
polish the basics. Roland Bohlinger, too, will – once he sees
past the philosophy of Ludendorff and deals with our
approach to a solution and with our philosophical principles –
come to the realization that his solution and the Ludendorff
philosophy are in no way sufficient as an ideological base for
the future Imperial Order.
Even though the basic concept of the Imperial Order is
already done, the New Community of Philosophers endeavors
to incorporate into the new imperial constitution all the
valuable impulses from differing patriotic camps. We are very
much interested to reconstitute the capacity to act of the
German Reich, but ahead of this everything has to be thought
through thoroughly and all essentials be adequately
We are grateful for all creative and constructive suggestions
and try to include them in the Imperial Order. So please keep
thinking and bring your ideas in some way to the public, it will
then surely reach us for we now have people everywhere so
that nothing important escapes us.
Please take the trouble to find our other writings and consider
their contents, especially the holistic-cosmoteric world-view
that is derived from the nine-dimensional ontological order,
with the reformation of Christianity and the systemic bases of
order for communities (to which we will soon publish precise
material). Free your spirit so that you may consciously and
actively take part in the fight for freedom, in the greatest
revolution in the history of man that now enters the hot
phase. Seek pout likeminded people with whom you can

establish in your region a patriotic circle, and help to
disseminate our writings by copying them carefully and
The fight in which we find ourselves is the final battle of the
ideologies that can only be won by spiritual means, and only
when many upright and brave people recognize now their
responsibility for the world and are ready to fight for the truth
with the utmost readiness to make sacrifices.
Now every individual counts to disseminate the necessary
knowledge, to address family members, friends, neighbors,
colleagues and acquaintances and explain to them what the
game in this world really is. Do not wait until others take
initiative – you are called to action yourselves now!
We wish you a contemplative Christmas, much courage, great
success and spiritual protection for your endeavors in the
fight for freedom in the New Year.
Your New Community of Philosophers
Christmas 2003

The dissemination of this text as photostat or computer file

could wake up many individuals and perhaps reach certain
decision-makers who might react better in certain situations if
they know about the interconnections and the long-term goal
of the total enslavement of humanity.
However, it might be best to pass this text on anonymously,
as persons that do pass on this knowledge are naturally
perceived as enemies and could brought to court under the
present laws among other things for sedition.