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NAME: Astha Bhargava Enrollment no.

: 17BSP0564
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Project Proposal

I. Project Proposed:
Name of the Organization : IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Title of the internship report : Study on Unit Linked Insurance Plan and comparison
with traditional plan
Area of the project : Finance

II. Description of the project in brief:

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. has fifteen products as of now which cater the need of
several customers to invest. This project consists of a detailed analysis of the unit linked
insurance plan and comparison with the traditional insurance plan. In the work assigned to
me I have to sell childsurance, lifesurance and incomesurance. It is mandatory for the
students to appear and pas the IRDA IC33 examination to sell insurance products. With this
certification, the advisors need to sell policies targeting their own friends, neighbors, etc.
In insurance sector ULIP plan was launched by Unit Trust of India (UTI). It came into
picture in the year 1960s and became very popular in whole world due to its lucrative
features. It was launched in India in the year 2000 by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and
Development Authority). This project is to study the ULIPs and traditional plan. This project
will also help the company to identify their merits and demerits in the plan and make the
necessary improvements.

III. Objectives of the Project:

 To study the features of unit linked insurance plan and traditional insurance plan
 To compare the unit linked insurance plan with traditional insurance plan with
respect to IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
 To find out the preferences of the people
 To find out the growth in fund of ULIP and traditional plan
 To enumerate the business in force of ULIP and traditional policies of the life
insurance companies of India.
 To study the growth of ULIP through the premium collected by the life insurance
IV. Methodology:
The study is based on secondary sources of data collected from published sources such as
study material by IRDA and IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. Ltd., IRDA Annual reports,
Company Annual reports and other trusted websites.
V. Schedule:
Evaluation Component:

Project Proposal : March 15th

Interim Report : March 28th

Pilot Study : April 22nd

Final Report : May 22nd

VI. Limitations of the study:

 Not a single work is exception to the limitation every work has got its limitations. It
is assumed that the sample selected represents entire population
 In a rapidly changing industry, analysis on one day or in one segment can change
very quickly

Faculty guide name:

Name : Prof. Hemant Purandare

Designation : Dean Academics and SIP Co-ordinator

Telephone No. : 9819722791

Email ID:

Company guide:
Name : Mrs.Shanthi Yagyanath

Designation : Senior Branch Head

Telephone No. : 9943634445

Email ID :

Date: 15-March-2018 Astha Bhargava