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university of Helsinki

University of Helsinki –
A Leading European University
University of Helsinki
The University of Helsinki is one of the leading European
research-intensive universities. It is a founding member of the
League of European Research Universities LERU together with
the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. In international rankings,
the University of Helsinki is consistently placed among the 20
best universities in Europe. Here you find an inspiring learning
environment and outstanding student services: 24/7 computer
labs, dozens of student clubs and low-cost sports services – and
much more.

Helsinki, Capital of Finland

Helsinki is a modern city with over half a million residents. The
capital is known for design, technology and its vibrant cultural
life. A green city close to the sea and archipelago, Helsinki is
surrounded by nature.

Finland has gained top ranking in several international surveys
when it comes to the quality of life and competitiveness.
Education is highly valued and Finland’s PISA success is known
worldwide. Nature plays an important role in the Finnish way
of life as do sports, arts – and, of course, the Finnish sauna.

International Master’s
Degree Programmes
The extent of each Master’s degree programme is 120 ECTS
credits and two years of intensive full-time study is required.
All programmes are taught in English.
Humanities, Social Sciences & Law
Art Theory, Criticism and Management
Democracy and Global Transformations
Economy, State and Society
Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity and Integration
European Studies
Higher Education (HEEM)
Intercultural Encounters
Media and Global Communication
Practical Philosophy
Public International Law and International Commercial Law
Religious Roots of Europe
Social Sciences

Natural Sciences & Medicine

Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry
Atmosphere-Biosphere Studies
Bayesian Statistics and Decision Analysis
Computer Science
Environment and Natural Resources
Food of Life
Food Sciences
Forest Sciences and Business
Forestry and Environmental Engineering
Information and Communications Technology
Modeling Molecules and Nanosystems
Multidisciplinary Studies on Urban Environmental Issues
Plant Production Science
Space Sciences
Translational Medicine
Admission Requirements
You should have a Bachelor’s degree in the same or related
field of study that you are applying for at the University of
Helsinki. In all of the International Master’s Programmes,
the teaching language is English. To indicate your English
proficiency, you must submit a language test score of CAE/

No Tuition Fees
The University of Helsinki charges no tuition fees. The only
obligatory payment is the Student Union membership fee
(80 euro per year) entitling to a multitude of benefits. The
exceptions are the Erasmus Mundus programmes: they may
charge programme fees.

Helsinki Summer School

Helsinki Summer School (HSS) is a three-week academic event
organised every August by the universities in the Helsinki
area. The HSS multidisciplinary courses are designed for
advanced degree students and they are all taught in English.
Welcome to get a taste of studying at the University of Helsinki
and to make new international friends!
Contact Information
Admissions Services
P.O. Box 3 (Fabianinkatu 33)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)9 191 22604
Fax +358 (0)9 191 22291
Photos: University Communications/Veikko Somerpuro