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Goal of the project

Create the biggest taxi network, convenient

transportation providers at a variety of prices
1-marketing and advertising for the project (arrive me) to
let people know it (sara ayman)
2-provide the best offers and discounts for customers
and for customers who always use it special offers
3-providing cars for people with special needs (marina
4-increase number of cars we have to provide in all cities
(haidy hany)
5-know all the information about drivers to ensure the
safety of our customers (nourhan)
6-variety of transportation such as cars, motorcycle,
buses with different prices (zena)
7- appear to the driver the place where the customer will
go before accepting the request (mariz)
VISION: bring transportation for everyone in any place
and create more job opportunities
MISSION: make transportation safer, cheaper, reliable

Mission statement
1- Customer: undifferentiated marketing strategy,
don’t have a specific segment of customers
2- Market: represent our cars in different places
3- Concern for survival, growth ,profitability: make
expansions in new places
4- Philosophy: providing modern cars characterized by
safety and choose best riders with good reputation
5- Concern for public image: give chance for youth to
work and make transportation easily
6- Product or service: transporting
7- Technology: GPS built in to attract riders
8- self concept: more cheaper, safety, modern cars
9- Concern for employees: we give good salaries and
keep his rights, give health insurance