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FD-1036 Rev, 10-16-2009) , Geereine Reaoas UNCLASSIFIED FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Import Form Form Type: EMAT : Date: 10/29/20 Title: (U) TV Shows Movies and Book Report August 2012 Approved By: bs Drafted By: case ID #: 80-AL-C42307 (0) MEDIA RELATIONS - 1 synopsis: ows Movies and Book Report August 2012 Enclosure(s): Enclosed are the following items: ee (uy, st 2011 +o UNCLASSIFIED From: Jon behalf of bs (FBI) Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 1:17 PM To: AL-ALL EMPLOYEES Subject: TV Shows, Movies, and Book Report/ August 2012 Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Attached, please find a report detailing the latest television, motion picture and book projects mentioning or highlighting the FBI The Office of Public Affairs, Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs Unit compiles this report for internal informational purposes. Classification: UNCLASSIFIED WHITE CHICKS (SEQUEL) (Sony, In Development) ‘The Wayans brothers reprise their roles as sibling FBI Agents posing as a pair of white ladies. IPPAU assistance was not requested WHITE HOUSE DOWN (Columbia Pictures, In Development) Producers contacted IPPAU for assistance with procedures. WOLF OF WALL STREET (Sikelia Productions/Wamer Brothers, In Development) The story of Jordan Belfort, and his relationship with the FBI Agent who tried to make him an informant, Leonardo Dicaprio will play Belfort. Kyle Chandler will play FBI Agent Greg Coleman, Brad Pitt will be Belfort’s mentor, And Jonah Hill will play Danny Porush, one of Belfort’s cohorts. IPPAU and FBI NY reviewed the script and made suggestions on SEC versus FBI investigations and procedures, ba