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Lappidoth- Deborah’s husband; could also be an adjective describing Deorah as a

“fiery” woman

Leprosy- Miriam and Aaron talk about the Cushite woman that Moses has married.
Because of this, Miriam gets struck with leprosy. Aaron prays to Moses to help heal her.
(Note: Nothing happened to Aaron)

Magnificat- Mary’s prayer- she sings right after Elizabeth blesses her. It is patterned
after Hannah’s prayer.

Manoah- the father of Samson. His wife was barren, but then the Angel of the Lord
appeared to her and told his wife that she will have a child who will forever be a
dedicated Nazirite. Then a messenger of God appeared to him to instruct them both. He
said “We will both surely die because we have seen God.”

Merab- the oldest daughter of Saul. She was betrothed to David after his victory over
Goliath, but did not seem to have entered heartily into this arrangement. Eventually
marries Adriel.

Michal- The youngest daughter of Saul. She loved and was married to David. She helps
David escape by pretending he is sick in bed. Saul makes her marry another man while
David is gone. But, when David comes back he reclaims her- their relationship is never
the same. She criticized David when he dances, partially unclothed, while bringing back
the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.

Midian- the place where Moses spent the 40 years between the time that he fled Egypt
after killing an Egyptian who had been beating an Israelite and his return for leading the

Mizpah- where Jephthah made his rash vow to kill the first who greets him. It’s also
where his daughter is eventually submitted to her mysterious fate (being killed because of
the vow that her father made).

Nabal- He was married to Abigail. David comes to “offer protection” in exchange for
money (mafia-like). But, Nabal is foolish and turns him away. His wife has to make
amends for his wrong-doing and convince David not to sin. Abigail tells Nabal what
happens a day later and he has a heart attack.

Nazirite-a Jew who takes strict vows. Must be abstinent and cannot drink wine or cut
their hair. Samson was a lifetime Nazirite.

Paninnah- she is one of the two wives of Elkanah. She was not loved as much as
Hannah, but she was ablet o have kids. She would tease Hannah about being barren.
(Similar to one of the Sarah/Hagar stories in which Hagar is portrayed as antagonizing
Puah- one of the two Hebrew midwives who feared God, and refused to kill the Hebrew
male children at their birth. (Shiphrah was the other). “Hebrew Midwives” could be
translated in different ways.

Queen of Sheba- The Queen of Sheba visited Solomon. It was an Ethiopian tradition
that the Queen of Sheba came back home pregnant. The child was then sent back to
Solomon’s court to be raised as a prince. The Queen of Sheba received riches from the
Solomon and also a SON!

Reed Sea- is actually the Red Sea. The Greeks mistranslated this. The sea that Moses
parts to get the people out of Egypt.

Rizpah- daughter of Aiah; one of Saul’s concubines; wife of Abner; Abner uses her to
try and gain power; Rizpah’s two sons are killed by David when he becomes king and
tries to wipe out all of Saul’s family.

Samson’s riddle- “Out of the eater came something to eat. Out of the strong came
something sweet.” The riddle is wisdom literature. Samson is NOT a wise person. The
real answer to the riddle is sex/love. The answer Hadley also gave is oral sex, especially
given the context of the wedding. According to the passage, the reason why Samson told
his Phillistine wife is because she constantly nagged him until he did.

Samuel- son of Hannah (who was barren at first) & Elkanah; one of the first major
prophets in Israel

Saul- first anointed king by Samuel; later Saul tells David that David can have Michal if
David gets him 100 foreskins of Phillistines (an attempt to basically kill off David) but
David ends up succeeding

Sheba (person)- revolts from David & chases him to Abel & Sheba is the one to suggest
to chop his head off and throw it over the wall

Shiloh- this is the city where the 400 remaining virgins were dancing and then these
women were kidnapped after the Levite woman raping incident occurred

Shiphrah- one of the two midwives that helped prevent the genocide of the Hebrew
children by the Egyptians

Sisera- the captain of Jabin’s army that was killed by Jael when she drove a tent peg
through his “temple”

Timnah- the city where Samson sees the “girl from the Phillistines” that he wants to

Uriah- a priest that works under Ahaz

Wife of Manoah- she is barren, but a messenger from God comes to her and tells her she
will have a child but she can’t drink wine, eat anything unclean, or shave the boy’s head
(so her son was to be a Nazirite), she is MUCH wiser than her husband. Her son is
Samson- a Nazirite for life

Woman of Endor- kills stall-fed calf and gives it to Saul; she brings back the ghost of
Samuel; has the compassion to look after Sual, care for him, & even gives him the best
calf she has (even though Saul was the one that placed a ban on her business in the first

Zelophehad & Daughters (list & signif)- ?

Zipporah- wife of Moses