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Introduction​ is a site exceptionally intended for Hindi talking understudies who are
getting ready for rivalries tests like RAS IAS SSC BANK CLERK, PATWARI, RAILWAY,
different divisions and services of Government of India and State Governments. In the
present advanced Era more understudies are moving to online examination and false
test, since it accessible whenever at wherever. Many alumni and college understudies
are understudies gets ready for rivalry tests. The vast majority of these tests' example is
different decision target type questions. We give here a similar method for learning.
Likewise officially working housewives and low salaried representatives are
endeavoring to clear challenge tests to redesign themselves to higher posts. Be that a s
it may, they can't think about full time and can't convey substantial books all over the
place. To encourage this ​​ gave full prospectus shrewd examination
material on the web.

As "Advanced India" program kept running by government to interface individuals of

remote territories to web. The vast majority of those individuals are of age between 15
to 40. The greater part of them are understudies, housewives and incidentally utilized or
planning for finishing tests. We structured this site to benefit office of web based figuring
out how to these individuals, so they can examine whenever anyplace. Our site is
structured by our learning propensities and example of rivalry tests. You can test
yourself and improve your frail focuses. Questions are composed by master and
secured full subtleties point shrewd.

Question Bank
Question bank is nothing but collection of so many ​questions ​that helps people in study
by solving maximum questions of subjects like political science, history, rajsthann gk,
english grammar, computer quiz in english,india gk etc

Q: राज थान के कस िजले के साथ सबसे ल बी अंतरा य सीमा लगती है ?

A जैसलमेर

B ीगंगानगर

C बीकानेर

D बाड़मेर
Q: भारत के द ण क ओर के दे श म बौ ध धम का कौन - सा सं दाय च लत हुआ -

A ह नयान

B महायान

C शू यवाद

D इनम से कोई नह ं

Q: ​Choose the meaning closest to the idioms written below and


Q-​There is nothing ​more miserable ​than the hunger.

A quite miserable
B very miserable
C as miserable
D no correction

Q: ​spot the error

Q-choose the incorrect


A inadaquacy
B insipid
C integral
D wily
Mock Test :-
A false test implies a drill that is directed before the real test. Eg in the event that you
were procured by a BPO and you have been granted with the essential learning and the
important client taking care of aptitudes , your group captain or commitment chiefs may
direct a fake test where they will act like a client and take a stab at conversing with you
to see how serenely you can deal with the call or drive the call.Once they are fulfilled
the test is considered finished.
Mock tests are like last, most important tests where the paper design is comparative as
is the checking plan used to measure genuine potential and iton out your shortcomings.

Ridicules are extremely useful in knowing where you ought to extemporize and where
your qualities lie, they help in performing better and give you results on time utilization
per question.

It demonstrates number of wrong and right answers, endeavored questions, Negative

scores and time Consumed.

You can pick online Mock arrangement by TestFunda, Oliveboard, HitbullsEye to get a
decent vibe of such tests and its assortment.

Video Tutorial​ :-
Video tutorials include two types of videos 1 is basic mathematics and another is
advance mathematics.

A) Basic mathematics :
Fundamental Mathematics offers expertise support at the primary dimension with the
mission to build capability and dominance at more elevated amounts inside the
Mathematics.It includes prime no., prime factor, sum of factors, unit no, and no of
multiple and its sum etc.
It is designed for anyone who needs a basic to advanced understanding of mathematics
concepts and operations.

B) Advance Mathematics :
Advance mathematics includes Trigonometry, Algebra, Quadratic
Equation,Angle,Polynomial Factors etc are topics of advance mathematics. In any exam
like SSC, SSC-CGL, Bank PO, Bank Clerk, CAT, MAT and
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