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Interactions Within The Environment ISU

Inquiry Question: How do the biotic and abiotic factors interrelate in an ecosystem/biome?

Assignment Summary:
You are a conservation biologist working at a wildlife reserve. You have been asked to
develop a visual map of the interactions, including both biotic and abiotic factors, present within
the ecosystems of the biome represented by your National Park. This informative brochure and
food web display will educate your visitors on the species and other factors that inhabit and
characterize your specific ecosystem/biome.

Week 1: April 10th - April 17th

Part I: Describe Biome

You will be researching your “chosen” biome. (If the same biome is chosen many times, that
choice will be eliminated to give a wider range of biomes covered). Within your chosen biome
you were research a specific National Park or Conservation Area.

This portion of the project will be made into an informative brochure

1. Write an advertising slogan to get people to visit and promote the positive aspects of your
2. Give the brochure the National Park Title __________________________.
3. Climate: Describe, in your own words, the climate within that particular biome. Amount
of rainfall annually, the average temperatures.
4. Provide a climate graph for your assigned biome.
5. Provide a world map of where your particular biome is located globally. Star the
approximate area in which your biome can be found.
6. Provide a paragraph on the “Flora and Fuana” of your chosen park. In other words,
describe the kind of plants and animals that would be found in your national park.
7. Give a bulleted list of the kinds of activities that tourists can enjoy within your chosen
8. Include pictures of your National Park features and Biome features (minimum 4).

Possible Points Points Earned

At least 4 pictures of National Park/Biome given. 5

Description of flora and fauna found within park/biome. 5

Title page with Biome and Park Listed. 5

World Map with Biome Highlighted 5

Climate graph and climate description 10

National Park Attractions 5

Slogan 5
Total 35
Interactions Within The Environment ISU