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Nastja Vogrinc

Lažiše 18, 3224 Dobje pri Planini

Date: 22. 1. 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apply for work placement, because I want to further expand my knowledge of
English language and get to know their culture and habits. I believe that the work placement is
an excellent opportunity for language students, as it offers contact with people from a
different country, where the student is having the work placement and he/she gains the
necessary knowledge and experience, which is useful for the future.

I am very interested in languages, I like to learn and use them. I love to travel, which is why I
would like to do my work placement in France, as the French language is my favourite and I
intend to develop it even more.

I think I would be the right person to do the work placement in a foreign country, because I
am a very open and social person, who is not afraid of new challenges. I am also very precise
and that is why I would try my best while working.

With the work placement I would gain a lot of experiences and meet a lot of new people,
which would benefit my future, as I would learn new ways of communication in Barcelona,
along with the culture and habits.

Yours faithfully,