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Only those who have enlisted for the 5YR program will be given priority. We are offering ONLY 2-unit
courses for summer.

You may enroll in courses with a total of six units (excluding apprenticeship courses). You need to enroll
ONLINE or manual enrollment. THIS IS NOT YOUR ENROLLMENT FORM. There will be no pre-enrollment.
You must go online.

As of 13 April 2019, the courses offered are:

Course Units Schedule Check if

you plan to
Insurance 2 T 1900 –
S 0900 to
1200; 1230
to 1330
Legal Forms 2 T/TH 1800
- 2100
Law on Public Corporations 2 T-1800 –
S 1500 -
Special Civil Actions 2 W/F 1800 -
Special Penal Laws 2 T/F 1400 -
Mergers and Acquisitions 2 T/TH 1800
- 2100
Summer Apprenticeship 1 2 No classes -
(duty hours
Summer Apprenticeship 2 2 No classes
Torts and Damages 2 S 0900 –
1200; 1330
- 1630

Summer Term
I wish to request that the following courses be offered:

Course Units

There are no guarantees that courses you requested (or petitioned) will be available. The courses offered
are primarily for those in the 5YR program. Their curriculum calls for them to take courses in the summer
term. They will have priority (earlier access to online).

We appreciate those who filed a petition in communicating with us early. Please fill-out this form and
submit these ASAP. We will try to find the professors to accommodate your request.

Please submit this form to Rochelle Tabirao on or before APRIL 27, 2019, 12 noon. Keep a duplicate for



Summer Term