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Vianey Aguirre

Mr. Hopper

Advanced bio human anatomy

10 October 2018

Anatomy Community Service

I volunteered at the school nurse’s office and the organization of school nursing is a

specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the wellbeing of students while

teaching them to take care of their body. A nurse’s mission is to find out what is wrong with the

student/patient to find a way to cure them. At a school nurse there isn’t much antibiotics, so they

call 911 to send them to the hospital. School nurses tackle issues such as the physical and

emotional health of the students.

I chose this organization because I got to learn how a school nurse does their job to help

a patient by: checking their temperature, give medicine if available to the patient, and or call

home to pick up the student. Even though the medical field is not what I want to find a career in

its still interesting how the human body works. The organization of nursing is tough because

every patient comes with different problems like: flu, stomachache, cramps, heartburns,

dizziness, and the main one would be headache. For a school nurse it’s a job with responsibility

of a patient but not to cure them but just to find a way to deal with far more severe medical

problems as well as social and emotional problems that children bring to school but often aren’t

comfortable talking about with teachers and even counselors.

From this service I expected to help a patient with blood pressure or to check someone’s

fever, but I did the total opposite. What I did was the paperwork a nurse does most of the time

the paper work was writing the students names and id’s as well as what lass they are in on forms.
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The forms indicate any health issues and or medications, but these forms taught me that a nurse

job isn’t all hands on it’s a lot of paper work. This is something I didn’t expect but it was a good

start to find out what a nurse does most of the time in the medical field.

I learned that working in an office isn’t easy because not everyone will agree to your

observation. I don’t like seeing blood or an injury which is why I won’t be looking for a career in

the medical field. Doing paperwork was easy for the most part I enjoyed seeing different faces

walk through the door, but I didn’t expect people to have an appointment to come in due to a

health issue. I would like to volunteer in the nurse’s office because it’s interesting and I enjoy

helping others, so volunteering would be a good way to find a career path.

I don’t think I would volunteer into this organization because even though I am doing

paperwork now in the future I would be helping a patient, but I don’t want to kill someone. This

volunteering work would be for someone who wants a career in the medical field which is

helpful so that person could learn while volunteering. The medical field is very hands on

working with patients who have medical problems I would like to work with patients but not

when it comes to hands on. For example, working with taking blood out, injecting medicine, and

making sure a patient is still breathing.

This class relates to health, the human body which is what Anatomy & Physiology works

with. The school nurse works with in the medical field which includes the skeletal, digestive, and

integumentary systems. This all falls into the part of the human body and the functions. The

school nurse works in many ways that pertains to the anatomy like the bodily structures of the

body and illnesses as well as to the physiology part which is the heart and bones.