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Scanned Documents 2 CITY EXPERTS CONSTRUCTIONS L.L.C DAILY SITE OBSERVATION REPORT Project Tile | MEP MAINTENANCE Tome 0319 | Location Upon asia “hi is aninatncton to corec r conduct sternatie ste aces fo ensue compliance wit projet requrements 3s Teered under The Sed nevucton DOES NOT asthorze ertitement io te or cost ttn Reference fo the HSE requirement in compliance with UAE regulation and standard and to Keep safety at work | seein prapress mow eident Accident During our vat on 3-03-2018, we have noted HSE Observation as | folowing Eonuacior Covectve | Cosarvation “Acton ute |-— his Repent Tased in accordance with OAA_HSE Rules ond requisions. Canttetion works ongoing, during Out site safety Inspection feliowing observation i} ‘have been recorded, Project Slaaayar to ensure prompt action fs taken during the iron timotromes 1. | An inspection cared out on Sits ound Eletnel eats poor Management suoyzars 2. | oseng An nspection cased out al Cy Extent ound mare housekeeping on Ste, aian2019 2 | oveng inspection was foune same eabies connecting without plugs electrical shock is s0yn019 potertal hazardous, Action required: = Urprent acton requred on HSE ebservaion and report to be submited that al pomnts meni have been reciieg References/Attachment: Page 1 of § Scanned Documents 2 CITY EXPERTS CONSTRUCTIONS L.L.C issued by OHSE Manager Fw. | (Smo) bk E19Gm Signatre: Yt | oats: moran 3408 }19. 4 7 isd by Cy Exper Key Mon9909) | sae Quad Date: siasare Received by Site Engineor soraue: il Date: sras2000 Distitution Constr sun Conese [7] Ones Follow up by City Experts Constructions: 5 ‘Above instructon(s) camriad out (Yes (_) No Remarks Nowe Bharat 4 [Sm FEL von alae Distbution star Followup: [7/Conracor [~) mace ome Plec 02 No. Exclusion Zone E: ‘onal Condon 1+ Vat wating Hnehegig > Unie Canten remem 6: Umal Condon comactingieieal Coreensup tapers ey eae SEES Page 2 of 3 Scanned Documents z= CITY EXPERTS GONSTRUCTIONS L.L.C Corrective action - Section (a) (FiRSHaRB)AB)HEurS le € lov tnd prope from from tle VElecbricul cables ore remove Arrangement sas _foken» 2) All garbage are remnoued! and sHe5_ fs gomy on as perth compel “omni aad gredies ste as. [4 plugs are co manner Prop Corrective action - Section (8) (FIm@HaRRe)48 HONS mre safdly » As par he wendidtod_v0e_aro noc of. 0 fu fel huge / uporviscr af the sie Ar whole Jrme. ignatinn oiretie By RECEIVED By: Project Mansyer NAME: HARI PRASAD, sowarumes py j>—~ is8UED ay OBE Manos wancsoat Gad Page 3.0f 3