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Since 1883
Volume 137 Issue 13 Friday, June 7, 2019 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE Grand Lady Chosen as

this week
Honourary Parade Marshal
By KAREN MITCHELL complete her grade 12 year.
Upon graduation, Audrah

S itting in her living room,

surrounded by a mul-
secured a custodial job at the
Cameron School for a wage

titude of family portraits, of $15.00 a month. “Living
pictures and artifacts of her in the country, if you got a
extensive travels, Audrah job in Minnedosa that meant
Win For Caughell had no trouble re-
counting the past 104 years
you had to pay for room and
board and that doesn’t leave
Rugby Girls of her life. much money left over from

Audrah has been chosen the pay cheque,” explained
as the 2019 Parade Marshal Audrah. “But getting a job
for next month’s Minnedosa in the country, at a country
Fun Fest Parade, sponsored school, meant that I could
by the local Chamber of live at home and still work.
Commerce. When asked if So that worked out great for
she was surprised by the in- me.”
vitation, Audrah joked, “Not Audrah worked at the
really. How many 104-year Cameron School for one
old’s do they actually have year and recalls that year
to choose from?” quite fondly. “I had a lot of
Beth Melendy, gentlemen callers and we
Minnedosa Chamber of went to lots of dances and
Commerce President, ex- to the shows at the Lyric
plained the selection criteria Theatre. It was such a great
Medical for Parade Marshall, “We
look at history of contri-
year,” recalled Audrah, with
a sparkle in her eyes.
Students bution in our community.
There were a few names
From here, Audrah
travelled to Winnipeg to
In Town discussed throughout a few take teachers training for

meetings. We ultimately de- one year. Once completed,
cided to choose Audrah be- she taught at Deer Range
cause of her long history and School, south of Neepawa,
contribution to the Horticul- for four years. Through-
tural Society in the commu- out this time, teachers were
nity. Not to mention her age. not allowed to teach if they
Photo by Karen Mitchell
She is an amazing 104 years were married. This “rule”
If your label reads old this year.” was in effect until the start At 104 years of age, Audrah Caughell has seen and done a lot in
19/06/30 Born the oldest of four
children to Jim and Hazel
of the second World War in
1939. “I wanted to teach for
her lifetime. Audrah is looking forward to being honoured as the
Fun Fest Parade Marshal next month.
It’s time to renew Grant in 1915, Audrah Ei- a while, so I knew I couldn’t
your subscription! leen grew up on a farm just marry. I had a lot of fun and After another two years got a wandering lust to expe- 235 kilometers northeast of
north of Minnedosa. She at- there was a lot of handsome of teaching at Wellwood rience new places and took a Winnipeg.
204-867-3816 tended Cameron School for young men in the district. School, Audrah, now ap- teaching job at the San An-
grades one through eleven, I never had any trouble,” proximately 26-years-old, tonio Gold Mines in Bissett, Continued on Page 7
then coming to Minnedosa to laughed Audrah.

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