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- Gray: Organic remains can not TIPS “Año de la lucha contra la corrupción y

be recycled. la impunidad”
• We all have to recycle
- Yellow: Plastic containers, UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA
• We must put the paper in its place.
metal and tetra bricks.
• Throw the containers into the “LOS ANGELES DE CHIMBOTE”
- Green: Glass containers.
- Blue: Paper, cardboard that is
not dirty. • Let's take care of the environment so
as not to destroy ecosystems.
- Battery: Specifically for
batteries. • Reduce drug use.

• Make groups to recycle




COURSE: English I
TEACHER: Sandra Melissa
Manrique García
We do cleaning groups and we go out
You have the duty and responsibility to DATE
in campaigns to the beaches, streets,
put into practice responsible
neighborhoods and we help them to DELIVERY: May 19, 2019
reduce pollution.
What is responsible consumption? BENEFITS  Ecológical:
It is a type of responsible consumption - Reduces ecological damage.
 Economical
and with a commitment to the - It involves buying
environment Source of savings for the person who
biodegradable and ecological
practices it because it is not only buying
products, but energy and services.
- Through this, send a message to
the companies that manufacture
these products, so that they
increase the importance of
respect for the environment in
their products.

She uses ecological bags and takes care

of our environment We are responsible consumers and we
commit ourselves to respect the
What do the three R's mean? environment
- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
The 3Rs help you to throw away less  Social.
waste, save money and be more It includes the concern for the protection
responsible with the environment. of the rights of the most vulnerable
Those companies promote ecological
people to be exploited.
products taking care of nature
It benefits the worker's rights and
receives a fair wage for his work,
without discrimination
Where can we throw away used things?

We can recycle cardboard and glass

- - For this we use the following


My university is a promoter of the

Karla helps the poorest people with
recycling and it does it all the time
their work to the environment