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Raghav Bahl Ritu Kapur Subhash Bahl Tara Bahl Vidur Bahl

$ 1,125,000 and GBP 98,000

for Preference Shares

Settlor Funds – $ 98,333

$ 624,706 for Preference Shares
$ 250,000 and GBP
RB 408,900 for Preference
Trust Shares

100% equity shares – 2 shares of 1 GBP Trust Company (Isle of Man) -

$ 255,164 for Preference each Trustees for RB Trust
Shares $ 625,978 for Preference
Shares Raghav Bahl– Protector for RB Trust

RBRK Investments Limited Potential beneficiaries – Raghav

Bahl, Tara Bahl and Vidur Bahl
Total funds received by RBRK Investments
Limited from Raghav Bahl and Family - Settlor – Ritu Kapur
$ 2,880,848 and GBP 506,900
GBP 272,500

In addition to the above, Raghav Bahl and Tara Bahl had

London Property paid GBP 272,500 each for the London Property. This was
assigned to RBRK Investments in lieu of Preference Shares
Purchase of London Property

From Amount
Raghav Bahl GBP 272,500
Tara Bahl GBP 272,500
RBRK Investments Limited GBP 272,500
Loan availed by RBRK Investments from Bank for final property payment GBP 2,043,750
Total GBP 2,861,250

Expenses on London Property

From Amount
Raghav Bahl GBP 224,321
Ritu Kapur GBP 116,037
Total GBP 340,359

Grand Total – GBP 3,201,609