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"El Magonista" | Vol. 7 No.

22 | June 19, 2019

Triumphant week of advocacy in Washington, D.C. for National

Campaign to Restore DACA's Advance Parole


Successful second phase of our National
Campaign to Restore DACA's Advance Parole !
Participating DACA recipients pose for a photo after finishing an advocacy training.
Photo: Lidieth Arevalo
Thanks to you and our supporters, the California-Mexico Studies Center (CMSC)
celebrates a successful week of advocacy in Washington, D.C. last week, where more
than 30 dreamers from across the country came together and participated in a 4-day
journey to advocate for the restoration of DACA’s Advance Parole.

Through several advocacy activities, we brought about an unprecedented awareness

on the importance and human impact Advance Parole had on DACA recipients,
solidified a second cohort of Dreamers and support organizations, and returned
energized with an action plan for the rest of the year. We were able to meet with
more than 80 congressional offices to request their support and to express the
urgent need to reinstate the permit that would allow Dreamers to travel outside
of the U.S. for humanitarian, educational, and/or employment purposes.

Given the success, we are moving forward to the next phase of our National Campaign
to Restore Advance Parole, which will include an advocacy week in the fall of 2019.
We will also promote that all Dreamers that have suffered or are facing the loss
of a loved one should apply for Advance Parole for humanitarian reasons. Part
of this phase will include raising funds to cover the application fees for all those that
have documented humanitarian cases. Stay connected for more information.

In addition, there will be a new letter addressed to the interim DHS secretary and
USCIS director signed by over one hundred senators and congress members that
have now expressed support for the Advance Parole Campaign. Moreover, we will
work towards an Advance Parole amendment for all Deferred Action programs
amendment, to a “must-pass bill” through the house Homeland Security
appropriations committee. We will also work with congress to introduce a stand-alone
bill to legislate Advance Parole for all Deferred Action programs. We will continue to
pursue the possibility of filing class-action litigation against the Trump Administration
for the arbitrary, discriminatory, and inhumane denial of Advance Parole to all DACA

We will also like to thank the participating Dreamers who took the initiative and time
to join us in our advocacy efforts, as well as we also would like to thank all of the
sponsors since the launching of the national campaign for funding the expenses of the
advocacy trips. Check out the photos below.
View full gallery here

The reasons why dreamers ask for permits to

travel abroad
Some of the participating Dreamers pose in front of Capitol Hill. Photo by: Lidieth Arevalo
By: Lorena Arroyo, Univision News – 17 JUNE 2019

WASHINGTON D.C. - When Mayra Garibo was told that her father had suddenly died
in an accident in Mexico, the 26-year-old’s first thought was that she had to find a way
to return to her native country to be able to say her last goodbye.

"At that time all I thought was I need to see my dad after 18 years. I had nothing
else in my mind," recalls the young woman. That's why, after meeting with her
mother and brothers in Los Angeles, the city where they have resided since they
arrived in the U.S. in 2001, she ran to seek a lawyer.

Garibo is a dreamer with DACA (the program that protects about 700,000
undocumented youth who came to the United States as children from deportation),
and even though her father died on January 11, 2018, after a judge in San Francisco
blocked President Donald Trump's decision to cancel the program, the court did not
reinstate advance parole, a special permit that allowed DACA recipients to travel
abroad... Read More

"Miró el funeral de su papá por FaceTime": los

motivos por los que los dreamers piden
permisos para viajar al extranjero

Por: Lorena Arroyo ~ Univision ~ 17 de Junio 2019

Una mexicana que tuvo que despedirse de su padre fallecido por videollamada; un
surcoreano que está a punto de renunciar a DACA para poder estudiar en una de
las mejores escuelas de negocios del mundo. Estas son algunas de las historias
que han escuchado los congresistas de boca de una delegación de dreamers que
viajó a Washington para pedir que les restauren el advance parole.

Mayra Garibo (con traje negro y camisa blanca) fue una de las dreamers que contó
su historia a los congresistas en Washington.Crédito: Lorena Arroyo
WASHINGTON DC.- Cuando a Mayra Garibo le dijeron que su padre había fallecido
repentinamente en un accidente en México, la joven de 26 años solo pensó que
tenía que encontrar la manera de regresar a su país natal para poder darle el último

"En ese momento todo lo que pensaba era ver a mi papá después de 18 años.
No tenía otra cosa en mi mente", recuerda la joven. Por eso, tras reunirse con su
madre y sus hermanos en Los Ángeles, la ciudad donde residen desde que llegaron
a EEUU en 2001, corrió a ver a un abogado... Leer Más

Buscan Apoyo Para Dreamers (Video)

Por: Caro Rico ~ Univision ~ 15 de Junio 2019

• GET INVOLVED: Visit your local district offices and meet with an
immigration staffer to speak about the importance of restoring
Advance Parole.
• CONTACT CONGRESS: Call and write to your congress
representatives and U.S. senators. To learn how to contact your
congress Reps. and Senators, visit
this website:
• SPREAD THE WORD: Create awareness about Advance Parole in
your community by talking to your friends and neighbors about this
issue, as well as sharing on your social media networks
• DONATE HERE: to help us continue to expand the Campaign to
Restore DACA's Advance Parole, and continue to bring more
Dreamers to advocate in Washington, D.C. Learn more about our
campaign here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all sponsors and individual
donors who have donated to our National Campaign to Restore DACA's
Advance Parole so far. Without your support we would not have been able
to take a total of 50 Dreamers to advocate in Washington, D.C. in January
and June 2019.

California Community Foundation Education & Leadership Foundation

California Wellness Foundation Miguel Contreras Foundation
Unidos U.S. Southwest Voter Registration
South County Labor Fund Education Project
AltaMed United We Lead Foundation
California Faculty Association Las 10 Americas Carniceria
California Latino Legislative Caucus Sabor a México Panaderia (CO)
CARECEN America Friends Service Committee
COFEM Earthbound Farm Organic
Centro CHA

Ron & Phylis Arias Charlie Goedeke

Dr. Alan Lowenthal Maria Eggli
C Fay Graef Nestor M Ruiz
Daniel Dunbar Russell Marco Jauregui
Dr. Bruce R. Marquez Sandra Hernandez
Dave Tourje Selena Nguyen-Rodriguez
David Sandoval Denise Woods
Dr. Robert Nelson Elizabeth Rosas
Dr. Sy Abrego Eugene Fisher
Jose Angel Gutierrez, Esq. Liz Flores
Juan Ovalle Marlene Morris
Sandra & Richard Brandt Nayeli Hernandez
Yanet Limon-Amado Ronald Arias
Maria Gomez Oscar Hernandez Ortiz
David Salazar Erica Prindale
Sean Kendall, Esq. Lidieth Arevalo
Brenda Martell Maria Sosa
Jose Perez Mayra Garibo
Rhonda Rios Kravitz Yadira De Leon
Mary Dolores Ramos Yesenia Gomez
Maydelli Mendoza Freddy Casas
Alfredo Ovalle Felipe Portnoy
Adhsael Sosa Fredi A Morales
Carmen O. Perez Maria Orejuela


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"Soñadores" pedirán en Washington el
restablecimiento de permiso especial
(EFE News)
Más de 40 jóvenes "soñadores", en su mayoría de
California, empezaron a viajar este sábado a
Washington para pedir que se restablezca un
permiso especial que les permitía salir del país
bajo circunstancias especiales... Leer más
DACA holders hoping to travel abroad,
woo lawmakers in D.C. (O.C. Register)
A group of young Southern California immigrants
who hold protected DACA status are in
Washington D.C. this week to advocate for a little
known provision in immigration law that would
allow them to travel abroad. More than 40 young
immigrants with Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrivals... Read More

The Way of Leo: 5 Lessons on Academic

Mentorship (Inside Higher Education)
In academe and beyond, listening is underrated
and undervalued. Faculty members and others
often feel too busy to invest the time to listen to
their students, mentees or other people in need.
But to become an effective mentor, you must learn
to listen before dispensing words of wisdom or
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Trump promises mass deportations of

millions of undocumented immigrants
next week (Politico)
President Donald Trump pledged Monday night to
begin deporting millions of undocumented
immigrants who have entered the U.S. illegally
and offered uncharacteristic praise for Mexico's
efforts to stem the tide of Central American
migrants surging across the southern
border... Read More
Immigrants in California Report (PPIC)
The vast majority of California’s immigrants were
born in Latin America (50%) or Asia (40%).
California has sizable populations of immigrants
from dozens of countries; the leading countries of
origin are Mexico (4.1 million), China (969,000),
the Philippines (857,000), Vietnam (524,000), and
India (507,000). However, most (56%) of those
arriving between 2010 and 2017... Read More


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