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A CONGRESSWOMAN interest rat€s- HiDolito-

has filed a bill seeking lo Castelo said that 'unlike
authorize sovernment- other noble professions,
owned ban[s to open a teaching prescribes that
special loan windot Arat teachers should serve as
would cater to granting rcle models themselves.
financial aid or assistance "To achieve this end, '
to public school teacherg teachers shou.ld be allowed
who wish to avail of loang o-r berler' srill rnnowtrp.l
with low interest rate. to lead simoie bu't decent
Quezon City Rep. lives, free fr6m the daneers
Precious HiDolit6-Castelo or risks of having to boriow
filed House'B l GIB) No. finan.ial
, 1015 or the DroDosed resouices from loan
"Public School'Teichers sharks," said Hipolito-
SpecialIoan Window Acfl ' Castelo-
which aims to entitle every The lawrnaker said the
bona fide Dubli. s.h6dl bill intends to help teachers
teacher witfi the right to coDe with the hard times.
avail and apply for toan or "Their improved salaries
financial assistan.e- w h and allowances have not
low interest rale, uiaer ihe trulv reached the desired
Special Loan Window of Doi;rt where teachers no
government-owned banks. longer need to look for hrnd
The bill orovides such sourcet such as loans ot
loan shall bd different and lending schemes, which
s€parate ftom any existing onlv turn them into victims
emergency loans for publii of'loan sharks," said
thich Hipolito-Castelo.
school teachers, Rvan
usually irnpose high Poirce Pacpaco
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