Voices Education Project "Words and Violence" A curriculum for Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges.

This work of art and love is dedicated to the memory of Michael Joseph Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer. May your work on behalf of humanity finally be recognized for what it was-art in the service of humanity. May your memory be indelibly written on the face of humanity's evolution toward its own brilliance and in the volumes that chronicle the journey toward a more humane narrative on this planet. May the lives and gifts that you so generously gave to and for the humans on this globe be held in the highest honor and esteem they so richly deserve. May we learn from the lessons you taught this world and may we also become worthy of your sacrifice. May we soon come to understand that words can heal with the same magnitude that they harm. And may the children of the future learn that now from you.

Rest in peace gentle and magnanimous spirits. "We love you more."

Press Release
A new education packet, Words and Violence makes its' debut as a Voices Education Project featured selection on September 9 www.voiceseducation.org Voices Education Project, a global humanitarian organization, pedagogical institute and center of arts and humanities on the topics of war and peace has partnered with award winning writer and human activist Reverend B. Kaufmann to spearhead Words and Violence. They have been joined in this effort by more than twenty others: educators, journalists, medical personnel, information technology specialists, parents and others who care about a more just and humane future for today's youth. When words are used as weapons the collateral damage and fallout can be devastating. In schools bullying has reached alarming magnitude; the incidence of suicide is rising in response to cyber attacks and technobullying; violence has increased as people escalate from a war with words to a war of weapons--in the workplace, schools and on the streets; journalists are being taken to task for their broadcasting or writing without substantiation or checking veracity of information and stories; bloggers and those who use the airwaves are being bombarded by criticism for using words to create mischief and for their lack of civil discourse. There are some who have had enough and their numbers are growing. Using words as weaponry to inflict harm for: damage; political gain; to destroy reputations; to hide or distort the truth; for propaganda; for profit; to sell newspapers, magazines or media; to invade privacy and spread incivility is just plain inhumane and wrong. Voices and Reverend Kaufmann as well as the curriculum contributors believe we humans are better than that, so they have launched an initiative that will teach the effects of words for middle school, high school and college students. Two shining global humanitarians who suffered protracted and irreversible harm by the power of words were the inspiration for this mission, and initiative. Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer were the most visible targets of word weapons in the world and are the most visual evidence for why a more humane narrative is necessary on this planet. Their beginnings captured by media also led to their end--one abruptly by an accident in a dark tunnel being chased by those eager for a sensational

"story" and another whose spirit ebbed slowly away at the hands and pens of those who gradually over time, scripted his end long before his actual passing. The packet is filled with individual activities helping students understand the power of words and the responsibility attached to using them. There are provocative articles on the press, tabloid journalism, and how words are used as mass destruction--all practices that can potentially lead to violence. With eleven case studies, numerous quotes and poems related to the importance of words, the Words and Violence education packet is ideal for use with middle through high school. In addition, the "In Depth Reflective Articles" are geared for college classes. As with all Voices material, the education packet is free to anyone interested in using the materials. For further information contact: Marilyn Turkovich at Voices Education Project, info@voiceseducation.org.

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