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:.~ Cisco Packet Tracer - Aca.demy Connection Assessment ~~1RJ

New Cluster

Move Object Set Tiled Background

VLAN 10: Student

FaO/24 iJ - ~~ FaO/22 /~3W _DSl::'-,

/./FaO/23 FaO/21 '~,

/~/ "

// "

// ,~,

// "

_/// ~aO/23 FaO/21 "

W ' "" FaO/22

FaO/20 FaO/20 'a'


--_. __ ._------------------

FaO/19 FaO/19

PC-PT PC4 Wireless


VLAN 20: Faculty

VLAN 43: Management VLAN 67: Wireless



Linksys-WRT300N WRS







Time: 00: 00 :44

Power Cycle Devices


New ][ Delete

I vi Fire I Last Status I Source I Destination I Type I Color

Scenario 0 .

~ [ Toggle PDU List Window ]1,...,,,.,-------,-,--------,1

~elect a Device to Drag and Drop to the workspacl ~ . 1!:<~=======IIII=====L _j~>;!!

:'~ PT Activity: 00: 00: 34 LJ ~ 1RJ

A few things to keep in mind while completing this activity:

1. Do not use the browser Back: button or close or reload any Exam windows during the exam.

2. Do not close Packet Tracer when you are done. It will close automatically.

3. Click the Submit Assessment button to submit your work.

ESwitching Basic SwitchinglWireless PT Practice SBA

I ntro d u cti 0 n

In this practice Packet Tracer Skills Exam, you will: '. configure VLANs using VTP

'. configure inter-VLAN routing

'. modify STP

'. configure port security '. add a wireless LAN

Addressing Table

Device Interface Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway
FaOIO.10 n/a
F aOIO.20 n/a
F aOIO.43 n/a
F aOIO.67 n/a
VVireless n/a
PC1 NIC Time Elapsed: 00: 00: 34

D Top [Check Resultsi IReset Activi!!J

L.___< _ __J] ,--I __ 1/_1 _----'I .._[ _>_-'

Use the appropriate cable type to make the following connections:

• SW AC2 FastEthernet 0/1 to PC1

• SW AC2 FastEthernet 0111 to PC2

.' SW AC2 F astEthernet 0/19 to SW AC3 F astEthernet 0/19

_ _

• SW AC2 FastEthernet 0120 to SW AC3 FastEthernet 0120

_ _

.' SW AC3 F astEthernet 0/18 to WRS

Step 2: Configure the Device Sa.sics.

a. Configure the following on SW_AC2.

• The switch name is SW ACl..

• The privileged EXEC mode uses the following encrypted password: class #e'llab'l,e secret class

#no iip dO'inain.Jlookup

• Enable Telnet and console line login using the following password: cisco #:line censele 0

#pass'IilI'ord eisce #ilogin

• Configure the banner message-of-the-day as Authorized access only! #ihanner 'Inold 'A~lt'hor:iz,ed aeeess on'ly'

b. To configure the switches for remote management access, create and enable interface VLAN 43 on all three switche~intvlall 43

#iip defaIJl1It-9at,eway 172.11(3.43.1 #iip address H2.110.43.12 255.255.255-,0

Step 3: Configure Trunking. #ino Sih~ltdO\i1.Hl

Note: Packet Tracer now supports the use of the ranqe argument for the interface command.

F or interfaces F astEthernet 0/19 through F astEthernet 0124 on all three switches: ..

#Int rangefaO!19<24

.' Configure static trunking. #switcihport mede tmn'k

.' Assign VLAN 43 as the native VLAN. #s\i'lJitcihport tmnk nativevlan 43 #n osih ~ltdO\lllll

Step 4: Configure VTP and VLANs. a. Step 1: Configure SW_DS1 as VTP server and the following VTP parameters:


• SW DS1 is the VTP server.

• VTP domain name: CCNA

SW JDS1# vtp Iinode s,enler

fit: vt P do Inain CC NA fit: vt P pOi sswo'rd eisco

• VTP password: cisco

b. Create and name the following VLANs on SW_DS1.

• VLAN 10: Student

• VLAN 20: Faculty

SW DS1 "# vlan 10

fit: Mine St udents fit: vlan :20

fit: Mine FaoUlllty

Step 5: Configure Interfaces for VLAN Access VLAN port assignments on each switch are as follows:

Devke POIl$ Assignlilent
SW_AC2, SW_AC3 FaO/l _ 0/10 10
SW_AC2, SW_AC3 F aOI11 _ 0/17 20
SW_AC3 FaO/18 67 SW _AC2 # int range faOf1- ~ 0

# switchport access ilion ~O # end

#Copy run startup

# int TagefaOI'11-17

# switchport access vlan 20


Step 1 Configure access ports on access layer switches.

Configure the appropriate interfaces on SW_AC2 and SW_AC3 for static access.

Assign VLANs according to the port assignments table.

b. Step 2: Verify trunking and VLAN assignments.

# sh int trunk

# shvlan brief

Step 6: Configure Spanning Tree.

a. Modify STP root bridge elections.

Using a priority of 4096, set SW_DSl as the root bridge for all VLANs.

b. Verify the spanning tree election. #s'h sparminq-tres vlan 43

Step 7: Configure Inter-VLAN Routing.

~ Use the information in the Addressing Table to configure Routerl for inter-VLAN routing.!R1 II int laOIO

• Verify inter-VLAN routing, II no shutdown II int 18010.10

SW AC3 # int faOf1-1O

# switc'hport access vlan ~ 0 # intfaOI'11-17

# switc'hport access vlan 20 # end

# copy run startup

# intfaOf18

# switc'hport acess vlan oGl

:5W~D51 II sp8ningLtre~ vian 1 priority ~09!> #:&paning'-tre5!vlan 1{1 prior,ity4UW IIspaning-troovlan 2J] prior'ity40~6 II spanlnq-tree vlan 67 'Prior'ity 4<1%

S\J"Lr_AC2 '# spaninq-tree vlan 1 pTioT~rty 8192

=-. II sparrnq-tree vlan 100 priority 819\2 II sp anlnq-tree vlan 20 priority 819Q II S!P'a'ningLtre~ vlan 67 priority 8192:

Step 8: Configure Port Security.

II encapsulation dot'lq 1'0

II ip addreae 172:.16.100.12:

Note: Best practice requires port security on all access ports. However, for this practice exercise you will only configure one port with security.

a. Configure SW_AC3 with port security on FastEthernet 012.

No more than 2 MAC addresses are allowed on the FastEthernet 012 port for SW_AC3. Once learned, MAC addresses should be automatically added to the running configuration.

If this policy is violated, the port should be automatically disabled.

5W_AC3 II in! fa 012

'# switchpofit port-securty

'# switchport port-securtv maximum 2

II switchport pnrt-seeurjty mac-aodrese &ticky '# '# switchport port-security violation shutdown

" .. " ["" " J , " , , ." ["" , " , "' "J

b. Verify that port security is implemented.

Step 9: Configure the Wireless LAN.

Refer to the Addressing Table to configure the wireless LAN.

a. Configure WRS.

Use static addressing on the Internet interface.

Set the router IP and subnet mask. 172.1!i.!i7.1U 255255255.U 1n.1!i.6l.1

Configure the router to allow wireless hosts to use DHCP. 172.1!i.1UO.1 25525<5255.0

The first host address is the 10th host address in the Wireless LAN subnet. 172:.16.100.11 The maximum number of hosts is 25.

b. Configure wireless security.

Set the SSID to WRS LAN.

Enable WEP security and use 12345ABCDE as ksy l.

c. Enable remote management with the password dSGo123.

d. Configure PC4 to access the wireless network that is provided by WRS. PC4 uses DHCP to obtain addressing information Note: It will not be possible for devices to ping PC4 since PC4 is behind the WRS NAT firewall.

Step 10: Verify Connectivity.

Although these are not scored, the following connectivity tests should be successful.

• SW_DS1 can ping Router1.

• SW_AC2 can ping Router1.

• SW _AC3 can ping Router1.

• PC1 can ping PC2. ~ PC2 can ping PC3. • PC4 can ping PC1

Version ).0

Creetea in PBcket TrBcer5.2.1 Bnd MBrvei 1.0.)

A II contents are Copyright© 1992 - 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. A II rights reserved. This dowment is Cisco P"blic Information.

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