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Preventive Maintenance


Ensure Functionality for

Maximum Protection
The electrical distribution system
is the backbone of the data center
providing safe and reliable power
to critical IT equipment and
infrastructure. This power is
distributed from the utility or generator
to the load utilizing various types of
equipment including low- and
medium-voltage switchgear,
transformers, automatic transfer
switches, uninterruptible power
supplies, power distribution units,
busway, panelboards and more.
The basic function of the switchgear
is to control, protect and isolate
electrical equipment.
Maintain switchgear for complete power protection
Although switchgear failures are rare, The use, maintenance, and operation of Our switchgear services include:
testing and maintenance is needed to switchgear must be managed to prevent
yyAcceptance testing
avoid potentially catastrophic results the equipment giving rise to danger and
including death or serious injury, and to ensure the safety of the people who yyStartup and commissioning
major equipment damage. use it. Incorporating switchgear into your
total power protection strategy is yyPreventive maintenance
essential for the reliable operation of your
yyPerformance check
yy Increase system reliability data center.
Comprehensive switchgear services yyComprehensive report
yy Reduce unplanned downtime
from the infrastructure experts of Vertiv™
yy Ensure compliance with NFPA ensure proper installation, operation
and other regulatory and maintenance of switchgear
requirements components. Using industry consensus
yy Improve worker safety standards and best practices, we make
sure your switchgear protects your
yy Maximize equipment life electrical equipment and supports
expectancy business continuity.


Acceptance Testing correct potential problems before they

become major issues requiring expensive Summary
Nearly 70 percent of early equipment and time-consuming solutions.
failures can be traced to design, As part of Vertiv’s program, NETA- Switchgear is a vital component
installation, or startup deficiencies. To certified technicians perform visual and of your data center’s electrical
prevent such failures, the NETA-certified mechanical inspections, as well as system and shouldn’t be overlooked
technicians of Vertiv™ are qualified to electrical tests on switchgear and when it comes to power
provide unbiased testing, independent of switchboard assemblies, power system maintenance.
the manufacturers. Field tests and transformers, circuit breakers, metering Our switchgear services are
inspections are conducted to assess the devices and grounding systems. NETA delivered by NETA-certified
suitability for initial energization and recommends that these tests be technicians who are versed in best
ensure systems are operational, within performed every 24 months, depending practices and regulatory standards.
applicable standards and manufacturers' on the condition, criticality, and reliability
tolerances, and are installed in of the equipment. Comprehensive switchgear services
accordance with the design specifications. from Vertiv give you peace of
This testing also establishes baseline data Performance Check mind knowing that your switchgear
particular to the installation. is ready to perform when needed,
In between the biannual comprehensive
resulting in the continued safe
Startup and Commissioning preventive maintenance program, Vertiv
and reliable operation of your
technicians complete a performance
data center.
In addition to the initial acceptance check per industry guidelines. This
testing, Vertiv technicians perform startup check includes a visual and mechanical Ordering Information
testing to ensure the system will perform inspection and ensures compliance
with existing engineering studies, To learn more about this service
its job once the power is turned on.
drawings, specifications, and/or and other Vertiv solutions, visit
Depending on the complexity of the applicable safety standards. or call
installation, one or all of the subsystems 1-800-543-2378.
may be tested including the battery Comprehensive Report
charging system, transfer switch, The final written report is supplied in
generator, and other major components. electronic format and will include:
A “pull the plug” test should also be yyA summary of the project
performed by cutting off main power
yyDescription of the equipment tested
and witnessing that the system comes
online, and can maintain and sustain the yyTests performed
load transfer.
yyTest data
While startup testing might uncover some
manufacturing or installation error, it's yyAnalysis and recommendations
more likely to identify a weakness in the
Information from the report can be used
system design or a problem interacting
to ensure that the switchgear continues
with the other equipment in the facility.
to perform satisfactorily, minimizing
Preventive Maintenance downtime and maximizing life expectancy.

Vertiv’s comprehensive switchgear

services include a systematic preventive
maintenance program to detect and | Vertiv Services, 1-800-543-2378

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