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MBA Workshop on Business as an Agent of World Benefit

November 13, 2018

MBA Learning Team Assignments,
Company Attendees, and Positive Business Innovations

MBAC 515 TEAM 4A: [Khurana, Fan, Banjo, Yang]

Better Together Solar -
Rob Martens, President/Founder

Myles Murray, Director of Communications

Innovation information: Better Together Solar will be focusing on their work in the Northeast Ohio
region as well as their innovative financing model.

MBAC 515 TEAM 4B: [Connor, Menon, Zheng]

Bendix -
Maria Gutierrez, Director, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

William Schubert, Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Manager

Innovation information: Bendix has not yet identified the specific innovation they will share, however
please read more about their sustainability initiatives here.

MBAC 515 TEAM 1: [Shen, Roetzel, Gibbons, Zmozynski, Dyer, Malviya]

Kurtz Bros -
Jason Ziss, Business Development

John Ziss, General Manager

Matt Malone, Operations Manager

Innovation information: Kurtz Bros will discuss sediment beneficial reuse; you may also read more about
their focus on green infrastructure here.
MBAC 515 TEAM 2A: [How, Romanowski, Kanodia]
Lubrizol –
Greg Miranda, Research Engineer, ENG '11, ENG '16

Kevin Streck, OEM Account Manager

Innovation information:

 Enablement of gasoline direct injection

 Lubrizol is a key enabler to new automotive engine technology
 Auto manufacturers are making smaller, lighter turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI)
engines to meet the challenging regulatory requirements as well as consumer demand for
greater efficiency and better performance
 IHS predicts that by the year 2024, 8 out of 10 cars produced in America will be equipped with
TGDI engines
 New and specialized engine oils have been created to enhance the performance and improve
the durability of TGDI engines
 Lubrizol has created new chemical additives for those engine oils and test methods to evaluate
TGDI engines, specifically in the area of low speed pre-ignition (LSPI)

MBAC 515 TEAM 3: [Engineer, Gibbons, Chen, Ahmed, Zessler, Dallas]

Eaton Corporation –
Connie Sasala, Global Director of Sustainability

Jon Newton, Senior Manager and Global Lead for Supply Chain Sustainability

Jenita McGowan, Sustainability Manager, MNO '08

Innovation information: Eaton has not yet identified the specific innovation they will share, however
please read their sustainability report here.

MBAC 515 TEAM 2B: [Lyndall, Tang, Morino, Bonetti]

BrownFlynn –
Kevin Payne, Associate Consultant, MBA '18

Chris Helscher, Senior Consultant, MBA '11

Innovation information: BrownFlynn will be highlighting their evidence-based approach to materiality

MBAC 515 TEAM 5: Chueh, McGregor, Lynn, Kobernik, Li, Umadia]
Vitamix –
Jud Cummins, Sr. Product Manager Innovation

Ashley Hansen, Product Manager

Alan Rudolph, Project Manager, International Research

Innovation information: Vitamix will be focusing on their commitment to good health and well-being, as
well as their impact on creating jobs and partnerships in the Northeast Ohio area.

MBAC 515 TEAM 6: [Tong, Hoeflinger, Baker, Sethi, Soluru, Shimp]

Dylan Beach, Sustainability Specialist, MBA '16

Joe Sarley, Sr. Director, Product Development and Sustainability

Linisha Patel, Associate Product Manager, MEM '14

Innovation information: In 2016, GOJO introduced a revolutionary new line of products, our Design for
the Environment (DfE) certified PURELL Surface Sprays. These products were designed to leverage our
expertise in germ kill on skin and apply it to surface disinfection and cleaning. Through our development
process, we created products that not only rapidly kill germs in as little as 30 seconds, but also achieved
the EPAs lowest toxicity rating, meaning they require no precautionary statements, no handwashing
after use, nor signal words like “danger.” “warning,” or “caution.” The EPA DfE certification recognizes
products that meet specific criteria with regards to ingredients, lifecycle analysis, environmental impacts
and industry best practices. PURELL Surface Sprays were formulated to meet these requirements, and
our commitment to creating a product that is both effective and sustainable allowed us to create an
industry-changing product.