Status Report 9: Evaluation Program Evaluation, Monitoring and Control Efforts for complete and accurate assessment of the

Samsung Galaxy Tab IMC Program Elements  To accurately judge the effectiveness and success of our IMC program components, all data collected must be evaluated and analyzed to our specific campaign objectives. o The Samsung GALAXY Tab will be launched in Europe in mid September, and in other markets including Korea, the US and Asia in coming months. The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010 at the latest.1 Vice-President of Samsung Mr. Hankil Yoon stated that the company expects to ship as many as 10 million units -- enough to take a third of the global slate market come 2011. The company also aims to sell 10 million tablets by the end of 2011 thanks to an incredible combination of marketing, hardware, software, usability, and pricing.2


 Evaluating Effectiveness, Factors to be evaluated o o o  Stages of Copy Testing: Concurrent Testing o o o o o Tracking studies Attitude tests Wave analysis Consumer diaries Test marketing Communication effects Sales impact

 Stages of Copy Testing: o

Post testing

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o o o o o o Memory tests Persuasion tests Likability tests Inquiry tests Scanner research Single-source research  Media Evaluation: o o o Evaluating Audience Exposure Check estimates in media plan against tablet performance Critical evaluation is whether reach and frequency objectives were obtained  Media Evaluation/Media Efficiency o o o Return on investment Wear out Media optimization  Campaign and IMC Evaluation o o Last stage in the development of a campaign plan Determines whether the campaign was effective  Direct Response o o Evaluate ads containing elements that can be returned by using directresponse count A Sales Promotion Breakeven Analysis  Public Relations .

administrators of the fan page can post specific questions to the page members who create discussion threads (which can be changed and updated at any time). Correctly managed Facebook pages provide direct insight as to how effective each element of the marketing mix was (usually with very little in return if anything). discussion threads can spark rapid debate like communication way to get direct honest and timely responses from our current and target customers.o Examine the success of the program in getting the message out to the target in terms of output and outcome. Galaxy Tab users can write testimonials on our “wall” which they know will be reviewed by the Samsung team personally. With the right management.  Facebook product page: o The facebook community will be a great channel for Samsung to gather direct feedback from customers and potential customers from around the world. o o o . Through face book fan pages. By creating a “fan page” on Facebook we can capitalize on many different objectives for a very low cost.

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