Suzy Smith is having a yard sale with lots of toys to choose from!

Teddy Bear: $1.50

Doll: $ 2.00

Puzzle: $.50

Toy Clown: $1.05

Big Crayons $1.65

Book: $2.50

Paints: $. 95

Puppet: $ .35

Jack in the Box $1.25

Toy Car: 1.00

Pencil Set: $1.85

Lil’ Crayons: $.75

Toy Horse: $.85

Football: $2.00

Baseball: $1.69

Basketball: $1.40

Baseball Bat: $3.00

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1. Jack has $3.75 to spend. He buys the pencil set How much money does he have left over? 2. Annie has $4.00 she earned raking leaves. She wants to buy the doll and the puppet. Can she afford them both? If so, how much money will she have left over? 3. Sarah only has $2.00 left of her allowance. She buys the big crayons. How much money does she have left over? 4. Jimmy has $2.15 with him today. He wants to buy the Little crayons, and the jack in the box. Does he have enough? If so, does he have any leftover? How much? 5. Allison has $3.00. Then, she buys the paints for $.95. How much does she have left to spend? Can she buy the toy clown? Will she have any money left over? 6. Tamara has $1.97 and she wants to buy the Toy Horse. How much would she have leftover? 7. Johnny and Tommy both want to buy the baseball bat and baseball. Johnny has $5.00 and Tommy has $4.50. Which one of them can buy the baseball and bat? Will he have any change? If so, how much?

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8. Jane has $2.90. She buys the basketball. How much change does she get? 9. Aaron and Andrea want to buy the football together. Aaron has $.40 and Andrea has $1. 45. Do they have enough money together to buy the football? If so, what is their change? If not, how much more money do they need? 10.Sam got to the yard sale late and almost all the toys are gone! He has $1.00 left to spend. The only thing he can buy is the toy car. How much money will he have leftover?

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Shopping Spree Answer Key 1. $3.75-$1.85=$1.90 Jack will have $1.90 leftover. 2. $2.00+$.035=$2.35 Yes, she can afford the doll and the puppet. $.400-$2.35= $1.65. She will have $1.65 in change. 3. $2.00-$1.65=$0.35 Sarah will get $.035 change. 4. $0.75+$1.25=$2.00. Jimmy can afford both toys. $2.15-$2.00=$0.15. He will get $0.15 change. 5. $.300-$0.95=$2.05. After the paints, Allison has $2.05 to spend. The toy clown is $1.05. She can afford the clown. $2.05-$1.05=$1.00. She will have one dollar leftover after she buys the paints and the clown. 6. $1.97- $0.85=$1.12. She will get $1.12 in change. 7. $1.69 + $3.00 = $4.69. The baseball + baseball bat is $4.69. Because Tommy only has $4.50 he cannot afford to buy them both. $5.00-$4.69=$0.31. Johnny will get $0.31 in change if he buys them both. 8. $2.90-$1.40=$1.50. Jane will get $1.50 in change. 9. $0.40 + $1.45=$1.85. The football is $2.00. Aaron and Andrea DO NOT have enough money to buy the football. $2.00-$1.85 = $0.15. They need $0.15 to buy the football. 10. The toy car is EXACTLY $1.00. Sam does not get any change.

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