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INTHE MATTER OF AN INVESTIGATION UNDER SECTION 20 AND ‘SCHEDULE 2 OF THE EQUALITY ACT 2006 INTO: ANTISEMITISM IN ‘THE LABOUR PARTY CLOSING SUBMISSIONS ON BEHALF OF THE JEWISH LABOUR MOVEMENT FOREWORD The Labour Pays no lnger asa space for Jewish sole rr those who stand papi anseniem. Thats the as suspendes by Labour we fr, mang! cher mats, posting a srs of wees calming tht Ado iter was he Zant God. She ws rid by deci Femby, nha apy 8 regions ‘secretary fr Unto the Ure, a regional tical a raison ‘Tho Aandi ides ie cass ware indidal were suspended for anomie conduct, bul ben readme, These included a Labour council in Kensigon and Chelsea who camod tha Jee People were ‘bhind 1°and tat SS.) orgated hom Zen 90, These exiles ae supported by Party so’ evidence hat excssvey lenient santns were asined asso near: 01 moa ‘One camplans fier descibes how, alr 10 mons spent ivesgathg cases of ‘hanowirg antsomtc abuse’, she dscoveed tat only 12 manbers hid been expald in rabon antsemtsm.® This ws the momenta she concded se cou ra anger wok the Party, a that was sttonaly ab. ‘Another descrbed how na cass tat mnt o Thomas Gacner, which haquey exited the mos ious examples cf ansenism, would outa be nr, recanmarion fo scon woud be ated down Disputes fers destibe how "Formal wemings "oot" Reminds of Conc bacame cammerpiace mecharism for csing down compli thet appeared tobe polly dc for Mr (Grane and LOTO" AINEG Panel meetings ques such 2s IS orc MII were said t fequeriy ‘argue epi sanctions or menbers accused of anise, paricvay when he ew te acees invite” 5%, Conan have rely thr experiences olan (ten inde olen ucomes for aniseits sn a) ne sit “Frum wcing cases ug eee tom sce med, tre a ray cass wr supensrs sem 0) nny rae enn wees Oho argen warn oang bi once tin, {and ote ree pry. yep alia goad enough enn ee ee erecta Apna Ser S ANGUB| Agent 4, Pet, Snore MMM Se a Saher Ion exact are organ ceculy Ey m2 oa ‘Anater pated my ard tr shared antisetc mames was suspended fo at and anf bac Another ecu he owe: 216 a rant of ny al anh, MI es apts & Ft Gen mas upc lowing compas mace st ner eeu Ti ele ele rs in whch was bled a lca pear, Canden New Jouralcorgsing «eh Labour coe Moots os [Bowing tac devlpmat ot wd cove ca) The ar ma pulsed on Halse Nene Dayne nunero enacted cal member, He ao Bare he saat asa gn (Colaion' for "ochstang ie stack gan be numb ne Jreny Cat cle fe esr “Je ila’ Labour pay a | "ude Words adc ew "ones the a MIMI ssn nsec ning ye, rd as cornut opal rach and Hanged ‘Mtb GC mesings as lp fo Uns oe case le, Ter ha een able Po ‘of cniton om Mo asa aware Doles a te trac wa a adi vpn ns it tre were no apperances wn enter ower ams i abst o compl dre ‘Septal decent sugeason™ $2. igh pte caes provide ase se in the Par loon reepone to anise ws wea wes Ken Livingstone |n201, Ken Lingo mad comments dey the existence of arsamtsm Labour and claiming ‘hater supped Zonism blo he went mac and ended up kil 6 aon ene Uvingaan’s ‘comments impregnated the anisentem area re inthe Pay wh a new nation of Zonst Na colaboraton. Ths hs been repeatedly used sce to harass Jowsh nanbers and Ateted Nene, In Api 2017, an NOC dscsnay pan! ound Wr Liingstone gully of toe charges of binging ts Pay io disrepute. Aough he was supendod for to years (ne aeady eed), he was rt ‘expel. This sencton was condemned by leading menbes of he Joigh community, oe 100 MPs an =0 peer." Folovng te suspension, MrLngsone std that e had nano apologise or ard conte repeat is comms on Her and Zorism. He evntuy eines fam he Pay in May 2018 ttn thats decison had come ater he was wed hat “same a the ol gh wingers” abouts NEC had agin been pening tcl fois expo rem the party. Pete witeman: Me Wsman i member lhe NEC. In Ju 2018, Mr Wisma made cortoversal statements about !niseitsm wii the Labour Pay ate» NEC mean, cud aging the thee comparing c anise nth Jovi comunity are rump faa’ by whom he woud ole lure. Jani Foy and Me Coyn ware presen the mean, bu do ot peer haventorverad oraken ary acon respons oe comments, LM mac forma compl othe Pry en 18 July 20182 be Fey ep on 2 Jy 2018 stale thal no ston woul taken as Mr Wisman had mde a oma paogy. That play sed ‘hat is comments had been inaccurately reported, and dd at nde an apology tthe Jewish cammarty, ibsequert, en aul lef Mr Winans commons was ekod hich undermined i ‘fan tats word ha been misrepresote,Natwitsaring fuer erp berg made by JUN = 1S Appin Fark Sorel LNs pangs Pt Sa "5 opr ee Lae a 09g 27 ASU) Ap Soret tos Py som J. 28 RUS gore, at Leer ac ate 2 018 S03 Ar Se th coerce bom AM daa ‘td cyan zAeg 018 WIEN poe 2 {ols Fomby and ibe Pays chet tip, ro acon has ben lakan ape Mr Wisman Ho was = ‘ected to th NECin Soptenbr 2018 $28 InMay 2019, a reacrg ena x emueeton nsing Mr Wika in hich e clinad hal ho sot bess was ‘alnoscotainy fein legato ansaitn th ary ental te epen leer signs by 68 rats cncaring antisenitm inhe Paty was "ebousy ansod y the ah ‘enbess Wis man was, rd remains, suspended pendog estan rhino. His NEC seat rams vacant lasing the perepton hats being hal pening he ota lh vestigation rn ‘by factional coleagues who havea vested pote intrest inhi tu he pay. eck Walker 927 Jackie Walter was he Vee Cal of Sou Thanet CLP and four amber Labour Agathe Wich She was ecto Maren’ tering Commis, and in September 2015 became is vee hae 828 In May 2016, he was reveled to have pote online tat ewsh people wore Th chia rani of {ha seve trade" The commis wor wily opr in the moda, ed lolenng Hs pub dase, the Labour Paty sispended Waar onan ner basis, Tho suspanscn wae ed ndhen sh was suspended again, £29 Ms Vialer was expel rom the pay on 27 Warch 2018, bu has conto to tend Pry eves, Incung conference. Te an’sinadequalrespese foherconduthas slowschighprole members lhe Paty o delenit ar continue aie ta he sue anise win th Paty has been ‘xagerald for poli ens. Ken Leach and Noam Charly igh poi Ie wing acs have ‘ull delended Wale. Cri Wilanson MP shared plalom wih Waker ata Momsnum avant in Naren 2018 and caled a ‘vege’ Ms Wako partons one-woman show, TeLycting,dscring| or xpeenc inte mei pti 8210 The Hume Ats Comite corcuod tat 8 slualon ha een fre exacerbated ty ie Pats amonstabiincanpetnceat dealing wih members accuser ofansamts, a stated the eage ving the suspension, reactance and re-suspensin of ee Wak” (0 Unreasonable ceisy 88. Compas concerning atssiisn oten tke mors o¢aven yer to be esoed bythe Paty i they are "etoedataP®, Meanie, acised embers are ten able oceninue ha ante cane. 94, Ferma staf win the GLU deste wry ard how cass tke so lang t procees. One complaints fie records ‘hat woud ake woos fr acmpilo even bo read as Woolies were working trough an inbox cating po 1000 ema, of which ath ora wou ooneam antes Then th conpist woud be sent fo "omas Gardner, wich woud ate @ mon ovo, win perhaps 200 cass wang ha quaua™ The former See peace merce nn earners sn a ae ree err Steerer eee een ena eee ete ee er SS a SS ma aie os sta en sit MMMM ects tow sno was forced to canal an NEC pane a Me Grn had fed to review enough cases inert commen the pao. coud then take woot ar he aoe to ba inlomad ot « ‘uspersion and mais abun of evidence ob compar he NEC Soe cases fered te NCC were not head oer a year duo to the irrquorcy of NOC meetings (one day very tree mons) and chalnges progressing conan that stage 95. There ae no crdble ofc pres for how many casas arin the baclogatay ae tne Sta explain a, ‘hen asked eo on his rambe, the Par exces te large rumor cases that ares inbox or wang lorie by Hr Gare whch onthe above, canter than 700. Fur, he Paty tokthe decision "alto nga dossro mre than 10 complains suites by JM onto te syst a t= 88. In Apt 2018, he Party promised to sete east majo oustanding eases lalged anise win ‘he Pry by th enc of Juy 2018. However, na moeéng wt the Jensh Laden Counc and the Board of Depues, he Cot ejected uggeted ois of action ncuing a aad etal to deal wih such cases. The bc of cassio be deat wit a ta Ea inuos those of Ken Lvingetane ac cle Weker.> 97, By August 2018, eps suggested tat te dead ol dang wih he mnt ol utanng cass bythe en of sly had been miss. stead, it was rooted thal up o 800 complains ol afseritam by Pary members ‘evaned unschd, wt ony on person in he Pars complance tno lock tough he cases Flowing ‘ese eons, Jon MeDonnl stato thatthe Pay wel have eseeda te isuesneaionothe comans by September. The thon INI reveals that at tat poi, the Party in tact hada backlog of around 1000 complet, and 00 of Ras setcadback io he leadership eletor.2™ 98. In Oetber 2018, twas reported hatte Latour Pay hat agin Iie fo meat ts own deadline to deal wih comps. 88, Aso Octber 209, thea at st 198 cases conceing aiseism thal are etstndng before th NCC, because he papewakhss ol ben roared fr aang to bosch. Tass herngs athe end ol the _Sscpnary procesin the mst sofous case. tis ot knownhow mary cates ar wang wih teste bind the, 100, Tis olay nan lst exacerbates te knpac of atiseitism within he pac. Fi tonite tothe cure of imgunty fr eepetats. Second, vtns often Rave ace ongoing abuse, or ee esc he pint where thay cn o logs paricpate in Party cites. Tidy, it compounds visi’ expeence athe Paty does ot taka anismitsm sefout and wil not prtet them. Fly. and fica, gives pape tne and a atom o sek blty agai! the corps mao aan them blr anal delerinabon byte Pay, as rwcagisedby te NEC Anisomsism Working Group. One member descbed he toa flows: = Serena anh = sane sare Samael ipa Suncare cusp ‘= Nan nf a ms Sat cm, BOC Ns, 25 Ap aa st pte sh folie ites essed sree 1, San Fs 1 aor eunion my esc TheTin, 2 Aut 08 el !upetnpenes cleo anon rary ant cir on sme cre evr ‘rae Bn lates mas Saenbw snd oper arom emg Te ce. Ons Mle cine crmmiketor at ateraen rps opr cen Nene 9 5 hp so at ae inanea apt h unsy,nhien cts my pms ens a aon Fay reba oar hb acre Nee oon Wig Gy ard Os Shas 2 Mayaiea fot rab Movin sessment vse Cay energy SL t,geap eG OSE sae OE sft Peter 8 Noe 0. ee akohon es setae nrg ee gor Lge, ‘luo eeaioans tne ayer anon uh urn ata Ga, TRS lw eo a heen ws alowed cary on x mor anny nae was openly ust Teron GC megs, ete perpetaos we alone a open aoa mesg es, enews sb my epon was lowed shea ‘The pay has on reeny acknowledged hat GLU was prevousy understated asa met of publi pressure fo he Paamantay Labour Pay Wis acing inher capaci as NEC ve chal, pra er cpanent a Genera) Seceay, nie Fomby org wih Andy Ker Bost ine appoint of © gaveranc fice to be base nthe ‘eps. Thai rnp esponstilly oul have ben tho progeston ol decpinay iestgatons = ( Blanketimpunty for certain kinds of antsemitm 101, dat menber at he GLU repos that arn cases war sujet tno exceptions, She gies the ‘xznpa of when he IHRA exanpes wore nly sopted, Mary members potested by mag the slant ‘saa is # act endeavour on soil media, evar that he was & cect quotation fom tho exape, end ‘therfore abreach ofthe Par ls, Ths was epotadto th Party, btn acon was tak nay cas. (7) Inappropriate personnel 102, The evidence rights a numberof safcus and continuing feu reli to the nds tasked wih _adeaig issues of antenna a lca nd cena vel, ncn to ndepandence anor noatiaty andor undewtanding of antisarism. 1021 In ue 2018, M Gorton Nard was spied as General Counsel oversee decnay cases inte Labour Par. Mr Nard suspen his Facebook pote shy artis eppotment, but ‘seve screenshots lis Facabook pol expose cosa inks etwaon Mr Nara ary merbers ‘coved o anise, incung Me Nadal dlendng Mr Lngsne and repeating the conspiracy thatthe algaons of anisamtism agaist Mr Lingsone were paca sear Me Nadal has recon been sled es a canal al he 2019 Geral Election, 10:2 The evidence ents inappropste aponinets othe NCC. Examples icude Steven Ma, iho a member of JV, Mr Maks has revel suggested ft tase rang complaints about antsenitsm ‘ae tho ones who shout bo suspended He ao olnde Jac Walter afr he ested Jewish people as the “ct finan of the slave tad’ Ho compared ca forthe sirenghening ofthe dsipnary process to he Avsto- Hungarian utinatam to Serbia in 1944 was 143, In Ober 209, x BLP in Leo Fives costueny ~ the conttuncy of he Jens, longstanding MP Lous Elman prposed a maton cling resignation enh bas that se had ai hash ‘understands hy Jes woul src consis aun ran Corby became PL" They cos fo ech oon Kal Nice, he mos sacred right fhe Jvish lendar. Shot atewars, Ms lan wsgned, ong Pa alte ‘adel wih ane, ©. Deections and resignations from 1 Paty due os handing of anise "44, any othe winesesghng oir is investgnton have desorbed how they the Paty as aresut ois {alu to dea wit artsamism, The Commisson has blr abe sting ota sare of ust unde sity ‘ul resgnatostom he Pay as result lis es ™ 145, In tober 2019, te reigatin of Louse Eran added ths et. nr resigatin, sos “Unit remy Cat's tae, anzontn as cone mean te Labor pry deh brs ave been tale abd an ven eu Anata have comer ari caste hess have ben pepegae mendations ut A. Leadership & Governance "46, The Paty wil rt beg otac is anise prob wihou consistent, car hadershipon is isue. Ths requires preserves othe Para the highest velo ackrowldge he saan ature ofthe proband ‘explant tarcars expected Pany Membas. The Coreision ved eset folowing requcements crosman: 1461 ThatthPay makes a publi statement: (@) Acknowledging te scale and extn of he eae of anisms ne Pty (0) Apologing for promoting @ perasie cutue of drslem and obtaton and ishing he eeence ol hose who have elle as are and (©) Making comminentoadessinmesity, congrehenvely and wena eseraton ‘ho iase of nteeitam and waka ru he Paty to beg safe place far manors ‘te denn commu. 1462 That the Commision shoud make carta th Nolan Principles, fe wen pres of publi le, ‘ply othe Labour Paty, ts pola! and lay leadership res ilu tho NEC, NCC end Paty Leadotip "48 Acaunatity or cscinary processes shouldbe day stout. The cent pes accountbilty ‘ough emplex stucturesinclung the NEC, NCC, stl and he leadrshipenetes indus 0 "hg enone re oUR Gates eee slower ‘ “4 beck themselves of responsi (@) Tis coud be exercised in any numberof wa, incur indi or panel ot invita, apni hy he Paty laces, tat hoe repent for despinay raters. Alatd bods, such as the JUN, who have nderstancabl ines In ensuing equalies ae adequately proleted sous be engaged fomaly In this spinner proces, Aol! ares tractindvials wo soko achive pola change, thre trparae that tho leaershipo the Party cer ses et the Paty’ polticaebjote. Tha Pas eadetti must sso damon te understanding et hey are respons lr sting te cur, en fostering an ‘enviment nthe Pay that silcaby opposed to dca, 8B. Discipiary poles and thei implamentation "47. The Pay’ procedures have proven thensaesto be nelectve snd open abuse, The Conmison ined to {ssw tefoloning recommendations ints unwfl aenotce (EA 2006 8214: wna wa ws wa vans is waa ware wg “Te Code of Cond on Arsonism shoul be wir, andthe INRA dation and examples shoud be applied in al cases, ‘As wth he Semual Harassment dspues proces, al cases inohing angen ae tobe dea wih by india voted wih te dsclinary proces, who have all been appropri isin in anisemsm evans. ‘The Paty shoud intodce anew charge forpaudng the pinay proces, sich as ving the eas of cases tothe medi and ging ries, ane lebiing te NEC oc NCC manbes, |Ascheme of aris tou be intodiced tobe app cori by all decslon maker inthe ‘The Paty shoud propery conto al cases win tee men "Notations shouldbe apple dina cases, parculal sada Party members (200 sak elected ee wih endosenatram plc pares, The Party shoud pubic quately stasis corcoming omens rgedng aise al tages ofthe dsipnary process, ncn: (@) Number of complains ecaies (2) Nuber of complains eject (©) Number of complains pasado NEC Disputas Paral (go one) (6) Nunbe of complains inesiatd (6) Number ol constants repotadto the NEC Disputes Pane! (ge Wo) (9 Nurberot complaints retreat the NCC (Number ot omplans upheld the NCC AL tat and representatives inv in handing campln and dexpinary cases conceing tnisonsm sould recve mandating on ancien, nang on how fap the ful HPA ion and orale. Incasos where tees ear documeriany eden, Seip case shouldbe deat wih summary in eer to aot long and proaed dscplnay cass, Tate powers shu! be exresed by rcpt tained and suitably independ indveul, wih eer reparng and oceonlly 6 stuctuesin place "47.10. The cu ardvous quasicout ke stu in handing Sina cases no anger tor purpose. ‘A str ross for a dsipnary cases tat i prperionate to the ihc mambrs shold be ‘ecgnedatis ot sujet to such ny concusins (membership o pica pays ot human Fgh. Labour gsto dtp who gts oben oe, Education and traning Me, ® 8, 150, 18 ‘he Pars problem ih arsenite is undepimes y a lack ol understanding shut wht antsaton,why itmaters and how aid The Conmissn& ined su he flowing requirement recorandtons! "401 Al sta ed reprseraives(hcuing NEC and NOC member) ved handing comps and Aiscpnay cases concoming anisoniton shoul rece mandala taring on nts, clred by Jews communal orgarisatons,ncung on hwo ay he ul HRA defnton and exanpes, 1482 _Traning ray Pry leaders, sch as CLP exci commits, nace govemance tll pars incu butt nd, dothieg ad chalengngeerinatory beer 1483 The abow Pay’ whistltonng policy shout revioned an cea pub al tal, 1424 Vilar sd sequin pole ean staf ments vole tin the ecisnay proces shoud be urgenty reviewed ‘Soncusion “Twenty years op, te MacPherson rept dtd "nso acon as ob: “Toe cleselahro exarisaion opoviden spond polesnal eric popes a to, cur, rea be see raced nese aus a behav whch ents Goctmbaon ‘rohan pec, rove, esoess and ac tpg wc Seago: ee outs cause he a lhe rit coy ant ogy cin ae ace he ce ad atzsty oy, eee wade haut ern an acon it ah an Rea pl 3 Fk ‘Beets cate co inn, hia conve dass" ‘Ther canbe le bt hat he Pry ow suing ram is arose disease, The Canmission nv to ‘sys, tame, The Pay fang to provide an appropiate mechanism trough wc Jewish pepe may act sey arc qual inpolcal if. isprocesses, andthe tute andbehavour clits edeshp, agents and employees deronatale uniting preue, ignorance, thughssress ard racist eeoyphg. danish monies are dsatartagod by the hostile eviorort that the creates and by tar sequent aby to aca conta. I posits tacause othe fale ofthe Paty to openly and acu ecoie and ‘adress ts vse by ply, example and leadership. JL cals upon the Commision fo act © ensue recagtn and at, in oder eliint the csi disease, das preseneds eden tthe Commission wih both sadrass ard hae, JLMhepes hat he Carmien wircapise the ovewbaiming evidence hat enésemcbehavour ie wii the Par, and hal te Paty i ist responsible fr omrting, pein and encouraging antisemitic, The Par’ duce, processes, ‘gets and employes have alcontbutedo creating ener as rfoundy hase Jewish members {nd an organisation ats now nstuonaly arssami. LA hopes ta having recagieds, he Commision irene wa het wil equ the Party tomakepracial ant lasing changes. Uta, LM hopes tal, {otlowig such changes, he Pry wl tun bing sae an wearing pli home for densh peopl cnt Sie Raat anpeneat ees eng sees gatrermetpesc yarn Sen tg 6 ” rp RT GN a wao9n TibeRe site “egw ey ia maton nau fa] —_rouErona so pu sons 2 PE essen opus Sou Sa G02 ye Kuo | sen Sa 99 3 pau IM TT wun ‘URUERIUE aa neo er 097 Fe Jo SHO 8} TB ‘ay surpnig age 6g paenatio oa po -woreuucep oq fete pu scoot ced oj 8s to BE, sj odpud 0 usa ayn e504 ye ansve oh ‘oe aye pu ag 200 em ag aureus S79 aA; PLE NO A aH 4 monn way yo dope uo Bus fa pap uny dena fe {oj wae i supe aS POI STN (0% hen 11) Hosa TWVAOU SsaNouva 8 | _Wonepueuodey a wow voy SdaNs vopepuwesey ‘SALUMMO9 SuIv4a¥ ANOH 3HL NY LIVEYEDVHO VHS “TTWAON SS3NOWVG AB OBHSMEa SLO BML MOLY SNOLLYGNAMNOO3E JO 318V va ore un pies ARIEL NOME NEE Ma SBS no. aynaqpo suoses 34) 994 ‘oo ae uosepesuwer ‘ayo eyed pe sym Korg favo | pUE pay sen Se Bos ov ood Moqe woul aidan ovo as suogepuouuocai |" sese st. 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