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But where do I start?

Name Brady Orand
Title ITIL Practice Manager
Date May 4, 2006
Column Technologies, Inc.

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http://www. Inc. ITIL Says… • Begin with the source of greatest pain and quickest benefit… Typical first adoptions are with… … Incident Management … Change Management … Service Desk … Problem Management © 2006 Column .

000 • Blueprints available: No.500. presently 4 • Number of windows: Frames 1. 950 Number of fireplaces: 47 • Number of bedrooms: Approx. Mrs.000 • Number of doors: Doorways 467.columnit. • Number of rooms: 160 • Cost: $5.000 • Date of Construction: 1884 . panes approx.September 5. but did sketch out individual rooms on paper and even tablecloths! © 2006 Column Technologies. Winchester never had a master set of blueprints.257. http://www. 40 • Number of kitchens: 5 or 6 • Number of skylights: Approx.7. 1922 • Number of stories: Prior to 1906 Earthquake . Inc. 52 • Number of gallons of paint required to paint entire home: Over 20. 10. doors approx. However… … process development without an overall vision will result in rework being .

com .columnit. Establishing Vision • IT Service Management – Service is THE key concept – Service is the vision • Establishing Vision – What do we want it to look like? – Develop plans – Begin construction… … within the plans © 2006 Column Technologies. Inc. http://www.

Imagine This… • Reports – Delivering Service Impacts to business customers – Communicating Change by service – Identifying costs of individual services • Provisioning – Establishing lead times for new PCs • Customer requests come in advance of need • Delivery of services becomes a . Inc.columnit. http://www. well-known occurrence • Support – Incidents based on business priority – Focus of resources based on greatest benefit/need • Planning – Understanding need based on business trends • Consistency – Business knows who to talk to with respect to Services – Business understands their responsibilities to IT – Business communicates with IT more effectively – IT delivers high-quality Services consistently © 2006 Column Technologies.

Planning for Services Construction Service Management Blueprint Service Vision Foundation Service Modeling Project Planning Project Planning Framing Process Designs Plumbing & Electrical Process Implementation Roofing Service Planning Finishing Service Reporting © 2006 Column Technologies. . Inc.columnit.

http://www. What is a Service? • Service is a human concept – There are no physical entities that you can point to and say “This is a Service” • Services are made up of – People – Process – Technology © 2006 Column . Inc. . Foundations of Service Service Customers Service Users Administration Product Sales Fulfillment Support Business Service Publication Service Desk Service Catalog Communication Delivery of Services Support of Services Supporting ITIL Processes Service Definitions Configuration Management Database Service Modeling © 2006 Column Technologies. Inc. . http://www.columnit. How Services Help Decision Making Incident Problem Change Release Configuration Management Management Management Management Management Incident Classification Problem Classification Change Classification Release Planning Service Modeling Incident Prioritization Problem Prioritization Change Prioritization Release Prioritization Reporting Incident Reporting Problem Reporting Change Scheduling Release Reporting Impact Assessment Impact Assessment Change Reporting Impact Assessment Impact Assessment Service Level ITSC Capacity Availability Financial Management Management Management Management Management Business Alignment Business Alignment Prioritization Prioritization Costs of Service Focused Improvements Planning Planning Planning Value of Service Budgeting Budgeting Reporting Reporting Service Planning Planning Prioritization Budgeting Budgeting Impact Assessment Impact Assessment Impact Assessment Relative Importance Prioritization Business Priority Overall Impact Analysis Reporting Communication of Value Cultural Transformation © 2006 Column Technologies.

HR. Includes Manufacturing control finance. executives. http://www. delivery. Creation of new products and or services for delivery to customers. Sales Includes distribution. Fulfillment logistics. Includes product Product Support support and returns © 2006 Column Technologies. Inc. Establishing Service Definitions Service definitions stem from the basic business organizations… Sales and Marketing efforts focused on attracting new customers and retaining Delivery of products and/or existing customers services to . IT Administration Supporting products and/or services at the customer location.columnit. Includes Operational groups supporting manufacturing and inventory all business groups.

IT Perspective Direct Sales Web Server Online Ordering App Server Sales Ordering Catalog Database Network Marketing File Server © 2006 Column . Inc. Anatomy of a Service The business perspective of services is radically Business Perspective different from IT’s. This perspective must be kept in mind when establishing service definitions for Business Service Sub Service Business Apps business. http://www.

columnit. Designing Services The business perspective of services is radically different from IT’ . • Starting with the Five Business Operations – Identify your sub-Services – Identify the user perspective • Understand shared Services – Email – Desktop Support • Make a list of services – Categorize Services – Create description – What’s included? • Understand the Customer – Who is responsible for this Service from the business? • Understand the Users – Who uses this Service on a regular basis? © 2006 Column Technologies. This perspective must be kept in mind when establishing service definitions for business. Inc. http://www.

http://www. . The Business Perspective • Next Step… – Present your list of Services to your Customers – Beginnings of conversation – Allows for better understanding of Services – Provides business input and perspective – Provides understanding of priorities – Establishes Value for Money (VfM) • Compare your Service list with needs of business – Negotiate with business Customers what services they require and what you can provide – Redefine the list according to business needs © 2006 Column Technologies.

Patch Management. . Software Distribution. Common Mistakes • IT Says… – “Our Services are Change Management.columnit.” • IT dictates Services to Customers • IT does not focus on what the customer will “buy” • Services are inappropriately defined • Customers are not communicated with • Failure to define Service owners © 2006 Column Technologies. http://www.

Next Steps • Use list of Services as a fledgling Service Catalog • Develop Roadmap to deliver Services • Design support efforts around Services • Continue to improve Services – Establish formal Service Level Management process • … © 2006 Column .columnit. Inc. http://www.

com . Inc.© 2006 Column Technologies.columnit. http://www.