We all know this story of David and Goliath…how God used a brave young man full of faith to face

a huge hulk of a human for God and His people, Israel. With sling in hand, he chose 5 smooth stones from a brook and yelled charge as he ran into a valley of certain death. God guided his actions and the stone right between the eyes of the giant who fell flat. Then David proved he knew how to get a head! David is not the only person to come up against a giant. All believers will find themselves face to face with big challenges, and quite often. But on a few rare occasions you find yourself staring into the eyes of a Goliath! Then either fear or faith takes over. Most often it is fear and an expectation that we are about to be squashed! Notice the Philistines had invaded the Israelite territory, Vs. 1, “which belongeth to Judah.” Goliath stood and defied the army of God, and they are huddled together, frightened, and did not attempt to do anything to eliminate him. Satan stands before the local church today and defies the living Savior and His church, and the people are, for the most part, huddled down and frightened to do anything about it. People who are indwelt with the Holy Spirit and commissioned by God look on helplessly as their church dwindles and hope slowly fades. Goliath stands waving his spear high in the air challenging someone to defend the name of God, and the church seems indifferent against such a belligerent foe.

THE SPIRIT OF GOD The Spirit Of The Lord Came Upon David. We will accept bodies rather than souls. v. Without God’s Spirit. We are faced with Goliaths from every angle. against spiritual wickedness in high places. (1 Sam 16:13) "Then Samuel took the horn of oil. . against powers. Let’s make each represent something that the Bible says David already possessed anyway… The First Stone could represent: I. we must use what God has given us. Let’s look at those stones for a few moments.Paul says in (Eph 6:12) "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. thus. activity rather than spirituality." The enemy is all around us today. So Samuel rose up. but against principalities. and went to Ramah. and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward. man is helpless in his own strength. against the rulers of the darkness of this world. I believe he took 5 because scripture says Goliath had 4 brothers…but let’s spiritualize these stones a bit. We have been given weapons and ammo that will kill any giant that stands before us. picked up five smooth stones and then proceeded to kill the giant. 40 David reached down into the brook." Without the power of the Spirit we will settle for a substitute.

We are more involved with pleasures of the social. God will let us do it as though it were a little job. but he became a giant killer. We are more occupied with the things of this life than the things of our future life and eternity. rather than how to defeat him.Not by might.. nor by power. (Zec 4:6) “. Our thoughts seem to be more on the fact that Goliath is out there. This battle will not be won by the flesh. but by my spirit. We must be filled with the Spirit of God and trust in it to get the job done. . athletic. saith the LORD of hosts." The flesh is no match for Goliath. Attempt great things for God. and expect great things FROM God! David was a sheep herder.. and financial society than with things of God.David was empowered by the Spirit of God. It seems we spend more time studying his armor and trying to duplicate it rather than studying the secret of David’s sling and stone. And we must do the little jobs as though they were big jobs and when the big job comes. Christianity has become more occupied with the strategy of the Philistines [flesh] than with the power of God.

He had already defeated him before in the wilderness of temptation. When Jesus Faced Satan On The Cross Of Calvary It Wasn’t The First Time He Had Been Face To Face With The Devil. PAST EXPERIENCE Vs. The bear and the lion. A. David Had Proven The Power Of God In His Past Life. A lion had taken a lamb from the flock and David slew the lion and retrieved the lamb. B. The devil is a roaring lion. Some of you here have wrought great victories in the past.The first stone is the Spirit of God…the second stone could represent: II. C. 1. David Knew That Victory Could Be Won. God can do it again. (1 Pet 5:8) "Be sober. as a . because your adversary the devil. be vigilant. but today you stand on the brink of defeat. D. He had faced giant sized enemies before. 32-37 This is very important in the success that you want to accomplish. He was not fearful of the armor or the size of Goliath. Think back to that great event in your past when you knew God had really worked on your behalf.

He was alone with God." B. (Psa 119:98) "Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me." 3. (Psa 119:92) "Unless thy law had been my delights. The Answer To Your Perplexities Are Found In The Word Of God. and the 3rd stone could be… III. 107:17-20. Psa. Where Do You Suppose That David Got This Confidence? It was on a hillside while caring for the sheep. 1. THE WORD OF GOD Vs. . The Psalms will bear this truth. Jesus defeated Satan on the Cross. past experience. (Psa 119:97) "O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day. The reason David was so sure of victory was that he had gone to the well of Divine strength before and had proven it was sufficient. I should then have perished in mine affliction.roaring lion. 45-47 A. seeking whom he may devour:" 2." 2. walketh about. Satan is a defeated foe. The Spirit of God.

47-48. the remembrance of what God has done in the past. and if we want showers of blessings. 51&54 We must not be satisfied with what God has done in the past. We must continue on attempting big things for God. and I will fill it. then we need to prepare our fields for rain. which thou knowest not. (Psa 81:10) "I am the LORD thy God. He can make things happen! [video clip from “Facing the Giants”] If we want God to add to the mercy drops He’s been dropping around us." (Jer 33:3) "Call unto me.” It’s time we get on God’s program. which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide. “He causeth the winds to blow.IV. The front of your bulletin says. and a vision for the future. A VISION OF SOMETHING BIG Vs. 32 . For this reason I share with you a big announcement of a big challenge… The 5 stones could represent the Spirit of God. the Word of God. but one last stone is missing… V. A HEART FULL OF FAITH “Let no man’s heart fail…” v." The only limitation at GBC is how big of a vision we will believe God for. and I will answer thee. and show thee great and mighty things.

who should have been the one to face Goliath. help thou my unbelief!” . But David had faith from the beginning of this giant undertaking.You can find plenty of faithless people in this chapter. Saul. How about you? What about me? Does spiritual heart failure occur when you hear about the dreams for the future. and David’s brothers had no faith either. I believe. “Lord. or do you have a heart full of faith? Like the disciple said.