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CANADIAN CHAPTER OF ACHE ANNUAL Annual Business Meeting March 6, 2020 REPORTS 2019 ‘An Independent Chapter of ¢ AvmrianCallege of ¥ Healthearesecins fr ec mice Asal ee eee pan Canadian Chapter of ACHE ‘Annual Business Meeting Friday, March 6, 2020 12:00 pm 1:00 pm EDT Tol free number: 3-866-261-6767 International Toll Free: 0080085622524 International Toll Number: 416-850-2050 ass code: B43806518 7.0 Welcome and Remarks from the Chair T-Sepanuik 2.0 _| Minutes fom Thurday, February 78,2019, Stepanuik 30_| Reports: 3:1 2019 Yearin Review Roesch 32 Chair Repor - looking Forward Stepan 3.3. Annual Fnanchl Statements Bonecki 34 audit Commitee 6. Bourbonniere 2:5 Communicators Commitee F. Graal 36 Membership ard Advancement Commitee A Kate 2.7 Programs Committee 5. Drake 38 Nominating Conmittes . Swerhone 3.9 Regent a : Swerhone 40_| 2020.21 Sate of Drectors, Officers and Committee hairs | 0. Swerhone {1.1 Canadian Chapter of ACHE Cais & Committee Members |. Swerhone 5.0 Chapter Award Wirners 2019 TStepanvi G0 Chapter Membership Survey A Kale | 10 | Congress inner fo" Canadian Members S Drake Questions rom Members Ai [50 | sing Remarks T.Stepanuik [70.0 [Adjournment 7. Stepanuik Canadian Chapter of ACHE ‘Annual Business Meeting (ABM) Minutes ‘Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 1200pm EST Present: Frances Roesch, FACHE, (chain), Jeannine Archer, Leslie Benecki, FACHE, (treasurer, Lisa Droppo, Alain Doucette, Teny Fadelle, Karen Hal-Clarke, FACHE, Allan Katz, Mimi Low-Young, FACHE, Suresh Madan, FACHE, Mylashan Myivaganam, Paula Neves (secretary), Cheryl Okol, Todd Stepanuik(vice chal), Marcy Saxe-Brathwaite, (mediate past chair) Danielle Swerhone, FACHE, (regent), Tony Weeks. Regrets: Dianne Anderson, Cholly Boland, Guy Bourbonniere, Rakesh Catton, FACHE, Glenn Gale, Frecrick Go, Michelle Hunter, Matthew Wfison, Tony Woolgar 1.0 Welcome and Remarks from the Chair F. Roesch, “The meeting was called to order at 1201 by Frances Roesch, There being quorum, Frances ‘welcomed everyone to the 2019 ABM and proceeded with the agenda, Frances presented the Chairs Report and thanked the Board, Including outgoing board members, Marcy Saxe~ Braithwate and Glenn Gale. 2.0 Minutes from Thursday, March 8, 2018 “Tho minutes from the March 8, 2018 ABM were approved with minor corrections to member credentials. Motion to approve the minutes as presented by Allan Katz, seconded by Marcy Saxe-Braithwaite, Caried 3.0 Reports were presented: 3.1 Report from the Treasurer L. Benecki | ella Rene euiownd the Trnaaurad’s Rept and notes tothe 2018 Financial Statements Leslie highlighted the decison ofthe board to allocate upto $4,000 to subsidize Chapter member travel and other cests and encourage more to attend the Vancouver Cluster education event. No corrections/deletins were identified. Motion to accept as presented by Leslie Benecki, seconded by Mimi Lowi-Young. Carried Bisepndon pot 2 W ees, etna 3.2 Audit Committee T. Fadelle ‘Terry Fadelle presented the Auclt Commitee report on behalf of Guy Bourbonniere. Motion to accept report as presented by Teny Fadelle, seconded by Marcy Saxe-Braithwaite, Cartied, 3.3 Communications Committee P.Neves Paula Neves presented the Communications report. She noted enhancements made to the {quarterly newsletter and website and thanked her committee the Board and the Membership Commitee, including Chair Todd Stepanuik, for their contributions. Additional changes to the Chapter website are planned for 2019. She noted the ongoing dificuly in communicating with ‘Members and reminded everyone one to select the option to receive Chapter Communications ‘when renewing their membership. Motion to accept the report as presented by Paula Neves and seconded by Mimi Lowi-Young. Carried 3.4 Membership and Advencement Committee ‘Todd Stepanutk ‘Todd Stepanuik presented the report ofthe Membership and Advancement Committee, Todd noted the success of the Committee and Board in encouraging membership renewal, noting that the Canadian Chapter was he leader among 78 ACHE chapters, He also highlighted the ‘completion of a New Member Welcome Guide and Canadian Member Spotight series. In response to a question from the floor, the Committe wil also be looking at ACHE membership ‘catagories, including international members, to inform future outreach efforts, Motion to accept the report by Todd Stepanuik, seconded by Marcy Saxe-Braithwaite. Carried 3.5 Programs Committee Frances Roesch Frances Roesch presented the Programs Committee report on behalf of Glenn Gale, Frances noted thatthe Chapter education at the Vancouver Cluster event held in collaboration with the ‘CCHL was extremely successful. In response to @ question from the flor, it was noted that the Rogent's Award was presented to Dr. Rakesh Calton. during the Cluster event. Plans are under way to host the Regent's Awards Breakfast at the OHA Conference in Fall 2018, Motion to ‘accept report as presentedby Tony Weeks, seconded by Allan Katz, Carried. 3.6 Bylaw Review & Changes Frances presented the drafl Chapter Bylaws and noted that the proposed documents a ‘complete refresh based on the ACHE model chapter bylaws, She noted the direction from the membership atthe 2018 ABM that additional work was needed and tha this request was given significant weight. The refresh process included a working group of the board which then presented a draft tothe full chapter board and futher revisions were then made and the result is the document presented tothe membership today. It was noted thatthe proposed changes to the Chapter Byiaws were ciculated prior to meeting package to give members an Understanding ofthe process and an opportunity fr fulsome review. It was also noted that although the ABM package did not include the current Chapter Bylaws they are posted on the Chapter website. Franens highlighted that the mast agnifieant prapnsad change was to the stricta of tha hard that 50% ofthe director postions wil be fixed, based on regions, and that 60% of the director positions will represent thote same regions though they will be based on geographic distribution of members based on the chapter membership of December 31 ofthe immediately preceding year. This will give more opportunity for engagement and active participation in areas of larger ‘membership 2s well as allow that representation to shit easly asthe distribution of members change over time. An adeltonal change is the proposal to realign the chapter year to the calendar year. This change i the result of feedback from committee chairs and board members {a the metrics and accountablties ofthe chapter from ACHE national are all based on the