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Hospital Bed Elevators

Car Design Hall Design

Reserved Operation for
In case of emergency, elevator
service to other floors can be
suspended for priority transport
of patients to surgical operation
rooms or emergency rooms.


(in car)


(in hall)

Extended Door-Open
An extended door-open (HOLD)
button is provided for use when
the door needs to be held open
longer than usual, such as for
the loading or unloading of
hospital beds and other medical

Model : B750
S11 Faceplate Stainless steel hairline with
dark gray plastic case
E-102 Narrow Jamb
Display panel Smoky gray plastic, matt surface
Lighting - Milky white globe ( plastic cover made of resin) Direction and Digital LED dot display, Jamb - Painted steel sheet ( YO33 )
Ceiling - Painted steel sheet ( YO31 )
CBE-N210 position indicator orange when illuminated
Doors - Painted steel sheet ( YO33 )
Call button Micro stroke click and
Faceplate Stainless steel hairline
Walls - Pattern-printed steel sheet ( CP33 ) tactile button in gray plastic Hall position indicator and call button
Display panel Smoky gray plastic,
Transom panel - Pattern-printed steel sheet ( CP33 ) Response light LED lamp, yellow orange - PIE-A210 / Stainless steel hairline with
matt surface
when illuminated
Doors - Pattern-printed steel sheet ( CP33 ) Direction and Digital LED dot display,
Note : Please consult us if other finishes are required.
dark gray plastic case
position indicator orange when illuminated
Front return panels - Stainless steel hairline Floor button Micro stroke click and
tactile button in gray
Kickplate - Painted steel sheet ( YO55) plastic
Flooring - Durable vinyl tiles ( PR18 ) Response light LED lamp, yellow orange
when illuminated
Car operating panel - CBE-N210 / Stainless steel hairline
Note : Please consult us if other finishes
Handrails (Option) - Stainless steel hairline ( YH-32S ) are required.

New publication, effective Jun. 2006. Actual elevator color may differ slightly from that shown.
L-170-5-B7259-B INA0606 Printed in Japan (MDOC) Specifications subject to change without notice.
Hospital Bed Elevators
Basic Specifications

more than 2200 (1.5mps, 1.75mps)

Model Elevators of this type accommodate Model Elevators of this type accommodate two
a stretcher as well as most other stretchers, one single bed or a convalescent
B750 B1000

more than 2000 (1.0mps)

Machine room: 2600
kinds of medical equipment. bed plus an anesthesia dolly.
Hoistway: 2050

Effective machine
room height:
3ton susp. hook

1300 100mm cinder


Hoistway: 2900
(by owner)

Car : 2300
Machine room: 4600
(620 x 1880)
(720 x 2040)

Ventilator (by owner)

Anesthesia Ventilation Entrance

grill width:
(by owner)

2000 (W x H)
(550 x 550) 1100

Machine room

Ceiling height

1000 x

Power receiving box
(by owner)

Lighting outlet (by owner)

Model B750 hoistway and machoine rom plan

Machine room:3100


Main Specifications
Model 1500
Item B750-2S-60 B750-2S-90 B750-2S-105 B1000-2S-60 B1000-2S-90 B1000-2S-105

Rated load (kg) 750 1000


Number of persons 11 15

Machine room: 4800

Rated speed (m/s) 1.0 1.5 1.75 1.0 1.5 1.75

Entrance height:
Max. stops/travel (m) 24/60 24/80 24/80 24/60 24/80 24/80
Control system VVVF inverter control and Data Network with multiple microprocessor modules

Operation system One-car Selective Collective with Hospital Emergency* operation (1C-2BC with HE operation)
Door system VVVF inverter control, two-panel side opening (with safety door edge) Ventilator (by owner)
Ventilation Entrance
*Hospital emergency refers to reserved operation and extended door-open features. grill width:
(by owner)

2000 (W x H)

Pit depeth
Machine room
Standard Features • Earthquake emergency return (EER)

1000 x
• Reserved operation for emergency (HE) • Operation by emergency power source— Power receiving box
automatic/manual (OEPS)
• Extended door-open button (DKO-TB) • Group control AI-22 with Hospital Emergency operation
(by owner)
• Safety door edge (SDE) (2/3C- AI-22 with HE operation)
Walloutlet for inspection
(by owner)
• Door load detector (DLD) • Supervisory panel (WP)
Lighting outlet (by owner)
• Safe landing (SFL) • Car arrival chime (AECC/AECH) Model B1000 hoistway and machine room plan Models B750 and B1000 hoistway
• Next landing (NXL) • Secret call service (SCS-B) and machine room elevation
• Overload holding stop (OLH) • Hall out-of-service operation (HOS)
• Car call cancelling (CCC) • False call cancelling—car button type (FCC-P)
• Door nudging feature—without buzzer (KNDG) • Forced floor stop (FFS)
• Independent service (IND) • Return operation (RET)
• Main floor parking (MFP) Dimensions and Load
Optional Features • False call cancelling—automatic (FCC-A) Model
• Emergency car lighting (ECL) • Automatic bypass (ABP) Item
B750-2S-60 B750-2S-90 B750-2S-105 B1000-2S-60 B1000-2S-90 B1000-2S-105

• Safety ray (SR) • Non-service of specified floor—car button type (NS-CB) Pit depth (mm) 1550 1850 2150 1550 1850 2150
• Ultrasonic door sensor (USDS) • Non service of specified floor—switch type (NS) Overhead height (mm) 4550 4650 4850 4450 4650 4850
• Mitsubishi emergency landing device (MELD) • Interphone (ITP)
• Firefighter’s emergency operation (FE) • Car light shut off—automatic (CLO-A)
• Fire emergency return (FER) • Car fan shut off—automatic (CFO-A)