Brief Introduction

There are so many biscuits available in the market. Some of them are working under giants of industry and some of them are working solo and created their brand name with time. Most of the companies are selling their products saying that their product is different and unique; they claim to have different taste. But now people are getting aware that most of the companies have similar taste. As they have same biscuits in different packing. People now want something unique and something that turns up different from all other biscuits brand that are available in the market. By judging the requirement of the people we discovered that there is need for a product that is actually unique in taste and also keeps its self different from other biscuits brands. After identifying the need we decided to launch biscuits that are going to fulfill the needs of the people and also healthy from others. These biscuits have unique taste of mint in them that no other biscuit have. This unique mint taste of biscuits differentiate us from other biscuit producing companies.

2. Our Innovation
Explanation of our innovation:
We are introducing mint biscuits family, which is not introduced yet in Pakistan. There are many types of biscuits and have many types of flavors but, no biscuits have refreshing taste as our mint biscuit have. In start we are introducing plain mint, and later we are planning to include orange mint, chocolate mint & lemon mint biscuits. It can replace mint toffees, mint bubbles etc.

How mint biscuits are creating a differentiation? • Mint flavor • Helps in digestion • Refreshing taste
Mint biscuits create differentiation from its mint flavor, as mint flavor is introduced first by our company in biscuits, now people can also taste mint in biscuits. People who use to drink mint tea after lunch they can have mint biscuits instead of taking tea, it works in a same way, and no other biscuit have quality of making digestion easy. It can also be a good option for smokers to refresh their mouth.

Need Gap Analysis and how mint biscuits fulfill this need?

The Gap in Market
We conducted different surveys in the market trying to find out the current needs of the customers regarding biscuits and ask them what they would like to have different in their Biscuits. We come to the conclusion that people want something that is different from available biscuits in the market yet also very healthy to eat. Techniques for determining the steps to be taken in moving from a current state to a desired future-state: It begins with (1)After judging this Gap we are going to launch a new product so, first of all we have to work on the development of the product. We will do free sampling and sponsors the shows so that people can be aware of our product. (2) After maintaining the maturity point, when we will feel that our sales and profits are stable and they are not increasing then we will diversify our product. Here we will introduce new flavors to attract the more customers. (3)As we have mentioned that we will first of target the market of Lahore, so after attaining the desired position in Lahore, we will introduce our product in Islamabad, Faisalabad etc.

Justification of the Innovation-why we think it’s going to sell?
We think mint biscuits are going to sell in the market because of the following reasons. 1. We think Mint Biscuits are going to sell because people want something different, people want something refreshing yet different from the typical taste of the other biscuits 2. Smokers will highly prefer our product as there is no such direct substitute of Mint Biscuits™ 3. It is first of its kind Biscuits that helps in digestion as there is Mint in it. 4. Customers are always attracted by new and innovative product. 5. We will provide biscuits at reasonable price. 6. Our biscuit is with good quality, nutritious and hygienically packed.

Current Marketing Situation-Expected Market Size And Potential
We analyzed the market and realized the market

9% 16% EBM Kolson 55% 20% LU Continental Bisconni

Above is the current market situation of all the biscuits companies. Here we don’t have any share of us, because we are new to the market. We hope to have break even point in the 2 nd year and after that we hope to have 2-3% of total market share within four to five years.

1. Currently peek freans and LU are the two major biscuit manufacturers in the market and

enjoying the highest share in the market.
2. the demand of the biscuits is all time high and people are demanding biscuits in different

taste and flavors.
3. We are going to launch the product initially in Lahore so our expected market size is all

the area within the Lahore district. 4. We are sure that the market size of biscuit will increase in time as people tend to eat more biscuits rather than other snacks
5. All the people who are consuming any biscuit product and also who don’t like to eat

biscuit are our target and potential customers.
6. We also believe that in time our potential market will be all Pakistan as we will increase

our production and distribution all over the country.

3. DEEP-LIST Analysis
Demographic Environment:

Mint biscuits are not specifically concerned with any religion, race, occupation, family life cycle or sex and have a target market in every societal group. Main concerned segment is young boys and girls, smokers and children. But we are also targeting families; we will also keep an eye on seasonal festivals and other festivals in the country.

And we are also targeting the students of school, colleges and universities because most of the students like to have biscuits with tea in the break time.

Economic Environment:

All income groups are favorable for the business of our mint biscuits. Minta also making its products at lower prices. The reason why minta making its products cheep is that every class in the economy can take benefit from our products.

Ecological Environment

Minta strive to put the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, recycle) into action. Minta wants dramatic reduce in the amount of waste we create, as soon as possible, through a policy of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.

Political Environment:

Minta is not affected by political environment.

Legal Environment:
it is not allowed to produce Haram food in Pakistan so that Minta acting upon on this rule and producing Halal food.

Informational Environment:

Like all other companies minta have collected its information mostly from the consumer market and also gather information directly from customers on internet or via questioner or directly meetings with customers because information is very important for every company.

Technological Environment:

As we know that technology plays a vital role to reduce cost and improve quality so, we have purchased manufacturing plant from china for the production of biscuits.

4. Corporate Intent
Our mission statement: “The Mission statement of ‘A Mint Family’ is to make something different out of mint, to increase the freshness in people lives and opening new doors for mint lovers by providing them the different combinations of mint. We would act honestly and provide quality and healthy products. We would treat our customers as our family.

Our Corporate Goals and Objectives: • • • • “To make and provide highest level of quality and taste in the most cost-efficient manner.” “To create challenging and friendly work environment for our employees.” “To undertake new research and development programs aimed at developing a new line of products in food market” “To make mint the favorite flavor for all.”

Sales Goals and Objectives: • What profit margin you wish to maintain?

Following are the profit margin we wish to maintain: Sizes Tikky Pack Half Roll Family Pack Cost Price 1.908 5.742 11.44 Sale Price 5.10 10.5 21.5 Profit Margin 3.192 4.75 10.05

What your cost structure is and therefore figure out how many units you need to sell in order to meet that goal?

As we think that we are going to face loss in the first year, so our goal is to achieve the break even point after 2nd year. This will happen if we sale 48000 units of Tikky pack, 25000 units of Half Roll and 10000 units of Family Pack per day.

If we are going to sell above mentioned units , the total revenue for the year for us will be 189750000. After subtracting cost of goods sold, all the commercial expenses, interest and the tax, we will have a net profit of Rs. 13520 at the end of 2nd year. This will be our break even point.

Key Success Factor: “If we delight our customers, we would be successful”
1. Sell each unit at a profit 2. Continue to reduce overhead costs 3. Develop new products while maintaining the high quality of existing products. 4. Find and retain high-value customers 5. Create and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction

5. Competitive Analysis
Our indirect competitors: Our indirect competitors are biscuits by:

• • • •

LU. Peek Freans, Continental biscuits, Kolson. Biscconi

Substitute competitor: As our product is specialized as mint product our substitute competitors are • • • mint chewing gums, mint candies, Mint chocolate

6. Marketing Plan to Launch i. Market Segment:
a) Demographics:
To divide the market into groups on the basis of variables such as age, family size, family life cycle, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, nationality and social class is known as demographic segmentation. • Age and family Size:

Minta is not concerned with any religion, race, occupation, family life cycle or gender and has a target market in every social class. Main concerned segment is youth who have experienced high product consumption level and smokers who love to have something so that they can avoid bad ouder after smoking. b) Geographic: To divide the market according to different geographical units such as nations, states, regions, countries, cities or neighborhood is known as geographical segmentation.

In start we are just launching our product in Lahore. After its successful launching in Lahore, we will launch it in all the big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Faisalabad and later on in all the countries of Pakistan.

c) Psychographics: In psychographic segmentation, buyers are divided into different groups on the basis of psychological or personality traits, lifestyles, or values.

We are launching a product that is suitable for all the personalities. It is also suitable for all the people whether all have different values or lifestyle. d) Media graphics:

we use the following mediums for our advertising purpose: • • • • • Hoardings Boards News paper City 42 Walls chalking

ii. Target Market Analysis:

Target Market of Minta

There are five patterns of target market selection:

• • • • •

Single segment concentration Selective specialization Product specialization Market specialization Full market coverage

Minta is doing single segment concentration, to target the market because we have a certain product that is sold to certain market segments.

As you can see in this figure, that a single product is sold in a single market. P = Product M = Market

Marketing Mix Explanation-The 7P’s Analysis

Brand Name:




FAB Analysis (Features Attribute benefits Analysis) Features

Minta has mint in it. It refreshes your breath. Its packing has tear open feature. It is hygienically packed. It helps in digestion, due to its natural ingredients. It has following ingredients: o o o o o o CARBOHYDRATES PROTEIN FAT SATURATED FATTY ACIDS MONOUNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS POLY UNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS

• •
• •

o Energies o Mint essence

• • • • • • • •

Our Minta biscuits are baked to perfect timing and temperature. The tasty and crispy Minta biscuits have all the goodness of mint, wheat and milk. High in nutritional value, these Minta biscuits have mint for instant freshness. Our Minta biscuits are prepared and baked under the most hygienic conditions. Our Packaging is Moisture proof laminated poly packs. Our biscuits have a delightful aroma, Freshness and crisp in every bite. Packaging is available in 3 different sizes ( tikie pack, Half role, Family Pack) We are providing the best of the Biscuits varieties at the friendliest of the rates to our consumers.


It opens doors to freshness. It helps in digestion Consumers will get the maximum level of satisfaction against the price paid Easy to open, because of its tear open packing. It is healthy and have low quantity of fats.

• •
• •

Product range and product mix Product range
Different designs or variations of the same product platform that appeal to different market segments.

As we are going to introduce a new product, so initially we are going to launch a single product. In future after the successful introduction of our mint biscuits, we will expand our product range. We have a plan to launch chocolate mint biscuits, orange mint biscuits and lemon mint biscuits. But currently we are focusing on the tremendous launch of our mint biscuits.

Product mix
Range of associated products which yield larger sales revenue when marketed together than if they are marketed individually or in isolation of others.

As it is mention earlier that at this time we are just focusing on a single product, so we don’t have any product mix strategy till now. But in future when we will expand our product range or product line we will make a strategy of product mix.


It is the overall evaluation of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis. It’s a way of monitoring the external and internal marketing environment.


New and different product in the market 2. Affordable and reasonable price 3. Focused target market 4. Our target are smokers, and in Lahore 45% in male gender are smokers. 5. Our product is the need of the market


1. Heavy capital will be required for the promotion 2. Consumers are brand loyal these days so it will take time to capture their loyalty 3. We have a limited target market (Only in Lahore division)

1. No direct competitor 2. Can introduce more flavors 3. Our product is Hygienic alternative of bubbles and beetle nuts. 4. Now we are doing selective specialization, we have opportunity to do market specialization. 5. We can make ourselves as a strong brand in future.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

No awareness about the product Big market share of other brands People don’t believe in Local brands Mint biscuits can be introduced by any other re-known company Unstable economic situation in Pakistan can also affect our product.

Matching the SWOT Matrix
There are four basic categories of matches for which strategic alternatives can be considered:
• • • •

S/O matches show the company's strengths and opportunities. Essentially, the company should attempt to use its strengths to exploit opportunities. S/T matches show the company's strengths in light of major threats from competitors. The company should use its strengths to avoid or defuse threats. W/O matches illustrate the company's weaknesses coupled with major opportunities. The company should try to overcome its weaknesses by taking advantage of opportunities. W/T matches show the company's weaknesses against existing market threats. Essentially, the company must attempt to minimize its weaknesses and avoid threats. These strategy alternatives are generally defensive.

S/O Strategies

S/T Strategies

As we have no direct competitor so we will grab the market very quickly with our new and unique product (S1:O1) As our product is the need of the market so it will give us in making strong brand in the future (S5:O5)

As there is a strong market share of other brands, we will capture the market share with our focused target market (S3:T2) With our good quality people will start believing in our Brand (S2:T3)

W/O Strategies

W/T Strategies
• We have small target market but we will expand our target market with advertisement and branches in all over the Pakistan As there is a big market share of other brands, but as we have unique product which is yet not available in Pakistan, we can overcome on this threat

We have our product in just Lahore but smokers are in all over the Pakistan so we have the opportunity to get those customers (W3:O4) As we have the opportunity to make a strong brand so it will give us help to build customer’s loyalty (W2:O5)

Placement Strategy
As we are new to the market and due to the limited budget our wholesaling department would be at the same place at factory and at fewer wholesalers. Besides

that we are looking forward to enhance our wholesaling outlets in the market. We are also giving wholesalers a good profit margin to increase our sales.

Our distribution department would be at the place of factory. We would do both direct and indirect distribution of our Minta biscuit. We have selected this strategy because it is our goal to hit, enhance and overcome the market in a short period of time with our newly innovative product.

As we want to expand our market share we have decided to do massive retailing of our product. We need our product to reach at every Shop, Stores and Khokha in Lahore, for this retailer would sell our product due to a good profit margin.

Channels of Distribution:
The intensity of our distribution would be “Intensive”. Due to a new and innovative product, we need our product to reach to the customer. There would be dedicated shelf spacing to maintain the SKU (stop keeping units). We are providing Minta to A, B and C class stores.

9) Promotion Strategies

Product Positioning Strategy and USP

1. The first step to position our product in the market we had to find who the relevant buyers are. Now since we have started a unique Mint based biscuit there is a lot of potential in the market. Now the question is how we are

targeting this potential market, our Main focus is to separate those who are going to be the actual buyer and who going to be our long term buyers. 2. Now that we have focused the buyers, we are now going to explain our customers that what we have is different from all the others who are in the market. Mint biscuits are a unique concept itself. It’s of good quality full of nutritious values and hygienically packed pack. Also the mint inside our biscuits makes it one of a kind healthy product. This will attract people who like to have mint flavor but are not that attracted towards biscuits. 3. In the next step we select a few customers and try our positioning strategy on them so that we can have some initial feedback. That can help us later in making major market positioning statement. Keeping in Mind the Positioning concepts 1. Functional positions o Solve problems o Provide benefits to customers o Get favorable perception by investors (stock profile) and lenders 2. Symbolic positions o Self-image enhancement o Ego identification o Belongingness and social meaningfulness o Affective fulfillment 3. Experiential positions o Provide sensory stimulation o Provide cognitive stimulation We have not ignored even a single positioning concept just to make sure that all the related people are associated with and no one is left. Also making sure that building a strong image in the mind of the customers

ii. Advertising strategy:
Above the Line Marketing

Above the line (ATL) is an advertising technique using mass media to promote brands. This type of communication is conventional in nature and is considered impersonal to customers. It differs from BTL (below the line), that believes in unconventional brand-building strategies. The ATL strategy makes use of current traditional media: television, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor, and internet.

Below the Line Marketing Below the line (BTL) is an advertising technique. It uses less conventional methods than the usual specific channels of advertising to promote products, services, etc. than ATL (above the line) strategy; these may include activities such as direct mail, public relations, sales promotion, consumer promotions, consumer incentives, trade incentives retail promotions etc for which a fee is agreed upon and charged up front. Below the line advertising typically focuses on direct means of communication, most commonly direct mail and e-mail, often using highly targeted lists of names to maximize response rates. Strategy choose by US We are offering fast moving consumer goods (MINT BISCUIT) that is in its launching stage and we all know that in introduction stage, we have to invest heavily on the advertisement. So, we have decided to use Above the Line marketing strategy as we are in the process of launching new product so first of all we want that people can be aware of our product. To get the people aware of our product, we will use TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor, and Internet.

b) Advertising Objective
Advertising objectives are the communication tasks to be accomplished with specific customers that a company is trying to reach during a particular time frame. A company that advertises usually strives to achieve one of four advertising objectives: trial, continuity, brand switching, and switchback. As we are launching

our new product so we will advertise so the people can have a trial or they can switch their brand. Trial: We are using advertising tool to encourage customers to make an initial purchase of a product. We will employ creative advertising strategies in order to cut through other competing advertisements. The reason is simple, without that first trial of a product, there will not be any repeat purchase. So for this purpose we have to make creative advertisings to attract customers.

Brand Switching We are using advertising strategies so that people can be aware of our product and they can switch from competitors brands to our brand. It is a common strategy that our company is using to compare product price or quality in order to convince customers to switch to our product brand.

Campign Theme:
“Stay cool…Stay healthy” Reach: As it is mentioned earlier that we hope that we can reach up to 240,000 people through advertisement so it is our reach. Frequency: We are hoping to reach to our customers 10 times a day through different advertising channel. This will be our frequency that will expose our message to the customers. Media vehicle selection: We are going to use the following media vehicles to reach our customers:
• • Broachers Boards and Hoardings

• • • • • •

Adds on local cable networks TV Sponsoring Events Free Sampling Radio Wall chalking

Proper budget allocation advertising: Budget allocation in Advertising activities
Newspaper Boards and Hoardings Adds on local cable networks TV Sponsoring Events Free Sampling Radio Wall chalking Online Advertisement 940000 3000000 60000 2500000 7000000 7536240 200000 100000 1200000

iii. Slogan:
“Stay cool…. Stay Healthy”

iv. Direct selling strategy: as e know that it would not be easy to reach all customers directly so we will do direct selling to our retailers and whole sellers through e-mails, and telephone services.

c) Push Strategy and Pull Strategy:

Push strategy:
When the manufacturer uses its sales force and trade promotion money to induce intermediaries to carry, promote, and sell the product to end use.

Pull strategy:
When the manufactures uses advertising and promotion to persuade consumers to ask intermediaries for the product, thus inducing the intermediaries to order it

Push strategy Vs Pull strategy:
We have selected Push strategy so that our new product is launched with greater effect. If we use push strategy we will encourage the wholesaler and the retailer to sale our product to the consumer. This way our new product can be launched successfully

Promotional Materials
We are in the launching stage of the product so we have decided to use maximum promotional tools to help us promote our product in a better way. We will use POS terminals in different shops and provide them racks in which only our product will be displayed. We will attend trade fairs and exhibitions so that we can keep our self updated to the current market situation Banner and hoardings will be displayed all over Lahore

10.Price List price Tikky pack Half role Family pack
Par pricing:
We will use par pricing strategy for our product in the market because we are new in the market and keeping an eye on our competitors we cannot use market skimming strategy because if we use market skimming strategy we will have few customers because of Pakistani economic conditions and we are not use penetration strategy because now a day’s people think that low price means low quality as some time before Honda reduces his Honda 70 bike price and people thought that they are giving low quality so for that reasons we will use Par Pricing Strategy to overcome the market in the future.

Trade price 5.4 11 23.5

Margin price .6 1 1.5

6 12 24

Computation of pricing method:

We are using Competitor indexing, in which we are using price setting technique used by other marketers. We are using the price of competitors' products in determining the price of your own products.

Price elasticity and Customer Sensitivity
We have set the price according to the competitors and since we are new in the market we can not disturb the price elasticity. So if we will increase our price even by a single rupee we will lose the customer as they will think that we are charging high prices than our competitors. And if we decrease our price then it will cost us more and this way we can not cover up our basic expenses.

Discounts and Rebates:
We are not offering any discount and using any rebate policy because we are in the initial stages of the business and we have to cover up the cost and expenses first. But we are free sampling our product.

11. People
i. Key people with specific skills:

Our company’s key people are our Marketing and Sales Force. These people are creative and well known to their jobs and the field. These are the people with whom we will introduce our product in the market and people will soon aware of our product. This Staff has the appropriate interpersonal skills, attitude, and service knowledge to provide the product that consumers are paying for.


Details of your marketing department in terms of HR including managerial, non managerial sales terms and support staff

Marketing Department: 1 Manager & 4 Assistant Finance Department: 1 Manager, 2 Assistant & 4 Sales Men Production Department:

1 Manager, 1 Assistant, 1 Supervisor, 4 Technicians, 2 engineers, 6 Quality Check, 10 Packing & 4 storerooms Support Staff: 12 people for Loading and Unloading, 3 Office Boys, 8 Sweepers & 4 Guards

12. Processes
Our customers will acquire our product directly from the any Shop any store or Khokha. As our outlet is at the same place of factory, this will give our wholesalers and retailers more convenience in acquiring our product. We have our head office at raiwand Road from where wholesalers and retailers can place their orders in bulk with special offers. Due to our Intensive distribution, customers will face no difficulty in acquiring our product.

Physical Evidence
1. Land and Building
We purchased the Land on Raiwind Road, Lahore. The land cost Rs. 10000000. It took Rs. 25000000 on the construction.

2. Outlets
Our main and only outlet would be at the same place (Raiwind Road) where our production plant is situated. As we will increase our production and diversify our product we are planning to launch new outlets all across the District Lahore

3. Location and Site Details
The location of our factory is at 9 Km on Raiwind Road at Mobatian Chock and it’s an industrial area that is still in its initial stages of development. The site area is 3 kannal and facing the main Raiwand road

Market entry strategy:

Market entry strategy is the planned method of delivering goods or services to a target market and distributing them there.

Flank Attack:
Attacking a weak position in the opponent’s force is flank attack. Challenger identifies the weak areas in the offering as well as marketing territories of the opponent and attacks those areas. A front attack may also be launched simultaneously, but the frontal attack is only to engage the opponent. But the real victory is won in the flanks. Market share gain in weak territories is the objective, but the opponent is forced to defend his share even in his strong territories and products.

Choosing the marketing entry strategy:
As we are launching a new product we will adopt flank attack. As there is no proper competitor of Mint biscuits and still no one is offering biscuits with mint inside.

Launch plan:
There are two types of launch plan

Soft launch strategy:
Soft launch strategy is such strategy in which we launch a product only in some areas of city just to test our quality and services and to find out our faults. We will also use this strategy to know about user’s feedback and to know about our product’s porn’s and corns. With this we will able to see if there is any mistake or fault in our product. And for free sampling so that people know about our product and for our marketing. We will use this strategy for 1 month.

Official launch:
The debut of a product into the market, the product launch signifies the point at which consumers first have access to a new product. After testing our product in soft launch we will officially launch our product when we ensured that every distributor has our biscuit and it is ready to sale.

Event marketing at launch stage:
We are planning to launch our product at the time of Basant. This suits our product in many ways as Basant is a major festival of Lahore and this way it will be easy for us to Highlight our product in the market in an easy way.


It is the overall evaluation of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis. It’s a way of monitoring the external and internal marketing environment.


• • • •

New and different product in the market Affordable and reasonable price Focused target market Our biggest target are smokers, and in Lahore 45% in male gender are smokers. • Our product is the need of the market


• Heavy capital will be required for the promotion • Consumers are brand loyal these days so it will take time to capture their loyalty • We have a limited target market (Only in Lahore)


• • • •


No direct competitor Can introduce more flavors Our product is Hygienic alternative of bubbles and beetle nuts. Now we are doing selective specialization, we have opportunity to do market specialization. • We can make ourselves as a strong brand in future.

• • • • •

No awareness about the product Big market share of other brands People don’t believe in Local brands Mint biscuits can be introduced by any other re-known company Unstable economic situation in Pakistan can also affect our product.

Publicity and Public Relation Activities:
As we are new to the market publicity holds a deep role in the promotion of our product. We have a plan to attend all the festivals, exhibitions, events etc to build our relation with the customers and to publicize our product. We will use Re-known personalities in our ads to attract our customers.

Monthly or Quarterly Agenda:
Our quarterly agenda is as follow Currently our monthly sales are Rs. 14765625 and we want to increase this monthly sale up to 25000000 within 4 month and then we want to increase this monthly sales up to 40000000 within 8 months and then we want to increase this monthly sales up to 50000000 with in the year

Income Statement All amounts are given in Pakistani Rs.
Minta Biscuits ™

Income statement
For the Month ended 31st Dec, 2010
Revenue: less: cost of goods sold Opening inventory Add: purchases Less: closing stock Add: freight in Less: freight out Gross Profit Less: commercial expenses Selling expenses Administrative expenses Operational expenses depreciation expenses Operational profit (EBIT) Less: Interest paid Earnings before tax Less: tax paid Net Loss 26970000 9804000 2000000 17610000 177187500


51884910 750000 1200000 67665090 109522410

56384000 53138410 34000000 19138410 28800000


Balance Sheet
Minta Biscuits ™ Balance Sheet As on 31st Dec, 2010 Owners equity + Amount Liability (RS)
400000 9000000 51884910 capital less: net loss 51100000 -9661590 41438410

Current Assets
Cash in hand cash at bank Account receivable closing Inventory Non-current Assets land building Plant and Machinery Furniture and fixtures equipments

Amount (RS)

10000000 25000000 15000000 1000000 100000

Current Liabilities Accounts Payable 36500

Less: Accumulated depreciation Building Plant and machinery Furniture and fixture equipments

Non Current Liabilities Reserves 2500000 1500000 100000 10000


4110000 56390000 108274910 108274910

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