Level: Intermediate Gender: M/F Age: 18 -22 Materials: Pictures Interaction: Sts/Sts – T/Sts Assumptions: Anticipated Problems: The listening text may be difficult to understand for the students. OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, the students
1) will have improved their listening skills in some degree. 2) will have had better understanding for the listening a text. 3) will have produced a conversation which contributes to the students’ speaking

and creativity. WARM-UP Time: 4 min. Materials: Picture Interaction: T/Sts – Sts/Sts What students do: The Sts are asked to be involved in the lesson with their personal experiences. Grouping: Whole Class Aims: - To motivate the students to get to the topic. - To make the sts be involved in the lesson. - To activate their background information. STEPS 1) The teacher shows a picture of two people,Gary and Rita. 2) The teacher asks questions “When did you last go out with your friends? Where did you go and whose idea was it to go there?Did you enjoy yourself? Why?\Why not? 3) After gathering their ideas,the teacher moves into the first listening section. WHILE LISTENING Time: 5 min. (2.5 min. for each session) Materials: Worksheet Interaction: T/Sts – Sts/Sts What students do: Sts are asked to understand the listening text in detail by the end of the session. Grouping: Whole Class

• First Listening Aims: - To make the Sts understand the conversation in general. - To make the Sts have the main idea about the text. STEPS 1) The teacher says “I have a listening text for you and it is a dialogue between two friends,Gary and Rita.” and starts to give information briefly. 2) The teacher explains the context in the listening text : 3) The teachers says” There are two people in this conversation and they are trying to detemine when they go out. 4) Students are asked to listen to the dialogue and to put pictures A-D in the order they talk about them. 5) After listening the dialogue, the teacher checks the students’ answers 6) The teacher gives brief information about the listening text. • Second Listening Aims: • To get the Sts have more specific information about the text. • To make them understand the text in detail. STEPS 1) Before listening the text again, the Sts are asked to have a look at the sentences written on worksheet for twenty seconds. 2) Sts are asked to complete these sentences 3) The teacher checks their answers and corrects if there is a mistake. POST LISTENING Time: 2 min. Materials: Handout Interaction: T/Sts – Sts/Sts What students do: The Sts try to complete the half of the conversation. Grouping: Pairs. Aims: To improve their speaking skills with the help of creativity. To use the new vocabularies in a communicative way. STEPS 1) The teacher asks the students to make a dialogue 2) The sts discuss with each other to make it.

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