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Department of Information Science and Engineering Question Bank Web Technology UNIT I 1. a. Give introduction to Internet 2. a. Explain general characteristics of web servers b. Explain URL c. Explain MIME 3. a. Explain HTTP b. Give overview of Javascript and PHP 4. a. Discuss two web servers b. Give overview of XHTML 05 05 10 5. a. Write about security aspects of Internet b. Explain plug ins and filters c. Discuss World Wide Web and Web Browsers 05 05 10 10 10 10 05 05 20

c. Give overview of XHTML and tools for creating XHTML document

UNIT II 1. a. Discuss Different Versions of HTML and XHTML 05 10 b. Create an XHTML document that has a form with the following controls

i. A text box to enter name ii. Radio Button to display gender iii. Selection box including faculty name iv. Checkbox to display 3 subjects v. Submit and reset buttons c. Discuss frames in XHTML 2. a. Discuss Lists and Tables in XHTML 10 b. Create XHTML document that defines a table that has two levels of columns: an overall label “MEALS” and three secondary labels “BREAKFAST”, “LUNCH” and “DINNER”. There must be four levels of rows “BREAD”, “MAIN COURSE”, VEGETABLES” and “DESSERTS”. The cells of the table must contain the number of grams for each of the food categories c. Explain Hyperlinks in XHTML 3. a. Discuss different font styles and sizes in XHTML b. Discuss syntactic different between HTML and XHTML c. Create an XHTML document to explain yourself using tags <p>,<strong>,<img>,hyperlink and <hr> 4. a. Create an XHTML document that includes two columns of frames with two rows of frames in first column. Left frame must occupy 25% of the width of the display. Left bottom frame must occupy 40% of the height of the display. The top left frame must display the name of your mother and bottom right must display the name of your father. Each name in the left frame must be a link to a document that is displayed in the right frame when the link is selected. Document in the right side is their short description. b. Explain XHTML document structure 15 05 05 10 05 05 05 05

5. a. Discuss Different controls that can be included in <form> tag b. Discuss forms in XHTML c. Discuss tables in XHTML 10 05 05

6. Write an XHTML document that has five frames. There must be two rows of frames, first with three frames and second with two. Frames in first row must have equal width. In second row, first frame must have 55% of the width. Each of the frames in first row must have forms. Top left must have two text boxes for name and Address with proper label. Top right must have 4 check boxes for 4 subjects with proper labels. Top middle frame must have two radio button for UG/PG. The two bottom rows must have two images. 7. a. Explain tags for the following 05 i. Block quotation ii. Preserving white spaces iii. Headings iv. Horizontal rule b. List 10 character entities c. Explain XHTML document validation 8. a. Write an XHTML document for the following form 15 10 05 20

WELCOME TO NMIT NAME Address Subject Web Technolody Java and J2EE SUBMIT Test 1 These are text boxes Test 2

b. How to insert images in XHTML UNIT III 1. a. Explain event driven computation b. Write an XHTML document including i. A text box to enter name ii. Radio Button to display gender iii. Checkbox to display at least 3 subjects iv. Button



Call Javascirpt function on “onclick” even of button which will display the values present in i), ii), iii) and iv) in table format 15 2. a. Explain 5 string methods in Javascript b. Explain “Date” object c. Write a Javascript to accept “reagno” from prompt and check for correctness of its format. Display correct/not correct message in alert box 05 3. a. Discuss screen output and keyboard input methods in Javascript b. Explain arrays along with 3 array methods in Javascript 4. a. Explain pattern matching in Javascript 15 b. Write an XHTML document to accept login and on clicking the button display welcome message with login name by “onclick” even handling using Javascript 5. 05 8 12 10 05

a. Explain DOM b. Explain Element access in Javascript

10 10

6. a. Explain general syntactic characteristics of Javascript with a simple example to display greeting message on alert box 15 b. Explain any 5 events and their respective tag attributes in Javascript 05 7. a. Why is Javascript considered as object based language b. Explain how browsers handle Javascript 05 05

c. Write an XHTML document with textbox and button. Handle “onclick” event for button to take value “n” entered in textbox and display “n” Fibonacci numbers. 8. a. Write an XHTML document having 4 text boxes to read name, phone number, register number and semester with proper labels and one text area. When mouse cursor moves over a text box its help message should be displayed in text area. (for ex if mouse is over text box of register number then register number format can be displayed in text area) 15 b. How errors are handled in Javascript 05 10

UNIT IV 1. a. Discuss different types of variables in PERL b. Explain File handling in PHP 2. 12 08

a. Explain pattern matching in PERL b. Explain string operations of PHP 3. a. How to set cookies in PERL b. Write PHP script for the following case

10 10 05

i. Parameter: A file variable of a text file where words are separated by spaces or colons ii. Output: Word that appears most c. Explain functions in PHP 4. a. Write PERL script for following case i. Input: A file of lines and text ii. Output: Every line that has more than 10 characters and less than 20 characters and “ed” as substring b. Explain arrays and operations on arrays in PHP 5. a. Write an XHTML document to provide a form that collects names and telephone numbers(atleast 3) . Phone numbers must be in the format of ddd-dddddd or dddddddddd or +91dddddddddd. Write perl script to check phone numbers for their format and display proper message 10 b. How to access mysql data from PHP 6. a. Explain file handling in PERL b. How to access mysql data from PERL 7. a. Explain module b. Write PHP script to count the number of visitors and display it on webpage every time it is loaded 8. 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 05

a. Write an XHTML code to create a form that collects favorite popular songs, including the name of the song, composer etc. This document must call one PHP script when submitted which will write the entered songs and their information to a file called “SONG.txt” b. Discuss CGI linkage c. Explain functions in PERL UNIT V 1. a. Give overview of AJAX b. Discuss request and response phase in AJAX 2. a. How cross-browser support is provided in AJAX b. Explain triggering AJAX that Rails include c. Discuss Response document 3. Discuss Rails with AJAX 05 10 05 20 10 10 10 05 05

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