This novel is dedicated to someone special, whom my imagination has named as Afreen, though this is not her actual name, but in the realm of my fancies she is recognised only as my beautiful ‘Afreen’.

Dear Afreen, The night I remember, I whirled you through the waltz, and my face brushed against the warm fragrance of your hair. Though it was just a moment, but that moment immersed me into the profound Ocean of Love and my heart surged above into the firmament of blooming Love. A sensation of frivolity blended with incredulity streamed through every channel of my veins and it felt like a wondrous delusion. My love for you is immeasurable, and so I dedicate my most precious treasure to you… No one, my Love, not even poets can imagine how much a heart can hold… MD. TAHA ALAM

Then wear the golden hat, if that will move her, If you can bounce high, bounce for her too, Till she cries “oh! Lover, gold-hatted, high bouncing, lover, I must have you” -- THOMAS PARKE DE INVILLIERS


The Realm of Love is the wild passionate story of intense and almost severe love amid Diana Roosevelt and Richard Smith. The character of Diana Roosevelt has been portrayed as a charismatic and affluent model of England and a significant personality in the world of glamour. However, her personal life is not embellished with the glitters of similar frivolity and lacks the colours of blitheness. But with the introduction of the dashing central character, Richard Smith, an ordinary struggling author whose life is itself solitary, brings back all the faded colours of Diana’s life and eventually, both the forlorn souls fall in Love. The novel has been written from the perspective of Richard Smith, who is deeply riveted into the Ocean of Love, almost demonically and is willing to overstep any bounds of anguish to attain his love. Circumstances has been induced in the novel, where Richard has to take severe decisions to conquer his Love and spend his life with his beloved and he surpasses the limits of Conscience and commits an iniquitous deed for his Desires. But tears are what is written in his fate and his eventual destiny is his own doom… This novel has a tragic ending which displays malignity of a human heart and the savagery of this brutal world. The story is sated with betrayal and despair that’ll trickle a drop of tear as one flips over the last page of the novel. I have endeavoured to render sensation and weave an aura of profound Romanticism and also exhibit the agony of remorse. My novel exhibits the power and influence of Mammon and the chaotic ending of handling the emotion of Love with deep intensity. The action of the story is raving and unremittingly violent, but the accomplished handling of a complex structure, the evocative description of a passionate lover’s life and the poetic grandeur of vision combine to make this novel a masterpiece of my creations…


Chapter I

That was the day when my life took a queer turn...

until the twitters of the birds lessened and the blue sky turned grey. with a notion to provide a little peace to my nerves. With the twist of the key. I held the cup of coffee kept beside. I set out for an undecided journey. My break was intended to be short.. Until the obscurity of the fog decreased a trifle and until. and I parted apart the panes to let the cool soft breeze. The wheezing breeze blowing against me. whistle through the window. The chirps of the birds struck my ears as music. bewitched by the ravishing equanimity and peacefulness stirred in every phase of air that shears across me. crossing through the music of the little creatures and the rustle of the leaves. then leaned back on the chair and closed my eyes. being a coffee addict. Crossing through the foggy lanes and whistling a meaningless note. my journey commenced and I began to steer my way in my roofless car through the uninhabited streets and avenues. my eyes caught the sight of the only cafeteria that was open. however it did not turn out so. the air of such scenic dawn. I pictured myself driving ecstatically.. The sleeping city was what I could see concealed under the shrouds of morning – the fog. then leaned forward and peeped out through the window and noticed that it was the Break of Dawn. Long hours of writing swelled my eyes and I was in a yearn of getting some sleep after the completion of the chapter my novel was stuck upon. Wretched and tired. for the morning was so soothing that replenished within me a new soul. completely oblivious of the queer game that the fate was to play with me.I was sitting beside the window. could not restrain this temptation of enjoying a cup of coffee . I fleeted my time away blithely in solitude and continued to drive until the clouds went pale and the dullness of the rosy Sun morphed to little bright and gained some altitude. Putting on the overcoat and clutching the key beneath my palm. And unable to repress my urge. I caught the sight of the outer world. I rubbed my eyes and slowly opened it. fluttering my hair and the pacific serenity all around gladdened me to the very essence. Looking out of the window. I relinquished before my enticement and quitted my seat and abandoned my work. I was genuinely pacified and this appeasing beauty impinged within me a sense of rejuvenation and a sudden urge ignited within me to break free from this confinement and enjoy its alluring marvel to the fullest. and sipped some of it. I. I waved my hand across my hair and then drew it out and felt the hazy moist air. For a little while. And I found no reason to restrain myself to saunter out and breathe in. in my roofless car. inhaling the cool moist air of the endearing morning. pretty well disgusted with life. The blue overcast sky shimmering with the golden rays of the new born sun and the fleecy clouds settled at the horizon. I decided to halt my work and capped my pen. A sudden surge of admiration flowed through my emotions and I forgot my apprehensions.

I looked around and everywhere. and closer to my own self. . And at that instance. as the place was so the splendours of such a placid morning. Maybe. maybe the owner of the cafeteria or the assistant. when I can spend time with me and my solitude. while sometimes lets us breathe the air of sovereignty. leaving me alone. I wonder what urgency would have struck the owner’s psyche that awakened him at this point of time. Maybe the fellow might be having a similar state of mind as I do. The car drove past me and out of my sight. But suddenly. where at times. less sugah’. and was ready to leave for an unforeseen journey. But this time. where resides only calmness and serenity. what fate brings when… I was about to finish the coffee. I wondered. who knows. Well. I could see no such haste. adoring the beauty of the nature. little did it matter and clicking the door open. I accepted the coffee brought to me and began sipping. but it does. that the coming moments would change the course of my life. I desperately wish for such days. he too was an admirer of nature’s beauty. I wonder. like me. while the coffee was being prepared he vanished away. I was the first customer for the day. when my eyes caught the sight of a grand black car. it moved slowly and finally jerked before the cafeteria. And so. forever… I put down the coffee cup and placed the money on the table. A strong one. solitude stifles us to death. He was a shabby old man. The place was shabby and quite desolate. that there sat a capital fellow inside. beside my car. concealed somewhat under the obscurity of the fog. I stepped out. only a bit of it was left. that I could see not even a single soul wandering around. I ambled in the cafeteria and held a table amongst the many vacant ones. lets me obliterate all my apprehensions and anxieties out from my mind and lands me in a world away from all sorts of pines and fraught and dilemmas and illusions. when again the grunt of a car struck my ears. isn’t it? The inexplicable nature of humans. And with such notion. regarding such dawns. or just to seek peace. away…away from the vicious side of life. Though shortly. However. I jerked my car before the cafeteria. And with such beauteous thoughts. Days like such. for the grandeur of the car was the tongue of the owner’s capital. But I could distinguish. right” he repeated “just a minute” Bidding me to wait. suh’” I turned aside in consternation. what on earth would have brought them here? Maybe the immortal lust of coffee. little was I aware. it soothes my frantic soul and renders me an intrinsic pleasure that touches the chord of my bosom. Less sugar” “st’rang. I looked up at him and commenced “well! Yes” I said rubbing my palms “I would like to have a cup of coffee. Maybe. Rather. and to my amazement. Queer it is. it hardly matters. I was appalled by a croaky male voice. it was the same car that drove past me a couple of minutes ago. and fortunate I was that I had enough cash to fulfil my desire. Maybe our thoughts and opinions match. “mai’ ah’ help ya. I checked my pockets. In a world.

I could not notice any such expression of hers. that she was not jovial. noticing me. my emotion bursted out when her sharp. and a petite lady-like boots were striking the ground. She seemed agitated. which were addressed to me. as though she was on the verge of bursting into tears. a lean figure emerged out of the fog. heading towards the cafeteria. madam?” Diana looked up at me. suddenly rested her head upon the table and her whole body began shuddering. She was wearing a long overcoat and a muffler. With intense audacity. Her nose was red and her cheeks went rosy. She got up at once and whispered in . but as she sauntered close. when her long mahogany hair were fluttering backwards. and the chauffeur stepped out. when her thick lips. as to make a hollow noise. And my pretension of flippancy followed. By Jove! She was beautiful. Her slithering perfect eyebrows raised a flight. glistening as though kissed the water. my eyes caught the sight of her angelic features. rather. I caught her by her shoulder and asked “may I help you. Drops of tears were trickling down ceaselessly from her watery deep blue eyes. without taking much notice of her. the top model of England. I wondered the notion behind the presence of an uptown girl at such a downtown place. She then lifted her head up and chewed her lips and her eyes appeared watery. until my eyes recognized her face. However I could discern from her countenance. enlivening my senses. upto an immeasurable extent. just like me. perfect face met my eyes. Her thin slender arms were concealed under velvety white gloves. as she took off her gloves and rested her head on her long slender fingers. Her face was not distinct. The beatific being held a seat pretty close to mine. Rather. but soon were diverted with the presence of that old man who placed the cup upon her table and vanished away somewhere in the cafeteria. The chauffeur gently opened the door for her. The glasses of the back seat slid down and I could discern that there sat a lady inside. she was an admirer of coffee. to adore its beauty till eternity. She then. filled with elysian serenity. who has also appeared in certain movies. a sullen remorse was what reigned over her visage. How much I wished I could swim in her deep blue eyes. The lady stepped out. And a gentleman spirit ignited within me and I gathered the courage to walk close to her and stand beside her. Despite of my trials to conceal my elation and pretend rather relaxed. But how was I supposed to command my eyes to halt the stare. She sipped some volume. I stared at her and made no efforts for consolation until it became excruciating for me to tolerate this poignant prospect. I saw her eyes. It was evident that she was weeping bitterly. twitched. She was Diana Roosevelt. London is scarce of such exulting beauties (I thought). which was pretty apparent.Soon. little by little and this continued until my conjecture morphed to belief. she appeared quite riveted in her own thoughts. and I continued to gaze at such an adorable piece of art. And I became certain that there was something that was bothering her. Perhaps. How much I wished I could dissolve in her lustrous skin. How charismatic it appeared when her petite nose inflated with air and swelled her bosom. the door clicked open. rounding her neck.

Night had fallen and a thin mist pressed against the panes. wiping her tears. Never had I even conjectured such a dismal truth. she ran back to her car. then rubbed my eyes. I remained oblivious. of course. which I suppose was probably because of a man named Henry Earnshaw. The diary whispered to me her thoughts and feelings and the miserable phases of life that has sheared across her in recent times. concealed beneath the jovial glittering face. but I could make it out. It was such that dispirited me. she was an epitome of beauty. until my fate got me this diary. It was my idleness. it was not an amusing experience. but I was aware. Yes. for she expressed all contemptuous thoughts about the fellow. A certain sense of sullen morose descended over my countenance and over my psyche. I remained ignorant. Chapter II I had been reading it for long. which was now. Squeezing her way aside me. I began to feel as if I knew her. Though I was not certain. a victim of the unblemished poise which exuded from this paradigm of beauty. such a solitary heart of a celebrity like Diana. I blamed my idleness to the weather. reading the personal diary of Diana Roosevelt. embedded in her life. A weeping heart buried under the glistening skin. It was lamentable.……………………. after its revelation . She was no acquaintance of mine.. for her life was not as I expected it to be. In the morning. I suppose. her desired beauty – peace. the condition of her heart. ‘anonymous’ relationship.‘desolate’ the perfect word that suits what I had read. which unveiled the tragic life. . the world has returned her. but I doubt. What was it. that restrained me to forward my steps out of my house and slay my indolence at a cosy night like such. I would have never guessed. to whom her father had intended her to marry. to flip over the pages and discern each dark secret. The wind seemed calm and my intention of returning her the diary weakened a trifle. was wailing with earnest tears. However. leaving behind this diary. I felt intense compassion. which. she walked away. However. regarding her woeful condition. I remember. still. that it was the beginning of a new. Maybe. leaving behind a melancholy heart. masked beneath the charming features. or just an accident. and a desolate soul. of a being like her.a broken subtle voice “leave me alone”. a purposed gesture. ………………. I sulked. I shut the diary and caught my chin and began to ruminate the causes of those tears bursting out of her beautiful eyes. and looked out.

for my senses awakened much before the dawn. when suddenly. I perceived ‘endurance’ as the only route that I could pursue. will this imagination ever morph to reality. wearing my overcoat. then wonder. It stretched longer than usual and I had even skipped the dinner. amongst which. quite sooner than usual days. tired with the long hours of reading. not a morsel do I remember. nothing sweet or special. I crouched back in my blanket. and I was lying awake upon my bed. However I was not hungry and had no such notion of dining now. with the flavours of coffee. I set out to analyse the weather. I . and there stood a dilemma between the two. I continued reading. Literature stands prior in my choice of subjects and this is the reason I chose my career as writing. as to knock my door at such a queer moment. it relieves one’s senses. I favoured my temperament and sauntered back to my house to enjoy the cosy night. It was rather misty and the wind was not as calm as I conjectured it to be. but I did. I turned aside. anxious by the pattering of rain. I wondered who might be outside at a point of time.which was perfect. and I began to consider it against my scruples. I threw off the blanket and hastily put on the gown. I was alarmed by a hard knock at my door. but would be pleased to continue in this state. which does not at all favour a soul wandering along this remote street. I suppose that the dozes of literature are the best companion in solitude. I was irritated to the core. Though it took me quite long to get dissolved in the land of dreams. Though journeying through the streets would not be impossible. But then I was provoked by my conscience. Indistinct dream were coming and as usual. But my yearn was not fulfilled. I sometimes imagine myself as a literary figure. but made unfeasible by my indolence. And with such notion. And I read for long. not to return her possession. The pitter-patters were exceptionally vigorous and stood as a brutal foe of my sleep. Icicles were blowing along with the wind. However little did it matter to me and ignoring it to the wildest of all possibilities. but my temperament did not at all favour travelling at this point of time. I yawned and kept the novel beside and switched off the light and cringed beneath the blanket. And so. After all. by this unabstainable vicious brute. I tried to close my eyes. pretty anxious. And unequipped before the nature’s potency. And with such exulting thoughts. probably. Indeed. All I required was a little sleep. until the dawn appears. It was almost an hour past midnight. Maybe it does. and observed out from the window and murmured ‘damn!’ It was raining vehemently and there was no way it would stop before an hour or so or maybe more. nobody has ever discerned the inscrutable providence. until it actually is a soul. However. it was the queerest knock I would have had for… as far as I could recall back. assailing upon the panes. I’ll be the Fitzgerald of the coming age. who knows. However my conscience did not allow me to rest either. which seemed pretty harsh. for almost a couple of hours. And walking up to the door. after thinking analytically. And how better could have I made its use rather than crouching beneath the blanket and enjoying a novel. when suddenly I felt as if I heard someone’s splashing footsteps outside. And so. for I had no such acquaintance that is as close to me.

up to an extent that not even the fervent rain could cause any difference to its intensity. I slept with a blundered feeling. I relented upon it. undecidedly. without much fuss and escorted him to the door and bidding each other adieu. “You’ve got a remarkable memory. however. And that night. “Well! Sir” he commenced “I had no intention to disturb your sleep. but the art of conversation. right?” A sudden spark of relief encountered his face. distinct over his face. And thus the conversation began. he had mastered. whether you have picked it up or not. sir” he complemented “Oh! Thank you” I said “by the way. by returning her the diary tomorrow.clicked it open. but I was certain that I should recover this disgraceful act of mine. The man was the chauffeur of Diana Roosevelt. And so. The man reclined himself on the chair and so did I. I invited him and asked him to have a seat. of myself. “Of Course” I replied “by the way. sir?” he asked. “Are you sure. I was a little vexed by the choice of his words. Well! I . lying upon the table beside. His dressing reminded me of the navy or military…something of that sort. and wished to know. when I suddenly recognised his face and his uniform. melted me a trifle. but of a chauffeur. in a hesitant tone I asked “how may I help you?” The man seemed anxious and quite in a hurry and hastily insisted “first let me in. in the morning. But then I was afraid. she had left her diary on the table. for it took me quite long to awake. when he asked my phone number. and my sleep was intense. that I suppose. I replied that I did not have any such diary of which he was talking about. I did not know the notion behind my lie. The face seemed familiar. sir” he said “today in the morning at the cafeteria…” he insinuated. actually the matter was such that I had to come” I nodded. if I rendered him the diary. However. “Oh! Well!” I exclaimed “you’re Ms. I looked down at the diary. please” Looking at the vigour of the rain. I began to consider it as a loss of opportunity to meet Diana. and so. His hat was completely wet and uniform was totally soaked by rain. with a surly remorse. I shall be very polite” he continued “my madam thinks that. we departed. A red-faced little fellow stood in front of me. “Ah! Its okay” I said politely “please proceed” “If you remember. The next morning. Roosevelt’s chauffeur. which was not of navy or army.” He spoke the last sentence with a sudden haste. I got up quite hastily. how did you come to know my address?” The chauffeur gave a wry smile and said “what do you think took me so long?” I shot back a smile. I could not properly recall who he actually was. as if I had helped him escape the explanation. what brought you here?” “Well! Sir. flushed within me. and a certain sense of guilt. no matter what sort of impression I impinge upon her.

which I suppose is pretty less than what I should have taken. combating within my brain. I was alarmed. after the incidence that took place last night. Diana was anxious for her diary. will be apology. for I began to consider it as a sinful act of lying. coffee and stale toasts. and according to me. Maybe it melts her heart. I wonder what outcome my decision will bring. regarding. The moment I recall the tears in her beautiful eyes. by the ring of the telephone. but my duties are not. disgrace? Maybe. despite of her trials to send the chauffeur at my place and I suppose. to return her the diary. he would bring triumph trophy to the centuries of labour in men’s world. mostly to face her. Since last night. or maybe she’s not so anxious about it. her possession. for a mere urge of conversation with the lady herself . And with this I took my final decision. And this edginess was rather more evident. I could not deny that I was a little nervous and tense. as I am conjecturing her to be.doubt upon it. it was my duty to return her what she desired. and completely dissolved in the strife of the variance of several ideas and notions. It was then. that it even haunted in my dreams. I suppose. Though.Diana. that my body felt immune of the extremity of coldness around me. I would have rejoiced. maybe. or just a mere emotional bonding with it. really rejoiced. did not even allow me to consume my breakfast properly. Well! Nobody can ever decipher the inscrutable heart of women and if anyone does. Shall I return it or shall I not? I remained perplexed. in an indignant tone “do I know you?” “No you don’t” he said “and neither do I” . Well! Probabilities are numerous. seemed to be a whole lot of food. maybe insecure. I feel intense compassion for the poor soul and consider it as a blasphemy to further harass her. she does not like this gesture of deceit or maybe she takes it in an offhand way. pleasure. Probably. I was determined upon the vow that I had taken. But little was I aware that the approaching moments would dangle me of my intention. So much dissolved. and the determination was so. “Hello” I said “Richard here” There was no reply on the other end of the phone. what’s intended is not certain. in her already troubled life. “Hello” I said again “Richard here” “Whoever you are” an unscrupulous male voice barked “I am not interested in introduction” “Excuse me” I said. Anyway. However I perceived it better to return it to her for I had no interest in creating further troubles. for I do not at all appreciate to receive calls at morning and my acquaintance are aware of it. for it was only an hour past my usual time. provided my guilt let me breathe. This queer apprehension. anyways. my meditation awakened from its intense concentration. the best cure of this guilt. yester night. nay. half-heartedly. sometimes. Suddenly. I do not quite remember it. Indeed the juice. which favoured my gentleman spirit. What would it bring to me. she. I was guilty of not retuning her. And so. I had a feeling. when I was munching the stale buttered toast. as the night was quite a harassing one. I hastily picked up the call.

and so.“Then I suppose. And I suppose. grudgingly “did you get a lesson. just a mere butler. crisply “do you have any idea to whom are you talking?” “Well!” I scratched my head. if you have. slowly “come with the diary to our mansion. it was my turn to bark at him. however. Butler” I said. then it’s your problem” “What! You are saying this to me” he exclaimed “I should have said this to you. After all. I have just ‘preserved’ it. I was indeed light-hearted. until I . and so. “Mind your words. I made haste to approach for the bath. you are well aware of the corruption that prevails in London these days. “Alright” he said. Stammer. do you find any difference between the meanings” “Well! If that is so” the butler replied “then why did you deny returning it to the chauffeur?” “The chauffeur had seen it on the table” he added “but it was his scruples that he did not embarrass you at that moment” I was a little mortified. I found it futile to lie anymore. considering my wit stronger than his frustration “don’t you think so?” “Ah! So the little boy is playing tricks upon me” the voice said. for the fault was mine. I hope you’re aware of it” I was well aware of it. Mr. I hung the phone with a triumphant feeling stirred within my veins. after a quick bath followed the shaving and hair dressing and other such stuffs. for the justification of my deed was undeniably astute. as though I had made him taste dirt. you understand. “Look. quite bewildered “you’ve not yet revealed” “Soon you will” the man said “this is Diana’s butler. pretending to be casual “I have no rivalry with you. And I comprehended. we should hang the phone” I said. “I was afraid” I said “that he might not be what he introduced himself to be. on the other end. “So. I am sorry” he said calmly. “You should be” saying this. it was the time for me to get started with the dressing up of mine. he was a butler. And without a minute more that went wasted. I generated a wise excuse to abstain my embarrassment. “What ‘hello’” he exclaimed “it’s a serious business” I thought I was being foolish. sir” I said. “Hello. However. Sir” I stuttered. resentfully “I have not ‘stolen’ it. Diana Roosevelt’s” A sudden chill ran down my spine and I began to stammer. you’ve stolen madam’s diary haven’t you?” I was aware that I was caught of my deed. There was no leisure that resided in my actions. are you not?” There was silence for a little while. butler” I said. that now. of not yelling at people without having a full account of the matter?” “Alright.

“Yah! He is a handsome young man” he said. madam” he said. The plump held the receiver and stuck it to his ear. Looking around. And looking at them with indignant eyes. And applying a whole bottle of perfume. which I was gifted by one of my friends last year. standing at the entrance. car. but I finally reached my destination . but I made no delay in ringing the bell. I was a little tensed. “Pick it up” the thin ordered the plump. until I caught the sight of two watchmen. Utterly wonderful… soothing greenery and trees standing around the lawn. I stepped out and looked up at the mansion. preventing me to rejoice for the coming moments. Yes. I waited for a response until I heard the footsteps reaching close. more than anyone. yes about some diary or stuff…okay…okay. I kept gazing in. giggling for moment at his extremely low wit. which appeared not a morsel less than a grand château. Pause. sure” The plump put down the receiver and said “you’re a lucky fellow. It was not a fine experience on the streets. I was glad… glad indeed. . Holding the diary under my arm. Roosevelt” I said “Well! That’s obvious” added the thin “but not just anybody can go in” “I have been called” I said stubbornly “believe it” “Everyone says so” the plump said “And we don’t listen to everyone” added the thin.Diana’s mansion. I sauntered ahead and stood before the entrance. I wonder what a beatific experience it would be. and swinging the car’s key with my finger. one plump and the other thin. two jocular watchmen. and if possible discern her heart. I made my way out to my driveway. you can go in”. clenching. The thin joined him by nodding. “…okay.put on my branded cream coloured suit. almost. with his eyes addressing me. “What’s the matter dude?” asked the plump. I was aware of each and every tragedy and festivity that she has experienced in recent times. as if it was on their mercy that I was allowed in. “Yes. “Look sir” I said “I have to return her diary…let me in” “Then give the diary…or whatever to us” the thin said “we’ll pass it on to Madam Diana” “But…sir. whose grasses were cut in a perfect measure and a beautiful garden. with his temples. I made my way ahead to the door. And I was glad that I would meet her. proudly inviting me to board in . with all wonderful varieties of flowers dancing on the rhythm of the breeze. beside. “I am here to meet Ms. where stood my friend. that I suppose will be lovely as I would meet the lady about whom I know so much. The door clicked open. I was ready to present myself to my endearing host Diana. Though it took me quite long. who were absorbed in their own little frolics. to enjoy an overcast morning in such a wondrous milieu. when the telephone at the reception. please let me in” I insisted “I am as harmless as a little child” The plump began to open his mouth. rang. Jerking my car before it. And by this time. I was not nervous. for the streets were damp by the rain of last night and the traffic was rather a fiend. The gardening was magnificent.

holding loose Diana’s diary. without adding the sugar and gestured me to have it too. our solitary conversation was interrupted by one of the butler. Within a moment. uncertain about that one. politely with a rather extreme expression of eyebrows “I am rather glad to have it returned to you” “So kind of you” Diana said. Diana’s lips parted apart to whisper “Come in”. smiling. “Just…because I am one” I shrugged Diana nodded. and made no strange behaviour. She seemed no less than a ‘seraph’. which was reflected by the antique stylised lamps and statues decorated elegantly on the glass holders and the beautiful paintings and other works of art hung upon the walls. stretching up to her knees and her hair sparked a shiny mahogany flash. that I’ll be allowed in but I was. “Are you a coffee addict?” I asked. away from the living room. I was dazed by her looks. Diana too sat in front of me and I placed the diary upon the table and moved back. . which gave a classique touch to the house. when gestured by Diana. sipping the coffee. she genuinely is – calm.Diana stood in front of me. I silently followed the path laid by Diana’s black sandals and reclined on the squishy couch. which was so pleasant to hear. resting my back against the couch. with utter sincerity. For a little while. however. what’s your name?” she asked. which quite annoyed me. When I looked deep into her eyes. he brought us tea in a silver-plated saucer. our eyes did the talking and nothing did we utter . serene and placid. I did not made it notice to him and off he went. She was dressed in a black dress. when she lifted those. “Richard” I said “Richard Smith” Diana nodded. just quietly sauntered in. “Well! Yes” she replied “you could say so” “But why?” she added with an inquisitive animation of eyes. I looked at his cheek as he went away. “So. I acknowledged that what I had discerned her as. an angel which I think she certainly is. Diana held the cup. The interior was filled with artistic taste and its elegance was worth adoring. for a small bit of lather was sticking on his chin. It was evident that Diana had a very high aesthetic sense. I made no sound until Diana broke the silence. whose face resembled. I was not aware of such a welcome. that to a Frenchman. It was then when I realized that she had an Irish lilt in her inexplicable gesture. Her metal earrings were clinking and a rich aroma of perfume stirred in the air around. I noticed her bird-in-flight eyebrows. “I am sorry to bother you” she said “I hope its okay with you” “Ah! Its no problem for me” I said. I shifted the diary a little and the butler gently placed the tray on the glass table and went away. when suddenly. I smiled pleasantly and added a cube in my coffee and began sipping.

narrowing her brows. I nodded silently and we bid each other adieu. “I am sure we would. that you are aware of my life” Diana continued “I think we should be friends. The door closed behind me and I went my own way with a swirl of emotions. floating with the melody of an incomprehensible tune. amused “its okay” “Well! I could not restrain myself” I shrugged “you know” Diana broke into laughter and said “it’s okay. “How can you be so sure?” I asked. The same butler held the tray back and vanished somewhere in the house. Mr. which I bore within my heart. experiencing an incomprehensible pleasure. someday” Diana muttered.…………………………………… . “I hope we meet again” We exchanged smiles. clearly impressed. if I were you. don’t you think so?” She spoke with such cordiality. We shook hands deliberately. “That’s very good” she complemented I nodded and a few silent moments followed. I would have done the same” she paused “after all we’re humans” I nodded. her eyes twinkling. then said “I think I have to leave for a friend’s house”. “I have a feeling” she said. I instantly got up and said “Sure. I too am getting late” Diana escorted to the door and opened it for me. when Diana said. which made me quite hysterical and I burst out at once “yes. playfully “are you sure?” My lips broke a smile and my countenance confessed the truth. “Maybe we will” I said. “Now. Diana leaned forward a little and picked up the diary. when she asked this to me. Smith” Diana said “did you read my diary?” There was a certain impishness that reflected upon her visage. ………. “I knew it” Diana said. However. I tried to play safe and answered directly “no” “Oh! Really” Diana exclaimed. “So. we should be friends…friends indeed” I finished my coffee earlier and waited for Diana to complete.“What do you do Richard?” she asked “I am writer” I said “I write romance” Diana beamed a smile.

But little was I aware that foresights are not always true… . Neither were there any means of reconciliation. for I could foresee no other such meetings of ours. just as I had let those moments perish. and so I let go my life the way it was going. Maybe she would have forgotten me. Maybe her words ‘I am sure we would meet someday’ flowed with the stream of futility. since I had last met her. considering it to be a phase of time.Chapter III Several days would have passed by. And the grandeur of those memories began to fade away from my mind. Maybe our acquaintance chose its destination as the very beginning. And it was probably evident.

enjoying the music from the stereo. elated with a certain sense of bliss that descended upon my heart.Apprehended I was. my college was reopening within a week or so and I had several literature journals pending. I noticed a beggar standing hunched before my house. only a part of it was intended. I reclined myself on the seat and began snaking through the bustling city. This major apprehension did not even allowed me to stroll the complete course of my daily walk and I decided to return back. And kissing my hand. A skinny old beggar. as I was desperate out of hunger. I switched on the lights and sprightly headed to the refrigerator. I ambled out and locked the door and walked up to the driveway and boarded in my car. at least at this point of time. But then. but still I ransacked the kitchen in search of some food. looking up at me with his gleaming eyes. Winter is indeed a good season. A couple of more chapters were to be written. I know not. else they would snatch back the monthly writing contract from me. And I was in a similar state. Finally. as I was too lazy to prepare my own food. which now had burdened me a great deal. and I preferred detention far better than killing my sleep. I decided that I should return. I was not determined to complete all my works. yes it is. Driving has its own pleasure (I thought) and when it is accompanied by good music. I found that it would take another few months to be completed. when it blows across the face. I had not even had my lunch and so. and could only wish that I had been a little industrious so that I could breathe the air of freedom. I even had to write an article for the Weekly Magazine before the date passes off. for the final draft of my novel was intended to be completed by this month. I pushed it apart and sauntered in. he went away. However. His eyes shimmered as though blessing me. I love to look aside at the frozen footpaths and pedestrians floundering with a smile on their face and the children throwing snow balls at each other. while I returned to my house. I looked full into his eyes and observed his destitution and vulnerability. when suddenly. My heart melted and I spontaneously fished out a handful of coins from my long coat and handed it to his rough hands. I turned back in an instant. enjoying the enlivening moments to the fullest. I preferred it better to drive to the restaurant. And it’s . Why was I indolent when the circumstance preferred my diligence. And without much thinking. I was aware that there were no eatables inside. the night was pretty frosty which made me feel quite uneasy and I did not perceive it wise to further proceed with my walk and so. Clicking the door open. Moreover. but now when I analysed it. I decided to order something. The old beggar shivering in cold looked up at me in his hunched state. Clouds of vapour were bursting out of his mouth and his eyes met mine. I considered it as a wise plan. where I usually used to seek refuge when I was assailed by such circumstances. he knocked his stick on the ground. It was a sheer outcome of the idleness that I had been pursuing for last couple of weeks. On returning back. as though yearning something from me. It would take ages for the completion of all the journals. I said nothing and squeezed my way aside him to the house. Moreover. I wondered whether it would do me any good. its splendour is further bloomed and even the frosty whether seems beautiful.

when suddenly. The moment I snatched away my eyes from the street. From there. and I suppose. he was Diana’s chauffeur. But I had no such notion of turning a pitiable incidence into a source of entertainment. when it struck my mind that the car which was ruthlessly crashed resembled to that of Diana. but his physique and somewhat visible face was matching his. And a sudden urge of inquisition kindled within me. even more than my hunger. I could clearly view the Hotel Imperial. as there congregated several people. so strong. for I could not have a clear view. I was rather concerned that whether someone was injured or not. as I began to consider myself a bit plump. but who knows one’s body better than oneself. it makes one realize the beauty that resides concealed behind the crestfallen appearance of what we call as ‘solitude’. There was a great hubbub on the street and the flame of whispers spread all along and everywhere and the place of incidence was filled with shrill expressions and voices of the wealthy fillies and men. my eyes caught the sight of one of the chauffeurs. The street opposite was bursting with cars and mobs. I turned aside. a loud breakage of some sort was heard. A grand black car. And so. Burger and a cup of coffee. Soon the waiter arrived. standing before the Hotel Imperial. And so. I sensed the footsteps of the waiter beside. though I did not began eating as it was a moment that did not favour it at all. walking proudly amongst their own kind. I could only wish I had the capability to stand amongst those celebrated people. Though my appetite demanded much more but I was pretty apprehensive and concerned for my health. whose headlight and front portion was crushed. my eyes caught a glimpse of sight that morphed my suspicion to belief. The black car was completely distorted and remained unfeasible now. this pleasure soon met its destination as I jerked my car in the parking lot before the restaurant.always a pleasure to drive in this season. for I suppose there ignited a controversy between two chauffeurs. I pity the owner. However. I sulked. moments before was now smashed by another car. I pray not. with not even a morsel of chance that it could be driven again on the streets of London. Though others did not agree upon it. But suddenly. consternated. Meanwhile. Despite of my endeavours to tear apart my eyes from the chaos. I had to content myself with this restaurant. Some of the people in the restaurant ran away to join the clamour. but I was not certain. mobs of capital people. I remained there. I observed the activities taking place before my eyes. for I could see the chauffeurs standing apprehended with sullen rue on their face. averting my attention from the incidence. I wished I could attain the same pleasure as they do. standing just opposite the restaurant. And it was then. I was unable. Though I was not sure. I regarded it rather wise to take care of my physique. and turned aside. Here the driveway was only built for Rolls Royce and Limousines bearing embellished factions of men and women and even solitary souls. I stepped out of the car and moved in through the entrance of the restaurant and reclined myself on the corner table. But for now. . and I placed my order of a Veg. The Hotel’s grandeur was majestic and its elegance reflects upon its royal design.

we’ll meet someday”. I turned. “I told you. “It’s all a matter of fate” Diana nodded with a placid composure reflecting upon her face. looked at me with indignant eyes. “Ms.Bennet. She remained insensible of my presence and I made no efforts to display my prominence. including the man. After a short pause. She was coming out of the Hotel entrance. I stepped out and made my way. Boarding in the car I darted my way to the place of incidence and halted my car before it. We were aware that we were concealing our excitement beneath the veil of our calm visage. Everyone around. it’s so kind of you”. speechless at the fortuitous episode. I opened the door for her to step in and walking the other way. Everyone was awaiting Diana’s reply and my heart was on my mouth. “I would love to” she said with a gentle grin and I held her hand and showed her the way to my car. And after a silent moment of speechlessness as we drove across and ahead. but then. the chauffeur suggested a name that I scarcely remember. I looked aside. Diana slowly whispered with a serene smile on her face. walking hastily with a conspicuous apprehension all over her countenance. Instantly. The man shot back a smile and said “it’s a pleasure Ms. unable to bear the temptation I suddenly blurted. I walked forward and close to Diana and said “would you please allow me to escort you home”. I was burning inside and it seemed to me as a loss of opportunity to let her get away with the man. I saw Diana saunter close to the man and say “Oh! Mr. middle-aged man stood proudly in a black suit as a victor amongst the many handsome and wealthy contenders of such an opportunity. While Diana stood frantic with a certain mixture of rage and anxiety descended upon her face. tearing apart the crowd to analyse the situation. . A bald. who was ready to drop her home. Roosevelt” I called out. please allow me to drop you home”. And irrespective of any of those eyes. upon which. until I heard her whisper ‘now how will I return?’ frowning at the chauffeur. It was indeed Diana’s car that remained dormant as a victim and Diana’s chauffeur in a futile struggle to consent Diana that he would turn everything alright. Each one in the mob turned their face towards me. Roosevelt. I again broke the silence. standing flabbergasted at my victory.It was Diana. but that pretension had its own pleasure. And so. where my car was parked. I did not speak for a little while and neither did she expect an answer. I got up and stabbed the money on the table and flee away to the driveway. Diana nodded and broke the silence. for I was in a whirl of madness at that moment and nothing seemed to abstain me of my intention. But little did it bother me. I held the driving seat and off we went. What an extremity of pride and conceit flushed within me as if I had triumphed my way amongst those many affluent fellows. We still lingered upon what had happened a distance before. and the pleasure was such that extinguished the burning hunger I had been enduring for so long. while the others kept gazing at us. There was silence all around and Diana seemed bewildered. embellished heavily in a fur coat.

Thus commenced the unforeseen journey. but this was not the only emotion that I noticed. we continued the drive. And clutching my hand. but I did. it was nice meeting you”. whose presence was what kept me driving. A placid smile overtook her lips and her knitted eyebrows sundered apart and I twisted the key of my car. The city was crossing past my eyes. which I was able to construe by her unwillingness to depart. Diana whispered “please”. I was not wretched. the author of which sat beside me. She inclined close to me and her hand crawled towards mine and held them softly. leave it” saying this she buried her face under her palms and giggled jerkily. Even I remained unaware that I was driving. It was evident that Diana genuinely adored my company. when I could foresee her mansion from a distance. until the melancholy moment of departure arrived. blissful with silent but expressive moments. it was an unrestrained reflection of the internal bliss which she was undergoing beneath her heart. There lingered a certain impatience clearly gleaming in her eyes as though in a yearn of telling something to me. I made no further inquisitions. which expressed it all . worth remembrance. How peaceful but ecstatic moments we shared together. I was unable to decide. with a notion that it would make her feel uneasy.I noticed Diana smiling in herself. I looked at the watch but did not utter. My heart was pounding faster than ever but I did not express so. which we shared. Moments. We drove past the streets and avenues. My arms and legs rested upon the mercy of my fate. but was I aware of it? I doubt. And somehow. Diana glanced up at me. moments that wrote my destiny… And with such little talks. while my mind remained absorbed in the sweet little innuendoes . I was bewitched by the celestial being sitting beside an arms distance. I was sunk beneath delirium of rapture. but bursting with eloquence of emotions. I looked aside at the face of Diana. upon her face. for I was satiated with that naïve giggles of hers. the smile was not a purposed gesture. Moments were passing by and I remained oblivious of those. Diana narrowed her brows and said “hmm…maybe…nay. We filled a silent moment with inexplicable sighs and expressions. I awaited her to get down. and noticed a certain sense of anxiety and timidity over her visage.her euphoria. “Can we not keep on driving until I am satiated” she added “to a place filled with solitude” I made a hesitant face. uncertainly and said “So with you”. and where resides the question of that? After all. I was aware that this was due to the approaching moments of departure. No. filled with the air of romanticism. leaving my uncertainty to reflect upon my countenance. I made no haste and slowly whispered “So. I managed to utter with earnest admiration “What’s that pretty smile for”. quite bewildered by her naïve request. though not really. when Diana suddenly uttered “do we have to depart now?” I could clearly notice the utter expectation of my refusal. And continued driving until her mansion arrived and I jerked my car before it. Despite of the long driving. I failed to deny that request and the only word that I uttered was “sure”. But I didn’t ask. but Diana made my work easy.

but I did and I meant it. and I could clearly notice that similar were her feelings buried beneath her heart. “That was cute. And by that time. then scratched her forehead and said “well!” She paused “I was wondering if you were tired of driving” “Ah! No. And most of all. which soon died out but the smile didn’t. spell-bound by the charisma that resided in her presence. thank you” I did not know why I said it. how subtle and delicate her features were and what a refined speech she had. I know not. And with a short grin. which the circumstance bore. And possessed no quest for this knowledge. “Oh! My” she exclaimed “you’re a maestro at flattering” I spontaneously answered “and you’re a maestro at being flattered” We laughed in chorus. the romantic music that seemed to fill the air with little pink bubbles of heart. This was a decision of mine to satisfy her urge of solitude. That was the very first bold statement that I had made throughout the journey. This was indeed the moment when certain letters began to emerge to name this ‘anonymous’ relationship. I am not just saying all these” Diana lifted up her eyebrow with a certain incredulity stirred in her expression. “You know Diana” I said “that’s the most beautiful pair of eyes I would have ever seen in my life” Diana widened her eyes and smiled coyly. And I almost blurted. or maybe we both were. with a charm that seduces. Yes. I saw Diana smiling. we somewhat loosened the knots of pretension. And who knows it better than we do. and looked at her. then again stabbed my eyes to the highway. then said with earnest modesty flickering upon her face. I paused. whereupon. for those quiet moments may seem emotionless. the solitary highway. We were on the highway. I did blurt. What was the reason behind the inexplicable smiles of ours at each other’s sight remained a mystery. Ah! I was spell-bound. as if she was able to decipher the flame of exhilaration beneath my calm face. in the midst of the highway. I heard Diana say something. that what volubility and vivacity those silent moments concealed beneath the veneer of reticence. . blurt with utter sincerity and ease. where only a couple of vehicles came to our sight. a mystery which I preferred to remain unfolded. “You’re indeed a beautiful piece of art” I said “really. Its only contentment that matters and those moments were indeed contenting. I asked “Did you say something” Diana opened her jaws and left it opened for a little while. regarding our tastes and likings. while I was driving. something that I could not comprehend. Suddenly. Either I was an introvert or she was. but little does its form matter. I was wondering.and introductions that we expressed to each other. not at all” I replied politely “why?” “No…just wonderin’…you know” she shrugged It was quite difficult to decipher her psyche and so I let it go the way it was going. I know not from where this boldness appeared in my expressions and I made no efforts to conceal those.

don’t embarrass me” I nodded silently. immersed us into the delirium of what we know as ‘enchantment’. But little was I aware of the evil conspiracy between our fate and the approaching moments… We were frivolous at that moment. chanted by each other’s presence and the adoration that our eyes expressed of each other. But I could clearly discern that she was not an experienced driver. let it slip down my mind and again merged in the similar romanticism. shrugging uncertainly. My apprehension was futile. The tree creaked and bent halfway . Diana and I in solitude . However. the shriek still echoes in my ears. Diana covered her face with her palm and produced a loud shriek. Yes we did. “Do you know how to drive?” I asked “Of course I know” she exclaimed “Alright then” I said “there you go” I jerked my car at the side of the road and we hastily changed our seats. Diana was laughing. our laughing countenance froze to death and our hearts pumped out. that the reckless driving has set the car off our track. I could never forget it. I queer but resplendent with elation.“We have come a long way” I said “don’t you think so?” “Oh! Yes” Diana replied “are you tired?” I knitted my brows. And with our heart drenched in profound pleasure. We did adore each other’s company. yet we earned frolics out of those. for Diana knew how to drive. as though I was perplexed and said “how can I be tired when I am with Diana Roosevelt…Diana Roosevelt” “Oh! Come on” she said “now. we continued the drive. which were evident by each word and expression of ours which were unfathomable. But at that moment we did not have even the slightest idea that we were closing to our own doom. but not its repercussions. And thus. the journey was on the fate of hers. which the circumstance bore since the journey commenced and still not quenched our desires. but then. The moment was over. we were enchanted by each other and at that particular moment. while our demeanour conversed. And for a moment when we realized that our car was certain to strike the devious tree trunk. when Diana took a right turn and we entered a line of avenue. it was the first time she addressed me by my name “I was wondering if you could allow me to drive your car” I turned aside and asked “why do you want to drive the car?” “B’coz…I would love to do so” she replied. little did it matter as the highway was rather barren. when I said something that I scarcely remember which set both of us into flame of laughter. the enchantment was on its zenith. repeating some sort of word over and over again and I was accompanying her of her laughter. grinning “Well! Richard” Diana said. Yes. Diana and I were behaving pretty casual at that moment. I wondered the notion behind this act of hers.

I was outside the entrance of the Hospital. I was attended by a dozen of nurses who came running at my sight with a stretcher. the name of an emotion under the seizure of which. Her head was resting against the steering. and scarcely was I able to understand any of the word that the doctors said. I turned aside and glanced at Diana. I managed to pull Diana on my side. for it was not my brain that led the path. However. Anxiety was at its utmost level. when my eyes were in the search of anyone who could aid me of this dreadful circumstance. I checked her breaths. I realized that the letters had finally emerged to name this relationship which I regarded as ‘anonymous’ sometime before. I slowly stepped inside and reclined myself on the chair beside and thus. And with this. The ever awake place was full of chatters and footsteps of several people. but not a word did she utter. it was my instinct and soon. The cacophony seemed unbearable at that moment. when I regained my senses. Blood oozed out of her forehead. That night. with a bandage rounding her forehead.down. I shuddered her shoulders and cried her name. when I was tormented by my own angst. but then with a jerk. The doctors and the nurses seemed panicked but were consoling me with their austere countenance that she had met a minor injury which would cure in a day or two. I was escorted to the ward where Diana was lying upon the bed. I didn’t know how but they were. and somewhat from her scalp. However. profound horror. That it was the time to give it its name. very minor injury” he paused “just a few stitches. We rested Diana’s back against the stretcher and carried her to the elevator. The only intention in my mind was to reach the Parkland Hospital as fast as I could. and squeezed my way to the driving seat. dripping down to her eyelids and side of her nose to her lips. unconscious. nothing seemed minor at that moment. I drew her back to the seat and parted apart the hair covering her face. Diana was taken to the operation theatre and I filled the form. when I was moving frantically outside the operation theatre awaiting the doctor’s response.‘Love’ . It was a couple of hours past midnight that the doctor came out and informed me that everything was proper and Diana had been sent to her ward. I was consternated to the core. She was breathing. passed the whole night. I remember not a glimpse between the while. The car grunted for a while. my heart now pounded. After a moment. I asked the doctor whether the injury was rather critical or not. I drove it backwards and slid it back to the road and began driving at a speed that scarcely would have a man experienced. Very soon. The extent of relief that overtook my face was remarkable. to honour it by the name of . My arms and legs were shivering with nerviness. I was indeed excruciating to view this circumstance eloquent with terror. My arm and head were bleeding. Stepping down I held Diana and rested her upon my shoulder and ran up to the entrance. I shed the tears of horror. The elevator stopped at the seventh floor and we got out. And for the first time in my life. and her eyes closed. whereupon the doctor shrugged and said “it was a very. that’s it”. The front portion of my car was smashed badly. it began moving.

when the city appeared purple under the deep blue sky. which was illuminated a .. Chapter IV The next morning.………………………. Awake at an absurd time...... I was awake...... when the whole London was dozed in sleep.

She was fidgeting and murmuring something in sleep and her naïveté broke a smile on my tired countenance. which was on its way morphing from blue to grey. And thus. which made me acquiesce upon the fact that the food of the hospital is rightly christened as ‘disgusting’. complete silence… And in the midst of such tranquil milieu. which indicated that the clouds were on the verge of giving birth to a new Sun. where the serenity makes the emotion flow from the heart to the pen. It was so early that even the twitters of the birds lost its existence and the city seemed concealed under the obscurity of fog. I could discern that the sun was about to rise. I could sense that Diana was still asleep. I opened my eyes instantly and heaved a sigh. Droplets of mist were resting against the panes. not a sound there. which twists and turns it in a fashion that morphs the emotions into words. though I did not look back. However. just by the little shimmers of golden. I looked down and smiled in myself. or rather was half-risen and the purple cloak was somewhat disappearing from the sky. And so. Not a motion here. I remember. turns to a mirror of all those emotions. I kept wondering whether to adore it or blame it. placing the pen over the paper. while I was waiting for Diana outside the operation theatre. and the piece of paper upon which these words are scribbled. for I was drenched in the demented frenzy of anxiety at that moment and hardly had a mind to ponder over a mere bookshop. I left it there and looked beside to the window. Pleasant indeed to write in such calm environment. I was not certain upon it. which rendered me a smudged view of the city outside. I had caught the sight of a bookshop. yes I did. late yester night. However. But no answer could I perceive. now. The veil rips off its face – a phenomenon called writing. in a yearn of composing some striking sentences for my novel. the emotion no more remains concealed. I munched a bite of sandwich kept beside on the plate. I had sensed its presence. for I was afraid that my footsteps would raise Diana out of her sleep. I gave up. Diana was also asleep. I sat on the chair. Moreover. I thought I could spare some time in the bookshop (if there was one) rather than munching the disgusting sandwich. However. only silence. trying to make the least noise that I could. then closed my eyes and a flash of the last night encountered my vision. But then. nothing of that sort happened and I soundly walked towards the door. It was pleasant. that rested upon the horizon. penning down the words on a cheap quality paper. I waved my fingers across my hair and looked beside at Diana.trifle. and I had no means to aid her in anyway. being replaced by the rays of golden impinging a trifle impact on the city. And battling with my own queries. I had been writing for long and was quite tired. I carefully opened the door. but was bitterly apprehended by . thinking about my queer fate that landed both of us in a hospital. However. leaning on the all over the table. I rose up from the chair and sauntered slowly and quietly. I managed to devour some more and immersed back to work. I remember.

.her eyes. I walked back and reclined on the chair beside Diana’s bed. until the dusk appeared. which sprouted out her concealed feelings addressed to me.the loud ‘creak’ that followed and I clenched my eyelids. It was Diana. for I could clearly peep through the windows of her soul . Diana said nothing and neither did I. adoring her lovely features that bloomed further in white hospital dress. “Did I disturb you. which spoke a lot…without words. at a moment that hardly beseeched its essence. which was pounding beneath…. “So. What moments of pleasure they were when the giggles of Diana used to echo along the walls of the little ward and a measure of elation I used to derive to persuade Diana to devour her meals despite of her denials and protests against the hospital’s food. My angelic sweet princess. And so. which itself used to betray her at times when our demeanour conversed. Memories that would stand as a testimony of my life to be worth called ‘life’. just was uncertain to bring it upon her tongue. She had an impish grin on her face. a little curled. Indeed those moments were priceless…moments of blooming love. where were you going?” Diana asked I looked down at her. which unveiled the condition of her heart. Suddenly I heard a whisper “Thanks a lot. underneath the cloak of her pretension. And this dilemma was evident. which revealed the genuine intense emotion of love that she possessed for me. resembling to her to an angel from heaven. that compelled me to return back a pleasant smile. a moment filled with silent ecstasy. Memories that would lighten me jovial. Richard” I left the door to its destiny and turned back. grateful for being rendered some valuable treasuries of reminiscences that would revive me up in the moments of distress. I was grateful. than surveying the bookstore. It was eloquent. so pretty. glancing at me with her sedate deep blue eyes and the skin of her neck. Diana?” I asked leaning towards the bed. And thus passed the invaluable time. silent remorse is what remains descended upon my heart. The unfathomable stealth of glimpses of each other and the exchange of pleasant smiles upon each other’s sights. when dull. Those were indeed the moments that would never fade away from my memories. then shook her head and slowly whispered “not at all” I decided that I should rather accompany Diana. She was not insensible of what remained buried in our heart. A cold blush flushed on her rosy cheeks and she failed to snatch her eyes away from mine. so exhilarating. for I did not perceive it gentle at all to leave a patient alone in a solitary ward. spoke the words which we both were in an endeavour to hide. eloquent up to an extent. for me. We shared and incomprehensible moment. like a bird freed from its cage and a shy sweet rosiness that used to lighten up her face was remarkable evidence of her failure to disguise her own emotions. beneath the shams of charade. Diana smiled.

I felt like holding Diana in the circle of my arm and sop up her tears and grieve beneath my chest. I remained silent as she looked down and wept again. I remained oblivious. But all I could do was to wave my hand above her head and console her impecunious heart. “What happened?” I asked politely Diana looked up at me. shrugging “your actions were sneaky” “I was on my way to the bookshop” I said flippantly “I suppose there is one downstairs” “Ah! Okay” she said. Reticence was set up all along the ward. I was in the bookshop. I truly did. looking down to her hands. and then suddenly broke the silence. I am there with you …always” Diana pursed her lips and swung her arms around me and wept on my shoulder. dangling her long tender feet downwards. with a certain ease that overtook her visage. Diana?” I spoke with utter seriousness “do you think I can I leave you in such a state. and breathed “you’re the most beautiful person I had ever met” Tears began to pool down her cheeks. I whispered to her “you too are the purest human present on this ingenuine world. Her tears brought a lump down my throat. when she gave me a pleasant smile and said that she just needed some solitude. Her demeanour conspired to me what she bore in her heart and I read it. Blue rays of the dusk were flooding the ward. with a slight mixture of suspicion in my voice. You need not worry. I too hugged her and let her shed the ocean of grief concealed beneath her heart. “Nay. Diana munched the sandwich of the afternoon meal. treading across the divergent assort of . I wiped her warm tears by my thumb and suggested her to revive up. looking down at her hand. absorbed in writing. penetrating through the windows. in the morning?” I smiled and put the pen in my mouth. Diana was sitting up on the bed. Whether to laugh or to weep. pondering over this indecipherable emotion that was swirling within me. “Where were you going. “Why?” I asked “Just asking” she muttered. Do you hear that?” Diana glanced up at me with fresh tears glittering in her eyes and slowly whispered “I am sorry” I felt intense compassion for her. “Why? What did you think?” I asked crisply. until she was satiated. I could see her legs dangle with a greater vigour. The next moment. at her solitary heart which was wounded by the indigence of its desire. it’ll be a blasphemy for me. I knelt down and held her tender hands.I was sitting silently on the couch. reticence free from boredom. “Richard” she said “may I ask you a question” I capped the pen and left it down on the table and said “sure” “Alright” she said. “How can you think about that. nothing” she said sullenly. I agreed upon it and fulfilled this yearn of hers and moved out of the ward. And I instantly got up and walked close to Diana who was weeping breathlessly.

Diana nodded silently wiping her tears. that he was the same Henry Earnshaw. unable to repress my urge of Diana’s company. A sudden curious gust of passion incited within me and I clicked the door open. “It was he who saved me” she screamed “not you. And on returning back. maybe his butler. I walked close to it and heard Diana shouting bitterly. “Is he the fellow?” the young man asked. “You were with this chap the whole day” he yelled at her “Impossible” Fresh tears pooled down Diana’s eyes and she glanced up at me. As if our liaison was a forethought of the deities and we were mere puppets of our destiny. I moved out of the bookshop. Behind him was a bald old man. regarding whom Diana had expressed her profound malignity in her diary. Or maybe. A grave silence followed as I stepped in. But I could sense nothing. with the connoisseurs of art and literature did not render any bounds of sentience to my nerves. “So now you’re taking his side” he said with a shrewd smirk “My! My! The flame is on both the sides” . huh!” “Enough Henry” Diana yelled with her eyes bloodshot with rage “dare not address him in this manner” It was then. I felt the presence of someone else too who spoke in a very soft and gentle manner. while I was on the way to the ward. and we were destined to flow with this stream of solace. the destiny which is scented with the fragrance of such placidity of emotions. except the incantation of those ravishing moments and emotions which kept whirling within my heart. rendering it pounces of felicity. it was a mere flight of our hearts in the firmament of blooming Love…. A round faced polished young fellow in a three-piece. I felt as if this subtle bond of ours was of centuries ago. I could not perceive anything around me. interesting. The tender melody that wailed in the air failed to invigorate my senses. He had a perfect side parted greasy hair and a thin line of moustache below his nose. holding his black suit in his arms stood abreast the door constantly looking at me indignantly with his eyebrows raised with vanity. And did not raised his eyes from the ground. I sensed some faint voices coming from within. The éclat aura that prevailed all around. as though apologising. it was Richard” “Aha! I see” he said with a perverse mirth in his voice “so the little fellow’s got his name. Diana glanced up at me with her eyes glimmering with tears and her countenance cerise with anguish and resentment. The fellow emanated a sort of fragrance that resembled the smell of a tropical fruit probably.novels and novellas and stories and politics arranged according to their genres. when it struck my mind. And now. indignantly with his temples clenching. For a moment. even I witnessed his shenanigan. He had an angel-like face with a wily shade blended upon his visage. after comprehending this malefic devil.

.“Shut up your blabbering” Diana shouted at him resentfully. he said “hey you” and fished out his wallet and handed me a bunch of 50 pound bills and said “thank you very much. “Behave yourself. I threw the money on his face and stepped out slamming the door behind them.. Diana shuddered and again broke to tears and began sobbing. …………………………………………………… Chapter V . The man nodded and addressing me. I saw the butler lean over the man and whisper something inaudible. And with intense temerity. you may leave now” An inestimable extent of frenzy descended over my sanity and a whirl of fury scuttled through my veins. bearing within my heart a fervent flare of furore. My heart was pounding with the rhythm of delirium. You SLUT!” he commanded with his eyes popping out with intense rage. as though my chest would explode out of ire.

I remained unaware of what my coming novel would be like. enjoying the sweet fruit of my deed – peace of mind. I had sent the query letters to a number of publications and for a long time. But now. There was a letter in the mailbox addressed to me. whether it’ll be a boy or a girl and many other such questions that remained revolving in my mind. the more delighted I get. just enjoying. I received no reply. until one overcast morning when I was setting out for a walk. with my own little feast and the exult of being a writer. with driving. is your complete manuscript. which enveloped my eyesight far and wide. that your submission of sample chapters and the summary of your novel has been surveyed and we have taken it in our consideration. And as many questions. Indeed a great experience. The morning was beautiful that day and so was my fate. how will I introduce them.I had completed writing my novel. Fishing my hands inside my overcoat’s pockets. Celebrating with romantic music. We shall read your manuscript and after analyzing we’ll inform you whether your novel is publishable or not. A new novel – a new world which I’ll frame. The whole day I had been rejoicing and celebrating this occasion with me and my solitude. I am not emphasizing my mind over that. its theme. its characters. as it was a lovely morning and I am a passionate admirer of the beauty of nature. I walked for long. I sauntered down the wet path of the street. The thought of writing a new novel touches the chord of my bosom and a flurried sensation of delight passes all through my veins. its story. It read: Dear Author. who’ll be the central character. how will I make them converse. All we demand you now. sent by a New York Publishing agency. rest until an experience influences my mind and my heart begins to pound anxiously to write a complete novel based upon it. I had to rest. However. We’ve found that your writing style is capable of catching the interest of the general mass and shall sell successfully. This is to inform you. But for now. I locked the door despite there was no essence of it and set out amongst the gloomy haze. almost an hour and while returning I thought that I should check my mailbox. Nadia Crimsworth (Editor-in-Chief) . Richard Smith. I tore the envelope and threw it in the trash beside and unfolded the letter. Thanking You. A couple of days later.

It was a dull evening. the envelope was addressed to me sent by the same Publishing agency. The letter read: Dear Author. I somehow managed to figure out some excuse and made my way out from that place of boredom. Our silent expressions and bursting emotions…worth remembrance. Richard Smith. bearing least expectations in my heart. With this thought. but still. since the completion of my novel. The birds were settled in their nests and in such dull milieu. I remember that day. The dismal blue rays of the dusk had filled the street with its glumness. The moment I stepped in. when my car crashed with the tree trunk which completely ravaged its front portion and since that day I had not sat in my car. The mailbox was empty as ever and as expected. and the whole conversation of ours revolved around that car of his. talking about the same old car and adoring its magnificence (only if it possessed some). I wondered why the postman had slid it under the door rather than in my mailbox. My day had been a dreary one. There was no reply as yet. He had lately bought a new car. which turned out to be useful as it was only despondency that I got. And so. I had been walking along the forlorn street. but only if my car was not in repair. I used to check my mailbox daily…just to find disappointment. moments that we shared with each other. I wished I could show him my car. And so I did. with clouds of vapours which sprouted out of my nose as I breathed. I stooped down and picked it up and to my amazement. when I was returning back after meeting an old friend of mine who had recently been shifted in my neighbourhood. a good one with convenient features and a somewhat classy look. that day while I was on my way back I thought that I should check my mailbox. the thought of Diana came to my mind and I recalled those beautiful moments of our togetherness. It was for the exposure of his car that he had called me. My hopes have begun to fade and was on the verge of turning to despair. with its eyelids heavy with sleep. I felt something under my feet. following the same old routine. shearing across the winter mist.I was barmy out of ecstasy and the same day I went to post office and sent my complete manuscript to the Publishing agency. The sun was setting on the other end. Maybe the Publishing agency has lost its interest in my manuscript. I was literally bugged up. which was far more attractive than his. The same divine sensation passed all through me. I prayed for a good news and tore the envelope. I instantly removed my feet and there lay an envelope concealed under the darkness of the house. I returned back with my hand bearing nothing and my heart destitute of its desire. I walked back to the house and fished out the key from the pocket and unlocked the door. And after a couple of weeks of anxiety. Congratulations! The submission of your complete . the reply finally arrived.

the line got cut and I did not call again. I wished my parents would have been there. However. rather it should be such that remains marked in the memoranda of my life as the most significant day. it was indeed the truth. my success had beckoned me and I felt as if I was on the path of glory and riches. else he would have talked to me. I felt like to celebrate. After all. the first thing I did was to call my mother and tell her that I now am a published writer and will soon aid father in increasing the income. The story of your novel is found to be interesting and the publication will start its work as soon as possible. Anyways. listening to my voice after so long. A glorious moment of incredulity and its splendid magnificence that made me proud of being myself --of being of some use to the world. and now. waiting for my return after the course of creative writing and Literature was over. Implausible indeed. your novel will hit the market by late this winter and your payments will be done very soon.just me and my seclusion. the gloomy dusk appeared invigorating. It’s a beautiful place to stay in. As though I had emerged as a victor of the battle I had been battling my entire life. I felt a need of . But I had no one . I glanced out of the window. but sadly. flying in the seventh heaven and resting on the cloud nine of my fate. I did not want this red letter day of my life to fleet in an ordinary manner. as though I had the conquest of the whole world resting under my palms. who could witness my success and express a heartfelt elation upon my achievement. Good Luck.manuscript has been accepted. She wished me luck and informed me that father was out. What an emotion of revel flushed beneath my chest. so that I could celebrate with them. but in the middle. For the first time in life. Though it was a naïveté of a young and ambitious heart. my career has now commenced and shall definitely prosper. The moment felt like an illusion. I wished I had someone of my own. celebrate this occasion of my achievement. May your writing sell successfully after its release and you flourish further as a writer. Eventually. With best wishes. I was floating with melody of rapture. but it was not. but it was implausible. Nadia Crimsworth (Editor-in-Chief) It was an incredible moment for me. And you’ll be a published author very soon. My mother began weeping on the telephone. I wanted to talk more. My eyes could not believe what it had just witnessed. Probably. I was now familiar to London and had no such plan of leaving it. they are far away in Liverpool. my triumph.

desperately. but I was resolute to do so. which I had never cared of and for the first time its requisite is such that its turning this day of rejoice into a day of remorse.Diana. I glanced at her eloquent deep blue eyes. Indeed I was. And within a moment I was perturbed. a sigh of incredulity that my love is exorbitant in a manner so avid. Maybe. Her sharp face with its beautiful features was glowing as ever and her little petite nose was breathing silently. I did not move for a little while. to delight her till she pleases. Indeed an epitome of beauty . mesmerized by the discovery that I had made. I promised to myself that I would not breach my own resolution and endeavour to my furthermost extent to make Diana join my pleasure. concealing within itself an ocean of anguish. Just like a beautiful melancholy chronicle. my face against the wind and my hair fluttering backward. I won’t. The discovery of a person I bore the essence of. I was seized by my conscience which whispered to me that my heart was now pounding only for her. She was the one with whom I ‘wished’ this dusk to sulk to night in high spirits. I indeed bore the essence of a friend…a caring spirit. wanted to exchange smiles. That day. to hold her in my arms and grasp her grief through my touch. . to feel her. from where its conspicuous for it was of significant importance to me. But maybe not. Did I have such a person who cared for me in a manner so amorous? I know not. Perturbed because of my strong anxiety to feel the presence of Diana before my sight. And I was sunk beneath the blissful ocean of what we name as ‘Love’. maybe agitation. I wanted to see her. who would laugh at my victory and weep at my failure. Agitation against my solitude. Her thick lips were glistening with a natural touch in it. I did not have even the slightest idea. my princess. I remember the day we were together in the hospital. where it could be. only wheezed a sigh. Certainly. to bring a smile upon her countenance…to share my love with her. I had kept it in a safe place. with whom I could celebrate and even mourn. A person. And her perfect eyebrows were lifted above. But I needed one. to drench her in my delirium of elation. I slowly closed my eyes. A face began to emerge before my eyes…so beautiful …so serene. But how will I morph my ‘wish’ to reality? I know not. agitation against my incapability to enjoy my day to its extremity. Diana gave me her telephone number and I wrote it on a piece of paper and fished it inside my trousers’ pocket. A rapturous sensation swirled within me and a sudden urge of a reconciliation with Diana ignited in my heart. I banged my fist against the pane.a person to whom I could express my feelings. because that evening. She seemed to me like a divine angel sent from heaven to envelope my sight. for I do not know why. I decided to close my eyes and see who is the first person that comes to my sight. Who’s the person I care most for. agitation against my disability to socialize. I slowly opened my eyes. But I won’t let it happen. I was a failure in this aspect. I parted apart the panes and let the wind gush through my window. Her long mahogany hair was flying behind. And after that.

Richard?” “yeah. I remained oblivious of what to do. I witnessed a burst of ecstatic emotions. the tables and chairs and everything else that had its dwelling in my house. I needed a favour from you” “sure. is it alright?” “Ah! That. remember me” There was silence on the other end for sometime. very well” “that’s good to hear” I said “by the way. Despite of my profound urge of a reconciliation with the princess of my dreams. I had ransacked all the drawers and wardrobes. Everything around seemed bland. I was powerless. listening to your voice after so long” I said “same here” she replied “and…what else?” “So. I waited for a little while. the bed sheets. The telephone was picked and I spoke my mind. and you?” she replied “cool” I answered “and what about your injury. for I scarcely recall which one was that I had been in search of. Henry or whatever he may be. “Diana” I said “this is Richard. I outspread the crumpled paper and placed it on the table. checking the pockets of each trouser. I almost gave up and reclined on the chair. my departure was pretty furious after being insulted by that unscrupulous rascal.I remember. for I could not discern even the darkest method that would aid my path. “Goodness gracious!” Diana almost cried “is it really you. and little do I recall my actions that followed. The ink had somewhat faded but I could clearly make out the numbers written upon it. after which. And it seemed to me that I now had to breach my own resolution and efface my intended desires. I searched the whole house to catch the glimpse of that tiny piece of paper but nowhere could I sight its sign. I glanced out of the window and the dusk appeared darker. smiling “remember me?” “Of Course I do” she exclaimed “don’t be silly” “I feel so good. why not?” . I continued with my plundering until I got hold of the piece of paper I had been yearning of. how are you these days?” I asked “fine. Roosevelt” “Speaking” It was Diana’s voice. which thrilled me to the core. I got the likelihood to adore my fate for once. ignorant of what to say. for the telephone to be held on the other end. after which. I pretended casual. I looked around and it appeared to me as if a furious battle had eroded away the splendour of my house. I instantly ran for the telephone and dialled the numbers. its really me” I replied. until I was wretched out of this tiresome job. when suddenly it struck my mind that I should check the pocket of the trouser I had worn that day. However. And finally. its fine” she said “its fit and fine. I darted towards the wardrobe with a new hope that rekindled within me and raided over it. the whole day I had been drenched in the fervour of frenzy. “Hello” I said “may I speak to Ms.

And here’s one testimony of the venomousness of my fate. And I vowed not to reappear in my house until my eyes catch a glimpse of hers.Love. no. torment me until my hope turns despair. but I waited. which would agonize me till I kneel before it to beg for its mercy. and I remained asleep in oblivion. And I did not infringe the assertion that I made to myself. I earnestly continued to wait for her arrival. placed on their holders. but in vain. Until the anticipation of my delight churns down to desolation and anguish. not even my fate. making the arrangements. it does not require any attestations. I know not. then quietly breathed “I’ll be there” “Thanks a lot” I kept the receiver and sulked. Diana was arriving in a short while. I had been in yearning of. I endeavoured my best to make the following moments appear in a manner that would further bloom the feelings beneath our hearts . to attest that my love is reciprocated. I awaited for her arrival. yes I did. I gave a glance back. Nothing shall torment me. But the beauty of ‘Love’ is that. the whole house was dimly illuminated by the candles. I am going to be a published writer” “oh! That’s awesome” “but on this day of celebration” I continued “I am feeling lonely” Diana said nothing. like a beggar on the streets. I shut the door behind me. flowed with the stream of futility. What was it that strengthened my resolution. with the best piece of suiting I had. Hours passed by. she never came. that it would torment me. and never will this unforgiving fiend release me of its evil seizure.“look Diana” I said “from today. My eyes witnessed the dusk heaving to night and the night darkening deeper and further deep. But little was I aware that my fate was a tyrant. It’s an undefined emotion that needs no words for its conveyance. . And so. My efforts and endeavours to immerse my love in a whirl of ecstasy. but it indeed restore my efforts in the form of its splendour. crossing midnight but not the boundaries of my endurance. and began with the arrangements that would suit the pleasure of my visitor. I know not. “I would love it” I continued “if I could have your presence. we’ll celebrate together” “But…Richard” she said in a hesitant tone “shall I?” “The decision is upon you” I whispered “entirely upon you” Diana wheezed a long sigh. gazed at the dusk for a little while. Now nothing in existence can hider me quench my desire. scattered around and everywhere in a decorum so romantic that would pour out emotions even from the vindictive heart of a Satan. It took me quite long. of my intended requisite of the pleasure. miserable indeed. until my endurance displayed its insolence and my eyes grew heavy and I lay asleep on the stairs before my house. but its miserable. Standing in obscurity. under the grim bluish darkness of the sulking dusk. I could hear only breaths. and shall return to display the malignity of its fortune. and sauntered out. Why do I learn each chapter of my life in such a hard way.

And with quivering lips. She was dressed exactly as I first saw her. tears were dripping down ceaselessly from her eyes.And the imprudence that the circumstance bore was indeed worth the deviousness of a hundred hells. there kindled a lamp of hope. I felt a hand at my shoulder. “What took you so long. but the wind was still. that this lamp of hope will soon ignite. Diana” I said “I am so sorry. She was Diana. I held her hand and escorted her in my house. The hand shuddered me a little and my eyes partly opened. I could sense the weather and the some little figures of dogs at some distance roaming about. fed her with compliments . her nose and cheeks went red. My eyes chased the path of the lady-like hand to her face. and a drop of tear trickled down my cheek. weeping “tell me” Diana’s eyes were red and watery. with not a tint less that would evince a compliant against its grandeur. until my tears were soaked through her dress. which whispered to me that my love is hearing my heart’s beseech. I was partly unconscious and knew nothing. The candles were still burning alight. Richard” she replied “I would walk through a thousand hells to deem my regret” “you need not” I replied “I would bear anything for you…anything” “Oh! Richard” she cried “I am there for you…always” Earnest were her expression. but the devil did succeed to ravage my peace and tolerance. What the devil thwart my love to saunter my path. though their size diminished but were perching ablaze. and to satiate my own self that my love is too innocent for betrayal and that my heart’s beseech was not unheard. but not a motion did I make. “I did so much for your welcome. And scarcely did I know. It was at the depth of night. resplendent with purity. I remained ignorant. “I fought my way. bursting with fresh tears and her lips quivering. I evinced out a cold breath and then my eyes closed… Suddenly. breathing the dust through my nostrils. I gazed at her for sometime. indeed like a white angel. “Henry” she replied “the fiend in human’s disguise” I said nothing. she managed to utter. Richard” she lamented “fought my way from the devil” I wiped her tears by my thumb and asked who that merciless devil was. Diana” I stuttered. just glanced at Diana. with her eyes. An immeasurable pleasure did I seek to catch a glimpse of her face. The night fleeted in the merriest manner I could have imagined. That such moments would approach. and cold. which will be no less than the delusion of my fantasy. The night was glittering with celebration and profound romance and I whirled Diana through the waltz on the rhythm of the music. in a manner that filled the air with the redolence of cordial love. The night was so very misty. But still. My eyes were dreary and tired on the brink of closing. when I was lying on the cold cemented stairs. My eyes witnessed a miraculous spectacle. I floundered back to my feet and swung my arms around her chest and wept bitterly on her shoulder.

shearing across the thick haze which enveloped our sights far and wide. when evinced a burst of emotions.. where kindled the flame of affection and fancy in the hearts of ours burning alight for each other.... was the pioneer of this relationship. the relationship that we share. I never knew. Those solitary hours of seclusion had now lost its existence. the acquaintance of which my heart has been in earnest desire of..... Chapter VI Time has such an intense encroach upon a human’s life.. breaching every door of our hearts for seeking a glance beneath. we walked... when I swirled Diana along the floor.. until I had experienced it myself. ......... The night. which birthed this exquisite acquaintance. Generally in the morning.... Our reconciliation was now rather regular and so was our amity and we found ... for I was bequeathed by a companion I cherish the most. for we approached a rather frequent gatherings and meetings from thence. After that night... A night... the acquaintance of Diana and me....... The night. And I had witnessed its vestige upon our acquaintance. Sometimes... which would glitter in my reminiscences each time I recall back.. that impinged its magnificence upon my memories. when it was only the romantic music that reigned over our sanity and blooming love that enveloped our vision.and heightened her beauty with the flush of gratified vanity... which had now intensely deepened...... a companion whose essence I bore passionately ...... we used to gather in the park and saunter along the lush green grass and the tranquil foliage dancing on the rhythm of the cool breeze under the immense overcast sky. circumstances had changed.. we used to meet at cafeterias and restaurants and even at my place quite a number of times.. in the presence of whom I found a measure of delight. This bond of ours now strengthened further.Diana.. with the transaction of words and expressions and the interminable conversation of our demeanours..

I suppose she was average. The moment I looked back into her eyes. In terms of informal wisdom. this afternoon. the stimulus of hers towards emotions. without pushing further. But there was one quality that was particularly conspicuous upon her personality. but I didn’t. There was an aroma of discontent and crisis stirred in the air and I was dismayed in low spirits in those hours of daylight. I sat. for I could peruse the solemn expectation of my concede in her voice which hindered me speak my mind and utter only a single word of relent ‘sure’. for her soul. some equanimity and repose…some time with me and my own essence. The finest asset that I could observe in her. And within a moment we bid each other adieu and kept the receiver. in the morning. But unavailing is this angst. We were in my house. The whether was cold and foggy and inside the cosy house. it would hurt her. Today. its my name which it bears. I was quite uncomfortable with the afternoon.immense pleasure in each other’s camaraderie. I felt like to laugh at her naïveté. until I completed my narration and heaved a sigh. Indeed. and it was dusk. I could contravene even the paramount of limits of intricacy and turmoil. which was a tragic romance. And thus. But my conscience whispered to me that I should abide by my scruples and not breach my own tongue. Our companionship intensified with a colossal measure and even the thought of severance offered a pulse to my veins. which was evident by her incapability to stop the tears trickle down her eyes. was not as anticipated. but she was of a sort that did not preferred the exposure of such acumen and rather hindered herself to slip onto informal terms or behaviour. My disposition. I portray the guise of her persona as I had perused it and sometimes wonder whether I deserve her or not. some coffee and rest. at that moment implored for some peace and solitude. I could not decipher her psyche behind the choice of such a peculiar time for meeting. The afternoon that day. and one such experience I am about to narrate. Diana and me. Even at the worst circumstances. but was indeed pleased that she confided in me enough to share her emotions and for such a conceit of her delegation in me. Diana imposed me a timing of two of the afternoon and I agreeably acquiesced. some thinking and writing. Diana’s voice seemed eager and elated. she managed the situation with earnest equanimity. It was vaguely unlike from usual days. which were pooling down her cheek and after a moment she clung to my chest and wept. whose traits I could always witness reflecting upon her countenance and actions. was resplendent with purity and utter chastity. was briefly dissimilar to what I intended. Everywhere around was darkness. narrating the story of my novel to Diana. but I could not deny. for when I glance beneath to her heart. I had experienced it quite a number of times. for the price I had to pay to . rather. She said that she wished to meet me in the cafeteria Le Meridian. I had now deciphered Diana’s inner persona which flushes within me a sense of gratified vanity. she never acted panicked or terrified. she was and emotional person. and I considered this as a virtue of hers. We sat there for long. What I sought. while I was reading a novel. only the faint gloomy rays of dusk was penetrating through my window. as I perceived it. was her composure. yet I could discern no stains of imbecility or inanity in her character. I saw them dabbed with tears. I received a call from Diana.

purged off my anxiety and anguish and I began to exalt my own self for not falling foul of my own resolution. but insolent was my fate. which I despised passionately. “You like my dress” she whispered. for after almost half an hour of anticipation of her arrival. that afternoon. The cab left me at a signal close to the cafeteria and from there. I thought that I would journey through my car. I was enticed and beguiled by the magnetism she propagated around her and an amorous sensation of exult flushed within me as Diana. I know not. but quite a renowned one.acquire my desires would be incredibly immense so as to make me regret my whole life. What was it. with his eyes fixed at Diana “may I help you” “Well! Yes” I said “bring me a coffee. at about one ‘o’ clock. the sun appeared bright and burnished and vanquished the grey cloak to spread its yellow expanse. It was Diana who spelled around her an enigma which enthralled and captivated my senses through the extremity of her beauty and the profound bloom of youth. yes. I set out early. Diana reclined on the seat before me. less sugar” . For the first time in the winter of this year. “you’re looking incredibly beautiful” I remarked “beautiful indeed” A gratified smile broke on her lips and she silently nodded. she indeed enraptured me with the overwhelming charisma she bore. it indeed appear a blasphemy to refrain my eyes adore a sight which seemed to be the epitome of style and seduction. And to obviate such a condescension of my ethics and morale. I was obliged to hire a cab. “Yes. which evinced out an intense veneration from my heart for the angel in disguise . Pretty upset by the rude discovery. I do” I replied “its…its gorgeous” “Thank you” she said twitching her nose “by the way. Situated at the side of the street. made her way close to me.Diana. the price appears too little. stepped out Diana. our conversation was interrupted by the presence of the waiter. I ambled my way to the cafeteria Le Meridian. for I underwent a slight headache and a nauseated feeling all through my journey in the cab. which I never would be able to efface. but today it appeared to me as a dull hot afternoon phenomenon of awaiting. it attracted many a people’s attention. It was a roofless cafeteria. The day was not on my favour. but that day. strong one. “Good afternoon. there’s a good news I have” “Well! Then” I said “you should not delay to crack it” Within a moment. with her white purse hanging down her arms. Primarily. I experienced a little heat and droplets of perspiration poured out of my forehead. in her exotic white dress and a translucent black lady-like hat. And so it was. a stain of my imprudence would induce in her reminiscences. for my car had ran out of fuel. the glimpse of whom. who was continuously gazing at Diana. sir” he said. merrily. her car finally came to my sight and out of it. with her chin gleaming in sunlight and the shade of her hat hanging down to her nose.

I think it was funny” I said “don’t you think so” “okay I surrender” she said “happy” “now that’s better” I replied “by the way. I smiled inwardly.“Would you like to have something. which I suppose reduced his embarrassment and bid him go. you too are a man. I am glad that you finally got it” “Yah” she shrugged. when again the same waiter arrived and placed down the coffee and scurried away. “what happened to you” she said with a slight grin “I mean. okay” I said Diana widened her eyes with incredulity and an impish grin overtook her countenance. smiling. and I think you are well aware of a man’s fantasies. thank you” “anything else. I mean any celebration or something” “No. sir?” I smiled and glanced up at him and said “well. I gave a momentary glance up at the waiter. “you’re impossible” she said “why did you do this” I shrugged. after which I faced Diana’s incredulous expressions and statements. “well! You can stop staring her. after all. but I am in on diet schedule” “Ah! Okay” I said. biting her lips merrily. by the way?” “Well! It’s a very famous one” she replied “Mont Blanc” “Oh! I have a pen of that brand” “Its a famous one” she repeated. Diana knitted her eyebrows and replied “no thanks. nothing of that sort” “Alright” I said “so. why are you laughing?” “because. you can do something” “what. what are doing. proceed” “okay” she said “do you remember the company I told you about” “well! Not exactly” “Oh! You forget so early” she said “anyways. what was the good news” “well! Richard” she said “first you stop laughing” I pressed my finger against my lips and said “now. then looked up at the waiter and said “that’s it. quite perplexed. “Which company. you cannot deprive me of my right. are you not?” I smiled again at his good sense of wit. sir?” he asked. “oh! God” she said “didn’t you see he was so embarrassed” I began laughing. for I do not know what. and with intense audacity he managed to smile and uttered “well! Madam is indeed worth staring. His cheeks were blushing and his eyes were unable to meet mine. that company has signed a modelling contract with me” “Ah! That’s awesome” I exclaimed “so. Diana?” I confirmed. but I laughed. .

……………………………………. from behind and clutched her arm tightly. An intense fervour of wrath erupted within me. that a single punch of his knocked me down to the floor. it was too late. Her expression was stony and her eyes were fixed at something behind me and she kept gazing without even a flick of her eyelids. I could not withstand this extremity of insolence. He rose her up from the seat. “So. which absconded away and out of my sight. “what happened Diana?” I asked. excited thrill ran through my veins. fidgeting for a release. A warm. Diana” I said “when will you start your work with Mont Blanc” “Soon. the commotion was over. but by the time I rose up. She watched agape. I looked down for a moment. raced fast and hot along its channels. in which he was stirred. I was gushed in a fury of passion bursting with ire and furore. then raised my eyes and glanced up at Diana. maybe in a month or so” “That’s very good” I said sipping the coffee. consternated. so feeble. with her lips quivering a little. while she cried. While I remained drenched in the ardour of fervidity. I was horrified for a moment by the look she sparked. And in a moment my eyes witnessed the cause of her terror. But my impassion was too weak before the demented frenzy of insanity. . and the impertinence of his behaviour incited a vivacious enthuse within my heart and I rose up from my seat to render a clash.hastily. my blood seemed to give a bound and then. Henry came roaring. The fiend had staggered her to the car.

which averts my heart to seek its contentment. I know not. which flowed with the stream of futility. But such were the weeps. bearing a heart destitute of its desire. and writes its brutal destiny. it beseeched the essence of a friend. the destiny which my heart earnestly abhors .Chapter VII Solitude is what I despise to an extent intimate to insanity. a remorse of isolation and a dread of the desolation of my heart. far and wide its sight. weeping at the indigence of its crave. The fervent drops of rain were pattering against the panes and the dull overcast sky of the dusk was desolate of a wing’s flap. I sat by my window. seared of a gentle ally. and probably I was an ace at this knowledge of variance. even at its darkest hour and its deepest despair. But who was to heed. so was the day. of which it was parched. which were dropping down ceaselessly from the dismal woeful sky. My fate is an insolent autocrat. I was lonely. and the weather was ominous. But tyrant are the circumstances. I peered out of the panes and witnessed the penance that the deity was rebating upon its blunder of creation of humans and its vain efforts to wash the earth of its sin by the showers of heaven. What was stirred in the air. As was my heart’s condition. The house was all dark and grim. a sullen morose was what I could perceive descended upon my heart. Not a glimpse of a mortal soul could my eyes catch. despite of its travail to seek repose. but there’s a brief divergence between what one desires and what one attains. but there was a redolence of dejection and glumness. I was secluded.seclusion. And in the midst of this ocean of austerity. My spirit was insolvent of a caring touch. which exhibits its impertinence by tormenting me with what I detest. .

for now. rather she would have been incarcerated in the seizure of those brutes. Henry. I cannot bear this severance. I had not had a glimpse of Diana. resides an absolute spitefulness against me. in the hearts of whom. for its venomousness would not . standing bare before the disgraceful humiliation of my heart’s desires by the felonious hands of my providence.I glance back at the vista of my memories. the destiny which always acquaints the failure of my fortitude. The solitude borne out of a lust of which I had always been ignorant. The rain was now a trifle less vehement. Distress pursues my path and my strength abates before its trials to enervate my spirit and this strife against the circumstances persists until the strife attains its eventual destiny. when the intense crave for a social circle is crushed beneath my incapability to socialize. when a heartache so avid with woe reigns over its realm. But maybe. But today. The only lamp of hope now that replenishes my soul by its faint flare even in the most poignant moments of profound dismay is the acquaintance upon which I feel a sense of conceit. And I watched my sentiments being trodden down under the march of its triumph over my heart’s desires. the malignity of his heart was up to an extent that even a rancorous devil would fall apprehensive before it. Even the tint of my fortune had gone insipid and had let its blaze go astray. is the foresight of its shatter. the miscreant in my eyes was the author of this separation. as a victor before its fancies. even the sky turned darker and I rose up from the chair considering it vain to curse the impudence of my fate. who for his own voracity can shear the shaft of any emotion that ails his path. I was aware that this separation was not a deliberate act of Diana. which conceals away its identity from the fathom of mine. that the approaching moments would prove to me that futile was my remorse. for the strength of love can withstand a hundred of such venom hearts and its flame owns a might which can ashen numerous of such fiends. But scarcely was I aware. the acquaintance of Diana and me. And certainly. and the only glimpses I perceive is that of my solitude. a lust afar from my comprehension. Why won’t my heart aggrieve of its despair and wail for its misery. I strengthened a resolution of not halting the incarcerated anguish beneath my chest to descend over my psyche and let them surge through my eyes. my fate. But the lust was such that bore a sinew which possessed the dominion to bind me beneath the shackles of its covet. despite of their intense covet to extinguish this flame of love. When the passionate urge of a reconciliation with my family is trampled beneath the sovereignty of lonesome. and my senses would cease without its heart. for I could see no trail that guides me out of its seizure. But what ails me. if the agony bears such potency. which has struck its vestige upon my sanity in a manner so excruciating that each mark of repose had strayed out from my mind and its only a sheer lunacy that reigns over my psyche. For a couple of weeks past that incidence. Indeed. this tyranny of my fate is inevitable and I shall console my heart to bear its dire insolence. I have given my heart to her. I can feel this splendid acquaintance falling apart before my eyes and I.

I finally picked it up. when suddenly the telephone rung. I tried to listen more carefully. madam” the voice said “but I have been instructed to do so” A loud cry of disgust followed. “I am sorry. when suddenly the male voice spoke. “Is anybody there?” No response. Sir” I said “Can you hear me?” I heard the steps stop and a male voice spoke. Suddenly. I heard the creak of a door on the other end of the line and heard the steps of shoes. I again drank the water and wiped my lip. “its not me. An upsurge of intense furore and ire fulminated beneath my chest and I was resolute to cleave every limit of insolence to seize my love from the immensely vile circumstance in . but after a little aversion. I did not prefer to receive that call. but as I did so. There was no response from the other end. There was no response still. relieved me a little and I poured the water in a glass and quenched my thirst. I hung the receiver. which was distant from the telephone. “Hello” I shouted loudly “is anybody there?” Soon I heard several more screams. “Hello” I shouted “whose this?” But nothing could I hear. “hello” I said again. I do not know why but my instinct whispered to me that I should see who was on the line and I held the receiver again. I was drenched beneath the delirium of frenzy and a vehemence of fanaticism overwhelmed my psyche. This thought of mine. I heard screams and cries of a lady. I heard faint voices from the telephone. Who can she be? “Hello” I screamed “can you listen to me?” No replies. “Sir Henry’s instruction” I murmured to myself and the situation on the other end. screams of struggle. To my surprise. I kept it completely. Considering it to be a blank call. cleared before my vision. which rather sounded male. which whirled me in a spasm of fury. Suddenly. “Hello. except screams and cries. however the churning sound of the phone disturbed me quite a bit.smother by descending over myself a sullen morose and its impudence would prevail despite of my incessant trials to soothe my forlorn heart of its destitution. but the voice was still lingering in my mind. I tried to listen carefully. There were two things I was certain about. “Hello” I said. That the cries were of a lady and her mouth was covered. madam” the voice said “Its all Sir Henry’s instruction” And with this. the line got cut. the line at the other end was not yet cut. However I was not certain about my conjecture.

I tried to devise a plot to enter the gates and I ran back to my car. I noticed that there was a long scar on my arm and blood was oozing out of it. I was not dangled of my resolution. I rendered all my strength to lift up to the top of the gate and after much exertions I finally was resting on the top of the gate. I glanced aside at the lawn and noticed a short hammer at some distance. splashing the wet ground by my shoes. but by hearts amorously affectionate to each other. I boarded in the car and drove it until it reached close to the gates. I instantly ran to pick it up and then to the door. On the first attempt. It was an opportunity for me to redeem the indignation of mine. until my conjecture turned to reality as I opened the door of one of those rooms. there was a telephone. I was in my car. I went in pursuit of that noise. looking down preparing to jump. However. which were now blazing with hope at the sight of mine. mumbled a few prayers and jumped down to the ground. My next step was to catch hold of the top of the gate and somehow manage to scramble up. I stepped out and tried to mount the bonnet of the car. Her hair was dishevelled. Her forehead was full of little sprinkles of shining sweat and her eyes were bursting with innocent tears. shuddering them for the watchmen to attend. standing before the colossal gates. I glanced up at the gates and wondered at the complexity it would render me in overcoming its strength. I pushed myself up to a little distance. But futile were my endeavours. This time I caught the gate and placed my leg on an iron rod adjoining from below and pushed myself up. But my intention was so intense that it made me unheeding to pains and I tried once more. The sight stirred me in a convulsion of extreme dudgeon and a profound sense of rage descended over my senses against the sinner. little were their vestige upon my resolution. however. her wrists and feet were fastened. for I sensed that there was not a mortal soul that would help me. for my determination was such that even the paramount of limits of intricacy would fail to sway me of my perseverance. I broke the lock of the door by the hammer and threw it open. her mouth taped. But when I got up. I closed my eyes. an insane . I touched my forehead and sensed some wounds there too. Within a moment. checking each room. sitting in one corner. and the noise of the screams were striking my ears. My legs experienced an intense strain as I thudded on the ground and not able to rise up for a little while. And I was determined that this fervour of exasperation would not pacify until my heart is quenched of its intention. I followed the noise and mounted up the flight of stairs which brought me to an artistically decorated large hall alongside which were several rooms and from one of these rooms the noise was coming. And I set out to accomplish it. The house was lit up. in which I was easily successful.which she was immersed. I was outside Diana’s mansion. Her neck and chest were wet with perspiration and so was her black dress and at her side. but then slumped down badly upon the car. however it was not simple to do so. resting her back against the wall. hustling through the streets at an insane speed and another moment. Diana was in front of my eyes. by the hands of the devil in human’s disguise and to prove that ‘Love’ does not flow through the barrel of the gun.

We stood facing each other with the winds blowing on the summit. “Tell me” she breathed “I am in love with you” I uttered softly. I grabbed her face and brought it close to mine. and found the depth fathomless. I looked back at Diana and saw fiery of delight and contentment scorching in her eyes. which made my own eyes glimmer with conceit.paroxysm of wrath was what reigned over my sanity and I lost my conscience. He was knocked down at once and I crushed his face beneath my shoes until I regained my conscience. He was entering with a demonic look. which soon froze with terror at the sight of mine. when I ground my teeth. ………………………………………. clenched my fist and punched him hard on his face. A drop of tear trickled down her cheek and I grasped her arm. which we could not control. when suddenly I heard the creak of the door. I walked forward to rescue her. I felt as if I should confess my greatest pleasure to her. when I held her hand and whispered to her my heart’s crave. He was standing stock-still before me. . And off we went. She smiled with her dry lips and an emotion of intense compassion flowed through my sentiments and I held her hands and got her out. I unfastened her wrists and legs and removed the tape deliberately from her mouth. Her lips touched mine and I could only wish this could continue till eternity. And when together we reached the summit. I turned back with my eyes burning with rage. When our hearts conversed with intense geniality. Those were impulses of genuine love. It was the same butler. with my arms rounding her waist. The moment was resplendent with the aroma of profound romance. the red flame of love that flared ablaze only for me and my heart was measuring its own content.. I observed her amorous demeanour. fluttering our hair along with it. whom I had described in the hospital. which was worth an age without a name. I walked towards him and my countenance spoke it all . it sounded and sounded. unleashing the profound love concealed beneath our hearts for each other. However. strolling abreast in the moonlit night on the forlorn streets. And together we mounted up one of the hills of the Beverly hills. as if it was my possession. “Diana” I said “I’ve got to tell you something” I could see her cheeks blush and the pretence of unawarity of my intention was conspicuous on her face. when the fragrance of romanticism was all around and intention. it felt like a beautiful moment of a glorious life. A provocative smile quenched in her deep blue eyes and a ray of gentle homage shone under the lids in its place.

which spelled a chant that inveigled my interest of its chaste vibrant beauty and I failed to halt a stare at its unblemished magnificence. I admired its lurid phenomenon of resplendence. when in the splendour of such picturesque dawn I had my love with me. The mist blended in the air invigorated my senses by its pure essence of flavoured freshness of sterility. and in the midst of the bravura vividness of this splendid piece of artistic beauty. The verdant foliage swaying on the cadence of the soft breeze and the boasting hills with its lush greenery enveloped my sight far and wide. The twitter of the birds and their voyage in the sky was an art of a master virtuoso being. which no artist can portray even in the masterpiece of his art. I lay resting on the grassy summit of a hill. It was the end of all my heart’s desires. And what more could my desire be. which tingled my senses and my lips quivered a bit. I could sense the wind. away from the vicious side of the world. The novelty of the air resplendent with freshness filled me with the vivacity of exuberance. And the charisma of its grandeur ensnared me to open my eyes. illuminated a trifle by the sedate demure rays of the golden sphere resting above the horizon.Chapter VIII I felt the cold dews touching my ears. and the sight broke a smile on my lips… A dove flapped its wings before my eyes and vanished away in the immense blue sky embellished by the fleecy clouds. and in a covet of not conceding the opulent splendour of such scenic dawn without my complete participation in exalting its regal grandeur. I sat up on the grass. the cool breeze blowing across me which enticed me of its elegant poise and its genteel flair. which quenched my soul of its profound thirst. The sight .

It’s a sort of inconceivable emotion. with the breeze of which my heart was floating. that fills each moment of one’s existence with intense elation. Indeed the utopia of my dreams. Sorely confounded she seemed during the lapse of first few moments . I said nothing. And I continued my gaze. but futile was my remorse. until the sun gained its altitude and the chirps of the birds lessened. and a memory rushed through my reminiscences. I felt the agitation of the heart . until a coquettish smile broke on her lips and she uttered “what?”. I saw ‘the purple light of love’ cast its glowing reflection on cheeks. Its fathomless intensity is deeply profound. but sheltering lash and lid forbade. I comprehended the inability of hers to fare through the novelty of our relationship which was yet too fresh for her. where resistance was futile. I could discern the gratified flare of affection burning alight for me. rushed within me a contempt so avid for the actual world which appears a cauldron of felony before this pristine magnum opus of beauty. temples and neck. Her very long. However. for the present circumstance was the paradox of the past. Discomfiture might have impelled her to contend but her sense of worth checked resistance. the moment of departure intruded a melancholy poignance over my senses. and I wondered when this strife within my own self would meet its destination. I called her by my side and rounded my arms around her shoulders with exceeding tenacity. I had not viewed the vista of my future and scarcely was I aware that my fate will splurge its bounty of divine pleasure so soon. an exemplar of charismatic charm which reposed my heart by its sensuously endearing magnetism. when will the implores of my heart be heard. the vestige of its varied phases upon one’s life. for every phase has its conclusion…yes. which she could not be insensible of. I desired to consult the eye.before my eyes. very pretty features having the bloom and freshness of youth resorted by the fine wind blowing across her complexion and by the animation of eyes which it had also produced. And thus. until the lanes downward were inhabited and until we kissed each other adieu. For a moment I glanced backwards and what my eyes witnessed was a paradigm of profound beauty. Love is so beautiful. which renders one a boundless measure of ecstasy and contentment. Beneath the composure her countenance. which flaunted all over her visage and let her endeavours in the pretence of facileness go astray. I never knew. That time. compelled me to stare at her with a measure of earnest admiration. even the repose of pleasure. and a euphoria . only looked down and smiled. together we relished the oeuvre of the intense beauty of nature. Every yearn of the heart appears quenched and even the quest of the spirit to seek repose of gratification seems appeased. but the incredulity soon subsided. Terror did not succeed. And thus. The moment made me deem the influence of time. and its marvel was such that exceeded the realm of my fantasies and imagination. when the vindictiveness of the circumstances was such that incited a revulsion of abomination between my providence and my craves. a time when I was cursing my fate of its insolent tyranny of unheeding my heart’s beseech and its desires for contentment. nor fury. the diversion of the situations beholds a colossal void amid them.

Unlatching the door. I observed on his visage a sense of discomfiture which was so seldom to be viewed upon his face. that even the enormity of the sky and the intensity of the ocean can be devoured amid her lids beneath the depth of her eyes. for what confined them was an agony of anxiety and trepidation. which remains concealed beneath the veneer of insouciance of one’s character. as my heart was floating with the zephyr of serene contentment. which is erupted by the bottom of pure passions of amorous love. And I hindered not my heart to envision the panorama of the queen of my dreams. Indeed. and though the weather did not correspond with my preference. a transcendent bliss. But my heart was humming the tunes of severe gratification. The man was dressed in a grey suit. I was completely stupefied by the gentleness . which was unheeding to any turmoil. However. for an unsurpassed extent of indulgence and an invigorated sense of exhilaration was what dominated my sanity. of which I was oblivious until I had triumphed over the heart I most desired for. the azure depth of the twilight sky rested before my vision as a cryptic conundrum. for my vision sought this spectacle as a piece of art which is intended to cede pleasure and not to fathom its intricacy. Pristine and chaste is this exquisite emotion. It endows one with a sense of exorbitant spiritual pleasure. which was somewhat flaunting his personality and for the first time. which bequeath one with a sensation of immense rapture. a bliss that seldom fleets through one’s veins. And so. I was resolute to proceed with a walk. “Good evening” he said “may I come in?” “Sure. the cadence of love beholds a might to morph the vision of malignity to a vista of benignity. and it followed thus. Indeed.Henry. come in” Henry stepped in and I bid him hold a seat on the couch. In the vista before my sight I envisaged the azure depth of Diana’s eyes. the moments of contentment were indeed limited. for it bestows to my heart a colossal measure of internal equanimity. And thus. its appeasing placate. I could not comprehend its intense profundity and neither did I crave for it. I failed to discern the innate flame of enmity and acrimony which used to perch alight at the sight of mine. with a merry soul replenished of its desires. yet succeeds to confer solace. its every aspect is so palliative. Even his eyes were not blazing with intrinsic animosity and indeed. but enigma failed to construe. for its depravity had no vestige over my resolution. I spared the moments. I put on my overcoat and began to set out for the walk. when suddenly the doorbell rang and I rushed towards it to open. ‘the realm of love’ is no other place than paradise… Later that evening. I peered outside the window.of divine pleasure descends upon one’s sanity. riveted in the profound stream of placidity. its blasé serenity. Such is its potency. I opened it and my eyes met the eyes of the miscreant of our story . whose beauty I entirely perceived. He appeared rather gentle. and glanced at the forlorn street. its sedate composure. veiled by the miasma which lay indistinct under the cloak of the cosmic darkness of the sky. which found its abode within my heart and vaguely peered at the sky until its azurite turned intense raven.

and once more my heart wailed of its insolvency. sipping. which I was not accustomed to hear from his mouth. “well! The cause for your presence is” he added “that tomorrow. “well! Richard” he said “you are to be present at Diana’s mansion tomorrow” “Tomorrow!” I exclaimed “but…what’s the occasion?” “there’s no occasion as such” he replied calmly “well! In a way. “thanks” I replied “would you prefer coffee?” He looked at me blankly for a little while. However. had now vanished and it retained its previous venomousness with which was stirred a soaring sense of vanity. Richard” he said “its okay” “Look. I ask” he said “after all. who is the master of her daughter’s dreams” I remained speechless. what’s the matter?” I asked “Well!” he paused. But endurance was the only route that I sought. . Diana’s father is arriving from Texas” My heart missed a beat. for it was my own. analysing my house vaguely. was the anguish borne out of the indigence of my providence. “Don’t be so impatient. then finally uttered “oh! Yes” “Well! Then” I said and vanished into the kitchen and heated the already prepared coffee. “and I think” he said “he wishes to see you” “but why?” “why not. “what do you mean by that?” I asked. “Quite a good house” he remarked. however. to its genuine state . Within moments. for there was no escapism from this sadistic seizure of my vindictive fate. for what reigned over my psyche. stirring sugar in his coffee “its quite a serious one” My interest ignited at once. and is definitely concerned. “tell me clearly” I demanded “what’s the matter?” I noticed his lips widening to a sneer. while Henry rose up and left. The entire night I remained assorted in the agony of anxiety. it was apparent that he was pretty mortified by his behaviour as I last saw him. I came out holding the tray and kept it on the table amid the couch and reclined on the seat opposite to Henry’s. leaving a heart behind which resumed from fantasy.destitution of fate. Henry” I said “do not allow me lose my temper” “Aha!” he exclaimed “as if I am afraid” Every bit of gentility that I viewed upon his face. “ his speech. he’s a dad. I did not expose my emotions. there is” I could again scrutinize the flare of ingenuity igniting slowly in his eyes.

excruciating and pleasant. which was indeed impoverished of perception. no precincts…spreading its wings apart in the immense firmament of possibilities. its blithe like a bird in the sky. replete with radical alacrity which makes its path beyond the boundaries of our resolve. amiable and consternating…as many facets. apparent and indistinct.……………………………………. It is indeed inexorable.a vista that rested before my vision. Chapter IX I stared vaguely at the vehement drops of rain. dripping down with tremendous vigour -. And thus. knowing no confines. I had been imagining the conclusion of my meeting with Diana’s father . Indeed. for my senses were riveted in the immense ocean of possibilities and prospects that may secure its abode in my fate… Imagination. Elusive is this ‘imagination’. diverse and acute. my mind continued to imagine the prospect of my future. so intense the fomentation of exasperation. for I had witnessed its insolence over my persistent instructions to halt its flight…only to acquire the knowledge of futility of my efforts. enlivening and agonizing. which induced within my veins an extremity of angst and tormented me to the very essence. Our sanity is not its master.

as I jerked my car before Diana’s mansion. for I had been stirred in the delirium of rapture. and with a heart parched of relishing contentment. then dismally whispered “nothing”. but then. did not endear me today. I had been in the same sombre state of trepidation for the entire night. led by my resolution. to view the prospect of future. Diana. which lies only a few yards away. I stepped out with an umbrella and sauntered to the entrance of the mansion. “Good morning” I interrupted “I suppose I am allowed inside” The thin one nodded languidly. it failed to pour out a surge of admiration through my emotions. for I was on the edge of meeting the vision of the revelations of my anxious queries. Nothing did persecute me now. for it’ll be the end of my forbearance. where my destiny would reach a verdict. The redolence of the moist fragrance of soil. my heart was too vulnerable to endure the macabre face of my conjecture. no more conjectures. as sand seared of water. conversing to each other with a certain discontentment clearly reflecting upon their countenance. Apprehension. maybe for me. the ecstasy of which lasted only till the entrance of that brute. The thin one patted my shoulder. a spring of hope or maybe… a winter of despair. the dampness of the ground beneath my feet. never enticed my interest. I found myself imbecile before my providence. as they had become quite a good friend of mine during the camaraderie . a gush of intense agony rushes through my veins. The two watchmen did not appear jolly as other days. that remained descended over me ever since the vindictive sneer of that fiend met my sight. and the plump one did not appear quite concerned. no more imaginations assailed me. the sole cause of my dread which when pervades my mind. borne out of the uncertainty of my near future. which was now dismayed even by the thought of an austere conclusion of the approaching moments. fortitude was now confluent with my blood. Such amorous was the love that my heart bore. They were crouching under their umbrellas. which excruciates my heart and a shudder runs through my body. only a path was visible. ever since the commencement of the beautiful bond amid Diana and me. which were pulsing no more bounds of anxiety. the prattling of leaves on the fervent drops never fascinated my vision. The day appeared dismal indeed. “what’s the matter?” I asked unable to resist my inner inquisition. and peace asundered from my soul. The rendezvous will certainly not have a decent end. who morphed the delirium of rapture to a frenzy of apprehension. The horror of losing Diana. I would prefer to seek the end of my breaths before witnessing the farewell of each other’s hearts. for my heartbeats were rapid and did not allow my senses to doze off. Despite of the presence of the scenic rain before my vision.which has immersed my heart in the profound depth of anxiety. vaguely… The clock struck eight. with a voice that appeared apprehensive. no more foresights. that would either descend over my heart. which I earnestly yearn not to transform itself to reality. And my eyes remained fixed at the pattering rain. my love. yes.

After waiting for a moment. for the only diminutive flame of hope that kindled beneath my heart. Pick wick’s. smiled at the sight of mine and Henry commenced “the much awaited personality. I suppressed a smile inwardly. it was indeed very difficult for me to abstain my hand from trembling. “So. that the description of my heart’s fluster is intricate to explain. Had I smiled at that moment. as well began to waver. “well! Sir” he commenced. And I suppose I was intensely embarrassed by the naïve gestures of Diana. with my heart impecunious of even a morsel of sanguinity. He never moved when I entered. It was the butler. you are the one. in a manner so morose. So I hindered myself to commit any such deed that would enflame his concealed abomination against me. which soon clicked it ajar. I looked around and wondered that the interior was the same as I last saw him. and awaited them to sit. In the large hall. when he’s embarrassed. . I stood outside the door. in her black dress. with a bandage on his nose.of Diana and me. with her eyes sparkling with ecstasy. as it’s the only refuge that one acquires. everyone resumed from their seat. However. with counterfeited civility “you are being awaited upstairs. I could clearly read his eyes. which definitely would have an atrocious repercussions. for the bandage was an outcome of my whack. However. he would have enraged his inner blaze of detestation that he bore for me. like Mr. on the account of the intense mortification that he was undergoing by my presence. please do follow me” I flapped shut the umbrella and handed it to the butler. and pressed the bell. which were stealing away from mine. but raised his placid eyebrows and waited on me to speak. Richard” said Henry “it’ll be quite a pleasure” I walked close to them. which she was unable to repress beneath her bosom. big glasses were stuck on his nose and the top of his head was as bright and bare as a glass bottle. clapping her hands in delight “this is Richard. observing my presence. for I began regarding this strange behaviour as an ominous omen. after which I joined the faction. that may prevail further too. and a seize of a queer apprehension of dismay descended over my psyche. While Diana offered me a cup of tea. Diana. which were poured out of immense elation. whose face was round and shiny. I read the steps closing towards the door. “Join the tea. has finally arrived”. Richard Smith” “Hello Sir” I shook hands with the squashy hands of the old gentleman. The way his eyes quitted mine and dropped down to the ground. after which I drew back a chair and reclined myself upon it. I made no further enquiries and continued my steps. quitting their tea. for whom my daughter is crazy about” he stated in his abrasive intellectual voice. “Dad” exclaimed Diana. I smiled like an imbecile adolescent. this was the stentorian personality which my imaginations failed to construe and I was obliged to smile and greet everyone of them. The butler once again bid me step up and I followed him upstairs. introducing me to an old gentleman.

as if a sudden seize of consciousness has descended over him. from Lockwood College. Mr. “Are you published. Smith” came the inevitable question. Mr. However.“So Richard” the old gentleman said “why did you pick my daughter” The word ‘pick’ appeared absurd to me and quite insulting too. “Well” said Henry putting down his cup “you haven’t introduced your name to Richard” “ah!” the old gentleman exclaimed. I did not have the courage to look into her eyes as she got up merrily. which further made me perturbed. we’ve got a writer here. you could say so” I said “my first novel will release by the end of this winter. however it was conspicuous. Richard” I narrowed my eyes at his ambiguous statement. “thanks” “You know Richard” he said “ I too am a man of letters” “that’s quite obvious” I commented. “enough of innuendos” he said “let’s come to business. with all blithe expressions addressed to me and an audible whisper ‘good luck’ at my ears before stepping down the stairs to her room. what do you do. Benjamin Roosevelt” “Pleased to hear that” I replied. a trivial course” “That’s quite interesting” he confessed “so. when suddenly the old gentleman leaned close to Diana and bid her go downstairs to her room. “I didn’t plan anything” I said “neither did I set a trap or something…I mean its nothing like that” The man laughed at me and so did Henry. huh!” I smiled inwardly. quite perplexed. “well! Thank you” Henry was almost out of the conversation. don’t you think so” “oh yes” he said. chafing his hands “Well! My name is Benjamin. “I am an author Sir” I replied “and ‘am completing a course in Literature. “I didn’t pick your daughter” I said correcting him “it was written in my fate” “Aha!” was his instant response “and what else is written in your fate. little was I pleased. “Excuse me” I asked. Sir. sir” “Wonderful!” he exclaimed. Richard?” “Yes. “Well! Well!” the old man continued “I am very well aware of people like you” I didn’t protest. I could clearly notice the delight on Henry’s face. . when suddenly he erupted with his fiendish words. for it was futile to even endeavour to twist their conviction. nay! Not a morsel. Roosevelt. “So. “answer me” he demanded. I noticed him contemplating my expression. Richard” he began “what have you planned before setting your trap for my daughter” His actual colours now bristled with ingenuity. pretending not to comprehend what he said. “So.

in an equal pitch “that’s it” “That’s not it” he got up in anger “how did you even think that you would compete Henry” He sat down again. “Your daughter does not love Henry” I yelled “she loves me and I love her” “You bloody…” he clenched his fist and widened his eyes. Richard” he said. “But what’s the task?” I asked loosening my tie. “Simple for us” the man continued. waiting for an answer.“What actually was it?” “Look” I said. “Till what time you’ll be away?” I asked uncertainly. “In three months. then suddenly shouted “who the hell do you think you are to fall in love with my daughter” “I love her and she loves me” I retorted. with a sly sneer on his lips “but the toughest we could find for you” My urge for enquiry increased and so did my apprehension. with red nerves thickening in it. “Look. Henry stared aside at the old man. “If you’re able to do it” he said “my daughter is all yours” Henry smiled. while we’re away in New York” the old man added. “You only have to earn half a million pounds. gulping down volumes of water. The old man nodded. “Alright!” Henry interrupted “let’s get on business” “What business” I asked in frenzy. extremely vexed at the conduct they were exhibiting “the circumstance were such that Diana and me fell in love with each other…why don’t you believe me” “Fell in Love” Mr. “What!” I exclaimed “but…uh…sir” “No questions” he halted my stammering. “Shall we begin” Henry added. how do you expect me to earn…earn…half a million” An astute smile broke upon his lips and he gave his master words. “If you have the courage to ‘fall in love’ with my daughter” he said “then you must have the courage to pay its worth” . Roosevelt repeated. trying to suppress his temper “we’re flying to New York tomorrow morning” I nodded civilly and uttered a soft ‘okay’ “So we’ve thought of a small task that you could do” “A task” I exclaimed “what sort of task?” “The task is quite simple” added Henry. wiping his forehead with his handkerchief. “Three months” was the reply. The ground beneath my feat cracked and my heart ceased to pound. to soothe down his temperament.

with his face gleaming with spirited vanity of triumph “Diana’s also coming with us to New York” My heart wept. churned into pieces. I immediately turned back. suddenly. a heart which wailed with earnest agony of its despair. thus we departed. her cheeks ears and nose crimson with despair. this is a naiveté of your temperament. weeping “at least. a heart whose grave tears were ceaseless. “Look Diana” Henry got up “it’s not like that” “Do not open your mouth” she cried “and let me make it clear. ……………………………………………. the heart was one which used to surge the blood within my veins.” “Its not me who is behaving in a childish manner” she shouted “its you” “Its not worth talking to you now” he said “Henry escort her to her room” Henry walked forward and grabbed her arm with violent tenacity and staggered her downstairs. “And reminding you” Henry said. until the faint voices of her protest were ended with a click of a door. with a heartache of anguish. and pearls sliding ceaselessly down her lids. that I am not going to New York with you all” “But…the ticket has been confirmed” her father said. so intense that upon my soul an eternal seizure of persecution established its reign. you should’ve understood my emotions” She picked up a vase and the next moment it was lying on the floor. “Then cancel it” she shouted “else go to hell” Her father inhaled a deep breath and began with his thundering voice “behave yourself. her handkerchief sodden with tears. I heard stomping feet mounting up the stairs. Her neck twitching with grief.I beheld reticence at that one. and the red roses scattered upon the floor as two hearts were weeping at their destitution. It was Diana. producing a speechlessness after its shrill clinking. And. Then. But mournfully. “I hate you dad” she cried. and this was a heart which was excruciated by its providence. . with tears journeying down her lips and her azure eyes ruby with anguish. with the most earnest pain it has suffered. stop this childish protest else my ferocity will take its own course.

How much I wished I could forget my ultimate heartache of misery. And once again the Human Civilization triumphed over the agony of the creator over its creation. How much I wished I could laugh like carefree boy. But futile were my petitions of revival. And once again. I question the lord. How much I wished my soul could revive back from the deep ocean of anguish. a trait. which had established its vicious reign over my heart. Once again the vehicles jammed the streets with aggravated voices of the piteous humans. in a deviant world like such. is not certain. Once more the horde of crowd had revived trodding the ground beneath their feet. Once again the night discos and pubs enlivened as anticipated. But fathomless was the intensity of my desire to own the very similar state of my temperament.Chapter X The anguish poured down from above in the veneer of rain ceased to exhibit its remorse. and ‘this revival was indeed certain’. which has altered its complete visage to agony of profound despair. evaporated. when it beholds the paramount of credence . which is scarcely revered among humans themselves. And now. for nothing will they avail as its face will never change. Alas! I am an animal who possess sentiments and emotions. exuberant with vivacity. Once again the streets were bustling with lights of colours mystifying to the vision. that why this revival. which to men is a metaphor in the face of rain. desires will remain desires. London regained its life. and by the time the wide expanse of the sky above me altered its shade to intense raven. that the existence of emotions is considered nothing more than a mere façade of a human heart. whose brutal seizure was relentless. the agony. the tears showered upon the felonious soil of the earth. Everything resuscitated in the form which rested before my vision. ‘Why’ I ask myself. Why was I ignorant of the valour of riches. with a heart unchained from the shackles of apprehension. why was I oblivious. within which it has sunk.

of which the whole world is a slave. Nothing. the power of this piece of paper. And thus I continued my steps. when the sky was dark and the morose clouds of rueful desperation rested upon that immeasurable expanse above me. Sometimes a convulsive spasm erupts within me to break free from the civilization I pertain to. a question erupts. I cannot deem myself as the offender of my own self. that why I committed that deed. which the world austerely abstains. In crave for solitude. I deciphered the flame of love that she bore within her heart. I call the oblivion of the most veritable truth. despite of being the creation of those minds itself. a civilization I turbulently detest from the bottoms of pure passions. when did my heart conversed with hers. which the even the most valiant of creation fails to endure. regardless of the status divergence that stands colossal. for Mammon does enslave each mind and torments them until they seek their eternal rest. sinking my heart in the profound vale of intense poignance. was the reason of the ignition of this emotion. But these are just words. oblivious of their destination. like a fairy before my sight. Indeed it was my naïveté to fall in love. Indeed it pioneers the winds of morose despair to blow across me. because the language of hearts forever remains a mystery. when its only the morose clouds of despair that rests above my heart. the truth that displays its forte in human perspective. Puerility. illuminating the street with its silvery cloak. with a mind persecuted with the strife of melancholy thoughts of earning 'half-amillion' until their return in three months.why did I fall in love. sheer puerility. for I suppose. that inexorable is the lust of love. when standing upon a hill. And thus. when for the first time our lips touched. I still remember the moment. Indeed the veracity of this truth is unquestioned. where the moon looked over the high wall of the court. when her endearing features enchanted me of its poise. Maybe. the truth of the metier of Mammon. words which will remain only words. as the tormentor of my own soul. at the first sight when she sauntered in the coffee shop. for the vision of a day like such. nothing indeed can equal the charisma of that picturesque moment. And this is what ails me. words which will never find its meaning or even morph to certainty. And still. without whom my life is like a desert seared of rain. that its only affluence that is deemed. Or maybe. The rustle of the trees . only for me. I took my route through a secluded street. And who knows. And thus I find no reason to chastise my own self. with an excruciated soul. the gradual meetings of ours. the power which i lack. the deed which had proved me imbecile before my providence . for I have risen from the bed of sheer oblivion and conceived the virulent truth of the world where I dwell in. for attaining back my love. I kept walking in the swarm of millions where I found myself alone.within the human perception. However. causing undefined shadows to lurk in the corners of numerous projecting portions of the walls. or rather say this Virtual Satan whose savage snare is unremitting. a civilization that compares human emotion with a mere piece of paper. in front of which each soul is impelled to bow their heads and can condescend to commit any felonious deed dictated by this Virtual God. the civilization which is concealed in the shams of pretension. I feel a sudden seizure of sentience.

“So” he said “am' glad t' be a begah'” . I found it futile to reply and began to walk. “Because. and after a moment a deep groan struck my ears from the pathway aside and a figure appeared to move.... and to my consternation.. my mood was not quite jovial. unaware of its consequence.. “who tol' ya'” he gulped some whisky down his throat and continued “am' happy as am'” I found his behaviour quite odd. His head was resting upon his chest and his ruffled greyish hair was emitting a foul odour. I kicked the stone. bereaved of profuse despair.. “Really?” I asked. I was appalled by his countenance which was totally ruptured with innumerable wrinkles and scales. He nodded while drinking the whisky. in a milieu that appeared appeasing to my soul. he caught the bottom of my overcoat. Only his brown eyes gleamed with unspeakable luminosity. “I am sorry for your sleep. a little stone seemed to perturb my're. And as most men with sullen heart would do. incognizant of the character I would soon meet. quite interesting too. “Ya' nee' na' worry suh'” he said in his rough abrasive voice “its only mah' sleep” I felt a sort of aversion from this ungrateful fellow and as it was.and wheezing of the wind seemed compassionate for my doleful heart and appeared to strike a gentle caress. “Why a' yah' givin' me this” he asked. I failed to catch a glimpse of any mortal soul and continued my stride. “okay.. “Howcome?” I asked “I pitiable” I replied. but the beggar won't understand. with my hands in the pockets of my overcoat. “Tell me” he insisted. an inadvertant incident befell. unconcernedly. “Hey. The beggar cracked a smile and fished out a bottle of whisky from his torn shirt.. I could distinctly discern that it was beggar.. Far and wide my vision. when're.because your condition. When on my way in the forlorn street. I could very well comprehend that he was murmuring something. While I was drifting faineantly upon the wet street. okay” I said indignantly and took out some coins prom my pocket. Take this as my penance” I handed those coins to his lacerated hands and endeavoured no to involve myself in further conversation.a beggar” I said. undecided of what to say. you” I said in a somewhat mortified voice “hey” The man slowly drew his head up. The stone seemed to vanish somewhere with a little noise. whose sleep I had violated and for the penitence of my unintended deed I quickly reached out to him. solacing my temperament by rendering it a few moments of My interest suddenly ignited and I indulged myself in conversation. and this time.

The beggar lifted up his hand and pointed towards a distant church and I was quiet for a little while. “Diana” I muttered. After confessing my perils and desires. smiling. he's wi' me. murmuring before the cross. and confide to the deity the heartache of my profuse misery. “Whom are you talking about” I asked. I chose the way to seek refuge under the sacred hand. if tails. I walked inside and stood behind her. “See. He smiled and said “Gimme' a coin” I looked at him for a little while then passed him a coin. The lady stood aghast before my sight. Tears were exuding down her cheeks. expressing the perplexity of my ignorance of whom he was talking about. I peeped inside through the entrance of the church. “He's t' one who helps me” he said and drank his whisky.. she rushed close to me and swung her arms around me and unveiled the profound ocean of anguish that she bore within her heart. the' nat'” The beggar tossed the coin in the air and caught it amid his palms and slowly opened. “Whom are you talking about” I asked emphatically. with her hands joined. “Ya' face” he said “it conspired” I did not answer. spontaneously. which compelled my eyes to shimmer too..I looked at him with utter curiosity. and so I covered the yards distance to seek the path of the Universal Father. I made a hesitant did you know” I finally confided. closed my eyes and joined my hands. “If iz' heads. always” he said. I felt her shuddering bosom upon my chest. It was indeed heads. but to absolve my heart from the bondage of desolation. though quite vexed. I muttered a soft 'Amen' and slowly opened my eyes. “How. which immersed . and similar was my expression at the sight of hers. under the evil snare of which I am confined. which streamed out of her eyes like pearls out of their shell. he helps me. standing between the rows. “A' least am' contented” he added “ya' condition is worse tha' me” I wondered at his words. There was another lady inside. though not beseeching for remedy. His head again rested upon his chest and he began murmuring. without anyone to heed. for the infernal savagery of my providence has surpassed the boundaries of my forbearance and perilous it was for me to behold the venom within my veins. and what my eyes witnessed was indeed miraculous. quite bewildered. and fathomed the solemnity of the tears. while I continued with my steps which were now destined. And after a long gaze. but whose veracity I could not deny.

. “We are now standing in the Realm Of Love” I paused “and I will not endure it set ablaze” Diana's lips quivered. Her head again fell back upon my chest and she began sobbing. I rested my chin upon her head and patted her heart in the infinitive intensity of boundless remorse.. a drop of tear trickled down her cheeks and I remained quiet.....I am sorry” she looked up with tearful eyes. “Yes” she whispered softly.. “Believe me” I said “Neither God nor Satan can separate us from each other” She wiped her tears upon my sleeve and looked up.... and her eyes glinted.... I would morph its wailing visage to pristine felicity...... malignity or benignity... I was resolute to quench my heart's desire and appease its profound crave for contentment and render it the radiance of which it is indigent... my sanity affirmed a resolution to preserve this Realm Of Love. compassionately. must be cured.. “I am sorry.. ....and what cannot be endured.. and while my lips tasted the resplendence of love... its morose destitution to euphoric abundance....... but with immense conviction “we shall always be there for each other” I caught her by her cheeks and said..... for the anguish has surpassed the limits of my endurance... .. “You need not be sorry... I would absolve it from the shackles of misery and place it in the realm of ecstasy – by any means.... my dear” I said “everything will be alright” “How Richard” she looked up at me “can you afford such a sum?” I looked down at her face speechless.. I kissed her forehead and gently waved my fingers across her hair.......... by any means. Her face came close to mine and I felt the warmth of her lips touching mine.. scarcely matters.......

my heart was weeping. .. An extreme feeling of solitude and inanity surrounded me and I felt a certain hollowness within me. wailing with solemn tears. And this inanity continued. feeble indeed to bear such a sombre prospect before my vision. The lump of my throat denied to disappear. I did not wail. was the day of her departure to New York. that the wailful sight of Diana in the arms of the miscreant.Chapter XI The next morning. but tears did not stream out of my eyes. though it pounded persuasively but I confined it within the bounds of my volition and averted not to its implores. the sanguine of her return in my arms. for my conscience was evocative enough of the consequence of the petition of my naïve heart. The timing of the flight suited my vacancy. And despite of my profound urge to bid Diana adieu. would asunder it with a might that could hardly be healed. which would certainly turn vague. I remained at my place. for the separation was too painful for my vulnerable heart to endure. I feared the prospect of a vile conclusion. I suppressed my heart's crave and stifled it beneath myself. when her eyes are persuaded to tear apart from mine. But I dreaded the vista of my sanguine not morphing to reality. I felt as if I had lost the cause of my breaths. I was too feeble. with my heart besieged in the bondage of misery and woe. but I hindered myself to make a move to the airport. And what an immeasurable depth of profound agony would stir in my blood and would render the tempest bounds of elicited aggravation to my nerves. And so. and I would only gaze.. destitute. the reason behind my existence. and despite of the breeze of intense desperation that blew within my heart almost ceaselessly. but my inner conscience whispered to me that this transient departure is perhaps the veneer of eternal departure.

I sometimes wonder. Even the most daring and anxious attempts of mine would reward me nothing more than a mere trifle of the sum. I would've moved with the devils. This colossal divergence is because the affluent flows with mammon. for their infeasibility was extreme. And what is the potence of emotions . A spirit who laments not to impale his life to suspire with pristine contentment. though not with pure passion. Everyday. for I failed to discern any path that would aid me seek an escape from its deviant seizure. Every time the thought of the abominable consequence and a prospect me being sundered from my love crept in my mind. but none did assist. Every moment of my existence during those savage days. Diana would be resting in the arms of Henry. But alas! Even perils have deceived me in this race in which I could not foresee my triumph. and the passionate. The yearn of mine was so intense that I could have staked my life's most cherished treasure to catch a glimpse of even the most arduous path that would aid me solve this quixotic knot. but slowly. quiet and lonely it appeared. Several methods did I try to devise. the ominous clouds of deep remorse used to hover above me. destitution. I could have crossed any bounds of intricacies and slashed through the range of travails to surmount this daring intend. but she would be. But endurance was the only trail I was impelled to pursue. with emotions. the affluent has abundance and the passionate. . when the most earnest part of my life is destined to severance. but instigated within my veins the blood of assertive turbulence. a love which has surpassed the bounds of insanity. There in New York City. Unavailing was the outcome of these days which I spent imbrued in the vale of trepidations and tribulations. my existence. It was during this period that I deciphered my own worthlessness and impotence in the aspect of riches. what will be the significance of my sustenance. and a seizure of apprehension would establish its reign over my thoughts. discerning ways to earn the sum.a mere incapability in the veneer of tears. despite of being rendered a confinement of mere three months. seizing every tinge of repose away from my heart and descending over it the encumbrance of apprehension. and his heart delirious with intense exuberance. But queer is the game of life.The first few days were extremely grievous and an impending heartache of intense despair remained descended over my sanity. It will lead to the eternal departure of mine from my essence and I will be destined to perish. went riveted in the realm of deplorable turmoil. there resides a soul. days after days began to pass and I started to fall back in my previous state. for whom I bear in my heart an immeasurable intensity of execration. And here in London. vainly. whose love for his beloved is so profound that even the profundity of the ocean and intensity of the fathomless sky fails to compeer its depth. seared of the relish of love. But then. but even the devils refused to saunter my path and I was left with nothing. for naught was what I achieved. 'half-a-million' pounds. which by no means exposes its solution. for not a muscle did I move for many days to achieve my prime motive. nothing that I could do except to float with the tide of despair. I paid a gaze at Diana's mansion. with his love enveloped within the circle of his arms. A man that bears within his heart.

And thus passed the first month... but then a couple of weeks later I got the news that my novel has hit the market. riveted in melancholy sentiments...... for it earned me naught before what was intended.. signifying nothing...... With the break of the second month. for they were precisely aware that I would be incapable of accomplishing their proposal......... But unavailing was the launch of my novel.. which was driving me crazy..... .. I had nothing more than a heart to lament and eyes to exude the immeasurable ocean of anguish. Chapter XII Quite a few ruminative days would have passed.. it felt as if a spasmodic drug has been induced within my veins... And the essence still wailed.......... it was only miseries and aggravation that reigned over me...... Full of sound and fury...... And it was now that I realised the diplomacy in this brutal proposal of Diana's father.. with .......... with earnest tears.. During this episode of grievous austerity and inestimable agony.. For a week or so...

but were indeed like the winds of affection. no more convulsion of agony descends over me. evincing within me an emotion of intense veneration. of the moments which will remain eternal within my heart and render me strains of profound elation. I parted apart the panes and felt the cool breeze shear across my visage and after such a long time. whose azurity even the dusk does not behold. Although. no more strenuous heartache of remorse afflicts me. But how was I supposed to efface those ravishing moments that we had spent together. A surge of adoration flowed through my emotions as my eyes exceeded the confinement of the panes and rested upon the vision of the beauteous morning. anguish no more excruciates my essence. illuminating ripples of cerise rays along its sides and the chaste innocence of the undefiled breeze wheezing slowly across the air. her rosy cheeks deepening further to crimson at the sight of mine. even more than my very own breaths. my love. I had to learn to forget Diana. chording within me the tune of ecstasy. or even a moment of placid repose. my heart is not so valiant to efface those moments from my memories and not cherish them with solemn desire. but I was pleased to possess those fistful of memories. The picturesque vision before my sight. striking a gentle caress to my soul and immersing it within the profound vale of equanimity. and no more does my heart lament. touching the chord of my bosom as a melody. resting above the palm of horizon. the throe of intense distress no more torments me. yes. her expressive eyes. Her beautiful mahogany hair fluttering with the gush of wind shearing across her. which has imposed me to pay my servitude. the implacable fiend. which were resplendent with profuse romanticism. the crack of her smile from her glistening lips and her impish grins. the flare of love that we beheld within our hearts eternally ignited for each other. appeared to be a master artistry of the creator. Incapability of not achieving the requisite for the attainment of my love back. which remits me not from its odious confinement.. and sunk my heart beneath intense chagrin. invigorated me with intense vivacity of exuberance and I glanced at it. smelt the redolence of pristine placidity. whose essence in my life was deeply intense. the music of her laughter. and which has bounded me within its seizure and foisted its thraldom over me. my blood no more render tempest bounds of grievance to my nerves. I had several reasons to be nostalgic and several more for a celebration. elicited with a deep emotion of internal bliss.. placating my inner essence and most of all. And thus passed my days. Indeed. an artistry whose . replenishing my soul with its elixir. Endurance. And so. for I had learnt to keep my breaths alive even in the confinement of profound despair and my heart pounding even in the bondage of intense misery. The flame has now subsided. mortifying it by the vista of its incapability. The miniatures of the little birds in the enormous expanse of the overcast sky and the crimson sphere. until one morning shimmered a ray of hope. immersing me within the profound vale of beatitude. these thoughts were not abundant to suffice my wailing heart and alleviate it of its intense distress. Though heartache and poignance never left my path. Her charming beauty with enamouring chastity of heart.none of them that beholds a veneration of providing a single hour true equanimity. Endurance. inducing an aura of intense resplendence. whenever I glance back at the prospect of my life.

Note: Only for brave hearted people My eyes twinkled with incredulity and in an instant. Upon the dusty table. It stated: A wonderful opportunity to earn money. but bore a passionate desire to discern it. I felt as if I had returned after a long exile from life. And as these activities ensued. You can have as much as you desire. Looking at it with curious eyes. for the fervour I possessed to gain the fortune for my love was so intensely potent that even the fiery of fire would kneel before its fervidity. which will change your life forever. What was it. I again held the cup of coffee from the basement and sipped some of it. Everything resuscitated as before and so did my temperament. a flare of hope rekindled within my heart and I was insane with profound ecstasy. I continued reading the newspaper. I remained ignorant. for I perceived it as the only way to stir in the reverie of Diana. until my eyes surfed through the ‘advertisement column’. . however the indelible stain of anguish did not efface and the sombre clouds of profound despair still hovered above my heart. And thus. Reclining myself back on the chair I began surfing through the headlines and some other important news. I kept the coffee upon the basement of the window and looking out. and not to blend this picturesque dawn of exuberant radiance with the poignant night of intense darkness. I stretched out my arm and picked up the dusty novel. And after so long. I endeavoured to remain elated. I flipped the pages of the novel and came across a bookmark. which I had not used for a couple of weeks. where it witnessed words which appeared incredulous to my senses. I wondered the notion behind its requirement of ‘Brave hearted people’ and determined myself to approach ‘The Times’ office and clarify my uncertainties. But disregarding these grave encumbrances of my providence. confessed 'A fine day'. I closed the book and kept it aside on the table. We’ll pay you in millions.grandeur remains unimpaired. I rose up from the chair and stooped down to snatch it up. a smile cracked from my dry lips and leaving the bookmark there. My eyes searched for further information but failed to catch a glimpse of any such information that would aid me comprehend the requisite of this article. was kept the novel which I used to read. that lay buried where I had left it. I banged it against the panes twice or thrice until each speck of dirt dropped off from it. which summed up as an indistinct smoke of dust. when suddenly there was a bang at the door and the newspaper was slipped halfway under the door. back in my arms. I was resolute to make a move to the ‘The Times’ office in the evening. and where was it sent from.

with a pale fair skin and meagre breasts. I wish I could swim in it” . she had long blonde hair hanging down to her shoulder. commenced the journey. for it was rather chilly and clasping the newspaper amid my palm. with two old and stern gatekeepers standing at the entrance. I slowly walked close to her and began to exude my charisma. She had thin lips and a projecting nose and her neck was rather sleek. and so I continued driving until I reached the ‘The Times office’. I decided to use my flattering skills. I was also quite happy. By that time. with deep shade of pure green. and wishing a ‘Good Evening’ to the gatekeepers I sauntered in the bright and busy place with thousand of people walking along the while marble floor. moved the hands of the clock. Anyways. that every receptionist is bound to possess . since I had last tasted the joviality of driving. I could discern upon her visage a disconcerted grimace that may ail me cajole the information out of her. and I was a trifle bedazzled amongst the unfamiliar crowd.The dawn conceded. I walked towards the entrance. And thus. And thus. I ambled in her direction and noticed the change of her expression at the sight of mine. My heart hummed an elated strain and revelled itself with elusive pleasance and my temperament blew with the breeze of immense placidity. however. with my mind liberated from the feral captivity of vile apprehension and intense anguish. A number of elevators at every corner moving up and down and halting at different floors. having no time for leisure. as if welcoming me. The non-stop rings of telephone and the chatters of the receptionists at the counters along with the echoes of numerous people. unaware of what was written in my destiny. However. Switching off the lights. I moved my eyes everywhere around and decided to seek the help of a lady receptionist who was standing aside me in the counter. for the roads were not as secluded as I presumed it to be. my temperament was calm and serene and I didn’t bother much. for it had been a long time. whistling a musical note. I crossed the bustling street to the other end of the causeway. a clear ingenuine smile descended over her face. I made my way out and boarded in my roofless car. quite appalled me. The lady was quite skinny. until I was ready to make a move and until the sedate demure rays of the cerulean dusk reigned over the immense expanse of the azure sky. riveted in the pleasant winds of profound bliss. and so. However. and my heart floating with the melodious tune of pure pleasure. deep as an ocean. I could notice a tint of raven shade in the sky and the appearance of an obscure moon. and so the inevitable traffics ensued. Hence. Her eyebrows were thin and blonde too and her eyes were big. and the sun on the brink of setting. I perceived nothing that would vex me. The journey was quite a long one. after so long an exile. “You might be accustomed to hear it” I commenced “but that’s the most attractive pair of eyes I would have ever seen. I stepped out of the car and put on my overcoat. accompanied with the flutters of the wind and the music of early 80’s. and carrying an overcoat in my arms. with my heart immersed in the fathomless depth of pristine contentment. for my life was once again in action. A tall and glassy building as I could call it.

I pushed the door open and stepped in the beautiful air-conditioned chamber. “Well!” she said “what kind of information do you want?” “I needed to know its address” I said “and what it is regarding” The lady nodded. which almost bewildered me. “I am sorry” she said “you’ve to talk to Mr. “you can meet him” she said “seventh floor. upon which was plated ‘Francis Douglas. I am seduced by you” She gave an amiable smile and endeavoured to command her emotions which were overflowing with the doze of my flattery. which finally rested upon her shoulder “what can I do for you?” I shot an affable smile and spread the newspaper on her desk. “I don’t think so” I replied “In fact. The doors of the elevator sundered apart and along with me a bunch of executives sauntered out. while she shot a smutty wink at me. she covered her mouth with her slender long fingers.Chief’.in . she placed the phone and looked at me quite delighted. “Hello Mr. with an expression that hardly expressed something. “Anyways” she said . Sir. I knocked the door gently and a manly voice came from within ‘Come in’. smiling. and thus we departed confined in a romantic aura. I waved my hand. “Well!” I said pointing at the advertisement article “I wanted to seek full information about it” The lady sighed and pretended to give a serious look. I sorted out the grey door. I took to elevator number 2. I kissed her hand instead of shaking and with a slayer smile. as I was instructed. The man seemed absorbed in his work and I could clearly discern through his sense of dressing that he was a capital fellow. And with a charming animation of eyes. After a little search. elevator number 2” “Thanks a lot” I said. Francis” “Alright!” I replied “Wait” she said “Let me call him and inform him” She picked up the phone and rapidly dialled the number with her fingers which appeared accustomed to that number. With a notion that I should conclude what I had begun. “you’re trynna’ seduce me” she softly said. Editor . then observed the article carefully and after a moment looked up at me. thank you” saying this. when she drew her hand forward to shake hands with me and said “It was wonderful having you here”. which was quite crowded and halted at the 7th floor. jerking her hair aside. He wore a black suit with a black tie and was writing with a thick . Anyways. Francis” she said “there’s a gentleman who requires some information about…about an advertisement article” “yes…yes” she said “shall I send him to your chamber?” “Okay.The lady produced an incredulous laughter and at once I could notice the flush of gratified exult blushing beneath her cheeks.

quite concerned. reluctantly. when the impediments of grave anxieties and tribulations have not left my path. He seemed a healthy middle-aged man. Smith?” he asked. with a compact face. shaking hands with me “what brought you here?” “Well! Sir” I said and placed the folded newspaper on the table.\ “Ah! No” I said. “Hello. then ambled out of his chamber. Mr. when the door creaked open and Mr. I observed the chamber. for it was only a floor below and the moment I reached there.expensive silver pen. when it’s the miserable clouds impending darkness. Mr. “Well! Mr. At once I comprehended that he was a perfect intellectual by the thinking lines on his forehead. There was not even a shard of dejection or even a mist of despair. but Mr. I would have to go and clarify it with Mr. I could not see his face until he looked up at me with his light brown eyes to reveal his square plump face with a blunt nose and thick lips. “Any disagreement with our Newspaper. The French-cut beard he had perfectly suited his brownish complexion and his bushy eyebrows had a shade of grey. Jameson. but in vain. Meanwhile. Mr. please” I replied. black gleamy eyes and a needle nose. The man capped his pen respectfully and readied himself for the conversation. quite busy spreading the advertisement page on the table “well! Sir. awaiting to thrust the sword of intense despondency through and across my heart. I wondered why my heart was chording strains of vivid gratification. I left the chamber and sauntered out. Francis turned the newspaper on his side and caught his chin. Sir” I began “I am Mr. carrying the newspaper under his arms. Thank you” I prepared myself for a leave and with the last shake of hands. Francis entered with an anxious face. the publisher of the advertisement columns” “sure… sure. with an intention to face the unseen Mr. Francis leaned forward on the table and said. These thoughts of mine were put to a sudden halt when. Francis pushed back his chair and got up. Instead of the elevator I preferred the stairs. as it was the only thing that I could do. Jameson says he can help you wit quite a little information” “where can I meet him?” I asked “Just a floor below” replied Mr. Smith” he said. Francis shut the newspaper and folded it according to his convenience then looked up at me and said “if you don’t mind. Richard Smith” “Nice to meet you Mr. Without a minute’s delay. Jameson. He had thin lips and a clean shave and had a masculine dark . I needed some more information about this one” I pointed out the article. Smith” he said “Though not much. He suspired and lips began hissing the words. He had dark grey hair which was little bald in the middle. I saw a tall stout man. Mr. I could see his eyes roll for the address. Mr. Francis “he’ll be waiting there aside the elevator” “Alright. I smiled and drew the chair back and placed myself comfortable. And continued observing him until he commenced “take a seat”. After reading.

Jameson” I uttered with an uncertain tone. which indistinctly read ‘A. “Mr.. Jameson smiled. “and I think I can give you the envelope” he said. bursting with papers to the brim. then said “there are no ends to possibilities” “But I recall” he continued “the address was written” “So?” I shrugged. We soon departed and carrying the trash bag in my car I reached home and ransacked the bag and messed up my house with incomprehensible papers until my eyes gleamed at the sight of a torn scarlet envelope with yellow seal. “Oh! I see” I replied. ruminatively “but I can help you in a little way” “please do. Mr. whom I found to be immensely interesting. knitting his brows. Smith. Meanwhile I enjoyed a cup of tea with Mr. Buchan Street. “Of course” he said “do you expect us to preserve the torn envelopes” “Of course not” I replied And within a moment. Sir” I said “why would the sender try to keep the address a secret?” Mr. I presume” “Right” “Well! Mr. by the sender of the advertisement” I wondered at his candour. the staff reappeared with an inflated black trash bag. London’. “really” “But for that you’ve to search the trash bag” “The trash bag” I exclaimed.A. And we were paid a good deal for keeping the address a secret” “But. quite amused by the strange conversation. A tempest gale of profound felicity blew within my heart and an unimpaired euphoria of elated exhilaration rushed through my blood rendering bounds of frivolous rapture surging through my veins an incomparable measure of intense exaltation. Blackthorn Bldg. “Oh! Yes” he replied in crisp voice “Mr. Smith” he said “we have been requested not to reveal the address. Jameson. sir” “I still remember” he continued “that it was sent on a scarlet envelope with a yellow seal. Altogether he shot a sharp look.C. An emotion whose profundity remains consummate. Jameson called out one of the staffs and bid him bring the trash bag. ……………………………………………… .complexion and grizzled short hair. However not before long we had finished the tea.

endeavouring not to render heed to this unremitting strain. And deplorable was the spirit of my heart. when suddenly. I cautiously clicked it open. had now faded away. which gave a smeared image of the distant lampposts. It appeared as if the tempest of fervent winds borne from my own vindictive fate would sway me away from this final and ultimate opportunity. but in vain. clueless of my pursuit. And while I was ruminated in the depth of thoughts. the destiny is benignant…and little was I aware that my providence will take heed of its curses so soon. I glanced out of the window and saw the bright headlights of a car treading towards at an elegant speed. like a gradual seizure of clouds over an open sky. evinced out of my emotions and walking close to the door. which my heart bore. But sometimes. I would have even traced the address in the map of London. I could not procure it by any means. a discreet strain of intense apprehension was chording within my subconscious and my conscience. And my resolution wavered with the vehement gushes of perpetual failures. I witnessed a hard knock on the door. which possessed all the aspects of queerness and rarity.Chapter XIII It was the depth of night. lifting the cloak of darkness from the forlorn street. While I sat beside the window. and was fairly alarming too. when it was only the profundity of darkness that I could perceive out of the window. concealed under the shadow of darkness. began to flicker and even the placid winds of profound beatitude ceased to render my heart a gentle caress. had now morphed to the tides of intense despair. I kept the novel beside on the table. And the tide of rapture that had gushed within my veins. I hindered myself to rivet deep into it and feeling thirsty. The surge of profound euphoria that I had witnessed upon my visage. which the destiny will cast around me. but its efforts floated with the breeze of futility and a qualm of anxiety descended over me. . The cold soil of the land heaved the steamy clouds of mist that rested above the earthen ground. And thus I was left behind. The air was misty and still and with it was stirred the invigorating redolence of moisten earth. I would have asked the address to a number of people. resplendent with freshness and novelty of pristine purity. when my eyes gleamed at the sight of the address on the scarlet envelope. A fulminant noise of a car appalled me all of a sudden and I resumed from the intensity of thoughts. A strong sensation of vexation stirred with trifle quandary. giving a pause for thought after the long hours of reading. making it overcast. I rose up. quitting my seat. unveiling the mystery of darkness. for even the flame in the little lamp of hope. and I would only gaze. and heaved a sigh of despair. for once again I was betrayed by my own providence and despite of my search for the address. only to witness a bewildered shrug. which was eloquent of my unavailing travails.

It felt as if my senses had deceived me and I could only whisper. Mr. smiling craftily “each and everything” “How come” I exclaimed flabbergasted. Smith” he said “it’s a very serious business” “First things first” I intervened “Who are you and what’s your name?” The man cracked a sly smile. and unable to bear this furtive secrecy of an unrevealed mystery. However I did not make it notice to him and actually he didn’t seem to care about it. without even my resentment. which indeed was intense. I took my seat opposite him and the conversation began. Mr. I commenced.C. “Who are you?” “Well! Mr. I intimately perused his visage which conspired to me the depth of earnest gravity that he possessed.C. Smith” he replied. A sudden spark of wonder encountered my visage and I said “How did you know about me?” . it struck my mind that it was the same address I had seen on the scarlet envelope. The man walked in with utter flippancy in his action and reclined upon the couch. profoundly bewildered “I didn’t get it” “Soon you will” he said. “What do you mean?” “We know the series of events that took place after your meeting with Diana Roosevelt” he said. I presume” “And mind you” he added “it’s only a couple of weeks away from Diana’s return” I looked at him. I am not advised to disclose” he replied “and who I am you’ll soon know” His reply made me run short of words…and I was the writer in the room. “What purpose brings you here?” A wry smile overtook his countenance. “My name. “you. with two shining black eyes which corresponded with his black suit. whose countenance beamed a high sense of conscientiousness and solemn severity. without even a flick of my eyelids. He was a thin man and his face was rather big for his small body. Smith” he replied at once in a crisp voice. Smith” he said “we know everything about you” “About me!” I exclaimed “but why?” “We’ve a whole biography of your life” he continued “and even the worst chapter of it all” “The worst chapter” I said. quite perplexed. speechless. “We’re also aware of the essence of money that you require” he continued “Half a million. coolly “first let me in” I could not suppress the curiosity and so looked up at him and bid him come in. “How did you know my name?” I asked. “A.An unfamiliar face stood before me. Smith” he said “I’ve been sent from A. Mr.A” I exclaimed “the one I had been looking for?” “Very correct. “Look. The man lifted up his hat and greeted me. “I’ll explain everything to you” he said.A” Immediately. “Well! Mr.

The man got out of the car and so did I. I asked the man with earnest bedlam within my psyche. with slabs and bricks upon the cold dusty road. that the verity of this mystery. only clandestine darkness and its covert. and a trifle petrified regarding these people. and my sanity was flowing with the delirium of insanity. The car grunted and the journey commenced. I suppose a Limousine. poured out from my pores. Smith” he retorted “Do you want the money or not?” A portrait of Diana suspiring in my arms. We sauntered out of my house and boarded in the car. ‘where’ve you brought me’. insensible of its destiny. The discreet silence in the car made me uncomfortable. he whispered. “Why can’t you explain me everything here?” I asked. and the assaults of the gushes of chilly wind slapping against my face. despite of the endeavours of my imaginations to construe the enigmatic vagueness of this unexplained mystery. and so.C. “Yes” “Then come with me” The man rose up from the couch. “And if you want to know more about us” he continued “then you’ve to come with me” “Come with you” I exclaimed “Where?” “The place you’ve been searching for” he replied. with unspeakable strain of intense curiosity stirred with a frenzy of consternation and indescribable intensity of esoteric terror. I was introduced to streets that I knew never existed in London and the arcane quietude and taciturnity which these places possessed. Not a soul could I see around. In this aura of cryptical inscrutability. which ushered the stream of profound vexation within my heart and I kept floating with the winds of my providence. quite agitated by the idea of journeying at the depth of night. and so did I. further disconcerted me. overtook my sight and I confessed. which was inevitable. and so I remained silent. Cold sweat of profound horror. we gathered information about you and your whole life” I felt it unnecessary to speak any further. which was. “Enough of inquisitions. would far exceed the extent . Mr. An esoteric sensation of intense and imperceptible sentience flowed across my veins. That night. “The Chief” “Who.“The Times. ‘Chief’” “Whom we’re going to meet now” “Who are you people and what do you do” I yelled. ‘you’ve come to A. Sir” he replied “we were addressed. The chauffeur vanished away somewhere in the obscurity and the man looked back at me and with utter severity upon his countenance. “I am not advised to” he replied “Who advises you” I asked. spoke a language the language of discretion in the profundity of darkness. The car finally halted beside an abandoned half-constructed building. that you were quite anxious for our address. But little was I aware.A’ I followed him up the cemented staircase of the abandoned building.

addressing the man I had conjectured “I have brought him” A shrewd smile spread over his lips. And in the midst of the room was a long and shiny conference table made of thick glass. “Chief” said a man beside him “I don’t think he can aid us by any means” “So do I” stated the other “he’s just a kid and so damn…afraid” The chief remained silent for a moment as if analysing the comments. which completely astounded me. smile broke upon every lip. by my sudden admission.of my most outrageous imaginations.C. chafing his hands “Lets do it” “‘A’. who appeared quite perturbed. seeming quite intellectual dressed in fine suit. along which were several men. left the room. I did not reply. what a common man would anticipate. I stuttered “I…I don’t know what is it yet” I noticed a sneer upon one of those men’s face. It appeared as if he was perusing my personality and I presume he was the ‘Chief’. the walls were silver and glassy. I offered a cup of coffee and I gladly accepted it. quite desperately. with the same code. The man looked aside at me and whispered ‘I hope you are brave hearted’. or rather. shutting the door behind. “So Mr. “Agent 4230” the chief said “dismiss” The man who had escorted me till here. our steps halted before a leaking and creaky wooden door. as if I had disturbed a serious discussion. I presume its time to let the cat out of the bag” “Very well” said the chief. dominated by silver all around. then with utter uncertainty. Soon the demented flare of suspense and tensity released me of its manic confinement as the man shouted a code and the door stood ajar. whose eyes were constantly fixed upon mine. the ceiling too was silver and three air conditioners hung upon the wall. I perceived the grave look of the men. “Exactly as I had anticipated” the old man stated crisply “come. it was the paradox of what I had anticipated. There was an old. then finally broke the silence. It was a large spacious conference room. as if they were waiting for me. ‘A’” the chief said “Anarchist Community Association” I missed a beat by the disclosure of the abbreviation. “But he is in a desperate need of money” said the chief “more than any one of us” . sitting at the farthest end of the table. I was traumatized to see what was inside that shabby wooden door. handsome man with a firm face. Smith” said the chief “how did you like the A. and he didn’t seem to care about it. Finally. for I needed it.A” I kept the cup down. I felt as a new student among these men and so I didn’t dare to move a muscle. “Chief. and for a moment I didn’t speak. “Chief” said the man. said. a metre below the ceiling. who after a short sigh. “Anarchists!” I exclaimed “then I am the wrong person” At once. have a seat” I was offered a seat right opposite to the chief. Indeed. ‘C’.

you don’t need anything. huh!” he continued “you may be a simple man. The bliss of intense equanimity surged through my veins and at . “An anarchist is no criminal” he shouted “he’s a boon to the world in disguise. A minute ago. a political assassination” he replied. I felt as a captive of these men. do you understand?” I didn’t have the nerve to reply and he continued. “That’s like my boy!” the Chief exclaimed “we can pay you as much as you desire” “Half-a-million” was my reluctant answer “Let’s make it double” he raised his voice in delight “we’ll pay you a full million” “A full million” exclaimed one of the men “that’ll be too much. youthful” added the other. “And Gentlemen” the chief said “I suppose this force of money would allow him commit this deed” I was chilled to the bone by the queer behaviour of theirs. And so. “An assassination” I exclaimed “Of Whom?” “Lord Alloa” he answered “the beast in man’s disguise” “Tell me. “I don’t need anything. regarding me. which will make him do anything to quench it” “But what do I have to do?” I asked “A murder. Chief” “We would never get a better volunteer that him” said the chief “I can peruse the thirst in his eyes. Diana Roosevelt back with you” he said with a wily smile “and for that. who appeared to decide my destiny. what you’ve to do…I mean how much you have to earn” This notion of his hammered me speechless and twisted my perception of this place. Smith” he continued “Will you do this?” Nothing seemed beyond the desire of Diana. while the others looked at me astounded by my resentment. that directly indicated that I had stepped in world which itself is a cauldron of felony and sin. And with this. “And how can you say. and her beautiful face emerged before my eyes. An eccentric volubility descended over the chief and his eyes grew red and appeared on the verge of popping out. I was finding an escape from this place. I’m a simple man…I’m sorry I can’t be an anarchist” The whole room fell silent and every single eye was stuck upon me. but now I perceived it as a rare opportunity to turn my sanguine to veracity. He was thrilled to the very essence. with a hope of an escape I gathered my strength and yelled.“And also. “What do I have to do?” A spark of delight appeared on the Chief’s face and his eyes glowed with an unearthly ecstasy. I broke my speechlessness and uttered. The reminiscences of those moments of profound romanticism envisaged before my vision and for a moment I flowed with the serene stream of repose and heartease and my heart was riveted in the depth of the similar placidity that rested in our love. he’s Lord’s servant sent upon earth to efface its malignity. but your ambitions are not so” “What do you mean?” I asked “Don’t you need your Diana. Mr. you know very well.

for that face was mine. and I forgot the void amid the Deity and the Satan… …………………………………………. It was only the demented insanity of intense rave that remained descended over me. morality and immorality lost their significance. “Yes” was my answer. . and I knew no confinement of my conscience that would hinder me satiate my heart of its profound desire. benignity and infernity. with a new face that had stepped in the vindictive world and unfortunate. That night. left its worth.that moment. the sheath of iniquity had seized my conscience. “Let’s celebrate” shouted the Chief with complete delight in his eyes and the celebration. I was.. teeming with wine and music engulfed the whole night.

which I perceived as rather stoic loosened a trifle with time and with the gradual ascent of our amity. for behind every act of theirs were concealed reasons.C.Chapter XIV The feud of discorded prospects of viewing this resolution of mine.A. the Voice of God. Gradually. the persuasion of my naïve heart to satiate its own fancies that had led me out from the trail of impeccant righteousness. The power of Conscience. The Chief and his men became my regular companions . as time soared up and I flowed with its tide. which did appeal me a great deal. However his appearance. But this was not the only aspect of his that I had met with. had ordained me by its severe mandates and had whispered to my essence that pursuing the path of my resolution will be a reprehensible act of blasphemy. is like a crusade amid my Ethics and my Desires. the same agent used to come and escort me to A. everything effaces and my heart only floats with the zephyr of a portrait of Diana sulking in my arms. He was also a slight humorist. where the golden rays of undefiled rectitude and integrity used to lighten my steps to the trail of iniquitous depravity. I was unable to decipher his name. and as it was he had never resented upon disclosing it despite of my endeavours. I hindered not myself to dissolve in this act. But when before my vision. that no gust of morality was virile enough to waver me from my resolution. which will not render me even a moment of pristine serenity. But the passion for my love was so profound. profanity and benignity. veiled under the covert of darkness. And thus. however his sense of humour was rather meagre and was always stirred with a touch of severity. sacrilege and altruism. when I had promised her before the Lord that I would not endure The Realm of Love set ablaze. justifiable reasons. the divergence amid blasphemy and piety. those eyes of Diana dabbed with fresh tears. stained with felony where no rays of light could ever pervade and guide my steps. Each night. except the dark rays of infernity. was a heart wailing at the ocean of anguish that it possessed. and thus overwhelms the power of Desires over the power of Ethics. that behind the sheath of unsentimental sturdiness. a different prospect of viewing this world of theirs elicited in my mind and I did not perceive it as demonic as a common man would. I was destined to pull the trigger. and despite this. however I did not go deep into his personal life. I came to know. and no act of benignity would salvage me from this deep vale of profanity and I would be excruciated by my own sanity. It was Persuasion. which will always remain an unfolded mystery. where both of them are in a strife to establish their dominion over their Jerusalem .

The Chief and other anarchist were flabbergasted at the frequency with which my brain worked. which did not at all appeared to be an encumbrance to me. However when her magnificent piece of art was complete. I was trained to walk. Later on. except when he used to be ruminated in the reverie of his plan turning to reality. Grisham in whose identity the murder had to be committed. but nothing did avail. I came to know that she was . As for the voice. Grisham upon the suggestion of the Chief and changed my attire to that of Dr. he would have been assassinated by someone else. discussing my ideas with my folks the anarchists. but the appearance was a big trouble. Grisham. because of whom people are suffering. I tried my hands at fake moustache and beard like that of Dr. for if not by me. for it was Dr. Not a word of humour has ever escaped his mouth and I had never seen him intensely frivolous. however it took her 46 hours to complete with her personality transformation and none of the anarchist dared to blink for those 46 hours of anxiety. sleepless and frenetic and I lost the pleasure of repose from my life.A and even Dr. She was smitingly proficient at her work. which appeared a mirror to him. Day and Night I remained absorbed in my mission. One day. Anyways. Dr. and the Chief was highly elated at my devotion. however the difference between my voice and appearance were indeed a colossal impediment for me and my folks. devising methods of attack. Grisham. however it was clear in my mind that whatever I was doing was for Diana and no other purpose. talk. inventing ways of escape. which I did immensely and finally attained my triumph.A. act and behave like Dr. we used to execute our conference and discussions and construct plots for the threatening political assassination and how it would give bounds of strain to the Government. sneakily in the same black car.C. Grisham. that he had no family behind who would create a bedlam about his kidnapping and thus we can keep him for as long as we desired. making plots. with the presence of Dr. Grisham and the lady was summoned by the Chief who had such confidence upon her that he could even put his life on wager if she would not completely transform me to what she had promised. an intimate friend of Lord Alloa was kidnapped while he was having his meal and was brought to A. The Chief used to show a smiting confidence in me. Grisham who was a sheer coward at heart and with whom it was easy to navigate. They had all the records of his iniquitous actions and I was made believe that it was not a sin to commit the murder of a devious being like Lord Alloa.and soon I fell comfortable amongst them. He had fed me with the knowledge of Lord Alloa’s evil deeds and had instigated within my mind the essence of this assassination.C. I had often witnessed him consoling me when I used to be too frantic about this queer turn in my life. upon my scheme. Grisham. and I should not deny that they succeeded to influence me against him. I was advised not to regret as it was unavailing. and did persuade me join the world of theirs forever. He appeared immensely learned and was rather a connoisseur of art and history. until one day a lady was summoned to A. At the depth of night. The Chief was profoundly impressed by my strategy. but every moment of his went riveted in his mission and I had often seen him shouting and speaking to himself. Many nights passed away.C. however I perceived him rather fanatic. there was no antidote except practice. But a human heart will always remain a human heart and whenever it displayed its impuissance. There was an advantage behind my choice of Dr. when the world remained asleep.A. Grisham was stupefied at my sight. who was presumed to change my appearance to Dr. a thunder of applause rippled all along the A.

My work was to observe the reaction of people.. however. Chapter XV The blasphemous night soon arrived.C. which will witness the invasion of Desires over Conscience. And now. I was explained a lot of that puzzled me . And various other such spine-chilling accounts and conspiracies which twisted my perspective to view the panorama of this world. I had acquired a genuine picture of the world and had found it to be entirely different from what I had once state suddenly came on top. yet a chord of rectitude floated within my senses. Within those days. In the identity of Dr. Grisham and none could sort out my bluff. and though my heart was besieged amid the bounds of my volition.. when my eyes will witness the morphing of its master to a fiendish murderer. by sending me to the street where Dr. The night. which will quench my heart of its deepest and most esoteric aspiration.. and where the sinews of the war came from. and move freely in his identity. Having a look at me. why alliances were made and broken. And thus passed my training period. And no strain of my conscience was virile enough to salvage me from this cavernous vale of Satanic ascendance. which for a common man is utterly perilous to discern. Grisham I was seated in his mansion aside the telephone. I was bestowed with the task to ensure my proficiency. and my arms would ascertain the virility that resides within it. The night. Grisham was seized by the anarchists as their captive. And the result was incredible.. I came across various plots of politics. Grisham used to reside. when my soul would testify its valour in the felonious world. While Dr. …………………………………………. but this strain stirred with the whirl of futility for my destiny was destined to commit the savage vandalism and attain the repose of contentment by the death of a dream. awaiting a call. I would have shaken hands with almost a dozen of friends and acquaintance of Dr. the Chief’s eyes glared with divine ecstasy and profound incredulity and at once he signatured a blank check and handed it to the lady. and my sanity would attest the dominance of my heart over its realm. My countenance and features resembled him so much that even I was unable to recognise myself and each time I looked through the . which left me completely visored for my infernal intention.a facial and make up artist for many Hollywood movies and movie stars. she was forced to remain at A. why certain men disappeared. to commit an iniquitous deed like such.A until the approaching of the blasphemous night.

which would shatter her naïve heart in pieces. there was a party at Lord Alloa’s place for her daughter’s sixteenth birthday and all their acquaintance would have been present. ignoring the hospitable greet of the gatekeeper with an airy gesture. because. no not even the artist of the destiny. But this desolation of profound anguish had failed to exceed the essence of my love in my life. And the author these sufferings would be no one else than me. I boarded in his grand black car and made my way through the dark streets of which I was adept. Grisham that I could see. I was already on the ominous verge of giving time its face – a threatening face… While I was ruminated in these thoughts. which will have a paradoxical circumstance of what it has now. I made my way out. At this tender age her forbearance would be impotent to endure such bereavement and an affectionate hand would forever asunder apart from her. like a venomous snake slithering to sting its victim. in the sheath of whom I resided and neither did I yearn to hasten the doom of my victim. no one can alter what’s written in the destiny. Even Dr. The magnificent garden was filled with chatter and merriment. after the change of my personality was over. Grisham was invited. And where was the time for deciding. with the callous intention of which my victim was ignorant. from the other end “The time has come for the world to analyse our power” “Yes Chief” I replied “its time for victory” I heard a stern laughter on the other end. I rose up from the chair. Fishing the gun inside my buckle and concealing it well beneath my overcoat. Tonight. and was bustling with elegant lights. “Great! My boy” he said “its time to ravage the peace of the Government. a sudden disturb to my meditation struck my ears as telephone rings. she was shot dead by the Chief. I got out of his house and met a few men downstairs.Wife to a murdered husband and a daughter to a murdered father. for nothing is potent enough to surpass the bounds of passion that I behold for Diana. it was the image of Dr. I picked it at once. I genuinely behold within my heart an earnest compassion for his daughter. “Hello” I said “it’s me” “Very well!” replied the Chief. the convulsive dudgeon that I regard for my love. However. I sauntered in through the entrance. And what would the left ones be called . with immense conviction in my tone. for it was not in the behaviour of the man. And in the disguise of the innocent man. The Frolic will turn to Mourning and the Opulence to Austerity. The grass of . But I pity the make-up artist. for I was awaiting it. God Luck son! You may leave now” The chief hung the phone and so did I. And in the midst of all gaiety and splendour that was stirred in every phase of air. “You know what to do” said the Chief “so don’t let me down” “Trust me. And finally. How desolate I would feel and how bleak my heart would be to ravage the peace from a blissful and prospering family. Chief” I said. who appeared entirely clueless of my deceitful sham. I approached my destination. I made no haste to the approach of my destination.mirror.

which charmed me by its winsomeness. I realised that she was the guest of occasion. while many sat around the table and conceded discussions. Uncle” she said gleefully with that counterfeit smile of gratitude and accepted the present that I fished out of my coat and handed to her. The aroma of her body tickled my nostrils. startled by the unblemished piece of art that rested before my vision.the lawn was cut in perfect measure and a momentary interest exuded through my emotions to look at the beautiful couples and circles of men and women embellished in the most graceful and stately apparels. “So Saira” I continued “Where’s your dad?” “He must be somewhere around” she shrugged uncertainly “maybe” . There was hoard of people scattered all along the garden and most of them holding a glass of champagne which were refilled at intervals by the cordial host of waiters serving the party their best. The hall was incredibly large and voluminous and was lit up with the golden incandescent lamps fixed below the ceilings upon the walls. She came close to me. many a couples and parties of men and women came to me. But despite my swift blend in the party. I managed them pretty well. A soft music floated in the air and many of the couples performed the ball. However. She had a charismatic and enticing poise about herself and gave the moment an arousing and sensational appearance. “Happy birthday. I looked around suppressing a gasp of admiration at the breathtakingly frivolous milieu. The glistening golden skin of hers complemented her Cinderella white dress and the velvety gloves veiling her arms incanted a spell over me. I perused her from top to bottom and found her to be of the kind that incites a sudden evocative passion at the first sight. the birthday girl. “Oh! Thank you. without letting them admit even the faintest ray of suspicion regarding my true identity. my eyes remained fixed at this divine creation and I uttered nothing. Her petite nose when breathed swelled her bosom and at approaching close to me she parted her lips and shot an amicable flash of her measured teeth. still with her affable smile playing upon her lips and cried cheerfully ‘Grisham uncle!’ and swung her arms around me. but now the spell had absolved my senses of its captivation and a sudden seizure of consciousness had descended over me. I quitted the garden and moved to the vast hall. She flashed a gratified expression upon her angelic features. resting above her shoulders and beauty bone. while many enjoyed their drink with all mirth and vivacity. Her beautiful seraphic face with her bright grey eyes exuding its radiance and her golden curls aside. The magnanimous chandeliers hanging upon the ceiling complementing its grandeur and the glazing marble floor weaved an aura of classicism blended with celebration. At that very moment. Saira” I exclaimed with great conviction in my tone. my eyes suddenly fell upon a beautiful adolescent girl making her way towards me. Grisham and I presume. Many of them merely maundered around and sought frolic out of that. The feline manner of her walking revealing her curves which enamoured and captivated my senses. which appeared quite a good acquaintance of Dr. with a cheerful smile wide upon her visage. While I stood at a corner of the hall. The entire ambience was strangely artistic and it was indeed a pleasure to blend in its verve and exuberance. I had my eyes hunting for its prey. For a little while. And after almost half an hour of waiting.

I gave a wry smile. “I am really glad that you’ve come, Uncle” she said, finding no element for conversation. “I had to, sweetheart” I replied “After all I’m your family physician and I got to keep a check” Saira smiled at my low wit, then suddenly said with a bewildered look “Your voice seems much changed” I fancy I turned a trifle pale and spontaneously replied “Cold, that’s it” “Ah! Okay” she replied, pretty disconcerted “Anyways, I’ve to go now, I cannot keep my friends waiting” “Oh! Yes, sure” “Alright bye” “Goodbye” We waved each other adieu and off she went away and vanished somewhere in the swarm of people. The lights grew brighter with the brightening of the silver sphere in the sky and so did the amusement. The music that was filled with complacency slowly turned ravishing with the ascent of time, the laughter was easier minute by minute, filled with prodigality tipped out at a cheerful word. The groups began to change more swiftly and the party swelled with new arrivals. The consumption of champagne and whisky rose at a measure and the mélange and intermingling of several assorts began. The party came alive with the singing and dancing and the elegant dining, splendid with embellished women sticking to the arm of their affluent men, and some staring at their desired ones. With the soar of moments, the celebration surged with jubilation and festivity. At about an hour past midnight the orchestra has arrived, no thin five-piece affair, but a whole pitful of oboes and trombones and saxophones and viols and cornets and piccolos, and low and high drums. The golden lights of the hall were made dimmer and several couples boarded the dance floor. The ball surged to its crest with the tender chord that floated in the air. And soon the whole milieu sulked with demure romanticism, which touched the chord of my bosom. The ball overtook my interest and suddenly, out of the blue, from somewhere an old figure emerged sauntering in the hall. He was accompanied by his wife and the couple appeared peculiarly celebrated. They sought all the attention in the party at once and when the man turned, I caught the sight of his face. He was my victim, Lord Alloa. His wife who was profoundly frivolous in the euphoric party, was incessantly insisting him to board the dance floor and he, being of a conscientious persona, endeavoured his best to will her give up her demand. But ladies can be inexorable at times especially when they are intensely blithesome and so, she kept on insisting and he kept on denying with a timorous and shy smile imposed upon his lips by the incongruity and novelty of the circumstance. The people around seemed to enjoy this cordial feud and some of them even rendered their opinions, which definitely supported his wife’s side. And finally, when his timidity exceeded the bounds of endurance, his wife with a wide grin pulled him to the dance floor. Everyone in the hall, including the dancers congregated around the old couple and clapped with profound felicity. I could notice a shade of incredulity in their expression, while the old man whirled his wife through the waltz…but for the

last time. All this continued for a little while, until the couple took its bow before the crowd with that silly smile of chagrin blended with joviality. A ripple of applause echoed in the hall and the couple departed from the dance floor with all the complements which were mere cajolery of the affluent, who can feed anyone with gratified vanity in their desire for indulgence and opulence. For a little while, the scene of the hall appeared fragmented and the music held no significance. Such was the aura weaved by the presence of this weighty figure who was deeply revered by each mortal soul that witnessed this ostentatious celebration. But soon this mystique atmosphere subsided as the flavour of that sensational figure disappeared somewhere and again the ball soared to its acme, again the music wailed in the air, again the polished bodies twisted on the rhythm of the tune surging like waves, again the gusts of profound exhilaration suspired in the scene and again the ambience bristled with flair and éclat of unparalleled splendour and elegance. I was no more riveted in admiring the grandeur of the party, for the moment of iniquity had arrived. I noticed Lord Alloa quitting the hall with a glass of whisky. I followed him secretly and found him standing in a remote corner of the garden, away from the crowd. His face conspired, that something was hindering him take pleasure in the majestic party and appeared as though ruminating upon something. I perceived it as a perfect moment and a wonderful opportunity to execute my plan. Immediately, I sprung up from the chair and darted towards the waiter who was carrying two glasses of whisky on the tray. I jumped onto those and picked up both of them. A placid smile broke upon the priest-like face of the waiter which was mere pretence and he wished me a ‘good evening’. However, I hardly took heed of his greetings and he went away still wearing that false smile upon his visage. Getting a moment of secrecy, I turned back and rested both the glasses on the table, then fished out the little tube of drug from my chest pocket and stirred it well in one of the glass of whiskies. The drug was supposed to suffocate him; however, it was not fatal, for the fellow was destined to be shot dead. And carrying both the glasses, I headed towards him with my devious intention. But suddenly I stopped. He was already busy with a glass of whisky and I had a pure conviction that he would not go for another and therefore, on the spur of the moment, I devised a remedy. As soon as I sauntered out of the hall to the garden, I made my footsteps rather swift, almost stumbling. And as I approached close to him, I completely stumbled upon him. He bent down jerkily and the glass of whisky fell from his hand, spilling upon the grass. Lord Alloa turned back in consternation and my pretence of apology followed. But after he recognized my face, his countenance completely altered. “Ah! Doctor!” he exclaimed “When did you come, I am sorry I could not welcome you” “I apologise again” I blurted, pretending still to be slightly frantic for the incidence. “Oh! No, you needn’t” he said, smiling “its okay” “Well!” I paused “you may go for another one” Saying this in a cheerful tone, I offered him the poisoned glass and requested him to have it. “No, no, its okay” he said “I was about to finish that one” “Oh! Come on” I pleaded “Else I’ll feel bad” Lord Alloa gave a gratuitous smile and whispered “how can I defer my doctor’s request”

Saying this, he held the glass of whisky and began with what ‘I’ had intended, completely oblivious that these were the very last moments of his life. For a little while we walked together and discussed his ‘future’ plans, while I remained absorbed in the gradual seizure of perspiration that overtook his forehead and palms. I could notice his breaths getting heavy and his frequent gasping that were growing severe. Suddenly, while we were on the farthest corner of the garden, he seized a sudden lull and his hands trembled with unspeakable vigour. His eyes grew bloodshot red and watery and perspiration poured out from every pore that drenched him with sweat. He began to cough vehemently and finally tottered and collapsed. Lying on the ground, he looked into my eyes and managed to utter with immense difficulty “Doctor…”. I looked deep into his bloodshot eyes and fathomed the intensity of pain that may smother him any minute. A gust of compassion wheezed within me, but I was powerless and once again my Desires suppressed my Conscience. I lifted him to my shoulders and carried him to the backyard of his mansion. From there, I moved secretly into his house, which was dark and deserted. However, I managed to figure out the staircase and stepped up, despite of the weight of Lord Alloa pressing on my shoulder. Reaching close to a room, I kicked the door and flung it open and finding the switchboard blindly upon the wall, I switched on the lights and threw my victim upon the bed. I could notice the gleam of hope in his eyes, expecting me to do a doctor’s job. But little did he realise the irony that he’ll soon meet. And latching the door and the window, I slowly removed my fake moustache. Lord Alloa’s countenance froze to death and the gleam of hope in his eyes altered to a gleam of incredulity stirred with inestimable intensity of passionate furore. However, I was contented that I did not blemish the purity of a bond called friendship. And finally, I unbuttoned my overcoat and pulled out the pistol from my buckle. Aiming it on his forehead, I closed my eyes and valiantly pulled the trigger. Splashes of thick dark blood stained my face and a cloud of smoke rested before my vision. A faint ‘why’ was what I heard, the final word. His eyes went pale, but still gleamed with the flare of fervidity. The celebration still soared with revelry and conviviality and not a tinge did fade in its gentility and resplendence. A faint melody whined in the air which surged from the Elysian field, which was bristling with splendiferous élan and profound elegance. I waved my hand against his face and those gleaming eyes lost its radiance…forever. The holocaust was complete…


Chapter XVI

Reminiscences, the quaintest of moments for a mortal soul to envisage. Moments of glancing back at the panorama of one’s life. Moments of unveiling the covert of one’s own past, in solemnity of solitude. Moments, which are fresh and pure in the cauldron of memories. Moments that makes your heart float with the zephyr of beatitude or blow with the gust of misery. Moments, that can break a smile upon your lips, or shed a tear. Moments that can stir exulted vanity or blemish with odious chagrin. Moments of benignity and savagery. Moments of veneration and contempt. Moments of sanguine and despair. Indeed, life is an abode of diverse moments filled with diverse emotions, some of which remains young in the bearers heart to cherish and embrace one’s life, or wail at its destitution, while some perishes with the ascent of time. Moments are a priceless treasure, which eternally remains ours and no

which incited my most esoteric desires. Suddenly. heightened the charismatic prospect of this adorable scenery.creation of Lord’s hand is valiant enough to seize those unforgettable memories which dwell within our hearts… I smelt the invigorating fragrance of the scarlet rose. I cannot efface my past from my reminiscences. for I had not the potency to alter the past. when the images of the coffin being buried under the grave captured my vision. A blushful shade flushed upon her visage and her eyelids bent down with homage. Looking at the green stem. when the apparition of that blood stained face seized my sight and when the gust of deep remorse blowed within my heart. It was a picturesque landscape that rested before my vision. And thus. when I received the reward of my felony – a million. Still her mahogany hair fluttered with the wind and her deep blue eyes beheld its profundity. fluttering my hair. The panorama from the summit of the hill was incredulously invigorating. but can certainly immerse in the shovel of heartsease and serenity. My heart flowed with the stream of fathomless repose and I was intensely gratified that I had overcome the worst and the most horrendous phase of my life. And in the midst of the novelty and freshness of this splendorous and opulent dawn. The phase. I heaved a sigh of complacency. Her countenance when resorted by the soft breeze blowing against her fair complexion made my heart pound with intense vigour. I awaited the arrival of Diana. until that moment of wonder blended with exaltation did arrive. But unavailing were my qualms. And when this exemplar of charismatic charm and a paradigm of beauty walked close to me. when each moment went riveted the excruciating vale of repentance. rendered my heart the pacific equanimity of serenity. “I have done it. for I was standing on the summit of the same hill where once Diana and I had relished the magnificence and splendour of the scenery and of Love. And the cloudy overcast sky of the scenic dawn that rested above my eyelid incanted my senses of its grandeur. When the wailing screams at the funeral haunted in my dreams and scourged my heart like lashes. Diana” I whispered “you are all mine” Diana’s eyes glinted and a drop of tear trickled down her cheek. Her features exuded an endearing enamour and bewitched my senses by its ravishing resplendence. the mist was stirred in every phase of air and the vagueness rendered by this covert of the break of dawn. Although. before my sight emerged a figure. A demure smile played upon her lips and she accepted the rose and chafed its tender petals upon her angelic face. My spirit ascended to the seventh heaven when my eyes met her face. I fell on my knees and offered her the scarlet rose. Those moments were indeed unbearable. The composure with which the cool gentle breeze floated. Her nose went pink and cheeks turned rosy. with a scarlet rose in my hand. She sauntered like a seraph in her lily-white dress and her visage surged a bloom of youth. . and salvaged my senses from the profundity of memories. riveted deep into the intensity of blitheness with a spirit repleted with felicity. which agonised my essence until it wailed with earnest tears. The fresh green foliage that rested around me and the music of the rustle of the leaves placated my soul with its pristinity. The veil of dawn. shearing the mist and my heart wafted with the chord of intense contentment. and left the path of iniquity forever. I stood admiring the magnificence of the moment.

THE END . I noticed a diamond ring embellished on her finger and I realised that those eyelids were bent by chagrin and not by homage.Suddenly. I had absolved myself from the bondage of existence in this savage world. A gale of intense poignance wailed within my heart and my soul was tormented by this excruciating vandalism of my emotions. A pine of agonizing heartache anguished my essence and I rose up with my eyes shimmering with solemn tears. With a last glance in her sedate deep blue eyes replete with serenity. for the eventual tempest of The Realm Of Love had surpassed the bounds of my forbearance… ……………………………………………. I looked down and saw Henry’s car lying on the lane. Never admired the resplendence of dawn or beauty of a woman. Never relished the flavours of coffee or flair of literature. I moved away and finally faded amid the mist… After this moment. After this moment. Never adored the Break Of Dawn or the Depth of Darkness. I never ever breathed. which is not an abode of emotions. I never smelt the redolence of this earth or fragrance of scarlet roses.

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