LAND DESKTOP 1. Topographic 2. Profile/ Sections 3.

Layout Points: EXCEL FILE: Table point Number Save As





CSV (comma delimited) format LandDeskTop 2005/ Project Title/ Cogo

Drawing: 1 Create New Project FileName Click -- Use Point Name LandDeskTop 2005/ Project Title/ dwg LandDeskTop 2005/ Project Title/ dwg Points/ Import Points/ Import Points PNEZD (comma delimited) format Filename (Excel File), source Comma Separated Values Points/ List Points/ All Zoom/ Extent Points/ Project Mngt/ Point Group Mngr Create Group….. Name….. Points Points/ Point Style Label/ Edit Label Style/ Point Label Style
(Edit according to your choice)

2 Save As 3 Reassociate Drawing 4 Import Points


5 View Points 6 Create Group 7 Edit Style

8 Terrain

9 Contour

10 Profile

11 Volume

Terrain/ Terrain Model Explorer Terrain/ Create New Surface Right Click Rename Open the tree (click the pls sign) Point Group/ Add point Group--- choose from point group Surface (renamed)/ Build Right Click Close Contour Style Mngr (Edit according to your choice) Create Contour Contour Labels/ Interior Surface Display/ 3D Draw Line (According to your choice) Section/ Define Section Section/ Import Section or Import Quick Section Make cut points - points/ create points/ manual Create Group….. Name….. Points Terrain…. Build (ref # 8) Select current stratum--- create new Grid Volume/ Calculate total site volume

oint group Right Click .

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