Operations Research Assignment 1 To be submitted before 5:30PM February 1, 2011 (Assignment will not accepted after this) Q.

1 The following maintenance job has to be performed periodically on the heat exchangers in a refinery: Task A B C D E F G H I J Description Immediate Predecessors -A B B B C C F, G D, E, H I Time (Days) 14 22 10 16 12 10 6 8 24 16

Dismantle pipe connections Dismantle header, closure and floating head front Remove tube bundle Clean bolts Clean header and floating head front Clean tube bundle Clean shell Replace tube bundle Prepare shell pressure test Prepare tube pressure test and make the final reassembly (a) Draw a network diagram of activities for the project. (b) Identify the critical path. What is its length? (c) For the above network find the following: (a) Earliest Start time (b) Latest Start time (d) Latest finish time (e) Total float (g) Independent float (h) Interfering float

(c) Earliest finish time (f) Free float (i) Project duration

Q.2 A Project has the following activities and other characteristics: Activity Preceding Time Estimates (Weeks) Activity Optimistic Most Likely A -4 7 B -1 5 C A 6 12 D A 2 5 E C 5 11 F D 3 6 G B 3 9 H E, F 1 4 I G 4 19 Draw the network diagram for the project. Identify the critical path. Prepare the activity schedule for the project. Determine the mean project completion time. Find the probability that the project is completed in 36 weeks.

Pessimistic 16 15 30 8 17 15 27 7 28

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

) A -6 300 5 400 B -8 400 6 600 C A 7 400 5 600 D B 12 1.5 The activities involved in a certain project have been identified as follows: Activity A B C D Preceding Activity ---A Duration (Weeks) 4 7 8 5 No. F Duration (Weeks) 4 4 11 4 No. iii. Activity 24 is in progress and will be completed in 5 more days.) Duration (Days) Cost (Rs.Q. Number 12 denotes activity 1 2 and same is true for other activities. Draw the updated network and find out its revised duration. Q. explain how you would schedule the activities.400 H F 8 500 5 700 (a) Draw the network diagram for the project and find the normal and minimum project length. .000 4 1. (b) If the project is to be completed in 21 days with minimum crash cost which activities should be crashed to how many days? Q. Determine the critical path and its duration. Activities 12. how long would the project take and how would you allocate the men to the activities? (c) If there were no restrictions on the amount of labour available. Activity 67 is presenting some problems and will take 15 days. (b) If there were only three men available at any one time. of Men required 1 2 2 1 Activity (a) For the above project draw the network. of Men required 1 1 2 3 Activity E F G H Preceding Activity C B. 13. 14 have been completed.000 3 1. Activity 36 is in progress and will need 20 more days for completion. E C G. ii.3 The required data for a small project consisting of different activities are given below: Predecessor Normal Crash Activity Duration (Days) Cost (Rs. E 5 1.400 E C 8 800 8 800 F B 7 400 6 500 G D. (b) At the end of 25 days it is observed that i. iv.4 A project has the following activities and their durations Activity Duration (Days) Activity Duration (Days) 12 13 36 18 13 15 47 30 14 9 57 12 24 10 67 10 25 27 68 10 34 7 78 9 (a) Draw the network of the project and find its duration.

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