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Environmentally Preferable SJSU can significantly reduce its impact on Buying Green with EPP:

Purchasing: the environment if we commit to buying

with sustainability in mind.
What do I need to consider? Environmentally Preferable

Good questions to ask before

purchasing a product
2 include:

 Is it reusable or more durable?

 Does it contain post-consumer
recycled content?
 What happens to the product at
the end of its life? Can it be Qualities of EPP Products:
recycled, will it require special • Durable and Long Lasting
disposal, or does the • Energy Efficient
manufacturer take it back? • Contain Post-consumer Recycled Content
 Does it use less energy than • Water-conserving
comparable products? • Easy, Non-Hazardous Maintenance
• Made Using Responsible Manufacturing
 Have its environmental Practices
attributes been certified by a • Minimal Packaging
non-biased third party? • Easy to Recycle
 What is needed to properly
maintain or operate this product Environmental Practices:
over time? • Reduce (only buy it if you need it)
• Re-Use A guide for SJSU staff, administrators, and
 If the product contains toxic
• Recycle faculty on purchasing more sustainably.
materials, is there another
product with less? • Avoid Disposable Products A Joint Effort of Purchasing & the Sustainability
/ FindExist.htm Initiative in the Office of the President
February 2011
Created by Cathy Bui
Selecting EPP at OfficeMax Online Work With Purchasing! Energy Efficient Electronics
Requisitions – You may include a request for
EPP options to your buyer under the header Look for the Energy Star Label
comments sections.
EPP Guidelines – The PASS website contains
Get a List of “Greener” Electronics at
additional information and resources on EPP.

EPP Dining
Buy reusable or biodegradable plates, utensils,
and cups, instead of plastic or single-use
Reducing Paper Use Reusable steel or BPA-free plastic water bottles
Under Catalog drop menu, click
 Send documents electronically. New multi- are recommended for long-term use.
“Recycled/EPP Products”
In Advanced Search options, check function printers can send scanned items Disposal
“Recycled Goods” electronically to multiple e-mail addresses.
 Print double sided and reduce paper use by
OfficeMax Online Icons
50%. This website offers detailed instructions on how
= Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines.  Use both side of a sheet of paper. Create a
EPA's continuing effort to promote the use of to properly recycle or dispose of products, both
collection box for usable one-sided paper common and unusual.
materials recovered from solid waste. scrap paper.
= Made with recycled material (see details  Purchase recycled content paper. Look for Batteries & CFL Bulbs
for percent recycled and material type). 30% post-consumer content or this label:  Associated Students Computer Services
Center offers free E-waste collection (Student
Union, top floor)
 Interdepartmental mail to Recycling Services
 D2L Learning Management System. Faculty extended zip 001
can utilize D2L to share documents online Composting for events
SJSU Furniture Re-use Program
with students rather than in print. Submit a work request to have a compost bin at your next event at
Purchasing new items increases demand for
energy and natural resources. Consider using Eco-Labels
Green Cleaners
slightly-used items instead.
To find cleaning products at work or at home Other 3rd party certified brands to look for
 Donate department furniture and equipment
that have EPP qualities, look for these labels:
you don’t need to other departments.
 Use surplus (available) furniture and
equipment in your department.