Disclaimer: Kimani: We're backkkk *says in a creepy child's voice* Me: Kimani stop it Kimani: ok sorry Me: ok this is another one shotEmmett

: *walks up licking an ice cream cone* Me and Kimani: What the hell?! Emmett: what this is chocolate mint Me and Kimani: *stare* Paul: *walks by and stops seeing emmett eating ice cream* emmett?? Emmett: yea *turns around facing paul* Paul: Why are you eating ice cream?? Preferrably chocolate mint? Emmett: i dont know...now explain the damn story and do the disclaimer thingy th ier waiting Paul: it seems they wont respond soo....this is a one-shot funny and such...plus she doesnt own Twilight or we guys would be tied up somewhere in her room ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Emily's house "hey sis" Sam said as he passed emily in the kitchen washing the dishes "hey sam , where are the other wolves?" emily asked as sam gave bella a breif kiss "they' re coming, paul decided to wrestle with embry before coming here" he said, emily nodded then proceeded to the bathroom with the cleaners just as the other boys came filing in the door "hey emily" they said, emily said a faint 'hey'from wher e she was in the bathroom cleaning it,everyone fooled around then seddled down a nd started watching movies. 3 hrs later Paul was the first to say something "im hungry" he commented,the rest of the boys mumured thier agreement emily got up and sighed tiredly then headed fo r the kitchen, bella shook her head and glared at sam who was too busy watching the Unborn to notice her glare, he finally turned his head to look at her "what? " he said innocently "you know what" they could hear pots and pans banging softl y on the stove "no i dont" she stood up and walked to the door of the kitchen "e mily stop what youre doing and come out here" emily puts the bag of noodles down and walked into the living room where all the wolf boys was looking at bella li ke she was crazy "baby what are you doing? whats wrong?" sam asked "you guys are soo selfish, you feel that when your hungry you yell it out and emily is suppos e to jump up all the time and make it for you guys all the time? hell no get you r butts in there and cook for yourselves now" she demanded they all sat there lo oking at her "now or i swear to davy jones sam you would not get none for a week " bella threatened, with that sam jumped up and ordered the boys to hurry up. "E mily go lay down and sleep dont make me get you too" bella softly warned, emily smiled and disappered into the bedroom, bella went into the kitchen where the bo ys were looking helpless "i dont see anyone cooking anything" she said with a sm ile on her lips, paul looked at her like she was crazy? "cook? thats like asking a blonde to answer 2+2" he said, "you would know paul" quil mumbled "shut up" s am looked at bella and she pointed to the pot then at the sink, he put water in the pot then placed it on the stove "now turn the dial to 4" he did as she asked "now jacob get the biscuts out of the refrigerator and do the rest" she sat in the chair and leaned back watching the boys work. All in all the boys did good, the noodles got slightly burned but good enough to eat, the fried chicken actual ly made it without getting burnt and now they were waiting for the biscuts to fi nish "how long are they going to take?!" quil yelled which got a glare from bell a "sorry" he mumbled, there was ticking from the clock and drumming of sam's fin gers till bella put her hand on top of his "sorry" he said quietly. A few more m inuets passed and there was a tiny ding! "finally" paul sighed as he stepped up to the stove and pulled the door open and looked inside then before anyone could

stop him he reached inside and took out the pan with his bare hand! he barely h eld it for a few seconds then flung it across the room and hopped up and down ho lding his hand "DAMN THAT HURT, YOU STUPID MOTHER F*******, C*** SUCKING BASTARD !!! OWWWWWW" everyone busted out laughing while emily flew in the kitchen "what what happened?!" she yelled looking at paul hopping up and down while everyone l aughing thier butts off "p-paul h-had the p-pan of b-buiscuts after g-getting th em out the stove w-with his b-bare hand!!" Quil contiued laughing while emily lo oked at the buiscuts scattered on the floor "silly boys" they all sat down and a te. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kimani: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH that was funny Me:i know paul is sooo stupid Paul: *holds burning hand* that isnt funny Me and Kimani:HAHAHAHHAHA yes it is Paul: *huffs* Read and Review *storms away*

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