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» Church: “£ ‘As of October, we were able to resume Geer) senices in the church with Up to 30'people in attendance. So we have two services = with one group coming in the morning and DP the other at night. The first Sunday, we had 83 In attendance, and then the next Sunday, we had 40. There are still some families that haven't been back, but we are stil in contact with them. I believe that some people are stil afraid of the virus. The truth is that our city is just now at the peak of the virus. All of the hospitals are at 95% capacity or more. There has been discussion of placing our city and possibly the whole country back in another lockdown, but don’t think they will. Leader: ‘Our main goal while here serving in Argentina is training men. Without men to take over as pastors, we really can't start more churches. We have been emphasizing this in our services, and a few men have stepped up wanting to serve our Lord. In November, two of them will Family: begin to give 5-minute messages during different services during the week. We are going over how to study and prepare material. Pray for them as they grow that they will remain steadfast and that others will join their ranks. Another blessing is to see that the people we are are starting to disciple others as well ling Emesto and Marian are almost finished with our discipleship program, and they asked me a few weeks ago if they could begin discipling Emesto’s cousin Romina. They had been talking with her about salvation, and she wanted to know more. So they began discipleship with Romina, who, in turn, has started attending the services at the church. Pray for her salvation and the salvation of her husband, Rueben. Madelyn celebrated her 6th birthday on October 18. Many of you sent cards and emails, and ‘we appreciate it. Madelyn is a joy to our family, everyone that knows her loves her. ors een ery