Patrick C.

Agonias AB – CDA, LF1U

02/23/11 RECONSE


It has already been one year and three months since the most gruesome massacre took the nation by storm. The sheer brutality of the perpetrators has shown the true extent of a person’s determination to stay in power. This tragic event shows the reality of the quotation: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The gravity of the sin of those people involved directly and indirectly is great and must be punished equally. Some people may think if there still a shed of humanity left inside of those criminals. The wholesale slaughter of those innocent civilians didn’t not even affect them as matter of fact they also planned to hide the bodies. Truly, sin can lead people to do such acts which can cause tremendous moral impact to the society. The Amaputuan did this horrendous act in order to secure his grip in Maguindanao from other political rivals. Ever since the time of Marcos the clan used every method to maintain their hold through intimidation, harassment, abduction, torture and of course murder. Again, this massacre took place not because of personal issues but rather political, they just wanted to stay in power and would do anything to accomplish it. If analyzed closely they did not just violate the fifth commandment but also committed several others through that sin. That sin of course was clearly seen because they killed forty-three persons those killed are mostly journalists, the others are the political supporters of Magudadatu such as her wife and family members, the rest are just innocent bystanders who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The other commandment they violated was the sixth and ninth by committing adultery. This due to the fact after the bodies were dug up and analyzed for investigation they discovered that all of the woman killed were mutilated and raped before they were shot at the head. This kind of degrading act to women victims was very harsh since after the heinous act they were swiftly killed by the bullets of the militias. Last, they violated the seventh and tenth commandment by stealing. The thing they “stole” was not just material such as the candidacy certificate but rather their freedom and their rights as a human being. It all ended when the small army along with Andal Ampatuan Jr. pulled the triggers of their gun at point blank at their victims.

This news is not new to us Filipinos because events like this happen, because the sin of wanting more doing everything in spite innocent lives are involved it has considerably proliferated throughout Philippine politics. Examples of events such as this to name a few: The Mendiola, Visconde and Escalante massacres. The sin itself has grown larger and multiplied over the past decades and has spred throughout the country like virus which continues to scorn and kill several people along the way. Currently the case is going very slow and justice for the dead is nowhere in sight. Several key suspects have already been released from custody such as Andal Ampatuan Sr., Andal Ampatuan Jr. and several clan members. Also eyewitnesses and whistleblowers among those who took part in the massacre are disappearing and ending up dead all of a sudden and same thing with the lawyers who are battling for the families of the victims of the massacre. The justice system of the whole country itself is full of sin and therefore can be easily twisted and manipulated by corrupt government officials. Through their several political and societal manoeuvring they managed to let to go of the Ampatuans which according to testimonies and witnesses are guilty without a reason of a doubt. Sadly, massacres like this can happen again looking at all the events that had happed starting from the massacre up to the legal proceeding it is inherent that injustices like this will continue to happen in our society. As long as there people in power with erroneous and conscience and morality they are bound to fall into sin and continue what countless power hungry politicians had did; killing people who get in their way.

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