Student Loans: The Good

Student Loans: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Price Rodger Written Communications I September 31, 2010 Ms. Vivo

Student loan laws need to be stricter and regulated better by the government. but now can start a new chapter of their life. School only gives you a higher education and doesn¶t guarantee that you will make over a hundred thousand dollars a year. Student loan debt will only continue to grow unless something is done right away to stop it. . Without them doing so these private lenders are tricking students into high rates for their education. Students will not have to struggle once they graduate from school to repay their loans. One where they are debt free. Something that we are urged to pursue as we get older but are given very little help with. Society has always told us that college is a must in order to be successful.Abstract Jobs in the economy today are only accepting workers who have a four year college degree.

The Ugly The average person with a college degree earns twice as much compared to someone who has a high school GED. reaching 40 percent. The default rate is higher for loans made to students from two-year colleges. Only way . for those who attended for-profit institutions. When enrolled into a program at American Career College for example. This is where the problem starts for them. however. The Bad.Student Loans: The Good Student Loans: The Good. the cost for the course is very high at forty-five thousand dollars. The students obtain these loans out of necessity and typically are unaware of the seriousness of defaulting on these loans in the future. more and more people are struggling to stay afloat and pay their bills. and higher still. students are misguided with the appeal of the loans without truly understanding the fine lines of these loans. Universities should be held responsible in educating their students in regards to all the risk associated with taking out a federal student loan. as well as providing alternatives methods of paying for tuition with grants or scholarships before students sign on the dotted line. according to a recent report released by The Chronicle of Higher Education. and housing expenses." (NPR Staff)With the everyday cost of living rising. Studies show that student debt is at an all time high "One in every five government loans that entered repayment in 1995 has gone into default. gas. The majority of college students. These students need federal loans in order to complete their college education but are not familiar with the risks of default and the high rates that are associated with the federal student loans. Many high school graduates feel compelled to further their education and attend college to be more successful. Upon tuition costs consider the food. are not fully able to pay for their education without the aid of the federal student loans.

and loan details will never be fully discussed by the financial advisor. The whole process of meeting with an advisor takes less than 30 minutes. One must complete a packet with 30-40. A couple weeks later if approved you will receive a letter of approval for the student loan. repayment programs. As time goes by more and more student loans are being taken out and the total money owed to the federal government has increased significantly. The rules and regulations need to be clear to the students so that they .someone could pay for that is through student loans. I a better system would such as a class offering thorough details about the whole application process for just a few hours of class would help you prepare for the consequences and inform you with relevant information to your college degree. The next step is to schedule an appointment with a financial aid advisor. Then he/she may suggest that student loans are the best way to help with school. According to the Federal Reserve¶s statistical release. ´ Student loan debt passed total credit card debt for the first time. As much as 98% of revolving credit is credit card debt. the seasonally adjusted revolving credit totaled $826.5 billion as of June 2010. five minutes of discussion with an advisor and the entire meeting is over. What is the annual income for the profession? Would the profession be enough to repay the student loan? Are you aware of the consequences if you are not able to repay your loan? These are questions that should be answered before the student takes out the loan.´ Student loan debt outstanding totaled at least $830 billion as of June 2010´ (Kantrowitz) these figures show that either the degrees people are graduating with are not paying the bills or People truly cannot afford college? Maybe people don¶t know how to properly manage their finances but bottom line student debt from these loans is getting out of control. The fine line of the interest rates. a couple signatures here and there is all you need and the paperwork is done. The entire application process is too easy.19 Consumer Credit. G. this is where change needs to take place first.

With the growing increase with student¶s loans. With the interest accruing. There are some debtors who will do anything to escape the legalities of these loans and that is only hurting their credit or having their Federal taxes taken to repay the loan. showing up on time. At such a young age our minds are still being molded. If you can avoid debt. Today many students take out a loan and get stuck with such a big burden and just drop out of class. People. and Wal-Greens. It shows that the cost of schooling is also too high.understand a college degree will not guarantee you money. ³Feds open up additional $2B in student loans´ (Godhere) Is the title of Emma Godhere¶s article in which she talks about how the government is to extend the limit of student load aid by $2 billion make sure that eligible students loans for their fall schooling. it only gives you a degree given that you finish school. students need to be better educated. The alternatives solutions may not be great enough to help every single student out. During the course of the first two years their major may change countless . During my tenor at the company I dealt with many debtors who just didn¶t know how to take care of these loans. Going to school requires the student¶s full attention. the loan amount only gets bigger and bigger. who went to school earned degrees from private colleges. took out loans originally for fifteen thousand dollars now owe thirty five thousand over a 10 year period. Most of the time these students do not know what. These statistics only show that something needs to be done now. Should the responsibility solely be on the students? I feel Students are young and still immature when they graduate from high school. Before I started my Program at ACC I worked at a collection agency that dealt with only Defaulted students loans. or who they want to be. now working at low skilled companies like Wal-Mart. at least I know I was. Student needs to be devoted to passing the class. then do so. The only way to learn is to experience things yourself but I disagree. and turning in all of the homework to be successful.

education debt generally is good debt because it enables you to obtain a job that has high enough of a salary that you can pay back that debt. At which point they might have children and they might attend school and they would still have their loans outstanding. Scholarships are also one of the hardest types of financial aid to get because there might be twenty thousand students vying for one or two scholarships. by the time they graduate they have a thirty.´(Martin M) does in interview with Mr. ³Research firm Student Lending Analytics estimates that 37 percent of graduates facing loan repayment are struggling.There are tens of thousands of scholarships available for college students. Students end up taking these long fixed repayment programs. publisher of FinAid. Fortunately. Kantrowitz. With the right education on these loans students can feel at ease knowing what they get themselves but students have to take the first step and look for them. Here are some alternate solutions to going to school at half the cost. They are not getting the assistance they need to take care of them. A good rule of thumb is to not borrow more than your expected starting salary for your entire education. In the long run it will all be worth it. delinquent or in forbearance. you just have to look for it. Scholarships are seem to be very popular because you do not have to pay them back and some are not based on financial . Scholarships are the most sought after type of financial aid out there. a monthly payment cap of 15 percent of income above a certain level recently went into effect for federal loans´ (Makan) Once again data shows that students are coming up short on paying for their student loans.times.year repayment program. ³Well. But you need to be careful to not borrow excessively. He gives us insight that there some key things to keep in mind before you enter an . There are plenty of scholarships that offer money for school that never has to be paid back.

Fewer and fewer students will make payments for their loans. it's too late. Rules and regulations need to allow a longer grace period once the student graduates from college and lower interest rates. Universities and students need to assume an equal role and do their parts in finding a solution to the growing student debt. tricking students into a false sense of security. Students would not have to go through the hassle of falling into default. If you are going to take on the responsibilities of student loans you should start to repay them as fast as possible. By the time the full effects of debt creep in. . The lenders start small and cheap.agreement with a student loan. College and universities need to delegate who should receive student loans and allow students lower rates so that when they finally graduate from school their loans do not grow bigger than the amount of money they earn in a earn at a new job. With the way things are going student loan debt is only going to get worse in the next couple of years. Another must is to get a part-time job. For many students plunging into debt is the only option. With better laws and regulations over whom and who does not receive financial aid will help put a stop to this debt. If education classes were just offered before you take out student loans. There are plenty of options for students to look into such as going to an affordable school or one close to home so they could enjoy fresh cooked meals and cut back on expenses such as laundry and rent.

548 in federal student loans and an additional $3. Without that money students would be faced with difficult times in trying to find ways to pay for their education. (2010). The federal government just allowed more students up to 2 billion more dollars in student loans if they are already in financial debt with their student loans. Retrieved from http://thesheaf. College loans 101: New rules for borrowers.450 in provincial loans to the credit union here in Charlottetown. Feds open up additional $2B in student loans.more students are becoming first time borrowers. the first significant increase since .smartmoney. People who graduated college are faced with high interest rates and jobs that do not pay enough. I owe a total of $28. (2010).´ ³According to the notice that I got from the student loan people. ³with private-college tuition has soared almost a third since 2004.Student Loans: The Good Annotated Bibliography The Sheaf article written by Emma Godhere explains that student loans are not just happening here in the United States but also in Canada too. J.´ With interest still accruing on it the People who further their education need to put more thought into what they get themselves into. 53 of incoming freshman reported using loans last fall. E.for.student-borrowers/ SmartMoney Magazine written by J. Makan. Indeed. Retrieved from http://www. Maka gives simple rules to follow to help the college student get through their defaulted student loans and manage them better.

but allowing the school to get a budget of financial aid given to them if students fail to repay their loans.. Student loans trump credit card debt. M. 11.S. New laws and regulations need to come into effect in order to bring the billion dollar number down. Saying that publicly all of the statistics and date given by them is incorrect. M.2004. With statistics and fact martin shows that 830 billion dollar credit card debt is now surpassed by an 850 billion dollar debt of student loans. Expert: In U. Report: Feds downplaying student loan defaults. (2010) Total college debt now exceeds total credit card debt Retrieved from http://www. He proposes that schools should be penalized. Student loan debt is a big problem than what they are saying it is. 2010 .npr. He clearly states that students are receiving the proper education about student loans and are not taking the right steps to keep their debt from going into default ruining their credit. NPR Staff (2010). student loans. but a sluggish economy and confusing new rules are making it tougher to manage student debt Martin. according to UCLA¶s Higher education research institute. Also college institutions should be held accountable for allowing almost any student to take out loans.php?storyId=129727070 Studies show that credit card debt is gradually declining but now a new debt is growing.php?storyId=128725717 Fed downplaying student loans defaults recognize that the government is not doing their part on giving informing people of the right information. without the proper processing of paperwork. Retrieved from http://www. (2010)

³Consumers have been paying of their credit card debt because of the higher minimum payments set on the credit.19 Consumer Credit. . showing that student loan debt is more than credit card debt. the seasonally adjusted revolving credit totaled $826.5 billion as of June 2010.Credit debt is now slowly decreasing but a new problem that is arising is student loan debt.Student loan debt outstanding totaled at least $830 billion as of June 2010. It compares the two debts. Due to the economy being bad there is a steady decline in available jobs leaving people with options of going to school but taking more school loans out. G.´ Federal Reserve¶s statistical release. As much as 98% of revolving credit is credit card debt.



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