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Media Updates - UK - 19th November 2010
These media updates bring you a selection of the latest changes in the UK media landscape. All of these changes are available in CisionPoint. If you have any queries or additional information, please contact our research team at research.europe@cision.com or call +44 (0)20 7251 7220.

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National & Regional Newspapers
National Newspapers The Telegraph has seen Kevin Garside move from his role of Chief Sports Writer to become Golf Correspondent. He replaces Mark Reason who is leaving the paper. Hugh Dougherty is to join The Sunday Telegraph as News Editor. Hugh moves from his role as the Daily Mail's Deputy News Editor. Regional Newspapers Deputy Political Editor Paul Waugh has left the London Evening Standard. There is currently no replacement. (news@standard.co.uk) Graham Lindsay, former Sports Editor of Edinburgh Evening News, has been appointed Sports Production Editor of the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday. He succeeds Phil Johnson, who as previously reported is now Editor of Berwick Advertiser and Berwickshire News. (glindsay@scotsman.com) Deputy Sports Editor Ramsay Laing has been promoted to Sports Editor of the Edinburgh Evening News, replacing Graham Lindsay. Furthermore, News Sub Editor Mark Atkinson has become the paper's Deputy Sports Editor. (news_en@scotsman.com) Alex Lewis is leaving his role as Chief Reporter of the Review Series on 17th December. (www.stalbansreview.co.uk) Shaun Ringwood has joined the Scunthorpe Telegraph as a Reporter. (shaun.ringwood@gsmg.co.uk) Comedian Jim Davidson has been announced as a new weekly columnist for the Herald Express. He will share his encounters of Torbay life in his column which appears every Wednesday. (newsdesk@heraldexpress.co.uk)

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Consumer Magazines
People Moves Managing Director of IPC's Central Operations Charlie Meredith has been appointed Managing Director, IPC Advertising. Charlie, who takes on the role from 1st December, will lead all of IPC's central advertising teams but retains responsibility for Production. Furthermore, from 1st December MD, Inspire Paul Williams will take responsibility for IPC Direct, MD, Southbank Jackie Newcombe for IPC Plus and HR Director Dee Mair for Property and Facilities. They will retain their existing roles. InStyle magazine has announced the appointment of Sarah Hammond as Publisher. Sarah, currently Head of PR/communications for Diesel UK, will be in charge of the day to day running of the magazine and starts on 13th December.



responsible for delivering insight and analysis on the ongoing security threat to the UK. Business Week will be aimed at key decision makers in Greater Manchester and is to launch on 25th November.uk) Stops and Starts MEN Media has announced the launch of a new free weekly business magazine entitled Business Week. RBI has announced it is cancelling the Site Equipment Demonstration (SED) 2011 event. will launch in February next year and will communicate sustainable solutions for buildings. Publisher Changes IPC Media's review of niche and specialist titles has seen the company sell Wedding and Wedding Flowers to Hubert Burda Media UK. interviews.uk have ceased. Stops and Starts Bauer Media has announced it is suspending the monthly publication of Max Power magazine and its website.hurford@bauer. Niall moves from his role as Political Correspondent for Sky News to Defence Correspondent.uk. in charge of all news content for the site. from volume domestic to commercial. Max Power was a car focused magazine covering modified production vehicles that are still street legal. The magazine. Business Magazines People Moves Retail Week has welcomed Gemma Goldfingle as a Reporter.goldfingle@emap. Sam. Editor Lucy Dixon can be contacted at lucy@greenbuildnews. as well as defence politics inside the corridors of Whitehall.19th November … Claire Hurford joined Take a Break as Acting Assistant Fashion Editor on 15th November. The magazine and website will provide news.co. (claire.uk) Editor of Record Collector Alan Lewis is to retire in March. advice and profiles. entitled Greenbuild Magazine. Broadcast National Broadcast Sky News has announced Sam Kiley has been as appointed Security Editor and Niall Paterson as Defence Correspondent.co. Regional Broadcast Heart 106 is to change to Gem 106 on January 1st.UK . Greenbuild has announced it is launching a new magazine following the success of its Greenbuild Expo event. Phil takes over from Will Mann who has moved to Interserve Project Services in a business development role. Subsequently. in-depth features. Music will remain the same and the station will still provide news as well as East Midlands weather and travel news. a former Middle East and Africa Bureau Chief at The Times. Burda acquires the two magazines with immediate effect and all staff have transferred. Claire is covering for Emma Wiltshire.com) The Construction Index has named Phil Bishop as its new Editor. both at home and abroad. The magazine is in the process of recruiting a successor. (phil@theconstructionindex. takes on the newly created role of Security Editor. …cision. He will report on traditional defence stories around the Armed Forces.22/11/2010 Media Updates .com/…/Media-Updates---UK--… 2/3 . publications which supported the event Site Equipment Manager and the website SED365.co.co. (gemma.

Simon Palczynski and Isabelle Del Vecchio as well as others. Paul Morris will move to become host of the Town Drivetime Show. makeup and cosmetics.uk@cision. Indie Quarter is a blog covering designers. The blog has an archive dating back to February 2009. (news@town102. green living.com) Eleri Siôn is not to return to her role as Co-Presenter on BBC Radio Cymru's breakfast show. It is written by Jenny Hudson who discusses anything from fashion designers and crafters to artist and photography.com Privacy Policy | Site Map | Investor Relations …cision.19th November … Town 102 has named Nicholas Pandolfi as the new host of its Breakfast Show. was temporarily replaced by Caryl Parry Jones. Eleri. Nicholas begins presenting from January 4th.com/…/Media-Updates---UK--… 3/3 .22/11/2010 Media Updates . take time to read their material to learn their interests. Shopaholic is a blog covering shopping. They discuss anything from design and decor elements. and only contact them if/when they want to be contacted. clothing.UK . 16-22 Baltic Street West. Zoella is a blog covering cosmetics and fashion. It is written by Will Russell. fashion and beauty production. clothing. Caryl will now remain as Dafydd Du’s co-presenter. Miljean Young. The blog has an archive dating back to 2005 and features an extensive blog roll. It is written by Zoe who discusses anything from hair styles. The blog has an archive dating back to December 2009 and shares a short blog roll. jewellery and watches to shoes. +44 (0) 207 689 1160 (ex-UK) info. cosmetics and makeup to fashion accessories. Of Faces and Fingers is a blog covering cosmetics and nail care. Blog Spotlight The fundamentals of working with bloggers are the same as with traditional journalists at traditional media outlets: respect their schedules. beauty and shopping. The blog has an archive dating back to August 2009. who went on maternity leave from the Dafydd ac Eleri show. London EC1Y 0UL 0800 358 3110. It is written by Musicalhouses who discusses anything from various brands and types of nail polish to manicures. which airs weekdays from 08:30. Resources: Media Updates | Top Social Media | Whitepapers | Cision UK Blog Cision Sites: Global | Investor Relations | CisionWire | JournalistTw eets About: Careers | Cision History | Locations | Management Team Products & Services: CisionPoint | Cision Social Media | Media Database | Media Monitoring | Press Distribution Services ©2010 Cision Cision House. Furthermore.

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