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[e_fosns__favrom ‘Gr Relinbursenents oF Surpis Distributions from oer Commitees hams 7 pe JOnantnenentesderes OS : aaa SE eae ‘oe Oreiincnsiaset opie Qsept Danton Ta a aE meres Owe Ocuniiane O1 Lada aad is =e | oe a [Oba Ocmtane oO leans “Ors One — ‘Cink’ Qevntiane O1 mess "TOTAL SECTION D Recap from Bilis other than individuals or Oter Contes Rendon Cortes VLD "TOTAL SECTION E ee I, MONETARY RECEIPTS (Sections A—1), a ar OTT es a ag ri oF RE z APRIL TOFIING [ALVES rOROANEUNY Te Amount Tvansiecred from Aline Duhngan Treasury (aie iy Comics ONL a Tcamnguaitamen Qe rmbt a po a" Be oer cy aa a patna ary —t “roraLsecrionr |° "G.Avnount Franster Fel rom Aline Labor Union r Other Organation Treasury (Onenlnion Carmincs ONL rorasecrione |? Te Personal Funds ofthe Candidate Revell this Period (Canine Gm ONL ” Oca: O revs eck O crater ca ° Och O Pessoa Check O crotivet Cand Pen Ormetcnt Otani = Toratseonown TAnonyanous Conirbtlons Per Public Act 11-48, Anonymous Contributions may no longer be deposited in any amount. Ifa comittee receives an anonymous contribution, the campaign teasurer shall "immediately remit the contribution to the State Elections Enforcement i for deposit inthe General Fund. I, MONETARY RECEIPTS (Sections AK), Ra OF COGNATE a ns ra it i [ars onrom LVES FOR DANURY [nora roFwiN “I aterest from Deposits in Authorized Accounts fear i po | I | [eee arr T Toransecrions 1K, Miseclaneous Monetary Recelps not Considered Contributions aaa 5 [ee “TOTALSECTIONK |? ‘SUMMARY OF OTHER MONETARY RUCE PTS (Seations D th tl aes Resse hs evi Seton D) ot sis tie hr ha a nr or Other Comms . [ret Ameut Troster fo Allied Resi Tomy eto) + Other Organon Temes Setn ‘eta cans Monty Resp a Conard Contrinion Seton “Total of Other Monclary Receipts], ‘sda scins hranghK) tr te he Cn fr Pa ot) Ea 11, EVENT ACTIVITY (eetions L1—1 Pertti ALVES FORDANBURY _ ri FING | Ti vent Information Ors Om aT Cont Westie bate st ona ence Ove wpe ss ‘aca Ov i Fr lenis avis dl tansy © Yes Ur natin id Doan rapt S20 hme ety tf SD? sal comor rl ema) One Vari nian, pai moe acoacliews Ove Ue oh nl aap an 5 ee cre apn anne a i ut ot ering Spc a Poe ak Sp on Cos ONE Digerati serene na esis OYe pte Tate) Ow [ae sn pr a Co Owe ‘ana te seg ns) tape $20 ares eel Fcc aT actly © Yor Wer pin wd ent Cone Ces Or EE Ea — Ore Ua ARN " " Ono ~~ eer ct Comrie re! a aren Sess peta hegre | Sool ane on a Sr 7 ow Comer ONT Pier stnnes it ont oc teveo taf or sirmass Yes ye To ep stag ld ine sw irae” on ‘SIRTOAL Secon 1 pe Co) Tata Res rom Sle a ome eon — TWh Fe [ SUBTOTAL ren Lacaagena (om Cmte ONE |g “etter i "TOTAL OF ALL RECHIFTS FROM SMALL PURCHASES] 5 a Lin a Co 1 Sn Pat Tt) UL, EVENT ACTIVITY (Sections L115) erat Per Public Act 11-48, effective tanuary 1, 2012 commites are no longer required t0 itemize small individual purchases from a committe tag sale, ation, ora sale of donated items. Section 2, removed Inwesroromgute [a TOUR TEx Parahases of Adveriing iv Progam Book or on a Sign Quiiesiy Qoser wines rice mm > ao JOvinertniy Qcwe Os | [Qimnesttiy, Ooh Oreo pierip Jimeno tnay Ooo J Onawanites rgronep [NTOTAL ean 1 Tom Frcs of Aver Frei ok — Tab Pu] ® so Tot arb of Alero on Sgn — Tah Pos] TOTAL ofeiianal Seton Paes] 0 FINCHAGIS OF ADVERTISING INA FROGIANHOOK or ON ASTON rt ike Cbs of Sur Page Tat =a Il, EVENT ACTIVITY (Sections L1—L5) ceed TALVES FOROANBURY JAPA 10 LING Toc ind Donatons Not Conatacred Contibulons JOnaieant inane ———— rear oe ie Ossieran j 1 a 1 am oe ty . Far nae lODretay Oren bsezasar——— 4 Ose JOvwee " ce oo ar Fa in Osieraecti Senet a cio | SUMTOTAY Soabe Lah Page "TOTAL efit Secon LPs [0 "TOTAL OF ALLIN-KIND DONATIONS NOT CoNSTORTED CONTMBLTIONS| Ea al ona eto oy Pe ot |° ot) TL, EVENT ACTIVITY (Sestions L1—L5) TF COTTE a ais TRIO 7 Faves Fon DAN®URY [ai oN TLE Tac Kind Donations Not Conaiered Contibitions Assodated wit a House Para oo Tsien ageing reno a rs ouinnooT ome! Over Oe Tne noni ah oamtast Over One op etn edn tonnes Oe mare tens ‘ens fsa = 1S —ThiPage Jo ‘TOTAL of wddana Section LS Pages ] 0 TOTALOF AUL IN-KIND DONATIONSNOT CONSIDERED CONTRIBUTIONS [| ASSOCIATED WHTILA HOUSE PARETY eal ot Zine 22 Coun of Smet age To stecrom IIL, NONMONETARY RECEIPTS (Sections M—O) a TT Fn i FRO RETR Inives Fon DANSURY PAIL TOFLING Bir in ind Conteibaons SRO a — SRT IGS repeisp One I | emer | OTT rE | chee Bae neo ae So roan Olea mtg mi aio “Speci Si Creve Olene OL L tie ‘crm son cel cre n ssw Soames ee Be rete) Lert cet wa Qtseuve Qtewe SUMTOTAL Seon MTHS Poe TOTAL atonal secon oars P TN. Refundable Depot o Telephone Company’ T "TOTAL SECTION Narn oy nr 2 Cum Soman ae tot]? so IV. EXPENDITURES (Sections P—T) eae thet 17 fitesronomeune ae orem 7 Rapenne Pali Come Day camosion Tae [Oct — c Oeste Oo 12 ofthe or fer osoas See foe donaton se ee swe ST yp roa inn dir ar ene i ibe ght Gomes gent gece emery ada Golo. OnOcOv pope _ ves Opssess Own Hasan Day jot losers | oFrIce lorie Supplies for Maer ro) ag? ei i i a 8 ante tg ton Q boon inten QegeamOy Ox Oc Ov feracity ‘Media pa)202 }@) ccck v1001 cle rs rere [Guten Ou oreo Route ene jer frase J*""\qavee [olga Advertsing Media to use on Social Med \encente) | QemetdiimtesSon QammanOaQ2QcOo Day campson sivrtn aa a — Qs 12 cot hve aioe a nig Tcton Fe soamen SERRE einai i pr ee an sey wr Q ese Sond ba Besos on ocon [SUMTOTAL Seton PT Page | 3.66819 "TOTAL ef dona een? Paes [O (ant Cts Af SP Ta TTOTALOP ALL EXPENSES PAID BY COMMITTEE]; 35810 IV. EXPENDITURES (Sections P—T) Ta CONTI lg Pr or mTOR [Aves FOR OANBURT [APRs 10FLING @ Gonnpgn xpos ald by Canaate scuaespace | rao Om Or asvaickst New Yor ny_| too Fo yeg | webste Domalnand Yen Fee $1400 a TNT a TT Sa ord reso vat Ove On 2 Maint utes anbury cr | ost0 Digital Potion for Announcement ideo $0000 united states Post ofce isnoat Ov Om 268 Simpaug Tune Feng cr | 0685 oT [=r Sea i postage for Funai eters | ‘5s000 TT ORT TTT aa Gerke iat 1600 AmphithestePaskvay onan Wie Feigao a amar yep | sony Charge for Ema Addresses assocated wth Web Adress ss [coos snot | OY Oe 1600 Amphitheatre Paioay curtain ew ca | 9403 fice [Monthly Charge for Ema Addresses associated with Web Adress $3190 TT a RT RT IT ar Tana ‘Ov ON SUBTOTAL Seton Q-~Ths Page [6 1.99342 TOTAL ea tin ages TOTAL OF ALL EXPENSES PAID BY CANDIDATE 4553.42 ‘i Aaa ude st tf sunony Ps | | eon IV, EXPENDITURES (Sections P—1) ae ttt? Ives ron oan —e APRIL TO FING We Bapenses Tnenrred on Commitee Great Card Ova ONunecnt Qscor Odean types Oo [Beccrnel ite sesame Gamer OcianainnOx O8 Oc On| marae io er fect mk An Rohe won "one ck Been st incr — net waaaremersecrsaentatanttens — QomenainOy On Oc Oo Seay? pp oo An Ri feb eed a Se TE Sica inmate eta Busan On Ot Oo TTOTAL-OP ALL EXPENSES INCURRED ON COMMITTEE CREDIT CARD nr oF ease Soy Pe To) IV. EXPENDITURES (ection 1) Siew mens Gigi) alas Roe Ror We ALVES FOR DANBLAY — [Ari YOFILNG ~ TS ponses Incurred by Commitice bat Not Paid Daring this Peviod (© bet © orminingn OF OC OP| tenn pic) eee [apt mai nor 5 Rd nas Neco ech Q men © oommingy OV OC OP| ee ey © terse © oummonor OF OF Of FFOFAL Ov AUL EXPENSES INCURRED HY CONAITTEE DURING Ti TOTAL OF ALL XPPNGES INCURRED HY COND (ivr 2 Ca Af Sma Pe To | Previn reported Hepes pid ad tt Ovtanng 0 ne Ln oa faa Ta | 1V, EXPENDITURES (Sections P—1) Ines foromNgURY Pa 1orUNG "Fr Kenfaation of Reimbursements and Secondary Payees Qvsscne Our SRT [opments caenton Rept Naf eo rd a hbo sm Gey Onin, Coceeivitonvinienetioetotienten — Oogmanes Se Sc So Bee carters Sorrmnd, 9x 2c Pa om BEES [peste tmnt Rd Reh | Ocontant men cinoma ee ‘SUBTOTAL Seton’? —This Pgs Qriresng O 1 Comair Pa Se Pol ° 9 ‘ToraL ALL REIMBURSEMENT TO COMMUTTEK WORKERS AND CONSULTANTS|

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