I was asked how to make an element in Inkscape, one that I had done in Illustrator.

I don't really use Inkscape so bare with me, the element in question was this one [or similar at least]. Just a border with a transparent window.

Open Inkscape and go to File/Document Properties and in the Properties window set the size of your document, I chose 70*70 for this element.

Next go to View/Zoom/Page to fill the window with your document. also go to Object/Fill and Stroke. to bring up that settings box. .

change the width to zero.Now select the square shape tool. Draw your shape by clicking and dragging to the size required. Set the colour of your shape[this will be the border colour] with the colour slider along the bottom or in the fill tab in the fill and stroke settings box.I set it to black. there are two boxes labelled Rx & Ry .you can input two of the same numbers in here to give an even curve.if it isn't already [inkscape seems to save and use your previous settings. you can move these to set the curve as well. in the fill and stroke settings under stroke style. if you want rounded edges. there is also round slider options on the top right corner of your shape. Reduced 50% .so these may all be different on your PC].

change the colour of it to something different.any it doesn't matter so long as it's not the same.1000 x 800 (131. this pastes a copy on top of your existing shape.13K) Once your happy with the size and shape make sure it is selected [go to edit/select all] then go to Edit/Copy then Edit/Paste in Place. . I chose red.

Next go to Object/Transform A Transform box will come up next to where the Fill and Stroke box is. Reduced 38% . I changed these settings to width and height 90% .and pressed apply.under the Scale Tab. you should now have the screen below.

800 x 640 (79. there are also gradient settings etc in the Fill options. Go to Edit/Select All then Path/Combine.48K) Could be used here as a simple highlight. . Now to make the centre transparent.

You should now be left with this..This will remove the red inner square and also the same shape from the black square underneath. .

just go to Object/Lower to Bottom. with just your centre layer selected. To make it transparent. it should fill with your last chosen colour. so you could use that as it is if you wanted just a 'frame effect' To give it a transparent colour. to send that layer behind your border. just simply drag the edges over at each side until it covers. Now when I did this there was a slight gap between the 'frame' and the fill. select the fill tool and click in the centre of your square.That centre is transparent. you can change the opacity by using the slider. Reduced 50% . go back over to your Fill and Stroke settings. and. don't worry about it overlapping your border. you can change this using the same method as before.

1000 x 800 (136. and also the colours can be changed in carbide so you can reuse them in different themes with different colours. .9K) Of course you can use the same method for any element. just change the sizes.

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